So I was trying to write an update for my story, and instead this happened. It's interesting…..


A few weeks after the titan war, and things were finally starting to settle down on Olympus. Five weeks ago to be exact, Percy Jackson saved the fate of the world from a psychotic titan who wanted to pretty much destroy mankind.

That would have been what we like to call "a problem."

Anyways, instead of becoming a god, Percy used the wish he was given by the gods to demand that they get off their lazy butts and pay more attention to their children.

Maybe not exactly in that text form, but the point remains the same.

So the gods were at their annual meeting, addressing the best ways to execute the son of Poseidon's wish, when a horrible idea popped up in Apollo's mind. He gasped with awe at his own idea – which he had somehow delusioned himself into thinking was good.

The next thing the Gods knew Apollo was standing on top of his own throne yelling,


And as if that wasn't enough…

"And all of us Olympians can come down to camp half-blood and sing with our kids! We could show them how cool we are…and like, Bond and stuff!" he continued to babble.

The entire rest of the counsel was looking at Apollo with shock, wondering how on earth someone could be so stupid. They were repulsed at the very thought of going through with Apollo's plan – except for Aphrodite, who was squealing with delight.

"Ooooo that would be so much fun! And all of our cute kids at camp can spontaneously burst into song, and confess their undying love for each other."

The love goddess earned some strange looks for that comment.

In fact, Zeus was considering putting the pair of gods into a mental hospital and Athena (who was always one step ahead) had already found the nearest one, and was in the process of getting the paperwork through.

"Umm, Guys?" Hermes said cautiously. "I can think of a lot of problems with that plan."

Both the son and Love god looked very confused. Aphrodite – not understanding why the gods weren't agreeing with Apollo's amazing idea – asked,

"What could possibly be bad about having a karoke night?"

Athena spoke up this time.

"Do you know what would happen if some of our kids, along with us, tried to sing?"


"It'd cause an avalanche."


Have a nice day! Now I can get back to writing my update in peace.