AN: This is part two, obviously. After the battle.

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"A simple child that lightly draws its' breath and feels its' life in every limb. What should it know of death?" -William Wordsworth

The baby cried yet again. Just as he had on and off for the last hour. Andromeda Tonks rocked him back and forth while speaking to him in a soft voice.

She could not soothe herself though. All she could do was focus on the child in her arms as she waited for news on the fate of her daughter, good or bad.

She heard the sound her protective wards made when someone entered her property. But it was not the alarming sound of an intruder. It was a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Andromeda laid the now oddly quiet Teddy in his cradle and walked over to the window that looked over her front yard. Her heart sank all the way from her chest to the pit of her stomach when she saw that it was Kingsley, not Nymphadora, walking up the garden path with a grave expression on his face. With a single quick glance at her grandson's serene features she realized that she did not, for some reason, want him to be in the same room as her when she received the bad news. She touched his face with a violently shaking hand. It did not matter if he would remember it or not; he was not going to hear anyone tell his grandmother of his parents' death.

Somehow, she made it outside and halfway down the few steps that led up to the door. There she stopped, unable to continue, her eyes pleading with Kingsley not to tell her what he had come here to say. Her hands gripped the railing beside her, as if clinging on to her only child's life. She could never tell how she had been able to keep the tears at bay up until that moment. But she succumbed to tears when Kingsley sighed and silently shook his head. Her knees gave in and she sank to the ground, her entire body shaking with grief.