1000 Blades

DISCLAIMER: If Akio belonged to me, I would understand him by now. Needless to say, I don't own Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Anthy Himemya woke in the night, haunted by the screams of frantic people, blaming her for their worries, for their terror.

She looked over to Utena, whose rosy lips had been parted by breath. She was so sweet, so caring... And so naive. She wished she could help her understand. But that was against the rules.

Pushing the turquiose sheets away from her, she stood up and slowly walked over to the window. Putting her hand against the glass, she looked down to the street.

100 feet below, a few students were walking, pushing each other playfully and laughing, grabbing the hands of their loved ones, completely obsorbed in their own worlds. They had no idea what life was like.

She let took off her night cap, and let her hair fall onto her shoulders. She thought of the pavement below, which seemed so inviting giving the circumstances. A few moments of discomfort, then she could go back to her peaceful oblivion.

But she knew it wouldn't end there. She had a burden, a curse, and it couldn't be forced away. It had to be unleashed. But the only person capable didn't know how.

She glanced back to her friend, sleeping soundly without the troubles of nightmares. At first she'd admired her. By now it had become pity, for being so pure and blind. Bordering anger and jealousy.

A break in the clouds hovered over the moon, and light filled the chamber they call Earth. As it shone off Anthy's hair, she raised her hands, resting them on her chest and began to whisper:

"Rose of the noble castle

Power of Dios that rests within me "

She paused as Utena turned over, sighing in her dreams.

"Heed your master and come forth."

The moonshine was overpowered by a blinding, blue burst, which moved through Anthy's body like molasses, replacing her Ohtori Academy night attire with a red duelist's gown and a simple golden crown. And to finnish it off, out of her bossom came a gleaming, decorative sword.

She drew it slowly, barely moving her arms until it's point came out, unstained and free of marks. A representation of her savior. But whether she would ever fulfill her duty was unknown.

Fingering the silver blade, Anthy touched the tip to her abdomen. She ordered the movement to happen, then thought about what she was doing. But her body obeyed and shoved the sword through her.

She pushed it until the handle was rubbing against the cloth of her dress. She fell to her knees waiting for the shock to come, or at least to hear a clink as metal hit the linolium flooring.

But as she expected, the sword didn't meet the ground, because it had already found its regular place in her body, and didn't appear out of her back.

As for the shock, it never came. All was undistinguishable against the scrutinizing pain of the other 999 swords which rested inside her.