Zazie watched as the sword came down and rolled to the side. She pushed herself up and sent a silent Shakaho at Asuna. She ran a bit to get some space. She saw Asuna heading towards her and she faded into shadows. She watched as the orange hair girl look around for her and tried to find her. Zazie smiled as he watched her opponent.

"Come out Zazie." Asuna said and looked around for Zazie. "Just give up, master will make your end painless."

Zazie listened to Asuna and shook her head. She didn't plan on giving up and moved silently through the trees. She settled on a branch behind Asuna and put her hands together, "….." she said and sent a large blast of yellow lightning at Asuna. Asuna heard the blast and dodged to the side. She quickly turned to see where the attack came from but Zazie had already faded back into the background. She watched the trees and wondered where the next attack would come from. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a large red ball fly towards her. She stepped to the side letting the ball fly past. She turned around and headed towards a clearing, wanting a better area for the fight. Zazie followed but stayed at the tree line so she could watch what Asuna did next. Asuna held her sword in front of her and closed her eyes. She didn't move for a few minutes and Zazie decided to test her defense. She sent a barrge of Shakako spells at her and watched as Asuna dodged or blocked them all.

She frowned and wondered what she would do next. She wondered when she saw Chachamaru land in front of Asuna. She smiled and opened a mental link with her. "….." she said with a smile. Chachamaru smiled.

"Yes it good to see that you're ok as well." She replied and faced Asuna. "I distract her you take her out from behind." Zazie nodded and watched as Asuna faced Chachamaru.

"It seemed that Setsuna failed." Asuna said as she looked at Chachamaru.

Chachamaru nodded, "Now all that is left is you." She said and charged forward. Asuna raised her blade and blocked Chachamaru's first strike. She pushed off and side-stepped a punch to the face. Asuna span around and brought her blade down on Chachamaru who block with her arm guard. Chachamaru pushed Asuna back and created some space. She activated her thrusters and charged forward. Asuna brought her blade up and blocked her charge. She held her ground but Chachamaru was pushing her back. She tried to push her back she didn't have the strength. She rolled to the side and got some distance from Chachamaru only to dodge a red ball. She turned and saw Zazie standing heat the tree line preparing to fire another spell.

"Damn." Asuna thought as she dodged another attack. She turned to face Zazie when she was blindsided by Chachamaru. The force of the attack sent her flying across the field; she stood up slowly, her breathing labored. She looked and was able to bring her sword up to block and attack from Chachamaru, but she was then hit with a red ball that sent her flying.

Chachamaru smiled as she watched Asuna try to stand, her breathing was hagged and she had cuts and bruises all over her body. Most of her clothes were torn leaving her half naked and tired. Chachamaru knew that this next attack would end it and looked over to Zazie.

"After my attack trap her with your strongest binding spell." She said to her companion who nodded. Chachamaru turned toward Asuna and took off at high speeds. Asuna watched as Chachamaru suddenly appeared before her and punch her in the stomach. She felt all the air in her body leave her as she flew back from the punch. She tried to stay conscious but she couldn't keep her eyes open she turned and saw Chachamaru coming towards her when she felt something wrap around her. She turned and found a glowing white chain bind her. She turned and saw Zazie standing over her hands together. She looked at the pair with a blank expression on her face before she slipped into darkness.

Chachamaru watched as Asuna stopped moving and knew she was out. She picked her up and flew her to the same building she left Setsuna on. While she was gone Zazie took the time to rest. She had nearly lost the battle and was currently trying to recharge. She let out a sigh as she leaned next to a tree. Chachamaru returned and sat down next to Zazie.

"We have to find Naruto." She said and Zazie nodded.

"…" Zazie replied and got up. She breathed in and took off into the trees. Chachamaru watched for a moment before following.

-With Naruto-

Naruto sighed as he dodged another barrage of light arrows. He was getting annoyed by the consent barrage from the small red head. When he was separated from Zazie and Chachamaru he tried to find them but was pinned down. Negi was on his staff firing off barrage after barrage of magic arrows at Naruto. Naruto dodged them but had to deal with Keade and Fei Ku in close range. He brushed them off like it was nothing but they kept getting in his way. He turned and blocked a kick from Fei Ku and knocked her to the side, only for Keade to attack him from jumped over her only to twist in the middle of the air to dodge more arrows. Naruto turned and another kick for Fei Ku. Before she could create space for another attack, Naruto grabbed her leg and slammed her onto the ground. Fei felt all the air leave her body and was stunned for a moment. Naruto was about to take advantage of this when he dodged Keade's large shirken. He spun around and grabbed it. He used the blade to block Keade kick and then spun it around to block Fei's attack. He sent Fei Ku flying with the flat side of the shiriken and then threw it at Negi with all his might. The small red head quickly flew to the side not wanting to get hit by the spinning blades.

"Damn." Naruto thought as he ran forward. He was dodged Keade and continued to charge only to be blown back by a wind spell for Negi. Naruto spun away from a kick from Fei Ku and blocked a punch from Keade. He was annoyed and wanted to move on. He blocked the kick from Fei Ku and threw her into Keade. He rushed the pair and waved his hands together.

"Bakudo#63 Sajo Sabaku," Naruto said and a large yellow chain appeared and wrapped itself around Fei Ku and Keade. They tired to break out but the chains were too strong. Naruto smiled to himself but didn't have time to relax as he dodged another barrage of attacks from the pint size mage. Naruto span around and brought his hand together.

"Hado#31 Shakaho!" he cried and sent a large ball of red energy at Negi. The red head dodged to the side but felt the shockwave of the explosion from the attack. It sent him down towards the ground while Naruto charged forward. He jumped and grabbed Negi off his staff and brought him to the ground, he quickly bound the young mage in the same Bakudo as Keade and Fei ku. As he sat down he looked at his opponents and sighed.

"Damn you Sasuke." He said as he got up, "I will make you pay for all you have done."

"Then make me pay." A voice said from behind him and he turned and saw Sasuke standing there. "Hello Dobe."

"Teme." Naruto replied and stood up. He summoned his scythe to his hand. Sasuke lifted his sword and looked at his oppenant. The wind blew for a moment the only sound heard between the two fighters. So they became blurs and the sound of blades clashing filled the air. Naruto and Sasuke separate and look at each other once again. The soon clashed again and all that could be seen was the blur of colors. Naruto was a orange and black while Sasuke was white and black. As the combatant serperated once again the couldn't help but hide the smile on their faces. Naruto charge forward and brought his blade down in a down ward slash. Sasuke spun to the left and brought his sword towards Naruto's unguarded side. Naruto blocked with the pole of his scythe and pushed off creating space. The separated again and looked at each other. Sasuke put his sword away his sharengan blazing. Naruto noticed this and tensed.

Sasuke went through a few hand signs before looking at Naruto, "Suton:Water Dragon Justu!" he cried and a large dragon of water charged at Naruto.

"Damn." Naruto thought and dodged the side doing his own set of hand signs. "Futon: Air Bullets!" he shouted and took a deep breath the exhaled a five small air bullets at Sasuke. Sasuke dodged the attack and ran forward catching Naruto with a punch in the face. Naruto flew backa few feet before flipping in mid air and landed on his feet. He blocked another punch from Sasuke and tried to punch him back.

Sasuke dodged the punch and kicked Naruto in the side sending him backa bit, "Come on Dobe." He said with a laugh. "You can do better than that."

Naruto looked at his former friend and frowned. "Bring it Teme." He said and went through some hand signs, "Power Limiter Seal: Release!" he shouted and he was covered in a bright light. As the light faded away, Sasuke could see Naruto clearly. His hair was longer, two wolf ears were on top of his head, whisker marks were more pronounced, and ten flowing wolf tails were waving behind him. Sasuke looked at Naruto and frowned. Naruto suddenly appeared in front of Sasuke and sent him flying with a back hand to the face. He flew through the air only for Naruto to appear again. He punched Sasuke into the ground and soon a huge creator was formed. Sasuke felt all the air leave his body as Naruto stood over him.

"Who the Dobe now?" Naruto said and formed a Resengan in his hand and drove it into Sasuke chest. Sasuke felt the attack grind into him and soon there was a large gaping hole in his body. "Good bye."

Soon the sky turned blue as the shadow of the Sharengan faded away. Chachamaru and Zazie reached Naruto and saw the damage that his battle has caused. The saw him standing in a creator blood all over his left hand.

He turned towards them and gave them a smile, "It is all over." He said and he walked out of the creator. Zazie rushed him and tackled him to the ground. She held him close not wanting to let go. Chachamaru soon joined her and wrapped herself around Naruto.

He stroked their hair as he stared into the sky. "It over." He said with a sad smile.

-A Few Days Later-

Naruto had finished packing his things and looked around the room. He couldn't help but smile at all the memories he had created and was sad to be leaving. After the battle, Yami told him he needed to leave. He was sad to be going and when he informed the girls they are were saddened. He took one last look and headed out the door. As he exited the dorms he noticed that it was quiet. He couldn't help but sigh as he walked knowing that it was better to just leave without any hasty goodbyes. As he reached the enterence of the dorms he saw four people standing there. Chachamaru, Zazie, Nodoka, and Ayaka all stood there waiting for him.

"Hello loves." He said with a smile. "Are we ready?"

They all nodded and he smiled. "Then ladies," he said. "It is time we make our leave." The group walked towards the train leaving behind a peaceful Mahora.

As class started many people looked around for the bodyguard and the four missing students but no trace of them were found. Negi entered the classroom to find a note on the desk. He saw that it was addressed to the class.

"Open it." Asuna said and he nodded. He opened the letter and looked at the content inside.

He was quiet for a moment before he started to read.

"To class 3A,

I am sorry to say goodbye like this but I am need elsewhere. I know our time together was shot but I will never forget the fun we had together. Thank you for letting me be with you for a time and I hope you all will live happy lives.


Naruto "

Many of the girls were said to see him go but Negi wasn't done. "Everyone." He said, "Nodoka, Zazie, Chachamaru and Ayaka have all left the school." This made everyone look at him in shock. "They say they are sorry they couldn't say goodbye in person but the love all of you."

The class was silent and couldn't believe that they had lost some friends but they knew that they were going someplace better.

-Ten years later-

Naruto sat in a desk going through a stack of paperwork, he had taken over the job as Yami from his mother three years back and couldn't help but curse under his breath. He hated the amount of paperwork he had to do and cried inwardly as he finished yet another stack.

"Why did I take this job?" he wondered but was interrupted when the door burst open.

"DADDY!" a collective of voices cried and Naruto was swarmed by a gang of small children. He fell out of his chair and looked at all the bodies that were on top of him. First there was a girl about five years old with silver hair, blue slited eyes, wolf ears, and two tails. This was his daughter Zel, she was the first child from Zazie and himself. She smiled as she looked at her father and held him close. Next was a pair of boys, one with green hair and the other with blonde. They both sported wolf ears and tails. These were the twin Choji and Chu. Both were four years old and their mother was Chachamaru. Next was another girl she had blue hair the covered her face and a book in her hand. This was Nanao, she was five and always loved to read. Her mother was Nodoka and he couldn't help but smile. Finally there was his youngest, she was three years old with long blonde hair. Her name was Ayame, she smiled at her father and held him close. Her mother was Ayaka and he couldn't help but be ecstatic when she was born.

"Children get off your father," A voice said and they all turned to see their mothers standing at the door. Over the last ten years they have matured and Naruto couldn't help but smile. They all were beautiful and they all loved him.

"It ok," he said with a smile. "I need the distraction anyway." Everyone laughed as he got up with a child in his arms and on his legs. Ayame road on his back as he walked towards their mothers a huge smile on his face, life was good.

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