World of Opportunity

A Hairspray Fanfiction

Pairings in this fic : Tracy/Link, Penny/Seaweed, Amber/Velma

Notes: I do not own any characters from Hairspray. This is my first Hairspray fic so be gentle with your comments.. I believe in the musical that all the kids are in the same grade at school ,for the purpose of this fic Amber is a year older then everyone else and is preparing to go to college.

Within a week of being named Ms Teenage Hairspray Tracy Turnblad gained instant popularity at school. She was not very used to being in the spotlight like Amber used to be just a year before when she'd won Ms Teenage Hairspray. Amber on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the Corny Collins Show after her mother had unfairly rigged the voting of the Ms Teenage Hairspray pageant so she'd win. She felt Tracy had deserved the win more than her for her hard work to integrate the show. She was taking her junior year to focus on starting the college search process. She wanted so badly to get out of Baltimore and start over fresh.

"Tracy, how does being the school celebrity feel?" Penny asked

Tracy grinned at her best friend.

"It feels great. It's amazing how I was practically a nobody last year and now pretty much everyone in the school wants to hang out with me. I won't let the fame get too much to my head though.."

Little did they know that Velma Vontussle had something else in mind for Tracy.

That day at rehearsal during a break Penny came up to Tracy with a worried look on her face.

"I heard people talking that Mrs. Von Tussle wants you off the show and wants Amber back on so she can dance with Link."

"That's not gonna happen Penny. They love me on the show. Why would they want to get rod of me especially since I was the one who integrated the program."

"I guess Mea. Von Tussle is against the whole integration thing."

"Well she needs to get over it and accept that I have replaced Amber on the show."

Seaweed snuck up behind Penny and kissed her on the cheek. "What's the debate?" he asked

"Apparently there's a rumor circulating that Mrs. Von Tussle wants Amber back on the show to replace me."


Penny and Tracy both nodded.

"She can't do that. Does she not appreciate that you integrated this shoiw?"

Tracy shrugged "Apparently not if she wants her daughter back on the show so she can dance with Link."

At the mention of his name Link came over to his friends

"What's going on?" he asked

"Apparently Mrs. Von Tussle wants Amber back on the show so she can dance with you again."

Link grew red in the face "Does Amber know yet?"

Doubtful but I can fill her in tomorrow at school." Tracy said

"Mrs. Vontussle has no right to do this at all ." Seaweed said

"She sure doesn't. I think she has a hard time accepting the show is integrated." Penny said.

"That's not the only thing she has trouble accepting." Link said kissing Tracy on the cheek.

The next morning during study hall Tracy pulled Amber aside to fill her in the drama that was unfolding at the studio.

Tracy could tell that Amber looked a little agitated from being pulled away from studying for her biology test that was coming up in two days.

"Amber, do you have any interest in coming back on the Corny Collins show?"

"No. I really need to focus on being more serious about applying to colleges. I've been taking some dance classes at a local dance academy. So I can get into a conservatory."

Amber noticed right away that Tracy looked very uncomfortable

"Is my mother up to no good again?"

"You could say that."

Amber rolled her eyes.

"What's going on now?"

Tracy sighed with relief. She felt Amber would probably be very upset with her mother.

"There's a rumor going around that your mom wants to get your back on the show so you can dance with Link again."

Amber's cheeks flared.

"What the fuck?"

Tracy grinned at the girl who had once been her nemesis "My thoughts exactly."

"Thanks Tracy .I really appreciate you telling me this. I will have a talk with my mother when I get home from school this afternoon."

"Happy to help."

Amber arrived home from school that day to find her mother watching One Life To Life on TV.

"Mother we need to talk.."

Can it wait till commercials dear it's really starting to get good."

Amber picked up the remote and pressed the mute button

"Mother Tracy told me you're trying to get me back on the show so I can dance with Link again."

"What does she know?"

"She said there's a rumor going around the studio."

"I was going to tell you about that."

"When Mother?


"What the fuck is your problem?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me!"

"I thought you would be delighted to be back on the show Amber."

"I have no interest in returning to the Corny Collins Show EVER."

"But why?"

"Quite honestly the way you rigged the votes at the Ms Teenage Hairspray pageant so I would win instead of Tracy ruined it for me. I actually admire Tracy for the way she integrated the show."

"Are you saying it ruined your reputation at school?"

"Pretty much,.Hardly anyone wants anything to do with me."

"Well don't you want to dance with Link again?"

"Mother, you are totally blind. Tracy and Link are a couple now. At most Link and I will be friends. We'll never date again."

"There's always hope."

"What do you have against Tracy anyway? She's a sweet girl."

"Oh, so you're sticking up for her now?"

"Yes, I am and I'm sorry you have such an issue with her. You need to get over yourself and accept that things are different on the Corny Collins show now."

"This conversation is over as far as I'm concerned." Velma unmated the TV.

Fine with me!" Amber said and she stormed up to her room to start her homework slamming the door once she got there. Tears of rage were freely down her cheecks.

She couldn't wait to get out of Baltimore. She wished with a deep passion that she could graduate early and just be done with this town for good.

The next day at lunch Penny came up to Amber in the hallway.

"Hey Amber do you want to come out for milkshakes with us after school today?"

Amber grinned at her neighbor "Sure thing. Don't Seaweed Link and Tracy have rehearsal though?"

Not until 6."

"Where should I meet you guys?"

"By the flagpole."

"Sounds good.

Amber grinned. Sure she might feel like a third wheel but at least Penny, Seaweed, Link and Teacy were making an effort to include her in their plans. Maybe a new friendship was forming.