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+ EVAN's POV - Monday 30th of May, 2011 +

"Well, that was definitely an interesting pre-show meeting..." I said as I let out the deep breath I'd been holding for half of the time we'd all just spent in that backstage meeting room. It was the 30th of May - a Monday night - and everyone on the RAW roster was there for Vince and John Laurinaitis's big announcement... And what an announcement it was! They were hosting a new competition online called "Be A Valet" for the Australian and New Zealand tour that was coming up, where entrants had to submit a video entry showing why they should win, and the winner (as selected by Vince and John) got to appear in the show closest to their home as the valet of whichever wrestler those in charge of the tour deemed the best fit for the winner.

"Pretty cool idea, huh?" my good friend Jake Hager (better known as Jack Swagger) chimed in as he tapped me on the shoulder. I agreed, laughing as I started to think of a million different ideas at once, wondering which one of us would get to have a valet. "Fuck, I would laugh so hard if you got picked, imagine some little kid running around after you in the ring with their arms stretched out wider than a goddamn airplane's wings... 'Look at me Daddy, I'm a bird!'" I replied emphatically, laughing at the mere thought - it would be almost too funny for words. "Or maybe Cena will get thome little kid following him down there... Truth would dig that, it'd give him even more to talk about than usual" he suggested, his eyes lighting up as he seemed to have thought of something even funnier. "Or maybe Othcar will end up walking out there with a little girl that's somehow even taller than he ith! Imagine that!"

I knew it was probably a little mean but I couldn't help laughing along with it; despite the fact that I wasn't exactly the tallest guy around myself, I had to admit it would be a pretty hilarious sight. As we walked down to Catering and discussed ideas along the way, I wondered aloud if the Bella Twins might just end up with some perverted teenage boy who was every bit as stupid as they could be vain. Jake roared with boisterous, childish laughter at this and when we walked past them in the hallway, he imitated the little dance they always did at the top of the ramp, much to their complete horror.

"How old are you, Hager? Five?" I cried, laughing and shaking my head once Brie and Nikki were finally gone.

"I'm twenty-nine yearth old, Dad!" he retorted, soon shaking his head. "Wait, no, that makes zero senth... I'm older than you!"

"Exactly, Pops!" I teased, staring straight ahead and sprinting into Catering, clearing a few tables and boxes along the way while Jake was running along behind me, bitching and whining the whole way until he found me.

That night, all anyone had talked about (apart from that night's show) had been the valet competition. Barbie (otherwise nicknamed "Kelly") had absolutely loved the idea and probably secretly hoped she'd get picked, which was kind of sweet - she was so friendly and enthusiastic, a lot like Oscar (Rey), who I thought was just as excited about finding out about the winner. There were so many of us on the roster that it had become a total sport to guess who it could be; Jake, Zack, Cena, myself and a few of the other guys had even taken to placing bets on which one of us would get a valet.

So it was a huge surprise when two weeks later - the 13th of June, precisely - we were all called into a meeting room before RAW started, so that the mystery winner would be revealed. "Why are we all in here?" Jake asked, causing Vince and John to laugh and shake their heads in amusement. "We've, ah, heard certain rumors about people placing bets on who'll end up with a valet so we figured it would be in the best interests of everyone if we were all a part of this meeting... That way, those who made the right guesses will actually receive their winnings" John Laurinaitis announced after clearing his throat, staring Jake down rather intensely.

"Should've known it'd be because of you" Brie and Nikki commented simultaneously. Jake smirked at them, folding his arms across his chest. "Don't hate what you ain't, ladies..." he drawled teasingly, looking down at his wedding band and smiling happily.

"We've chosen a young girl by the name of Blair Alexander as the winner, she submitted a rather interesting video entry where she imitated a number of different Superstars and Divas... She actually did a pretty good imitation of you two, Brie and Nikki... But no, she won't be your valet" John continued to say, pausing to look at Vince for a moment as they both laughed together. "After watching her video, those in charge of the tour decided she would be best suited to being the valet of..."

Another pause... Damn Laurinaitis! Could he and Vince make this any more suspenseful? I resisted the urge to swear at them both out of frustration, and as Vince cleared his throat we all looked up with bated breath, a few people already pulling out their wallets and grumbling in advance. "Evan Bourne..."

As soon as I heard my name, I stood up. Jake laughed and swiped my wallet, taking the money he'd now earned from the bet we had going - I'd though he would get a valet, and vice versa, so he was incredibly happy right now. I would have gotten angry but this really wasn't the time, and I had bets with one or two other people that would probably earn back some of the money I'd blown. "Cool..." I replied, nodding thoughtfully and wondering what she'd be like... Who were her favourite wrestlers? Did she like me? How old was she? What did she look like? Was she a nice person? Would she be happy that I'd been chosen for her? I could only hope so - I was pretty happy I got to have a valet now.

As all of the Divas - apart from Barbie - that were present left the room, Jake hung by the door teasing the Bella Twins mercilessly as they strolled out and laughing all the way. Most of the guys stayed, some still arguing about money, which seemed rather amusing to both Laurinaitis and Cena. "I'm out guys... Thanks for getting me paid!" Cena cheered, punching the air victoriously as he walked out of the room. Jake walked back over and stood next to me, while Vince looked in our general direction. "Evan, would you like to see her video?" he said. Before I even noticed, I was on my feet and walking to the front of the room, sitting next to him as he opened up a video on his laptop. Some random techno music was playing in the background as a redheaded girl - obviously Blair - walked onscreen. She was wearing jeans and a plain black singlet, and I guessed that maybe she was more of a casual dresser, which was cool... I couldn't stand girls that insisted on being high-maintenance and dressing fancy all the time, unless it was necessary... Being more down-to-earth would win every time with me.

"Wait wait wait, we wanna see this too!" Zack called out, waving hysterically. Vince groaned but nodded compliantly and turned the laptop around, as I moved back and sat up the front. As we all looked at the screen, Blair swung one leg over a thick metal chain like she was pretending it was a ring rope. A few of the guys up the back were either hooting, whistling or making stupid jokes about me except for Kofi, Oscar... and Joe, which was typical. He'd never looked twice at another girl since meeting Trent Barreta's little sister Danielle, and we all knew how deeply in love they were.

After they all shut up I could hear Blair speaking. "Hello... To whom it may concern, my name is Blair Alexander. When I first heard about this competition I knew I had to enter... Why should I win? It's real simple..." she said, jumping up onto a wooden park bench and clutching her microphone. "Because I am the best in the world at what I dooooo..."

With her microphone arm still slightly raised, she began twirling around in a circle as she swayed her hips deliberately. This must be the imitation of Brie and Nikki that Laurinaitis had mentioned before! I realised, laughing as she jumped off the bench and smacked into a tree, yelling "Not my face! NOT MY FACE!" As the opening notes of Avenged Sevenfold's "Scream" began to play in the background, the video cut to a shot of Blair sitting on her kitchen bench with a bunch of pillows lying on the floor. "Yo, watch this!" she giggled, climbing to her feet and sucking in a deep breath before performing a Diving Elbow. "Jesus Christ!" I hissed, not even aware of it until Jake started sniggering.

I turned around for a moment, surveying the room. Joe, Punk and all the other past-and-present Nexus members had left, as well as Justin Roberts. Upon hearing a few snorts and laughs, I quickly turned around and laughed as Blair was in the middle of a great Natalya impersonation, complete with similar tights and a jacket. She then went on to give impersonations of Trish Stratus, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Barbie/Kelly, Zack and many more - all of which were interspersed with Maryse-esque hair flips - and I was starting to wonder why on earth she'd been picked for me. She'd be absolutely perfect as Zack's valet... I thought, grimacing bitterly. "Vince, I apologize if I'm being rude but I really have to ask, what does this have to do with me?" I asked, looking down for a moment. Is this some kind of cruel joke?

"Oh that's coming up soon, just watch the video..." Vince chided softly. Grumbling wordlessly, I didn't even react when Jake punched my arm and teased me, singing "Somebody's jealous!" - I guessed he must have noticed the Zack Ryder impersonation as much as I had. I told him to shut up and he just smirked, watching as Blair stood at the top of a brick wall and mouthed off to the camera. Well, she's definitely not boring... I thought gratefully. After she had stopped cutting a vicious promo atop the wall, she dragged her thumb across her throat and a few of us sat up straighter, intrigued as to what she would do next. Would it be a diving headbutt? A 450 Splash? A leg drop? A moonsault?

But it turned out to be neither... Blair raised one arm and gave the peace sign. Jake nudged me and I grinned, gasping quietly as she performed a quality Shooting Star Press, shouting out "Air Bourne!" as she rolled through the air and landed on an inflatable life raft. "Yeah!" she cheered as she rubbed her stomach, climbing out to the pool's edge and throwing out a double peace sign. "Now do you see why we picked her?" Laurinaitis asked, chuckling underneath his breath as Vince chimed in and said, "It gets better!" Now that's something I can't wait to see...

Blair went on to cut a few more promos, some original and some imitated, now interspersing them with hair flips and different clips of her Shooting Star Press. Apart from obviously feeling flattered, I began to see that she was quite skilled at video editing - this didn't look like it had been the most simple of jobs. After fist-pumping the air and posing like Daniel Bryan, she placed her hands on her hips and gave the camera a confident smile. "I think that pretty much proves every point I've made in this video... So I've got one last thing left to say - if you don't think I should win then I've got two words for you... SUCK IT!" she crowed, and I cracked up laughing as she did a crotch chop before the screen faded to black. I could hear Vince asking me what I thought but I was too stunned into silence to answer.

"Wow, that... that was really... It was cool" I said lamely once I'd found my voice. Jake sighed and rolled his eyes, slapping me over the back of my head. "Why so serious, huh?" he asked, which I just ignored.

"Leave him alone, Jake..." Barbie chided softly as she walked over to us. A few more people left the room, which I was grateful for, and she tapped my shoulder gently before sitting down in front of us. "I thought that was really cool, she must have worked very hard on that" she commented.

"She will be receiving notification on Friday as I have taken precautions to assure her letter will arrive as quickly as possible, and after that it's just two weeks until the show" Vince said, waving as John Laurinaitis left the room. I had to admit I was excited about the show even more now, though I felt nervous for different reasons I didn't want to try and explain. "Congratulations on being picked Evan... She seems lovely, just perfect for you" Barbie declared, all smiles and nonchalance as she sat there, kicking her legs through the air. "And what do you mean by that?" I retorted, shooing Jake away as he would only try to make things worse.

"Well she seems nice, must be a big fan of yours, and she's pretty... I saw you looking at her, I can tell you agreeee!" she sang. I looked at her in annoyance and left the room, not even thinking to ask Vince how old Blair was, though with my luck she'd be way too young for me to even consider. Damn you Barbie, stop putting more thoughts in my head! I thought, promptly storming out of the room. It wasn't like it even mattered how old she was when nothing was going to happen... Nothing!


Today was the day... It was one of the only things I could think of the whole day, especially once we were inside the arena. Was I scared? No, that would be stupid - I loved meeting fans - but was I nervous? Definitely - though I still couldn't understand why. The girl I'd be meeting was still too young for me and - Shut up Evan! I told myself, standing up from my bench seat all of a sudden. Why should it matter whether she was too young or not? At the end of the night I'd go back to my crazy life and she'd go back to hers - never to meet again.

"How are you? Excited?" Jake asked as he walked up behind me, disturbing the previous silence of the locker room. "Bloody oath, mate!" I replied, much to his amusement.

"What ith it with you and your new obsession with Authtralian phrases? Are you gonna try and impreth your girlfriend?" he teased, to which I just shrugged as I really didn't want to argue. "She's not my girlfriend! I don't have one... smartass!" I retorted, now sniggering at the way he'd just lisped, though it was really only an occasional thing. He wasn't even vaguely fazed by that, which really annoyed me - he just wouldn't stop! "She could be!" he said, shrugging and taking a seat. We stayed there alone for a while, just talking and eating once a security guard came around with some food for everyone. Zack and Eddie Colón (Primo) came in after a while, munching on hotdogs as they talked about their match, and then I tested out some Aussie slang on them. Eddie found it particularly funny; being Puerto Rican, he really had heard nothing like it before. "That's funny, you should tell her that!" he laughed, as I was testing out different ways of introducing myself to Blair and complimenting her. The four of us stayed together until Zack and Eddie had their match and Jake went off somewhere to stretch, while I went for a walk and bumped into one of the security guys.

"She'll be coming backstage soon, the girl who's joining you for your match... You best wait here, she'll be in that room down there in about ten minutes" he said. I nodded and thanked him politely, deciding I'd go join Jack and stretch for a while. After he left me, I took one last look around the room and sighed, watching my back to make sure I wasn't being followed by Barbie or anyone else that'd make comments I didn't want to hear. Walking rather slowly, I stopped once I found the room, taking a deep breath before knocking on the door. "Just a minute!" she called out, sending my mind completely blank. All the funny ideas I'd had in my mind that I could say were gone, as quick as a lightning bolt. She opened the door and smiled, forcing me to think quickly, though I was a little distracted. Shit, Barbie's right! She's pretty... Really, really pretty...

"Hey, you're Blair, aren't you? I'm Evan Bourne..." I said as soon as I'd come to my senses, grinning widely. She replied, "That'd be me... It's nice to meet you" and stuck out her hand. I shook her hand in a gentle yet firm manner, not wanting her to think I was rude or a "dickhead", as I'd learned was a common term here. Pointing outside, I led her into the hallway and studied her outfit as best I could though I didn't mention it yet. "So, how have you enjoyed the show so far?" I asked, giving her a curious smile. She was silent for a moment, presumably considering what she might say - and it made me wonder what she was thinking.

"It's been seriously awesome, I thought Punk's promo was great and I've really enjoyed the matches so far," she replied after a while of thought, which was nice to hear; I was glad she was having fun. She looked up just as I pointed to another hallway that we needed to turn into, and I could've sworn her eyes widened upon seeing a sign indicating that we were almost at the Gorilla Position. The way she walked seemed to change after that - her excitement was even more noticeable now as she whispered "Almost there..." I nodded even though she couldn't see it, turning to face her after a while as I finally decided to ask about her outfit.

"I like your singlet... Did you make it yourself?" I asked her, watching her curiously, her black wings swaying and bouncing slightly as we walked down the hallway still. She nodded slightly and said "Sort of... I chose the font and colour, but because of my font choice I sent it in to some shirt printing place near my house, I couldn't have stenciled that on myself". Wow, that's dedication... I mused privately, noting the font used and smiling - I thought it was pretty cool. "Nice choice" I told her with a big smile on my face. I could hear her chuckling quietly but just ignored, figuring she was just proud of her choice and the finished product - my opinion couldn't be worth that much, right?

The laughter stopped as we took a rather sharp turn and I looked out, stopping and standing still at just the right moment. I was concerned I might have caused Blair to trip over but she was still on her feet, looking up at me and seemed confused. Raising one eyebrow slightly, I pointed to a sign on the wall just above the wooden table in front of us. Jake had finished making his entrance now so the arena was completely silent, which she seemed to notice just as much as I did. After scratching my head and smoothing out my singlet, I held out my arm and she placed her hand on my forearm, holding on tightly as her lips transforming into a nervous, adorable smile. "Are you ready, Blair?" I asked, pulling her right to my side as soon as she nodded; we were literally almost joined at the hip now, which I kind of liked. "Hey Evan, your music's about to hit!" someone called out, which I acknowledged with a quick nod of thanks. Taking a few small steps forward, I smiled as Blair uttered the last words either of us would speak before walking through the curtain...

"Yeah, I'm ready... Now let's get the hell out there!"

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