Chapter 20

Pixel was in tears when her sons flew out of her hands and back out of the Space Bridge, becoming more so when Dreadwing followed them without the twins. She wasn't sad but more so relieved; her sparklings were safe but they were still too young to be without their mother, what would happen to them?

Nightfury and Galvatron remained with the weeping femme as they walked through the Nemesis once more. Galvatron had not seen the Nemesis before but faint familiar feelings from his mother had told him this was not a good place. Dreadwing walked behind them to ensure they did not try to run.

Walking onto the bridge, the vehicons turned from their terminals, gasping and snickering at the sight of the femmes again, most even took in how the sparkling resembled their leader. Galvatron was become agitated from all the staring optics, subconscious and nervous he buried his helm into Nightfury's neck whimpering,

Nightfury glared at all the cons staring at them, placing a firmer hand to reassure Pixel as they stood before Megatron and Soundwave. Turning around, Megatron was surprised to see the femmes before him, his son included. All was explained once Dreadwing stepped forward,

"My Lord, I had managed to recapture you mate and her sister, right from under Prime's grasp," Dreadwing bowed, "Unfortunately, the mechlings belonging this young femme flew back into the Autobot base, beyond my reach," he explained, but by Megatron's gaze, it wasn't an incident worth punishing,

"Well done Dreadwing," he smirked, stepping forward to stand before the femmes, "So nice to have you back my dear," he held up his servo to carress her faceplates but Galvatron lashed out, his own claws only barely scratching Megatron's armor. Pulling back his servo, Megatron stared down at the 5 slash marks on his arm, looking back to Galvatron. "A son after my own spark," he smirked, quickly plucking the sparkling from his mother and holding him in his own.

Surprised and shocked, Nightfury tried to reach out and reclaim her child but Soundwave kept her back, even Pixel tried to reclaim the sparkling she had come to see as a nephew but Soundwave had also hindered the femme, though the mech had used his probes to wind around the smaller femme, pulling her to his frame, pinning her there.

Galvatron how ever tried everything he could to get out of the tyrants grip; squirming, hissing, clawing and even biting anything belonging to the mech to free himself, but all he had managed to do was tire himself out. Weakly hitting Megatron's chassis, he finally gave up and whined about being held so close to the mech, cooing even more when the ominous presence of his sire's spark reached out and connected with him,

"A fighter, good. But he will still need training," Megatron smirked, watching his son calm and almost cuddle up to the presence of his spark. Looking to Nightfury, she was enraged and seething over the fact Megatron was further tainting her child, "Dreadwing, take our son to his quarters and watch over him. I wish to be reacquainted with my mate," he smirked, walking to the blue mech. Nightfury again tried to attack Megatron but Soundwave again hindered her efforts. Both femmes could do nothing.

"As you wish, my lord," Dreadwing bowed, taking the sleeping mechling out of the bridge while Megatron turned back to the femmes,

"Barricade, bring our dear femmes their welcome home gifts," Megatron smirked; only filling Pixel and Nightfury with dread. Looking to said con, his ever-present sleazy grin only caused their dread to rise as he produced their old obedience collars, slowly sliding them onto their neck cables, the familiar click of the collar connecting to their nervous system. But the moment Nightfury's clicked, she lunged at the black con, pinning him down she raised her servo high, synthetic energon running to the sight and sharpening her already taloned fingers.

One swipe, it was all that was needed to kill the con. Just one. Her hand came down, almost blurred to all those in the room, her claws were just millimeters from Barricade's faceplates when a single voice spoke,

"Stop my dear," Nightfury's body froze, everything went numb. As if she was attached to strings, her body heeded Megatron's command and she stopped dead in her tracks. No matter what she did, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't move,

"Night!" Pixel cried, pulling away from Soundwave to aid her dearest friend,

"Do not interfere, little Pixel. Return to Soundwave, now," and much like Nightfury, Pixel's body froze. Without any hesitation, her body moved against her will and walked back to the awaiting Soundwave. "What's happening to me?" she whimpered, shaking as Megatron's third in command embraced the little femme,

"Simple my dear," Megatron smirked, stepping to Nightfury and meeting her hated glare, merely holding out his hand forced her body to move, placing her own in his servo and picking her up off of Barricade, "Simply shocking either of you didn't seem to carry the message. Through Barricade's programming skills, these new collars ensure your subservience," he smirked,

"You're forcing us! Taking away our will!" Nightfury snapped, raising a fist to strike the tyrant but her fist froze once again, without a verbal command,

"A necessary precaution for 2 femmes unaware of what is good for them," he watched in triumph as she begrudgingly and unwillingly lowered her fist, letting it fall to her side. But something else happened, Pixel watched in horror as Nightfury – to her own surprise – began to kneel before Megatron. No matter what she did or Pixel did, she ended up kneeling before the tyrant, leaning against his leg,

"Oh Night," Pixel wept, shocked and saddened at the sight of her strong mentor, kneeling before their hated enemy against her will. Suddenly, her body was following the same silent order, only instead of kneeling she snuggled closer to the mute mech, her helm resting on his chassis as his probes wrapped around her,

Every con watching soon snickered; both femmes feeling embarrassed and livid from being forced into such a position. Barricade was certainly enjoying the sight but still seemed frazzled from Nightfury's earlier attack,

"Return to your duties. Barricade, monitor the bridge while Soundwave and I…reacquaint ourselves with our mates," Pixel perked a moment,

"W…what do you mean, my Lord," she covered her mouth in surprise, she never intended to address him as 'My Lord', no doubt another 'perk' this collar had,

"Ah yes, since Starscream is now a traitor and rogue decepticon, I promised you to Soundwave. Though Starscream's mechlings will be brought to us sooner or later, they will be welcomed…or killed, depending on their choice," the thought of her little mechlings dying was not something she wanted but Pixel was relieved in the fact her sparkings were safe.

Brought back to her pedes, Nightfury was guided away by Megatron while Pixel was taken with Soundwave. There was no doubt in the femmes' minds that this was not going to end well.

Optimus could no believe how stupid he was to believe the word of a Decepticon. His actions had lead to both Pixel and Nightfury along with Galvatron to be captured and returned to the Decepticon warship. The faint reminder of a small silver lining was the squeals of both Jetfire and Jetstorm, their quick flying allowed them to escape the same fate as their mother but both were too young to be without her. Their cries echoed throughout the base as Arcee tried to calm them down.

Each bot had taken turned to calm the sparklings, save for Bulkhead how felt he might've done more harm than good. Optimus had managed to get them into recharge not long before they woke up again 8 hours later. Being the only femme on base Arcee did manage to keep them calm enough to take their energon, brewed by Ratchet as a substitute from their mother's energon,

"We'll get them back Optimus," Ratchet sighed, feeling that he too was at fault, watching the whimpering mechlings snuggling into Arcee's chassis,

"We have to old friend. I fear just what Megatron or the Decepticons are doing to them," Optimus sighed, placing a datapad down to pinch his brow, "Megatron will no doubt try to conceive more sparklings with them, building his army for the next generation,"

"Perhaps…we need more than just the 5 of us," Optimus looked down at Ratchet in confusion, "I believe its time to send out a message, another similar to that signal you sent out 4 years ago. Perhaps even bringing those bots you assigned to that 'Griffin Rock' place," he suggested,

"Perhaps you are right," Optimus had indulged the idea of more Autobots on Earth, but the barricades and blocks the Government had restrained on them limited their options. "I will speak with Agent Fowler on the matter, hopefully something can be down and without the Decepticons knowledge," looking to Arcee, smiling at the sight of the twins becoming more like their happier selves at the sight of the children.

Turning from the group, he approached the monitor to contact agent Fowler.

Soundwave was certainly different from Starscream. Unlike the blunt seeker, jumping into the act there and then, Soundwave had brought Pixel to his quarters, guided her to the berth and, slowly, using both his probing tendrils and servos, petted and traced every inch of her frame.

It was certainly an improvement to Starscream's rather harsh behavior but the only mech she could think of was Knockout. Oh, how she wanted his servos touching her, petting and cuddling her but no, she was here, in Soundwave's quarters, on his berth at his mercy.

The faceless mech just stared down at her, occasionally nuzzling her neck cables as if to mimic a lover's kiss, but his ministrations never went beyond touched and groping. Pixel wasn't sure what he was trying to do but all this touching and caressing was causing her body to heat up.

"S-Soundwave!" she gasped, feeling his focus moving lower. Feeling nimble fingers strip her of her armor and leaving her bare before him. This brought memories back from Starscream's time with her, only making her spark race in fear; the collar impeded any movement that displeased the stoic mech, all she could down was let him have his way.

His caresses strengthened when his fingers targeted her exposed port and her shuddering spark. She didn't want to be here, in this situation. She wanted to fight back but couldn't. As Soundwave moved to complete them, a thought accrued to her; since her mind was trap within her obedient bady, her mind was still free to wonder, it was still her own. As she felt Soundwave push forward, her mind pulled back, conjuring her own reality. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Knockout, smiling down with his handsome smirk, his ruby optics holding only the promise of love and care. He may not have brought on the sensations that followed but her mind wandered and dreamed he did. This left Soundwave, oblivious to her dreaming, to take what was promised to him; static huffs and wheezing moans, they were lost in the throws of their own passion.

Gasping and panting, Nightfury wriggled uncomfortable against her restraints; Megatron had once again stripped her of her armor, cuffed her arms behind her back and straddled his waist, her back facing him.

"Oh how I've wished to have you back," he purred, his servos running over her thighs and sides, groping her chassis and beating spark. She tried to keep her arousal and heat in check but Megatron had practically memorized her sweet spots, only to further ignite the blaze in the pits of her tanks,

Megatron's servo trailed higher to her neck, causing her to arch her back strut to alleviate the pressure he placed there; feeling his sharp fingers trace her neck cables and cheek plating. Mustering up as much will as she could, once a finger tried to probe her mouth, she bit down but the strength she thought she had wasn't enough to sever the limb like she intended. Instead it just pierced the metal, allowing energon to leak.

Megatron hissed, only a mild stinging pain jumping from his finger. Slowly pulling away, he brought the bleeding to his lips to lick it clean, smirking evilly. The moment Nightfury felt both his servos grip her hips, she braced to pain as she was impaled on his ready cable. Arching her back, her gasp faded to shaky breaths, her body burning and begging for pleasure – just what Megatron wanted,

"You will learn to love me, Nightfury," he purred, setting a fast pace and pulling more gasps and moans from his femme, "Learn that this is your home…your place…in my arms,"

Nightfury blocked out his words; as Primus was her witness, she would keep her mind from his procession. Her body he may command and ravish to his content but she would not let him have her mind, Pixel's as well. No doubt in her mind her little sister was going through the same turmoil. Like the years leading to this, she would fight for not only herself, or Pixel or even her own son, but for any other sparkling either were to produce. She swore Megatron would no rule them. She…she was an Autobot. She accepted that now and only prayed Megatron would tire soon.