Chapter 2

On the Move


I grabbed her and ran out, holding her limp body. I didn't know where to go or what was safe. All I knew was I had to get out of here.

I ran as fast as I could with her in my arms. Maybe I could go to the village. It would be safe there. If only I was stronger, then it would be so much simpler.

My thoughts were interrupted by Naruta stirring. Her eyes flickered open and I let out a sigh of relief. "Thank god you're awake! I thought I lost my sister for a second," I told her.

"You idiot," she let out a soft laugh that I could feel, "I'm not about to die when my life gets this interesting."

I laughed too."I guess so but what do you think we should do? Where should we go?" I asked her nervously as I looked around.

"First let me down," she ordered me and so I did. "Next, we're going to a certain classroom. I gotta talk to someone who's gonna be with us."

I followed her into the room she told me her friend was in. I didn't understand why we had to go but I didn't understand a lot of things.

"Excuse me? Can I speak to Camryn please?" She asked and her friend came out and looked shocked when she saw me and her.

"Rachel? Why do you look like Naruto's sexy jutsu? Why is he here? You know I find him annoying but why did you get me?" Her friend asked the questions quickly and I made a face when she insulted me. I was about to reply when Naruta shot me a look.

"Naruto, don't speak. Listen Rynn, apparently I'm Naruto's twin sister. Don't ask more questions now cause we have to run. The school will find out I killed three kids in a few minutes and the Akatsuki are here. Let's go."


We all ran out and headed out of the school. I couldn't believe what was going on in my life and I needed someone from my normal life who would understand. I thought of two things that would cheer Rynn up.

"Ya know something Cami? Naruto is no longer claimed by me. Disgusting," we both laughed. My anime friends and I were claiming people that we loved from anime that we would date if we could.

"Also, you're gonna get to meet Sasuke." A grin popped up on her face and I knew that there was probably a lot of confusion on Naruto's face. He didn't get it at all.

"So how are we going to get to Japan?" Rynn asked to interrupt us. I knew she wanted to see her claim as soon as possible. It meant a lot to her. I loved Sasuke too but not as much as I used to or how much she likes him.

"We're going there by plane and then train. That sound alright to you guys?" Naruto asked us and we both nodded.

I went home to say goodbye to my parents and we stopped at the high school to say goodbye to my brother too. Rynn went home to her parents to say goodbye too and once we were finished I called a taxi and we were off.

We walked off of the train. It seemed like forever since I got to relax but then I looked around and gasped with Rynn. We were at our new home.