Mother Daughter Conflict

World Of Opportunity Chapter 4

Sadly this story will end here. I am have had and continue to have a difficult time developing the plot. Thank you all for your feedback. I own no Hairspray characters

Tracy was so excited her mother was starting her own business and was even happier that she had brought her and her friends on board to help her promote her clothing. She did have the occasionally worry that working with Velma Von Tussle would not work very well knowing how controlling she was.

One Saturday afternoon Tracy and Amber we helping with poster designs for the clothing line to submit to local newspaers. Tracy noticed her friend looked a bit dirstracted.

"Are you okay Amber?"

Amber shook her head.

"What' s wrong?"

Amber looked like she was about to cry.

"I'm just so frustrated with my mom! She doesn't seem to understand how important dance is to me."

"Have you tried talking to her?"

"Yes, my choice of career path doesn't seem to satisfy her. She would rather see me study TV production so I can get a job at the studio after I graduate."

"That may not be so bad, Corny could be a really good mentor."

"I don't want to stay in Baltimore though. My mom doesn't seem to get the fact that I want to start over some place fresh."

"You won't even come back to visit?""

"Only during the holidays. I'm planning on moving to New York or Boston… it will depend on where I get into conservatory."

"It could be really expensive to live on your own though.

"I'm sure I can rent a studio apartment with other college students."

"I thought freshmen usually lived on campus."

"Well I'm gonna do some research once I get accepted and see if there's any way I can get off campus housing.. I'll work two jobs to pay the rent."

Tracy really admired Amber for how she'd turned her life around after her embarrising showing at the Miss Teenage Hairspray pagent the year before.

"When are your auditions for the conservatories?"

"The one in Boston is January 20th and the one in New York in January 27th."

"Are you nervous about them"

"Only slightly."

"I think you should try to talk to your mom again. Try to get her to see things your way."

"She won't listen to reason."

Tracy hugged her friends tightly. "Don't worry Amber. Everything will be okay."

That night after dinner Amber decided to approach her mother.

"Mother, I think we need to talk."

"About what darling."


Her mother looked up from her newspaper. "I thought we already came to the determination that you were going to stay around here and study TV production. Corny has already offered you a wonderful internship."

Amber sighed "No, Mother. That's what you want me to do. Not what I want to do!"

"Oh and I suppose you want to dance for a living? You won't make much money with that. I want you to be able to have a stable living situation Amber."

Amber blew her bangs out of her eyes in utter frustration. " Baltimore is a great place to grow up mother but it's time for me to spread my wings. I have auditions lined up for after Christmas at conservatories in Boston and New York."

"You really want to make a living out of dancing?"

""It's possible mother. I can either double major in education or business. I want to either teach kids ballet or open my own studio."

"I still think you should stay here and study TV production. You can commute to school and as I told you Corny has offered you a wonderful internship."

Amber was starting to get angry.

"Mother. You're not even listening to me! I don't want to go to school in Balltimore!"

"Amber Jane Von Tussle why are you so stubborn?"

Amber started to leave the room in rage. She spun around on her heels and hissed

"You're the stubborn one Mother."

Once she got to her bed room she slammed her door behind her , threw herself on the bed and started to cry.

"I hate Baltimore! I can't wait to leave." She muttered to herself.