Transformers Belongs To Hasbro

Chapter 1

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All she could do was run.

The Great War had torn the once peaceful world of Cybertron into a barren mast grave. The once pristine streets and highways were covered in the energon and grey shells of its inhabitants. Decepticons and Autobots stacked life and limb to oppose one another, neither taking much notice of the civilians caught in the middle of their conflicts.

She was separated from her creators when a band of Decepticons ambushed them. Running through the energon-soaked streets she ducked down an alley in an attempt to hide. Small enough to hide behind clutter and junk, she sobbed.

"Mommy," she moans, light blue streaks caking her faceplates as she mourned her loss.

The broken connection with her creators left her with a lingering pain. Cupping her chassis in an attempt to soothe the ache, she never saw the loomed shadows,

"Well well well, look at what we have here boys," cackled a voice pulling her from her mourning, fear replacing grief as 3 Decepticons surrounded her.

She tried to escape them by passing through their stabilizers but one easily snagged her servos. Her shrill shriek never deterred their own servos from roaming her own. Murmurs and whispers of acts her young mind couldn't comprehend merely spelled doom for the youngling. Now worried of her own plight at the hands of her nightmare brought to life, a stern voice broke the silence.

At the mouth of the alley, 2 optics of gleaming gold – as bright as stars – glared at her attacks. They didn't see this newcomer as a threat until the beast rose, a warning and savage cry brought everything to a standstill. Having heeded the warning, the youngling opened her optics to find her rescuer, another femme youngling – though older than herself – holding her close, trying to calm her fears after chancing her demons away…

Pixel awoke with a start. Her pink and aqua from slowly calming to a strange melody; looking up she found herself in the same arms that had kept her safe for the last few millennia. Though her protector was still in recharge herself, sensing her fear caused the melody to filter through her vocalizer. The varying metallic notes always seemed to calm her even now as a new mature femme.

Nightfury had cared for her ever since that night, a stranger doing all she could to keep Pixel safe from a reality she knew all too well. The war on their home world had taken far too many precious things from them until all they had was each other.

Relaxing back into the purple and green seeker's chassis, a resounding alarm pulled both from further recharge.

"Night! What's going on?" Pixel screamed, frightened by their ship shaking and making loud clanging sounds.

Nightfury placed Pixel back on their cushioned berth and moved to the main controls. Their ship, despite the automatic pilot, had flown into an asteroid field, battering the ship instead of avoiding them,

"Slag, our ship it getting wreaked! Something must've happened to the onboard computer," Nightfury tried to regain control of the ship but only managed to keep it from being damaged. Pixel ran into the command center and held onto Nightfury,

"Are we going to die?" she screamed over the impacts and the glitching controls.

Nightfury didn't want to say it to her scared charge, but they might be meeting Primus soon. But as if the Great Creator was watching over these wayward femmes, a green and blue world appeared beyond a barren red planet, a smirk formed on the seeker's faceplates as she stirred what was left of the ship toward the planet,

"We aren't meeting our creators yet!" she replied, punching the controls and forcing their malfunctioning engines into overdrive.

They made the planet's atmosphere before the engines gave in and exploded. The force sent Pixel her pedes and slammed into the controls as Nightfury was thrown from her seat into the wall.

The heat from entering this world's atmosphere was growing to an unbearable level with the ships shields down. Slowly, Nightfury had managed to get to the unconscious Pixel and used a shield mod to protect them from the heat. The planet's surface grew closer as the mod began to lose power. Knowing both femmes would be deactivated if they went down with the ship, Nightfury had to work fast.

Clumsily moving to the escape hatch, Pixel secure in her servos, she tried to pop the hatch. The damaged from the ship had trapped them in this death trap, only causing Nightfury more stress. Her golden optics flared as her free clawed servo began to glow green, sinking into the hatch and ripping it from its hinges with a firm roar. Labored breaths racked her frame as she looked at the approaching ground; taking in a short breath, she gripped Pixel and jumped from the ship as it finally gave and exploded in midair. The unexpected detonation forced Nightfury and Pixel to fall faster, not giving the seeker femme enough time to fire her thrusters to slow their descent.

Keeping Pixel close to her, Nightfury took the brunt of the fall; landing painfully on her back, denting a wing as she was slammed into a rock face. Thankfully Pixel remained unconscious for the whole ordeal until they came to a stop, mere meters from their smoking wreak of a ship.

Panting and gasping in pain, Nightfury's main concern was Pixel. The younger femme was tucked safely in her arms with only a few dents and scratches. Pixel had regained consciousness on impact but had braced herself, after sensing their now stable position she looked to her sister-in-arms: her once proud wings were bent; one looking like it was going to fall off at any given moment, causing her great pain. Much like herself, she saw scratches and dents littering the older femmes frame but deep gouged from the rocks and the fall had broken energon lines, painting her purple armor blue. One of her gold optics was cracked causing her to keep it shut to protect what was left,

"Are you…okay…pixie?" she asked, despite her pain,

"Yes yes I'm fine but you're bleeding," Pixel panicked, opening a subspace pocket and pulling out a first aid kit, "D-don't move I'll help you," she stuttered, uncomfortable around the growing pool of energon.

Pixel had picked a few medic tricks while they traveled and tried to mend Nightfury's injuries as best as she could. She frantically apologized every time Nightfury flinched from the pain, causing her to smile at Pixel's skittish antics. Stopping the loss of energon, Nightfury sighed to the small relief she was given but opening her good optic, it widened at the sight of a foreboding shadow behind Pixel.

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