I woke up and smiled into the nothingness. I was finally thirteen. Today. Now. My dog, Jewel, jumped in to my room and on my bed. I shrugged. I turned off my alarm clock and put on my favorite sweater. It hugged my body and was black. I also put on a pair of jeans and high heel boots so that I looked more adult. I put on mascara and brushed my teeth then ran downstairs. I thought my parents and brother were still asleep when I hear my mom yell down, "RACHEL, GET DRESSED!"

"MOM, I'M DOWNSTAIRS! I'M POURING CEREAL AND THEN I'LL LET JEWEL OUT," I yelled back as Jewel ran down. I ate my cereal and opened the door when I saw a boy who strangely looked familiar.

"Hey, I'm Naruto," he said proudly and I almost screamed. He was the main character of my favorite character and I didn't even know he was real!

"Shit, it's you," I cried out in happiness.

"You remember me?"

"Remember you from where?"

"I am your brother."

"And with that I say goodbye!" I closed the door on his face. I heard him squeal out in pain and mumble something about more respect and being the hokage.

"Mom, I'll let you take Jewel out," I called up and put on a winter jacket. Since it was February 28th it was cold out and it snowed recently. We've had a tough winter this year. I grabbed my book bag and ran out.

"Hey Ben," I smiled at my friend. He's a short but kinda cute guy who could get any girl he wants. Did I mention he's also a pervert? Anyway he smiled back at me.

"Hi Rachel. Happy birthday." I've been talking about my birthday all week so he knew about it.

"Thanks. Glad you remembered," I said as I grinned at him. He grinned back.

The bus came to a screeching halt and suddenly I hate a nervous feeling like something bad was gonna happen. Weird.

"Hey Lindsey. What's up," I asked her as I sat down in the seat next to hers. Lindsey is another short kid but she's taller then Ben by a lot. She has dark hair that she usually keeps messy and sometimes I wonder if she even brushes it at all.

"Hey Rach. Happy birthday," she smiled at me and I smiled back as I tried o forget about what happened with Naruto. This morning was weird.

"Thanks Lindsey. Oh looks like we're at school already," I said as I jumped off the bus and walked into the warm school. It was like a blast of heat.

I unpacked and put my bag and jacket in my locker. I grabbed everything I needed for my first three periods and walked to advisory. I sat down and listened to Kyle and Victoria fight. I had no idea what it was about but damn it was funny! They were having a screaming match and everyone including our guidance counselor, who was my advisory teacher, was laughing.

The bell rang and I ran to first period. I had Spanish with Senora Rand. Class went by quickly with nothing new so I walked to ELA. Again, nothing new, so I walked to chorus.

At chorus he let everyone go except for the NYSSMA kids. I sang "Tonight" from West Side Story. He cried when I sang because it was so beautiful (A/N JK! OMG if that was true I would love it but he just said I was ready). He let me out early because I was so good so I wandered. I was just getting out of the room when I saw Naruto again.

"God, you're such a stalker! Would you just leave me alone?" I was getting annoyed.

"Listen, 'Rachel,' you need to come with me before something happens," he exclaimed angrily. He was losing his temper and I knew that was dangerous. If he lost it enough then he could kill me.

"Naruto, I understand but nothing is gonna happen. Also why'd you put my name in quotations?"

"Because that's not your real name," His eyes looked a little red tinted and I was getting nervous. This must really make him upset or something bad happened recently. I'll go with being upset about this.

"Oh crap. My dream is coming true! I dreamt this last night but I never really thought it would happen!"

"You knew," he asked as the red disappeared from his eyes. I was safe for now.

"My name is Naruta isn't it?" He nodded and I sighed. I knew what was coming at seventh period. Someone will die. That was all I knew because the last I saw was me in complete rage. I woke up after that and hoped it wasn't true.

"Well Naruto, if this is gonna happen then I already know that the Akatsuki will be coming," I said nervously. "I'm not sure when though so we have to be on the lookout," he looked nervous and scared too. They come and take control of a kid in my class to test if I was the real nine tails jinchuriki and it turned out to be true.

The rest of the day moved quickly. My dorky yellow haired whisker bro followed me around all day and I told him that if we could stay for dinner then we could go after. He agreed. I introduced him to all my friends and after social studies at sixth period was over I became jumpy.

"Naruta, what's going on?" He asked me when he saw I kept looking around.

"In a little while I'm going to kill a boy in my class. I'm not exactly excited about that," I explain nervously. We walked into art and I saw a black cloak with red clouds. I instantly clung to Naruto.

"They're here aren't they?" I nodded at him nervously and sat in my seat. He sat in Kyle's. I turned my head and saw the red eyes of the Uchiha family. I bit my tongue and didn't say anything but I knew it was coming.

The hand signs were done and Itachi Uchiha looked in the direction of Nick. All I could describe that boy was Nick, nothing more. Nick walked over to me and said, "Nice hair Rachel."

"Thanks Nick. I worked really hard on it," I said with false excitement.

"And who's that boy in Kyle's seat, your boyfriend?" He sneered at me.

"Well if you must know, he's my twin brother," I smiled at him like he was a good friend. I felt Itachi's red eyes never leave my face.

"Yeah right. This nerd looks dumber then you!" Naruto jumped up from the seat and glared at him.

"Naruta, who is this jerk!" Naruto was pissed and I was too.

"His name is Nick and he's being controlled by Itachi Uchiha. I don't see Kisame but he couldn't be far," I turned back to look at Itachi and he looked surprised. I guess they don't have many gifted kids who are ninjas. Oh well.

"Well little girl. It seems that you are more observant then we thought I must say-"

"Oh go to hell," I interrupted him.

"Rachel, you should pay more attention to me!" Nick ran at me with his pocket knife and slashed at my cheek. I can't tell you exactly what happened next but the next thing I knew I was so angry. My eyes were red and I had whiskers markings on my cheeks like my brother. My nails were longer, claw-like and red chakra was flowing around me, incasing me with a fox-like outline. Rebecca and Lindsey walked in and screamed.

I jumped out of my seat and attacked him until I held his lifeless body in my hands. Rebecca ran up to me and screamed, "Leave him alone!"

The real Kyubi that was sealed inside me and, hungry for more blood, willed me to kill her too. I instantly passed out as I felt horrible and guilty about the two new lives I just ruined.