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Chapter Two: Secrets

He settled into the couch around 20 minutes later, with a beer in his hand and the phone in the other. It's only 8:30am in the morning. He doubted that Marty was still asleep, but it didn't matter any more. He was started to feel nostalgia and wanted to escape it. All he could think of now was the 'what if's with Charlotte.

Marty picked up the phone after first five rings, which didn't surprise Blunt.

"Al?" Marty sounded confused.

"Yeah, it's me. What are you doing?"

Marty Liams came over to his house about an hour after. With the goal of getting over his hangover, he drank orange juice, sending occasional subtle glances at Blunt's bottle of beer. The medicine that he was offered hadn't kicked in yet, making Marty differ between rambled conversations and bitter quiet. After 20 minutes of just talking, Blunt finally stood up and went into the kitchen to grab Mr. Sebastian's business card. As the silence continued, Blunt took a swing of his beer.

He was just waiting. Waiting calmly because he knew how Marty was going to react. In fact, with all the seriousness that clung to him since he left Mr. Sebastian-Dude's office, he almost craved the raw laugh that Marty exploded into. Marty couldn't quite handle the humour of the situation and the headache he had- alternating between laughing, groaning and twitching movements to 'protect' his head.

"Yes, I get it..." Blunt said, eventually smiling. "I was just thinking..."

"You? Stuck in a bank... Daily?"

Blunt had originally decided that he wanted to be a teacher. Being in a classroom, having complete power over children who might save the world one day- might be the President he could vote for in an Election. Finally, somebody could appreciate him for the knowledge he learnt (rather forcefully, at first) from college. He understood there'd be drama and it could be boring, but Blunt couldn't imagine himself as boring... That'd be like when hell freezes over. He knew children would love to have him as a teacher, when they get used to him- because he'd never make a class boring. That'd be a goal of his. He spent nights thinking about how to make not-so-motivational lessons, become very inspirational. Sometimes, when he couldn't sleep or he was almost drowning on thoughts about her, he got off his back and started writing ideas.

Being a police officer: helping and physical interaction? Blunt lives for those moments. He quit that job, in hopes of maybe being a teacher... And now, he's considering a career of... None of that.

Perhaps, he was almost in despair, the job would pay good enough.

It took a bit of 'Marty-Intelligence' for both the males to agree on Blunt actually taking the job. "Who cares if you don't like the guy, Al?" Marty had said. "It probably will have good money... I'm willing to bet on that. And, maybe you could sneak calls to me- Oh, brah, pranks! Maybe you'd be the first pulling pranks at a bank whilst working there..."

When Alan Blunt went to the bank the next morning, he had a feeling his life would change- so he kept Marty's words in his head to keep him down on Earth. It felt like he somehow managed to move from Earth's grounds to Pluto's surface when he walked into Sebastian's office. Cold atmosphere- maybe because his life was going to change to more secrets and seriousness- or maybe because Blunt felt intense dislike when Sebastian merely smiled. He knew. He knew Blunt was going to take the job- maybe he was just being smug because regardless of what he thought; Blunt was back in his office.

Together, they walked down the hall and into a separate office where Sebastian shut the door and closed the window. "You… Are you a hundred and ten per cent sure you want to agree... to this?"

Blunt rubbed his eyebrows whilst the older male sat down in a chair. He replied, almost as easily, "What am I agreeing to?"

"You do know this building is with the government, yes?" Blunt just nodded. "Do you remember when you walked around the other side and Mrs. Jones brought you back here?" Again, Blunt just nodded, feeling sheepish at just doing so. "She had to bring you here to talk to me because I run this building. The other side, where Mr. Basket works-"

There was a pause where Blunt interrupted, "Mr. Basket?"

Sebastian put his hands flat on the desk, remaining content. "Ah, you might know him as Simon? He's the receptionist." Blunt didn't say anything, but the comprehension came onto his face, clear enough for Sebastian continued. "Mr. Basket works at the side of this building where the bank is run. That's where your safe bank account is. This side of the building is about Government Affairs, surely you knew that?"

Sebastian was a smart man; he had to be a smart man to deal in the business he works in. He evaluates everything and has different personalities to protect himself in MI6. Of course, he was only slightly playing with Blunt. If he didn't think the adult could handle this job, he would've seen the circumstances as amusing. It was pretty clear that Alan Blunt would not have known there was two sides of the building that MI6 was involved- that Government Affairs was involved. If so, then there was a clear security breach that needed to be fixed immediately. Sebastian knew it was possible that this man could have been involved in a previous mission, could have breached intelligence and know all of this- which was why Sebastian scanned the man in front of him, very carefully. Blunt wasn't hiding his emotions- and why would he?

With the obvious 'no' from Blunt, Sebastian said, "well, if you get a job here you're going to be working in a very quick-moving and subtle environment."

"How?" Blunt quickly added- thinking Sebastian was going to keep talking and lose him along the way. "But what job are you offering me? You're still not telling me."

Sebastian rubbed his nose and then leaned back with his back on the chair. He spent most of last night not sleeping, having to make sure- with paperwork- that he was doing the right thing. He checked on everything; about Alan Blunt. So, he was very tired. Maybe it was the old age or maybe it was all the years of espionage catching up with him, but he just wanted to crawl into a ball and drink decaffeinated coffee. He felt as though it was against all protocol of this business, but Sebastian was kind of a religious person. He was almost praying that he could show some emotion in front of Blunt, but the paranoia in his mind, didn't allow the break.

In the moment of desire, Sebastian crossed his arms (a defensive tactic he understood, but doubted Blunt would care about) and stuck to facts, to get him through a situation he wanted to leave. Stating, "That is official business. We are dealing with the problems around the world, such as security. If you do join, you will label yourself an overseas manager because our work is censored and important. Nobody- nobody- is allowed to know about our agency. It's a dark job and it's not for the weak… So, you'd have to join the SAS first before you're able to do your job. I'm hoping you know what the SAS is?"

"My job, my job-," Blunt interrupted again. "If it's not the overseas manager, what the hell is it? You're making this sound really..."

Sebastian ignored the questions, Blunt will understand soon enough; it's clear. He'll need time to process it, though. Sebastian hoped he didn't make a mistake. Even accurate things, can still kill a person. "You will need to sign the Official Secret's Act. Do you know what that is?"

There was silence in the room. Unsure of how he knew, based from memory, Alan Blunt nodded, his mouth opened a little in astonishment. He still didn't understand anything he was being told. How can he comprehend from acknowledging this was bank to its some secret agency job place in little less than 20 minutes? Wait, he corrected himself, half of this building. He sort of understood. These were in those movies, weren't they? He remembered spy movies- bits and pieces from what Sebastian said, kind of interfered with those...

Blunt couldn't help the idea coming into his head; that he's been given an offer to be a spy. But who in the love of all that is good, decided to hire him? Isn't spies mean't be subtle, quiet, quick and smart? They all know their job and good at… sneaking. But, Blunt isn't that! Not to some spy level. Need help figuring out your neighbour, or deciding what Marty mean't when he rambled with a mouth of macaroni cheese? Blunt's your man. Trying to diffuse interrogation and eliminate the threat of bombs? Blunt is the man who'll willingly disappear to the other side of the world simultaneously and try to drag you with him.

Besides, that only happens into those movies.

This isn't possible, Blunt finally concluded. He just felt like it was all a prank. Why would MI6 be in the same building as an actual back account, any way?

"If you sign the Official Secret Acts," Sebastian said slowly, the stare he kept onto Blunt's eye contact was suddenly intense. The cards were laid on the table clear, now, and Sebastian knew he needed to be the dealer in control. "Then you can't break it. We're the government; you're smart enough to know there are consequences for that. And their really harsh- and I wouldn't want that to happen to you. But I'm sorry to say, with the OSA, you don't have much of a choice- you're going to need to sign it... Whether you join us... Or not."

They looked at each other for a moment and then Blunt said, "So… I'll be like…" He struggled to find a word, and finally blurted, "a spy?"

Sebastian looked dead serious. People in this business are very determined- they are strong and can be plain-spoken. Throughout it all, he's never heard one of them dully say 'spy'... He allowed himself a moment to laugh. "Yeah, that's about right."

Blunt chuckled nervously, wandering if the manager was a little bit... crazy. The man stood up and subsequently Blunt followed suit, without question. With the constant talk of the OSA, he figured that's where he was going. Instead, Blunt stopped short when Sebastian turned around- suddenly intimidatingly close. "There are a lot of safety hazards in this job. In extreme cases, there's death as occupational hazard." Blunt's face went blank. He suddenly just had every muscle in his body scream, 'bolt!' but then Sebastian said, "However, if you agree to join, you'll go to the SAS for a few months, okay? Like I had mentioned... And then for a year you'll be having desk work. If your ready or we need you then you'll become... a spy."

Sebastian gave Blunt a look that mean't 'do you understand?' and Blunt just nodded... Almost numbly. He wasn't so sure that he should join now: What type of job has an occupational hazard as death... in a building... with a bank? A bank?!

But he agreed. He could do that: he could sign the Official Secret Acts...

They walked into another office without anyone. Blunt wasn't a claustrophobic person, but with the stuffy atmosphere, the pressure of the sudden secrets and rows and rows of paperwork with a stranger he wasn't sure he hated any more, he was starting to feel dizzy and trapped. In there and Sebastian pulled out a very thick folder. Blunt skimmed the pages before deciding that he knew what it was mainly about. Holding the secrets. He knew he could do that... He hoped he could do that with such a stress, so, he grabbed the papers and read them. Even if he was worried about if he could cope with it- Sebastian said the truth himself; he didn't have a choice. What could they honestly do to help him any way? It needs to be signed, and now is the time.

Sebastian stayed in the room with him, for that amount of time which was about an hour. He was stony and silence, just watching Blunt. Then, Blunt signed the papers.

He looked up at Sebastian who gave him a big smile. "Thank you," Sebastian said and grabbed back the papers, placing them in one of the folders in one of the drawers in one of the...

There was a moment's silence and then Blunt said, "You have to tell me everything now."

"Why do you say that?" Sebastian said easily, as if Blunt didn't just ask him something that solemn.

"I signed the Act; you can trust me. I agreed to do the job so-"

"You're right," Sebastian said and crossed his arms, leaning on one of the walls. Blunt gazed at him for a moment and then looked around the room, again. The door was shut. It was a pretty long but small room, though it looked organised, the walls looked different...

"What's with this room?" Blunt asked. "It's-" and then suddenly he pieced it all together. "Oh, it's sound proof isn't it?"

Sebastian nodded. Blunt wanted to ask if all the rooms and offices in the building was sound proof but he doubted Sebastian would give him a straight answer. Then, abruptly Sebastian said, "Have you heard of MI6?"

Blunt shook his head. "I know of M15, though."

Sebastian nodded, "that's fine… but it's MI5."

Blunt nodded in apology, eyes shifting again.

"Well… MI6 is kind of similar to MI5, we try to protect the world. We are what you could call spies. But here we call them agents. We counter terrorism. This is what you would call espionage," Sebastian paused, waiting for Blunt's reaction. Blunt didn't say anything.

"If you join… you will be involved with this. You'll be saving the world, and yes… sometimes missions can incorporate assassins but that's for the higher up agents, really. There are a lot of side effects from this job… It involves all aspects, mentally, physically… socially. It's a big deal. It will change your life." Sebastian paused again. "Do you have any questions? Are you al-right so far?"

Blunt just nodded. Sebastian smiled and stopped leaning on the wall. "Well, that's pretty much it. You can think about it tonight, but… You're not allowed to talk to anyone about it since, you know, that'd disregards the whole point of the Official Secrets Act."

Blunt nodded again and Sebastian swallowed, worried he had just terrified this man in front of him. "Belle- the receptionist on our side, will ring you tomorrow morning and you'll more likely be called to come here so we can discuss this further."

"Thanks," Blunt said.

Sebastian nodded once and then he opened the door. "Have a nice day, sir."

"You too," Blunt said as he began walking towards the elevator.

Once Blunt got home he found Marty asleep on his couch, curled up, facing the wall of the couch. The blanket looked like it had been thrown haphazardly onto the floor. From the doorway, Blunt crossed his arms, and noted that even though the man was asleep, his eyebrows were furrowed. To Blunt, it wasn't a concern because he was aware that Marty was still getting through some hangover. Unless, it actually was a nightmare- but Blunt had dealt with that before. It's more violent and simple to handle than Marty on an actual hangover.

He would've sighed if he didn't feel so disconnected and thoughtful.

Blunt let Marty sleep on his couch as he, himself, felt immensely tired as well. He wanted to just crash somewhere and fall into a deep sleep for a few weeks. Without a care in the world; about Charlotte, what Marty mean't yesterday morning, jobs… being unemployed, an eyelash threatening to fall onto his eye. But he knew that if he tried it'd be...

A sad attempt.

The unfortunate part… He couldn't even talk to Marty about it.

Oh God, Blunt thought. I'm going to fucking blow…

He walked into the kitchen and pondered about drinking some alcohol. Then he disregarded the thought- he didn't feel like it anyway. He opened the fridge, gazed inside and then suddenly, it was decided; he'll drink a whole glass of water, and then he will crash on the opposite couch. Fuck his problems for two hours. He'll even set some alarm on his phone. He wondered about both his and Marty's reaction to being woken up by some alarm. Marty's most definitely still be pretty bad with a headache, so that wouldn't end well.

Three hours, then.

And so, it was done. Blunt drank his water, hastily collapsed onto the free couch. He stared at the ceiling, realising it could be a while before he actually slips into blackness. He didn't even know what to think- what the heck was someone meant to think when they're offered and told about the world of spies?

People all have different opinions about those things. Some don't believe it exists, some prefer not to think about it so that they spare themselves a headache. Some could possibly believe it's real, some might believe something's out there… something's holding everything together along with the government. And then, obviously there's those select few people around the world who are the spies. And assassins.

And he thought about how it felt. It felt as though Disney has came to life with consequences. Not even his confused could think of what was happening- what could be happening around the world now. Was there other people he's passed across the street know the same secrets as him?

It's surreal.

He didn't know what to think or feel. So, Blunt took a deep breath and then let his head loll on the side so that it lay near his shoulder. For a few strained moments, Blunt stayed awake, determined to just keep his eyes shut. He didn't think of anything because he was too tired. And then… soon, he fell asleep.

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