What would happen if Star Wars met Harry Potter? It takes place in the Star Wars galaxy, but the characters meet up. Please review! Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or Harry Potter! Though I wish I did….

Chapter 1

"Harry, you do know that this is how my mother died, don't you?" Luna Lovegood asked Harry Potter one Saturday evening.

Ron, Hermione, Luna, and Neville were all at Harry's house on a Saturday morning. They had quickly gotten bored waiting for Ginny to come, and they decided to cross some spells to see what their results would be like.

"Relax, Luna, it's not like we're making up new spells, we're just combining them!" said Ron from his seat on the couch. Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron's stupidity, and walked over to Luna.

"I for one, agree with Luna. This is very dangerous, and we could get hurt. Not to mention damage some of Harry's things!" Hermione stood with Luna near the couch, and crossed her arms. Luna did the same. The boys, however, continued with their foolishness.

Meanwhile, a few galaxies and a couple hundred years in the past

"I think it actually might work, Anakin. But we may have to sacrifice a few of our troops." Obi-Wan said to his newly Knighted former apprentice. They were on the battle field on some uncharted planet in the outer rim.

"We must do whatever it takes. We've lost so many planets; we can't afford to lose this one too!" Anakin replied. Obi-Wan nodded, and went to inform Commander Cody of Anakin's plan. One false move, or one trick, and they could lose this planet.

Anakin walked over to where his battalion was waiting for him; they looked up to Anakin for inspiration that, in most cases, were suicidal. Anakin loved his new position in the order, and the war. He was a General, and a Jedi Knight. Two things he always wanted to be. Everything was going great; little did he know that soon things would take a turn for the stranger.

Back on Earth

Ginny still hadn't arrived yet, so the boys were still messing around with the spells. Luna and Hermione were watching from a safe distance, not wanting to get hurt. They were in the room lead to the yard that Harry and Ron were in. All of the sudden, they heard them scream, and Luna raced into the yard, and yelled. Hermione ran after her.

There was a huge hole in front of all of them: black, and gaping. It was sucking everything not held down into it.

"RON!" Hermione grabbed his had just as Ron's grip on a tree slackened. He yelled from the pain of Hermione's death grip on him, and he let go.

"NO, RON!" then, before they knew it, Luna, Harry, and Hermione were all sucked into the abyss.

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