Guerrilla warfare prolog.

"In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman."

Margaret Thatcher, British politician

Yellow held the letter in her hand gently as she cried. She tried not to think about the fact that they weren't missing her at all. Two years ago, after they had heard about the newest Pokedex holders in that Hoenn region's battle against Rayquaza, Red had mentioned how cool it seemed to live in other regions and wanted to go take a look at them and their Pokémon. Green had decided to tag along so that his rival didn't get too much ahead of him and Blue had gone to 'keep the boys in line.' Green had left her in charge of his gym while they were off and they promised to see her soon. That was Two years ago and still they had not returned to Kanto. The letter in her hand said,

Dear Yellow,

Hello again! Green, Blue and I have left the Sinnoh region we were telling you about in the last letter we sent and are headed back to Hoenn to see the caves where the regi's sleep. Sapphire invited us back for her birthday or something… Anyway, how's my mom and Oak? Are the Johto holders okay? You are still checking in on them once a month right? Pika's gotten even stronger now! We will show you when we get back. Green still can't beat me and I can't tell why he tries… I mean, I'm the champion; I always win no matter what. And happy birthday, 'cause you'll get this letter some time in April and your birthday is in April right. Anyway we will not be coming home anytime soon because someone found a new region called Unova or something. We'll try to come back in time for your next birthday, but Oak wants us to help some professor named Jupiter out in this place. It's pretty cool anyway. They have a desert and a really icy cave. There is this deep chasm that we are going to be checking out after we get there from Hoenn. People have reported hearing deep growls around it. We need to see what it is for the safety of young Pokémon trainers everywhere! I should probably send this to you now…

I'll tell you how it went next time!


Yellow sighed before putting the letter in a box made out of cherry wood. The box had a stain glass picture of a Pikachu on the front. It had been a birthday gift from her uncle Wilton on her birthday. Which was March 3rd. Crystal, on the other hand, was born on April 30th. She wondered sometimes if he even remembered her name, or if Green and Blue had to remind him to write to her so that she could keep track of them incase of problems. Yellow walked out of her uncle's house and into the Viridian woods, Chuchu following at her heels. She often wondered over the past five or six months about why she had had a crush on Red when she was younger. It was most likely left over from when he saved her as a child from that Dratini that had been rampaging about. She knew now that she no longer cared for him in such a way anymore. They had left her with a task and than forgotten her. It was her job to 'babysit' Kanto while the others were gone but she was getting bored with it. And worried. Rumors of Team Rocket were getting more common and they had already taken over Saffron City. Tomorrow she would attempt to stop them. If she lost this solitary battle than Kanto would be lost until the real Dex holders returned. After all she was just there to find Red and return Pika to his trainer. Yellow sighed softly before setting off to get her team back from the poke center. She would need them tomorrow.

She got home to see Gold and Silver beside her house. As she got closer to them Yellow could hear them arguing about which path she might have taken into the Viridian forest. Silver was saying that she would take the less travel path as a child of the Viridian as she would know how to travel it safely. Gold thought she would take the bigger trail to pallet town to visit Daisy and Oak. She smiled as she walked up behind them. When Yellow got closer Silver turned around and nodded to her. Gold was startled to see her but happy none the less. "We heard about the Team Rocket rumors," He said. "Do you need any help?" Well, at lest some one loved her, Yellow thought. She said no, couldn't have them getting hurt when this was not their region, and walked them all the way back to the Indigo Platue where they crossed back to Johto. She had an uncomfterable feeling about the sharp looks Silver had been sending her. She couldn't lie like the thief could, and she knew it. Yellow hated to lie to them, Silver and Gold had kept her company over the past two years, but she wouldn't be able to stand the guilt if one of them or their Pokémon got hurt. 'It's better for me to do this by myself.' Yellow decided as she walked back to the house to rest. She would need her rest for the fight tomorrow.

The next day found Yellow surrounded by Team Rocket members vainly trying to stop herself from being bitten by an Arbok. She had been a fool coming to a place teaming with Rocket grunts by herself, Yellow realized. Her team might be powerful enough to take them all out but not all at once like this. She had been fighting all morning and past noon by then. The sun was on its' dissent when her party started having problems.

Ratty, her Raticate, was the first to have to be recalled or he would have fought until his heart burst. She had given up healing when she could hardly stand up without swaying. Dody was next. An Ekans had wrapped all three of his necks and was strangling the life out of him. She had returned him to get the Ekans away and didn't have the heart to send the poor dear back out into the fray. Omny used a blizzard to clear the group of Grimers away from Yellow as she sprayed an antidote onto Kitty. He promptly flew up and used sleep powder on a group of reinforcements coming to join the fray. More rockets was not what she needed right now… Bless Gravvy's soul, the Golem was using his high defense to plow through Rattatas and Raticates like there is no tomorrow, which if this fight doesn't end, there might not be, Yellow pondered. She recalled Kitty as he fell from the sky. The Butterfree has done his best, only to fall from grace at a well aimed poison sting. But they were all tired and slipping up. A Rattata leaped in front of Yellow and she heard his trainer call something out. Her Omanyte took the hit for her as Yellow's body was too sore to move. She recalled the fainted Omny and proceeded to direct Gravvy and Chuchu around the battle field. She felt sharp teeth tear into her arm from behind before Chuchu fried the poor rat, and Yellow by conductive contact. "At lest the wound is cauterized." She murmured before giving the man who had stepped up behind her a firm kick to the balls. She returned her now fainted Golem and continued with Chuchu. Yellow knew she wasn't going to make it, not with one injured Pikachu against over fifty Team Rocket grunts.

She turned to look behind her and saw a wave of sludge hurled by a Muk headed directly into her eyes. Then nothing but pain and blurry purple fuzz. Yellow thought she might have heard Gold shouting in the distance, but Gold wasn't here, he was in Johto where he belonged. Gold was no where near the hell hole Saffron City had become, and soon the entire Kanto region if she couldn't get back up.

~The night before with Silver and Gold~

Gold's mother let the two boys into her house and watched them troop up the stairs. She had invited Silver to live with them when she had discovered that he was living in the streets. He had moved into the guest bedroom and now was a permanent fixture in their lives. Mrs. Irene Pyrite, more commonly known as Gold's mother, simply smiled before turning back to the couch in front of her. On the couch was a young Murkrow holding a metal spatula in its beak. "Okay," she said to it. "I need that back for tonight's dinner, can you give it back?" The ebony bird shook his head. "Would you do it for a Klondike Bar?" Again the bird shook its head. Irene sighed before looking up at the tree that stood in front of her front window. "I'll let you steal the radio antenna again." She smiled as the Murkrow dropped the spatula into her lap and flapped out of the open window before rushing off to the soup on the stove. She could tell from the tense way they had smiled at her that the boys she watched over were worrying over something. Gold's mother calmly started preparing the food they would need if they were going on another adventure. She had overheard them talking about Team Rocket activity in Kanto and knew that they would go to help that young blond. Irene couldn't help but pity the girl. The Pokedex holders had left her alone in their region to go gallivanting off to other regions.

Irene sighed before stirring the soup. "Tomorrow will be troublesome," she murmured quietly. "The tides of war are changing." She stirred the soup as she watched the trees sway outside the window. 'I want to help fight,' she thought, 'but it's not my generations' fight this time.' She smiled at her 'house' Pokémon. "Bet Gold would never believe that his mother was a fighter in the last war, huh?" Irene took the soup off the burner. "twenty eight years ago trainers fought against Team Rocket to try and stop them from taking over Johto and Kanto," her hands moved numbly over the spices until she found what she wanted. Blank eyes caught in old memories watched as the nutmeg sprinkled into the soup. Not really seeing it but moving completely by routine brought from doing the same thing many times over. "And now we've passed that unfinished war onto our children."

She walked over to the living room. On a book shelf in there was two poke balls. Irene's hands wavered over them. "The last two from my original team." Her voice whispered in the silence that had taken hold of the room. "I feel bad sending them into battle again after they served me in the war." Gold's mom grabbed both poke balls. She would give them the Pokémon after dinner. Her days as a trainer might be over, but Irene would be rather die than let her son and Silver fight without someone she felt could keep them safe in their party's.

With that decided she called the boys for dinner, and hoped that it wouldn't be their last together.

Upstairs in Gold's bedroom two boys were arguing.

"I'm telling you Silv," Gold snapped as he flopped down on his bed, "Yellow wont do anything stupid. If she was going to take them on tomorrow she's ask for help."

Silver rolled his eyes. "When we were looking for her in her uncle's house I saw her bag."


Silver rolled his eyes at the blank face Gold was making. "It was packed for a long fight, hyper potions, antidotes, and everything else you might need." Gold's brow furrowed in thought.

"She wouldn't take a risk like that without backup." His voice had taken on a pleading tone, as if Gold was trying to convince himself.

Silver raised up one eyebrow. "She was lying when she said she wouldn't need help. Her eyes wouldn't meet mine," he said.

Gold sighed. "We can go fight with her, right?" All he got was a nod in return.

Silver stretched on the chair he was resting on. Gold's eyes honed in on the thin strip of pale flesh that was revealed as Silver arched his back. Gold's tongue traced his lips gently, wetting them as if he was parched. Silv stood up and got a pen and paper. "Lets make a list of what we need and we'll fly to Goldenrod for it all later." And with that the two boys put their heads together to work out what they would need for the coming battle. Suddenly Gold looked up. "Let's bring some first aid kits too." Silver added it to the list. "Better safe than sorry," he muttered as he reread the list. "Let's go shopping now."

Both boys stood up and started gathering their things to leave when Gold's mother's voice rang up the stairs. "Dinner boys!" Gold grinned before turning to Silver. "We can go after soup." Silver only sighed before staring down the stairs. 'Gold always did think with his stomach.' He thought as he sat down.

They all chatted about unimportant things through dinner. When Gold had finished his second bowl Silver got up and they started to leave. "Wait!" Irene called after them. "Cant mom," Gold called over his shoulder as they grabbed onto Silver's Honchkrow. "Gotta go shopping for some stuff." They had flown off before Irene could do anything. She groaned before storming back inside. "I'll just give them the Pokémon when they try to sneak out tonight." She knew that they would try to leave while she was still asleep because they didn't want to worry her. She would stay up and catch them then.

Silver opened the door to the house while Gold dragged in all the stuff they had bought. They house was dark and it appeared as if Gold's mother had gone to bed. The boys went to their separate bedrooms and started filling their packs with what they would need in the morning. When the clock hit midnight they hid everything in their closets before hitting the lights and scrambling into bed. A few seconds later Irene poked her head into Gold's room. She chuckled at her son's bad fake sleeping job before closing the door and going to check on Silver. He really did appear to be sleeping but she knew better. A sence of hearing trained from years on battlefields had allowed her to hear the boys jump into bed. She closed Silver's bedroom door and crept downstairs, closing her bedroom door on her way down so that they would assume she had gone to bed.

Then she settled on the couch to wait.

At the crack of three AM Irene was still sitting on the couch. She had taken to bouncing the Poke ball she was going to give to Silver in her left hand. A faint creak from the stairs was heard. Irene smiled as she watched Silver creep down them. He might not have made any noise at all if it wasn't for the heavy backpack that weighed him down. He walked pass the living room and froze. She smiled at him and tossed the Poke ball in her left hand at him, her smile morphing into a grin as he caught it. He frowned at it for a moment before pulling off one of his own Poke balls. She caught it as he passed it to her and looked down at his Kingdra. They exchanged nods before Silver opened his mouth to ask something. A sudden loud creaking noise emitted from upstairs. As one they looked up at the roof, listening to the loud footsteps and creaks that sounded as Gold 'sneaked' downstairs. They turned toward the stairs in time to hear a loud 'boof boof boof THUD.' Silver sighed and both him and Irene stared at the crumpled up form of Gold, who had fallen down the stairs while 'sneaking' out.

Gold's head snapped up when he heard a feminine giggle echo around the room. His face turned dead white when he noticed his mother giggling at him on the couch. Silver 'harrumphed' before walking out of the house. Gold got up and started walking to door as well. His mother grabbed his arm to stop him. "I don't mind you guys fighting," she said. "But give me your Sunflora and take this." She trusted the second poke ball into Gold's hands before taking Sunflora's ball off of his belt. She then shoved him out of the door and waved goodbye to the two boys. They each grabbed one leg of the Honchkrow's legs and it lifted off. Nether one looked back as they flew away; they both knew that if they hesitated they might not leave at all.

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