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"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
~ Robert Frost

Steven Stone stood across a desk from Yellow. The two watched each other calmly, but there was tension in the air.

"I could go in your place." Steven offered. His words broke the silence of the room, but the tension remained.

Yellow frowned and shook her head. "No. He trusts me the most. We're most likely to get a positive reaction if I'm the one who asks for his aid."

"The rebellion needs its figurehead." Steven said. He to was frowning, but unlike Yellow his was from worry.

Yellow responded to that easily. "I will only be gone for a week or two at most. Lance will be completing this mission with me, so there is little to no need to worry over my health. I'll be fine Steven." She clasped her hands in front of her on the desk and rested her chin on them. Slowly her cloudy eyes slid closed as she considered her options and reran her plan through her mind. "You can the rebellion by yourself for that long, and your years as champion have taught you how to lead spread out groups well. You are the only one I can ask Steven. We don't have a choice."

Steven nodded his assent, although with clear unhappiness on his face. "Verywell. I'll keep an eye on things while you're gone. Come back safe?"

"Of course." Yellow softly smiled. "To do otherwise would be to lose."

Her fingers brushed across the skin around her eyes. "I think I've lost enough as it is to this war."

"Of course." Steven smiled in response even though he knew she wouldn't see it.

"We'll do our best to ensure no one has to lose anything else."

A saddened look appeared on Yellow's face when she heard that. "We won't succeed." She pointed out. "This is war."

The two sighed in understanding before speaking together. "No matter who claims victory both sides always lose something in a war."

Yellow glanced up with a grim look. "The only question is what."


"Sit down on the black one." Sliver told Blue as they strode into a small meeting room. The inside had three couches arranged in triangular fashion with a round table in the center. Blue went and sat on the black couch as directed while Silver closed and locked the door.

Gold was already settled on the grey couch that was to the left of Blue, and Sliver settled on the green one on her right a second later.

"Our mission," Sliver started, "is to go to the Rebellion base in Pallet Town and search out former gym leader Erika. We have a missive to give that cannot fall into Team Rocket's possession."

Gold leaned forward and looked Blue right in the eyes. "We are also asking her for help, so be really respectful to her. She's one of the best poison masters in Kanto and doesn't mind using them since her gym was burned to the ground."

"Erika was one of five survivors of the Celadon City Burning. It changed her quite a bit from what I've heard." Silver added.

Blue frowned in confusion. "What's the Celadon City Burning?"

"A massacre." Silver answered shortly. "Team Rocket locked the Celadon gym's doors and light it on fire."

Gold sighed and leaned onto the back of the couch. "The gym trainers could have left, but most were determined to help as many of their Pokémon escape as possible. Of the ten humans who made it out alive only five lived. Smoke inhalation, apparently."

"Over thirty people died that day." Silver said. "And only half the Pokémon who were in the gym made it out. Many of which had to be put down because of their burns."

Blue shifted uncomfortably and nodded. "Oh, I'm sorry that happened."

"It was just another act of war." Silver said coldly. "There are a dozen more story's just like that. This is what war means."

Gold sat up and glared at his lover. "Enough," he snapped. "Can we talk about something else? Like, does Blue need to be outfitted or not?"

"Right." Silver said. "We should take her to Anna then." In tandem the boys turned and looked at Blue with amused grins.

"What?" She asked hesitantly. "Who's Anna?"

"You'll see." Gold grinned slyly. "You'll definitely see."


Yellow watched the three adults sitting in her office with misty eyes. Of course she wasn't really watching them, but her eyes were pointed towards them and the blank stare was unnerving.

"Mission report?" Yellow asked calmly.

Maya shifted, but Dan placed his hand on her arm and shook his head. "The mission was completed successfully." He said. "We left the Cinnabar people to clean up the battle sights and transport the stones to their lab."

"Any problems?" Yellow tilted her head more towards Dan's voice as she spoke.

Dan sighed. "Yes. We ran into Admiral Melody. Maya eliminated the threat with an arrow through the gut, and she is confirmed dead. Several grunts and the Admiral's Hypno are also confirmed dead."

Maya made a choked noise when Dan spoke about Melody, but otherwise stayed silent.

"Agent Maya," Yellow said softly, "please take the next several days off. I'm sure Cinnabar will be willing to turn your cousin's body over to you for last rights. Why don't you go now? Your husband can handle the debrief."

Maya nodded. "Yes Ma'am. I will leave the main board of the computer from the mining machine with the technicians and go."

"Very well." Yellow nodded. maya then stood up and swept out of the room.

Dan sighed, but continued on. "The kids you gave us both seem to have made their first kills. I'd have them off missions for a couple of days to adjust. We also left a captive with the Cinnabar people. He's just a grunt so her won't know anything useful, but he's seen too much to be released."

"Of coarse." Yellow sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Anything else?"

Dan took a moment to think before responding. "The boy, Ruby, got back the Vulpix melody took from Nessa. It's been evolved into a ninetails. I sent one of the trainees out to release it with the rest of her pack. That's all My Lady."

"Orange?" Yellow asked. "Anything to add?"

Before the girl could speak up Yellow's office door opened. The Lavender Town Ruling Lady stepped into the room. "Yellow." She said respectfully as she curtsied. "You asked me to inform you of when I head out."

"Of course," Yellow said, "the team will be leaving today anyways. Hopefully you'll beat them there."

Danna gave another wobbly curtsied before standing and leaving the office.

"That reminds me..." Yellow murmured. "Orange, you can't see Red until after he returns from his next mission."

he girl glanced up and gaped. "But, what? Why not Yellow!?"

"You'll distract him." Yellow responded ruthlessly. "He'll be thinking of you rather than the mission. You could get him killed."

Orange pondered over that fact for a minute. She still looked rather upset, but in the end she nodded. "Only because I don't want him hurt." She said at last. "But I want to there to greet him when he gets back."

"Of course you can. I'm sure he'd like that." Yellow said. "If that's all then you can go now. Just send me in Ruby and Sapphire on the way in." It was clear that she was dismissing them all.


"Your Pokémon are all fit as a fiddle." The nurse said as she passed Lance back his Pokéballs. "Please bring them in to me after every fight, regardless of if they're injured or not. They should be checked on anyways. Thank you and good day."

Lance rolled his burgundy eyes at the clearly well rehearsed words before picking up his Pokéballs and leaving. Glancing down at the balls, he took a moment to ponder what Yellow's team would look like. Surely after three years she would have change the line up with some of them. Obviously Chuuchuu was still around, although she spent most of her time in Yellow's rooms.

The dragon trainer had gone about and asked all the higher ranking rebellion members, but most weren't sure what Yellow's team even looked like. Some didn't even know if she fought or not. Lance supposed she could get away with it. She was blind after all, although Lance was starting to wonder exactly how blind she was. She had an uncanny habit of turning towards any large movements in the room.

"Excuse me," Lance said to a woman walking by. She was wearing a lab coat that was splattered with dirt, and was carrying a bucket of root clippings. She was also one of the people he'd seen go in and out of Yellow's office several times a day, which meant she was pretty high up there in the rebellions ranks. "Can I ask you a question?"

The woman turned to face him and nodded. "So long as you understand that I don't have to answer." She quipped as she looked over him.

"How well do you know Yellow?" Lance asked.

The scientist shifted nervously. "Okayish, I guess. Why do you want to know?"

"I'm going on a mission with her later and I need to know her combat capabilities. Especially with her eyes." Lance shrugged.

The woman perked right up upon hearing that. "Oh, that's okay then! Lady Yellow is not completely blind, her vision is just very damaged. She once described what she can see as 'moving shapes in heavy fog' that she can never see the details of." The scientist shifted her bucket to her other hand and hummed lowely for a second. "Her Pokémon seem to fight with little to no guidance from her nowadays, but I'll assume that she has premade strategies worked out with them."

"Thank you, "Lance smiled politely at the woman before leaving. He had a lot to think about before his mission.


"Lady Danna has already left for the Lavender Town Rebellion Base." Ellenor sighed.

The three boys in the room with her turned to look at the bored prophet. Wally smiled at her from where he was packing up his bag. The green haired boy knew that Ellie was simply upset over having to let her friend return home alone. She always got like this when the blonde girl left. "We will leave when we are all packed." Wally reminded her while tightening the straps of his pack. "Packing is something that shouldn't be rushed."

Red and Green nodded along to this. The two trainers knew exactly how important packing things properly could be. Their trips around the world had taught them that at least. Failure to pack properly could spell your doom in an emergency, and one should always be prepared. You just couldn't rush things like that.

Green watched Ellie pout for a moment before speaking. "You friend will be more then fine. I'm sure of it."

Red nodded in agreement to that to before closing the straps on his bag and hefting it over his shoulders. Green was quick to follow. Wally, whose pack was slightly larger than the other two's, pulled his up on a table before using that to put it on.

"You don't have a pack." Red pointed out when Ellie stood up.

The redhead nodded, looking distracted. her eyes were unfocused as they lazily wandered about the room never settling on anyone or anything. "Can we go now?"

"You need your pack Ellie." Wally reminded her in a patient voice. "Did you leave it somewhere?"

Ellie's eyes suddenly sharpened as she turned to stare at Wally. "My pack is by the door we will be leaving from. We should go now. There are things to be done and many kilometers to travel before we get there." Then before anyone could speak, she whirled around and walked out of the room.

"Well," Wally said after a moment of awkward silence. "We should go after her then, I guess..." The three followed Ellie in a silent procession. They had a mission to do, after all.


Yellow listened to the two Hoenn natives sitting on the other side of her her desk. One was shifting constantly in their seat and kicking their feet out. The other was tapping their fingers in a steady rhythm on the arm of their chair.

"How are you both doing?" She asked quietly. Most teens wouldn't be able to handle killing someone, or watching someone be killed. By now enough time had passed for the adrenalin to wear off and the panic to set in. If one of them was going to break down it was going to be now.

The shifty one sighed. "I feel like I should feel bad, but I don't. Does that make me a bad person?" The voice was female, so it was Sapphire who was speaking.

"You what was necessary to stop Team Rocket." Yellow pointed out as she tilted her head towards the shifting noises. "Preventing them from getting those stones has severely lowered their destructive capabilities. You've saved lives today Sapphire."

The girl sighed. "That doesn't make me feel any better."

"It wasn't meant to. I was simply stating facts." Yellow smiled as she spoke. "But I know what will make you feel better. If you hurry you can catch Wally before he leaves for his next mission. Why don't you talk to him?"

The sounds of Sapphire murmuring a thank you and leaving the room met Yellow's ears. She smiled faintly as she was left alone with the tapping noises and their maker.

"I'm fine." Ruby said before she could ask. His voice was melancholy, but not stressed. "I know that it was necessary for victory. In war you do what you must to win."

Yellow gave a curt nod of her head at that. "We do it to dethrone a tyrant," she murmured, "but that does not excuse our crimes."

"I'll join," Ruby said after a moment of thought. "Any help I can offer is yours."

Yellow turned to face his direction. "Thank you, any help we can use is welcomed. I'll try not to ask you to do anything that breaks your moral code."

"That's pretty much all I can ask for, isn't it?" Ruby pondered before shrugging. "Oh well, just remember that being forced to be ugly definitely breaks my moral code."

Yellow chuckled at the rather flat joke. She understood that the boy was just trying to lighten the mood a little. "Duly noted," she told him with a grin. "Now get out of my office. I've got non beutiful things like paper work to do. That takes a while, considering we're a little short of eyes in here."

"Harsh," Ruby smirked as he walked towards the door. "I'll just leave you to all that paperwork before I get roped to helping out!"

Yellows smile slid off her face as she heard the door slide shut behind Ruby. As nice as joking around was she did have things to do. There were always more intelligence reports to read and missions to assign. Squaring her shoulders and taking a deep breath Yellow turned to her paperwork. She had a rebellion to run.


She'd gotten halfway through one stack of paperwork before the next interruption showed up. One of the double doors to her office creaked open and someone slid inside. The familiar tugging inside of her told her it was a child of the Viridian who had entered her office. "Hello Lance," she said softly, "is there something you need?" The redhead chuckled as he walked towards her. "A debriefing on our joint mission. Everyone else seems to be getting theirs, but I still have no clue what we are doing." "We're going up to the top of Mount Silver and retrieving a member of my rebellion." Yellow explained as she ran her fingers over another piece of paperwork. "Since the fighting is picking back up we need all of the team leaders back with their men." Lance settled down beside her; sitting on the side of her desk with relative ease. "Makes sense," he said, "I'm assuming this one needs to be retrieved by you personally?" "Yes, he doesn't like most people." Yellow seemed to stare off into space for a moment before smiling. "You and he are rather similar, actually. I think you'll get along well." She signed the paper in her hand with an easy flick of her wrist. "Mhmm..." Lance hummed low in his throat as he leant over her. "Competition? You know I'll win Yellow. No matter how many obstacles you throw at me I'll keep trying until you either pick or reject me." The Queen flushed as she felt his body heat and realised exactly how close he was. "N-no, he and I are just friends. And besides, what makes you think I'll let you win?" The dragon tamer's voice rumbled pleasantly when he laughed at her. "Really Yellow? The fact that you are even allowing this game between us proves that I'll eventually win." His red eyes flared in triumph as he leaned in to whisper in her ear. "I'm just chasing you to make my victory sweeter. We both know that I'll be your consort soon enough My Queen." With that said Lance stood back up and swept out of the room. The door clicked shut behind him leaving Yellow to sit at her desk alone. The Queen shuddered and licked her lips slowly. Her amber eyes slid over the closed door and the walls around before she closed them. "That's not very fair Lance." She murmured to herself. "What fun is a chase if the prey knows they are going to lose?" "Besides," She allowed a slow and rather mischievous smile to slide across her face. "This time the prey has teeth, and is just getting ready to use them."


Lance stalked down the hall and away from Yellow's office with a smug smirk on his face. That should have gotten her riled up enough to fight back a little more actively. After all, what fun is a hunt if the prey just lies down and gives up?

Oh no. Lance wanted Yellow to fight tooth and nail against him in this game they had turned their courtship into. Even if he messed up again he'd win in the end. The pull between them was simply too strong to ignore.

Besides, all the time they'd been spending together meant that Lance know knew her much better than any of the Pokédex holders did. Reality was Yellow was both comfortable with him and attracted to fit well together and he'd already proven that he could help her lead the rebellion. Entering a formal relationship was just that, a formality. They would be together in the end anyway.

Of course the war could make that end much soon than anticipated, but Lance had plans for even then. He wouldn't allow anything to get in the way of what he wanted. Except Yellow of course. Everything hinged on her excepting him. Somehow that flaw didn't worry the champion at all. She would chose him in the end. Lance was sure of that at least.

He'd made it so she simply had to.


"Hey Saph, wait up for a minute would you?" Ruby asked the brunette when he caught up to her. She frowned at him but slowed her pace.

"Can we hurry this? Wally will be leaving soon." "Yeah, I'll be quick."

Ruby grinned. "I just wanted to say that you should ask him out."

Sapphire practically did a double take. She did come to a screeching halt in the middle of the hall and gape at her friend. "What? Ruby, what about your father?"

"I don't really care anymore. It was very rude of me to ask you to fake being my partner anyways." Ruby shrugged calmly, but there was an embarrassed flush on his face. "Besides my dad isn't here. And if he has a problem with my life choices then I don't need him anyways. Ignorance is definitely an ugly trait."

Faint voices coming from a nearby hallway caught their attention made the two look up. Recognising the voices Ruby smiled before nodding to Sapphire. "He's up ahead Saph. Go get him."

She shot him a grateful look before racing up the hall to jump on the green haired boy who had just come into view. Wally only had a moment to notice who had collided with him before Sapphire pulled him forwards and kissed him soundly. The boys green eyes widened in shock before sliding over to Ruby in horror. Clearly worried that his friend was going to pull an angry boyfriend on him.

Smirking in amusement Ruby nodded to him and gave his friend a thumbs up. The shock that appeared on Wally's face was hilarious, and Ruby had to struggle not to laugh at his friends confusion. He made a shooing motion and gave the back of Sapphire's head a pointed look. Sudden understanding flooded Wally at the gestures. Pulling Sapphire closer he nodded to Ruby in thanks before kissing her back. She sunk against him at the response and smiled softly.

"Please come back safe." She said as they separated.

Wally nodded before looking over at Ruby and smiling. "With incentive like that why wouldn't I?" Ruby grinned back before being distracted by a movement in the corner of his eye.

The strange woman who had come back with them from Cinnabar Island was peaking around the corner. Ruby watched her give Red a long look over before shaking her head and disappearing back down the hallway she was in. Frowning thoughtfully he watched her go before shrugging. Probably a fangirl, he thought. Kanto was Red's home region and Red probably had lots of them. Whatever it was it wasn't any of his business.

"I'm off to visit Steven." Ruby announced as he turned and left. Sapphire nodded lazily and Wally waved goodbye, but the two lovebirds didn't look away from each other. Ruby snorted as he kept walking. Hopefully that wore off in time. There was no way anyone as fabulous as him was going to end up third wheeling just because he'd set up his friends together. He had so much better things to do with his time than that. LIke chat with Steven. Maybe if he was lucky the former champion would agree to another bout of swordsmanship?

One could only hope.


Lance's eyes widened comically when he noticed Yellow walking towards him. She was in a rather tight fitting combat outfit with a small pack on her back. Chuuchuu raced along beside her as they came to settle by the door.

"I know it's a little form fitting." Yellow said sheepishly when she heard Lance move. "But loose cloths can get stuck on rocks or things, and I can't see where it gets snagged to unstick it."

Red eyes slid to half mast as Lance pondered this new information. "Then why do you a dress around the rebellion base?"

Yellow rolled her eyes. "That was Steven's idea. He said that i would have to 'look every inch the Queen I was labeled as' to run the rebellion properly." She shrugged before gesturing for them to keep walking. "Besides, I'm not climbing on rocks and wandering across battlefields inside the base. All I have to worry about is being caught in a door or something."

The great Viridian's Queen defeated by a door." Lance said with a laugh. Yellow playfully pouted in response.

"They are rather tricky enemies you know. They seal their grabby little frames shut far too quick for poor defenceless maidens like myself."

"I have trouble believing you've ever been defenceless." Lance admitted after a moment. "Not since you got your Pokémon anyways."

The two walked together in silence for a moment as Yellow pondered that comment. They had walked out of Viridian City and were heading down a winding path through the forest when she chose to speak again. "I'd say that right until we fought I was pretty defenceless. I was so determined to see the good in people that I didn't like fighting anyone."

She sighed. "Fighting you taught me that sometimes violence was necessary. I reminded me that even if most people could be redeemed some couldn't." She was silent for a moment more before she turned to face Lance and smiled at him.

"I'm glad." She told him earnestly. "I'm glad that you've redeemed yourself. I really wouldn't want to be facing you in this fight too."

"Well..." Lance shot her a teasing smirk. "One could say that I turned sides after learning a lesson from a little blond girl on a volcano." There was a shared smile between them before the two continued on their path. For the moment though, everything was well.