Love For three

Chp 1 figuring it out

Kluke: Hey Shu

Shu: hey kluke you seen sahlia

Kluke: no why ( nows my chance to ask him out)

Shu: She sent me a letter to meet her here

Bouquet: Hey my husband

Shu: Damn it im out peace kluke

Kluke: Fuck she got in the way again!

Sahlia: Ha! i knew you liked him!

Kluke: Shit

Phinex:I kind of have a thing for blue dragon too

Bouquet: You like shu

Kluke:ok i like him... ok i love him

Sahlia and bouquet: Youll have to go through me first

Kluke: Im not...

Shu: There you are sahlia

Sahlia: Hey shu you got my letter yeah so what did you want to tell me about kluke

Kluke: You wouldnt

Sahlia:Me Kluke and bouquet are in love with you

Shu: i knew about you and bouquet but i thought kluke had andropov

Kluke: i dont like andropov

Shu:yeah aparantly you like me but i understand that we live together

Sahlia: ha got you thats not shu its hippo

Bouquet:Yeah it is we just wanted to here you say it

Kluke:Fuck you

Sahlia:i have an idea lets really tell him then have a foursome

Kluke: OK

Bouquet:im up for it

All:Ok lets go