Heey guys I'd just like to thank NellyNoob96 again for letting me adopt the story! x

Blane thudded to the floor in what seemed like slow-motion. His legs fell slightly apart and his chocolate brown eyes slipped shut, as his own blood pooled around his body and a dark red stain spread from the side of his stomach, up towards his chest.

The crowd packed into the halls of the high school didn't even gasp.

Everybody just stood there, dumbstruck at what had just happened.

There wasn't the slightest sound or movement apart from the steady, rasping breath from Blane.

Suddenly a brunette, Daisy, ran forward; dropping down beside him; one knee on the hard floor and one on his left leg; clutching at his dark hair and pressing her forehead against his. Her round face was white and her eyes red already.

"Blane? Blane." She whispered, her small voice shaking. He fluttered his eyes open again and looked up into the blue ones inches away from his face. His nose scrunched up in pain and Daisy carefully removed her leg from his, stroking his face all the while.

"'S'okay. 'S'gonna be okay." She muttered, reassuring herself more than him. Blane moaned in pain and his breath caught in his throat. The wound was paralyzing his entire body. Daisy inhaled deeply and pressed her nose against his. A single tear rolled down hers and across his, sliding onto Blane's face and mixing with his own tears.

Suddenly, Daisy bent down and carefully kissed him on the corner of his mouth. Blane slowly tilted his head until their lips fitted together, and Daisy smiled sadly against his face.

Daisy felt a soft, warm sensation spreading across her stomach and, breaking away, glanced down in horror at the sight of Blane's dark blood soaking into her striped shirt. She grimaced and, looking back up at Blane, shook her head in disbelief as her mouth fell open.

Blane's head had dropped back to the floor, his eyes had clamped shut again; and Daisy couldn't make out the rise and fall of his chest.

Someone's strong hands gripped her shoulders, just as Daisy cried out Blane's name, pulling her upwards and away from him. She thrashed about in the arms of the body behind her, sobbing violently. They dragged her backwards, as more and more people; classmates; crowded around Blane, few crouching down to peer sadly at his white face.