(A/N)-Okay, I should probably explain this one. There are MAJOR spoilers for 6.22 in here, because it takes place right after the episode ends. And if you don't like Castiel or don't like seeing him evil or as God or whatever, read at your own risk. And character death, there's plenty of that.

"Dean," Castiel stared at the hunter with an emotionless expression. "It's a shame, really, that you won't bow down to me."

His voice shaking, Dean replied, "Cas, please. All those souls…we can help you…"

"Too little, too late." Snap. Bobby Singer was gone.

Dean felt tears sting his eyes. "Not Sam, Cas. Please…"

"Too little, too late." Snap. Sam Winchester was gone.

On the inside, Dean screamed for Sam. But on the outside, Dean showed only anger. "I'll kill you…"

"Too little, too late." Castiel showed no mercy. One last time, he snapped his fingers, and Dean Winchester was gone.