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Daisy POV

So after I practically ran out of the hospital making a complete fool of myself, I texted Rose to see if I could come over.


Hey Rose I was wondering
if I could come over for a
sleep over 2nite?

Dais xox

A couple of minutes later a got a reply.


Hey! Yeah sure u can Dais!
but y not at ur place?


Parentals hav gone for a
couple of weeks so
I'm home alone.


Ok then see u soon!

- Daisy and Rose at the Sleep Over -

So after a night of junk food, movies and mini mani's and pedi's we went to bed. I kept on thinking about what Blane had said to me. I think I love him but love is a big word, and I don't know if he actually loves me back as much as I think I love him. But he did kiss me so I think that he might love me back. I've been let down enough with my parents but I love Blane so I think I will give him a chance.

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