well im not good with summarys!

"Adela, what are you doing?" a little 5 year old girl looks up giving her attention to her

"Nothing playing with my dolls" Adela said. Adela has dirty blond hair and green eyes

"Ok honeys, Kendall please come here" a 7 year old boy walks into the living room

"What mom? I was getting ready to go play hockey with the guys" Kendall said. He has dirty blond hair and green eyes just like Adela.

"Ok but you're going to have to take Adela with you"

"but mom"

"No buts I need you to take care of her I need to work an extra hour"

"Fine. Adela your coming with me"

"Thank you honey. Ok here is $20 for you to get something to eat and I'll see you tonight" the mom kisses Kendall head. " Adela pay attention to your brother" Adela gets up and walks over to her mom giving her a hug. "be good, be safe" she grabs her coat and her car keys " love you bye" she walks out the door.

Kendall p.o.v

" ok Adela lets get you out of your pjs" I grab her small hand and walk to her room. i pick up Adela and place her on the bed. I walk over to her drawer and take out a black shirt that says "I love my family" in white letters and on the back it says " Knight". I open another drawer and take out dark purple leggings. " ok go change when your done ill do your hair"

"ok" she says getting off the bed walks over and takes the cloths from me an goes to the bathroom. I went to my room to get my shoes and grabed my big bag to put my skates and Adelas and I graped extra cloths just in case. " kenfall im done. Can I wear my colofull socks?"

"sure" I walk into her room again grabing extra cloths for her too. I take out her favorite socks. " ok give me your left leg" I put her sock on and I put her black boots on. I placed her socks and shoe on to on the right " ok done lets go" I said walking out of her room. I walk to the closet and take out our jackets,gloves,and scarfs.

"kenfall you forgot to do my hair "

"ok do you want it up, down, to the side, upside down?" I ask . adela giggled

" I don't want my hair upside down"

"ok go get me two clips" she runs back to her room. few seconds later she runs down to me with the two clips in her hand. "ok come here" I bent down on one knee so I was at her height. I graped one piece of her curly hair and clipped it on top and I grabed the other clip and I did it to the other side. " what do we do with your bangs"

"leave them" I got back up and placed her hat gloves and scarf on.

" your hair is going to get a mess again anyway" I grabed my keys

" wait can I bring my dolls?"

"only two. I have a little bit of room in my bag" Adela runs to the living room. few seconds later she hands me her dolls I place them in my bag. "now we are ready. Do you need to use the bath room or something" she shoke her head.

"no, im good" I grabed her hand and walk out of the house.

5 minutes later

We finally made it to the place. I saw carlos already here.

"ken..kkken Im so cccold" I look down at adela her noes was red and her check were alittle bit red too. I gave her a hug. Dropping the bag and hokey stick.

"better" she nods. I grab the stuff again. I grabed her hand and walked over to carlos

"hey carlos. Sorry im late I had to bring adela moms at work."

"hey. Its ok your early logan and james are not here yet." Carlos said finishing tieign his skate "hey adelita"

"hi" I took adelas jacket off

"can keep on the gloves my hand are cold" I nodded a yes

" ok sit on the bench" she sits next to carlos. I took her boots off and put her skates on.

"hey guys" I looked up to see logan. I finished tying the skates "hi adela"

"hey logan" I got back up " ok Adela take your hat off" she takes her hat off. Her hair was sticking up. I got down on one knee again and fixed her hair "ok carlos an you play with her for a few seconds I need to put my skate and gear on"

" yeah sure but miss adelita forgot something and didn't give me a hug after" carlso said getting off the bench and was standing right next to me

" im sorry Tio Carlos se me olvido" (1) adela said giving carlos a hug.

"its ok come on" carlso picked her up and walked over to the ice and placed her down. And started to play.

" you know since adela was little carlos been telling her to call him tio carlos" logan said

" sorry im late" james said walking over to us " wheres carlos"

"playing with adela" I said pointing at them " I had to bring adela today"

" I wanna go play with her shes fun" james put his skates on fast and goes on the ice "Adela"

" uncle J uncle J kenfall did my hair today " for real he did a good job"

"why does she call them uncle oh well Adela call me uncle logie for now on" logan yells out skating over to adela

1 hour later

we played 30 minutes with Adela and then we played 30 minutes of hockey when adela wanted to eat

"kenfall im hungry" adela said i look at my watch 1:05

"ok what do you want to eat?"

"um i want...MCDONALDS!"

"ok you dont have to yell"

"sorry" she giggled

" its guys lets go eat mcdonalds"

" yeah" they all said. we put our shoes vack on and our jackes on too. we walked out and started walking to mcdonalds

2 hours later

we ate the food aand started playing with adela in the kids area. i look at my watch again" 3:09". i look up to see james walking over with a sleeping Adela in his arms.

"why are you smiling?" james asked stoping in front of me.

"you look like a dad"

"ok im going ot take that as a compliment. can i stay over at your house?"

"yeah sure" i reached up to take Adela from james arms but he stoped me.

"i wanna carry her. shes light as a feather" i nodded. i grabed my my stuff and walked back home.

5 minutes later

"ok james im going to take her to her room" i said taking Adela from his arms. i walked to her room. i placed her down on her bed. i took her boots off.

" i had a fun day kenfall" adela whisperd

"yeah me too"

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(1) adela is saying to carlos " sorry uncel carlos i forgot"