The philosopher stone is being read!

A/N I do not own Harry Potter. That belongs to J.K. Rolling. I only own the Ocs. I know this plot been done before but have you guys ever read the future generations going back in time to read with the past? I tried to make this as unique as I can.

Co-written by TheAwsomeArtist101.

Chapter one

Eighteen unknown figures were standing right outside of a joke shop. "You think this will work?" ask one of them. "Yes." Replied of what seemed to be the leader. "Ready?" ask a new voice. They all nodded. Then they disappeared in a flash of bright blue and gold.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Cornelius Fudge was standing at the front of the Great hall, grinning just like he won a marathon. Next to him was none other than Percy Weasley. "Ladies and Gentleman I would like to introduce you to your new headmistress. Doloris Jane Umbridge. She will be filling in for Albus…" said Fudge but he was rudely interrupted by a flash of blue and gold light. Fifteen young kids and three young adults fell from the sky landing on the heads of several students and professors.

"OoooooCH!" Cried a brunet kid with brown eyes. "JAMES! YOU DOLT!" yelled a very tan red headed girl with brown eyes. She had a little bit of black streaks in her hair. "Bloody hell!" said a very tan boy with red hair with very dark brown eyes looking around and have his eyes set on Fudge and the toad. Everyone eyes were on the new comers. "Who the bloody hell are you?" yelled Draco.

The newcomers got to their feet and look at each other. One by one they introduce themselves. The brown hair boy who yelled "Ouch" went first. " I am James Sirius Potter and this is my younger brother Albus Severus Potter and also my younger sis Lily Luna Potter." He said pointing at a black hair boy with green eyes and a red headed girl with brown eyes. The one next him was the red hair girl that yelled you dolt. "I am Roxanne Weasley and this is my twin sister Natallie and this is our older brother Fred." She said pointing to the red headed girl who looked similar but had no streaks in her hair and pointed to the tan boy who yelled, "Bloody hell." The boy who looked the oldest with teal hair said, " My name is Teddy Lupin." The only blond pale boy with gray eyes went up and said, " I am Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy." Next to the boy was a very pretty blond headed girl with blue eyes. She smiled and she said in a weird half brithis and french accent " I am Victoire Weasley and this is my younger brother and sister Louis and Dominique." While pointing to very handsome red headed boy with blue eyes and a smaller blond headed girl with blue eyes who were next to two young boys with dirty blond hair and silvery gray eyes, and the first one said in very bored yet dreamly voice " My name is Lyander and this is my twin brother Lercon." They started to look to at the wall again. A very red headed girl with blue eyes was pushed up front so she can say hi. "Hi my name is Rose Weasly and this is my brother Hugo." pointing to the red headed boy next to her with brown eyes. The last two red headeds girls both had blue eyes. The oldest walk up and said " My name is Molly and this is my younger sister Lucy Weasley." pointing to the last red headed girl. Last but not lastly the oldest looking girl was basicly a black haired girl with sea green eyes. She walk up and said pompusly and in a Irish accent "My name is Taylor Potts, and I am very sorry to disturbed you but we are here to read seven books with you all about our favorite hero and to some of us uncle. We are from the time 2017, the future." The one called Teddy added "We hope to save the ones that died in the 1998 war."

The great hall was deadly silent. You could hear crickects chirping but there was none.

The first one to break the silience was none other then Draco Malfoy. "This is a prank right?" he asked. Roxanne, Fred, and Natallie fell to the floor laughing, the other had huge grins on their faces but Taylor. Taylor coulden't helps herself so she yelled " NO IT'S NOT A PRANK! I DO NOT PULL PRANKS ON PEOPLE THAT JAMES AND TEDDY JOB!" Draco wince slightly.

It was still quite, and James couldn't take it. "So can we read now." He asked. The others nodded but Taylor said " DUH!" this cause the great hall to eurpt in laughter. "Who wants to read first?" Ask Lily. "I WILL, I WILL!" yelled James, Fred and Teddy at the same time. "Shut up! and I will chose who read first." Yelled Taylor. "Teddy." She added.

That cause James and Fred to pout. 'Crap not more pransters' was the standerd thought of many of the teachers.