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She watched him out of the corner of her eye. She could tell that he was on edge about something.

Waking up at five in the morning hadn't been exactly pleasant for them both, but she knew if she was going to escape with Sam without being caught it had to be done early. He had offered to drive, despite not knowing how to get to the cabin. She let him drive anyway and decided that being the navigator would be fun.

She couldn't have been more wrong.

She would try to talk to him only to have him shush her. She would run her fingers over his thigh only to have him throw her hand across the center console and into her own lap. Something was wrong with Sam, and she just didn't know what. He began to hum along to some song playing on the radio. His voice was sweet, full of emotion.

She had remembered it being one of the very things that attracted her to him. She heard his little band play in a bar and it was as though she found her musical soul mate. The words that fell from his singing lips were words that made her feel rushes of joy.

"I miss hearing you sing," she whispered while chancing a glance in his direction. He made a weird grunting noise but attempted to say nothing else. "Why did you stop? I remember that song you wrote me last year. It was so sweet," she added with a chuckle. That was the trick; Sam tilted his head back and laughed. It wasn't a fake laugh like he had been using lately, but a true, genuine Sam Evans laugh.

"Oh yeah," he said in between chuckles, "That was bound to be a number one hit, a song that talked about plungers and a sex life all in the same chorus." Rachel huffed. "It isn't your fault that your horrible toilet skills were inspiration for the song. I still can't believe you flooded your apartment." She felt her face redden with embarrassment but enjoyed Sam's livelier mood.

"Whatever," she pouted before punching his shoulder lightly. "Okay, you're going to take the next exit," she added upon realizing they were further along than she had originally thought.

"Gotcha, Captain." She giggled at his playfulness before changing the radio station. "No, Rachel, not the Wicked station again!"

He had started the morning off all wrong. He awoke to Rachel Berry's signature ranting and raving to a coffee pot of all things. It had died apparently, leaving Rachel to a morning without her cup of coffee. Sam had made the mistake years back of being around Rachel when she missed her coffee-and it was bad. He vowed to never again be around the beast before it had been given its daily dose of medicine.

He told her he would simply run to the front desk and ask for some assistance. That earned him an especially loud yelling in what sounded to be a foreign language. He didn't know. He didn't want to know. He just nodded along while she yelled.

After that he just decided ignorance and being tight lipped was bliss. He refused to say anything to her other than to offer to drive. He didn't want his lady to endure the strains of driving for hours after all!

She had attempted on various occasions to make small talk, but he wasn't going to budge. He was a man on a mission: a mission to ignore Rachel and in the process keep himself from being yelled at.

Then she had to go and look all hurt and upset that he was ignoring her advances. He decided to bite the bullet and talk anyway after she brought up the plunger/I love you, Rachel song.

It was two hours into the drive though and he knew he was about to get yelled at. "Rach, if you need to use the bathroom then just let me pull over somewhere." He gripped the steering wheel and braced himself to the wrath of Rachel.

"Sam," Rachel gasped, "you know we can't do that. Someone might see!" He growled before reaching behind him into the backseat. He listened to Rachel shout about how dangerous his actions were, and how she would sue him if he were to wreck and cause damage to her vocal cords.

"Here then," he shouted once he found what he was looking for. "Pee in this," he grinned while handing her a cup he had left in the back.

"I don't have a thing," she shrieked. "I can't just pee in a cup." He bit his lip to keep from laughing but it was to no avail.

"A thing? Is what it's called these days? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I've heard you refer to mine as-"

"Never mind," Rachel shouted, interrupting him-and only causing him to laugh harder. "Let's stop at a gas station!"

He grunted while grabbing her bags and briefly wondered what she could have possibly brought that weight that much. He decided not to question her about it because she was Rachel Berry after all-and that girl never packed lightly. He looked at his own small duffel bag and snorted before following Rachel into the cabin.

She had been right. He wasn't entirely sure where they were, but it was beautiful. The cabin was surrounded by miles and miles of lake. It was almost as though they were stranded alone together on an island. "This will be our home for the next two days," Rachel informed before pushing the door open. "We'll need to go buy groceries, but other than that I'm certain everything is in good condition."

"Rach, I'm dying here," he grunted before dropping all of the bags onto the floor. Where are you staying?" He questioned. Rachel began to walk away, presumably towards her bedroom. He quickly picked up her bags again and trailed after her.

"This is the master bedroom, where I will be staying." He nodded and dropped her bags onto the bed. It was big. His own apartment was probably the size of the room. He made his way over to the bathroom and gasped. There was a shower and a Jacuzzi!

"I'm totally gonna take a bath in that-I don't care how girly it is," he explained while looking at the large tub in awe.

"If you join me, maybe," Rachel whispered from behind him. He turned around and strutted over to her before wrapping her up in a hug. It was warm and comfortable, but more than that it still sent shockwaves through him. It made him feel alive.

"You can count on that," he whispered into her ear before bending down slightly to press a chaste kiss to her lips. "Where is my room then?" He joked before seeing the frown paint its way onto Rachel's face.

"I assumed you would want to stay with me, but I suppose you can take one of the other rooms," she trailed off.

"Relax, Rach, of course I want to stay with you," he scooped her up into his arms before carrying her back down the hall bridal style. He ignored the panging in his heart he felt upon realizing he probably would never get to carry Rachel that way after being married.

"Sam," she squealed, bringing him out of his thoughts, "put me down this instance!" He chuckled but continued walking before they reached the outside.

"I want to go for a walk," he said while pointing to the dock. Rachel smiled softly while being placed back down on solid ground. She nodded before gently intertwining their fingers together. He swung their arms back and forth to an imaginary beat. "It's very pretty here, Rachel," he whispered once they had set foot on the dock. The water beneath them, although a murky lake water color, still was beautiful amidst the setting.

"I know. I wanted to share this with you," she whispered, voice hoarse and full of emotion. He felt his chest constricting, almost as though there were no air around. "Jesse gets to have so many things. I'll never be able to say that you were my first boyfriend or husband, even. This place means so much to me though, and I wanted you to be the person that got to share this moment with me." He felt himself crumbling. Everything was spinning and the water looked like a better alternative than walking on the dock with Rachel.

"Rachel, this is like college algebra hard for me, okay?" Rachel bit her lip and waited for him to continue. He felt her trying to slip her hand out of his grasp. He quickly prevented that from happening. "I just want you to know that if someone told me I had to pick between my first edition Spiderman comic book and loving you-I would always pick you." She pulled his arm around her so that it rested on her shoulder.

"Sam Evans, you were always a charmer." He felt a smile tug at his lips. "Being alone like this-it's incredible, isn't it?" Sam pulled her into his body and placed a quick kiss to the top of her head.

"It's everything," he whispered.

The rest of the day had been spent with Rachel out grocery shopping. He had offered, of course, to go with her, but the look she had given him had told him all he needed to know. "No Sam, you can't go-someone might see," seemed to be the most accurate wording. He then offered to go in her place which earned him the "you can't even shop for your own apartment" look.

Instead he stayed at the Berry's lodge and looked around. He decided it wasn't snooping if the child of the owner's place was his pseudo girlfriend. He found pictures of Rachel with her dads. He had hung out with them plenty of times. They always claimed to love him.

He wondered what they would think if they knew he was the reason Rachel was having an affair on her husband. He pushed the thoughts aside and looked at pictures of Rachel from her childhood. They rested on the mantle of the fireplace like a trophy of sorts. He couldn't blame the Berry men though. If Rachel were truly his then he would have pictures of her all over his apartment.

The angry beating at the door let him know that Rachel had arrived. He jumped out of the recliner and rushed over to the front door to grab the bags in her arms. She looked completely pissed off. He wondered why. She did nothing but leave the rest of the bags in the car and run back to her bedroom. He wanted to go after her, but something told him it was a bad idea. Instead he carried his bags over to the kitchen and then went after the ones left in the car.

It was then that he saw it. It was one of those trashy tabloid magazines that he and Santana would always look at while in the check-out lane at a grocery store or gas station. He had never seen one that had a picture of Rachel and Jesse on the cover though. His eyes scanned the headline: Trouble in Paradise?

Broadway power duo Rachel and Jesse St. James (pictured above) have always seemed to have the perfect relationship; however, insiders say that this isn't true. St. James, rumored to be sleeping with the leading lady of his current workshop has been spotted in different bars "completely wasted" and "hitting on anything that moves" as told to us by a close friend.

Don't feel bad for his wife just yet, readers! Miss Rachel Berry, known for her roles in Wicked, Les Mis, and now Hair, is rumored to be having a little fun of her own. Insiders say that she has been cozying up with her high school sweetheart.

Sam put the paper down in a rage. Had Jesse been cheating on Rachel? He knew that the majority of the time papers like those had nothing to base their claims on, but even Sam had noticed Jesse making himself scarce when it came to being around Rachel.

And had Rachel been cheating on Jesse with another guy, too? He didn't know who Rachel's high school sweetheart was, but he was bound and determined to find out.

He left the magazine back in the spot he found it and made his way inside. Ten minutes were spent putting groceries away before he trudged his way to the bedroom. "Rachel," he cooed after knocking on the door. When no sound was made he pushed the door open and found her face down on the bed. "You alright?"

"Yesh," she mumbled into the pillow. He laughed before making his way over to her. He crawled on the bed before straddling her back and pressing softly into her shoulders. He kneaded the tender flesh before running his hands lightly over her back.

"Talk to me," he whispered into her ear, all the while continuing his ministrations on her tense muscles. "I'm your boo," he sing-songed.

"That was God-awful, Sam," she laughed out while rolling over. He pulled away so that he was lying on his side. "Please refrain from yourself a boo." He chuckled, happy to have finally gotten a smile out of her.

"I will if you tell me what's wrong." Her demeanor changed instantly.

"I was at the store. You know how I feel about tabloids, but I grabbed a gossip magazine. I was on the cover, Sam. The world knows I'm an adulteress!" He pulled her into his chest and let her cry into the crook of his neck.

"No one ever believes those things, Rachel," he replied. "Who are you cheating with, did it say?" Rachel nodded.

"With the guy I dated in high school," she screeched. "It's absurd. I haven't talked to Finn since we graduated! I don't even know where he lives." He felt himself grow more at ease knowing that there wasn't another guy who had a part of Rachel.

"Well, see, they're probably just making stuff up," he explained before taking a chance and running his hands down her back, leaving it to rest on the curve of her butt. She snorted but made no other comment on his actions.

"They also think Jesse is cheating on me," she whispered. He pulled his hand away and instead pulled her face up to look him in the eyes. She hadn't been crying, he guessed that was a plus.

"Do you?" She bit her lip.

"I honestly don't know. I'd never given it any thought because all of my thoughts were consumed by you. He doesn't do anything to make me think otherwise, but the article was right about me." She sighed.

"Are you going to ask him about it?" Rachel shook her head, officially ending the conversation. "Alright, well, I'm going to leave you alone for a bit. Let you relax, alright?" Rachel nodded, upset that he was choosing to leave.

"These papers have come out and they like says they've both been cheating on each other. Do you think it's true?" He waited a few seconds for a reply but was met with silence. "Santana?" He prompted.

"Of course I think it's true. She's been giving it up to you all this time, hasn't she? She's cheating, yes, Sam," Santana snapped. He sighed. "As for Jesse, I don't know. I don't know the dude." Sam voiced his agreements.

"Any guy that could cheat on Rachel is an idiot though. She's like the most amazing girl in the world." Santana cleared her throat. "What?"

"The most amazing girl in the world that you promised to Santana Lopez you were leaving." He felt sick. He had only been alone with Rachel for a day and he had already forgotten about his plans to move on. He couldn't follow through, especially now that rumors of Jesse cheating were surfacing. "You have to go through with it now that these rumors are out." He looked around the room as though Santana had been there eavesdropping.

"What, why?" He questioned.

"Because if people think she is cheating then it means she is getting sloppy. Don't let them find out. Don't let them mess her name up like that, Sam. If you love her then you'll want her to be able to continue on Broadway and shit. If she gets a bad rep then no one is going to want to work with her." He sighed. Maybe Santana had a point.

He could leave Rachel and move on. Once he moved on the he could be happy with someone else. Rachel could return to Jesse and they could fix their marriage.

He owed it to Rachel to try-just for her happiness alone.

"I know. But you said I could have this weekend. I've got one day left with her. Let me have it, Santana," he pleaded before looking around again to make sure Rachel wasn't around. She sighed.

"I know. Have a good weekend, Sam," she whispered before hanging up.

He put the phone down on the counter and then rummaged through the groceries, set on cooking a meal for Rachel.

"What is this?" Rachel's groggy voice questioned as he set a tray in front of her.

"Well, I tried to make us something to eat, but I burned it. Vegan grilled cheese instead," he offered with a sheepish grin. "I guess I should have been studying cooking skills rather than comic books back in the day, huh?" Rachel pulled him in for a sloppy kiss, careful to not knock the tray over.

"You're wonderful, truly," she whispered before taking a bite of the sandwich. "This is by far the best grilled cheese I've ever had," Rachel exclaimed before taking another bite out of the sandwich. Sam smiled and continued to watch her eat.

It was the little things he was going to miss, he realized. He was going to miss teasing her about spilling her food everywhere. He was going to miss the chipmunk look her face took on while eating. He was going to miss holding her when scary parts of a movie came on. He was going to miss having someone that knew him completely and loved him unconditionally.

Twenty minutes later and a failed attempt of feeding each other found them both sitting in the tub he had been fantasizing about the duration of the day. He sighed in content when the brunette before him relaxed against his chest and inhaled deeply. He grabbed the sponge that Rachel had brought and put body wash on it before lathering it on the diva. "I'm going to miss this," she mumbled sleepily. His lazy strokes stopped.

"Me too," he whispered in an attempt at not crying. "I'm going to miss you," he mumbled into damp locks of hair.

"What?" Rachel whispered before turning her head to look at him. He forced himself to keep eye contact and to not look at the breasts he knew were in his line of sight. Rachel knew he was a pervert but it was time to keep hormones in check. "What did you say?"

"I said I'm going to miss it, too," he nervously stated, quick to fix his error. Rachel, in her sleepy state of mind, seemed to have bought his explanation. "Let's get you to bed, alright?" He whispered before pressing a wet kiss to the nape of her neck. He reached forward and began draining the tub before pulling Rachel up with him. He stepped outside and got a towel for the brunette before wrapping her in it and sending her on her way.

He then wrapped his own towel around his waist before making his way over to the mirror. He looked at his own reflection and sighed.

When he finally made his way out of the bathroom Rachel was already asleep. He knew he deserved boyfriend of the year for sleeping beside a naked Rachel Berry.

He awoke with a jolt.

And that was when he knew the hand of Rachel Berry was doing sinful things to him under the covers. "Rachel," he gasped, "what are you doing?" She smirked before pressing a kiss to the underside of his jaw.

"I was in a bad mood yesterday. We didn't do anything but cuddle, and while that isn't a problem I do intend on making love at least once on this trip." Sam shivered at the bluntness of the girl. "But now that you're awake," she whispered into his ear, "and able," she added with a firm pump of her hand, "I think we should get a move on.

He flipped them over effortlessly so that he was on top and looked down at the girl beneath him. It was probably going to be the last time he was ever going to be with Rachel intimately. The thought alone made him want to cry, but he soldiered on. Who was he to deny Rachel or himself a last session of lovemaking?

He placed gentle kisses to her eyelids and nose before finally settling on plump lips. She gasped giving him the invitation of allowing his tongue to find hers. It was a duet, really, the way their tongues moved together. He moaned and grunted when she pulled away slightly to gather a breath of air. "I love you, Rachel," he whispered before trailing kisses down her jaw and collarbone to the perky breasts he loved. He kneaded one breast while attacking the other with his mouth before he felt himself being pulled away by a hand gripping his hair. "I just need you," she whispered lustfully. He groaned before getting a firm grip on the girl's hips. He could give her himself-at least one last time. With a final kiss to swollen lips he eased himself inside the girl.

They had made love countless times. They had also had sex countless times, because yes, if you asked Sam Evans there was a difference. Still, every time they were together he couldn't help but feel as though it were the first. He could never get over the way she gripped him, as though they were made for each other completely.

He began to thrust slowly, enjoying the way Rachel would moan quietly and use her hands to grab his back, urging him on.

"I love you," she panted out in between his jerky movements. He dropped his head into the crook of her neck to keep himself from having to look into deep chocolate eyes. "I love you so much," she repeats while running her fingers through his blond hair.

He knew it wasn't going to take much more for him. He began to pay attention to the places she was most sensitive to speed along her own high. "I love you too," he grunts, and with a final thrust from they both reach the precipice and free fall into nothing but each other.

"Don't rock the boat," she shouted while clutching the sides of the boat in a deathlike grip. "I don't want to die." He grinned cheekily before sitting down.

"Don't you trust me?" He pouted. "I've never been in a row boat before, just canoes and stuff," he explained. "I'm doing all the work this way." Rachel grinned. "I don't think I like it," he added.

"Don't whine, Evans," Rachel snapped in return. Sam sighed before gripping the oars again and rowing them back to shore.

After his wake-up call Rachel had prepared a picnic meal for them. They had gotten a hold of an old rowboat and gone to another spot even further away from civilization than the cabin was. It had all been incredible and romantic even, but Sam knew it was just the unavoidable ending to an incredible weekend-an amazing love story that never got its happy ending.

"I got you a present," Rachel stated as the wind blew her hair into her face. Sam couldn't help but simply take in her beauty. Rachel Berry was the most radiant girl he knew. "At first I was going to get you something like a new guitar; we both know you need one." Sam nodded. "But then I thought, 'what would Sam Evans really want' and I had the answer." Sam continued rowing despite the burning in his arms. He had seen The Notebook enough to learn that rain came when you were in a boat-or something. He wasn't sure what that movie was about entirely. "Stop paddling," Rachel reprimanded.

"I think the term you're lookin' for is rowing, Rachel," he scolded in return. She huffed-he obliged.

"Here," she shouted before thrusting an envelope at him. He eyed it in confusion before opening the package.

"Rach, tell me you didn't," he exclaimed when peering inside. "You so did; you got me tickets to Comic-Con!" He knew that July was still a few weeks away, but he also knew that he wouldn't be with Rachel then. "Two tickets?" He arched an eyebrow.

"For you and Santana," she explained with a sigh. "Or you and whomever you wish to take." Sam nodded sadly before folding the envelope and handing it back to Rachel. "Just promise that you'll go. I know how much you want to."

"I promise," he croaked before continuing on their way to shore.

He let Rachel drive back. He wanted to see her road-rage one last time.

He sang along to every song on the radio so that she would hopefully memorize his voice. Sometimes she sang along with him. Those were the hardest to sing.

She pulled into their hotel parking lot after the long journey back and put the car in park before looking at Sam. He reached across the center console and ran his fingers over her lips before letting his own move against hers. It was bittersweet; the sweetest kiss he had ever had and the last kiss he was going to have from Rachel.

He was crying by the time he pulled away. Rachel opened her mouth to ask what was wrong. "I will always love you," he offered with a watery smile.

He was out of the car and running away in the dark night before Rachel had a chance to respond.