Another Me

Chapter 1

Me, myself and I

He was Sawada Tsunayoushi. His nickname: no good Tsuna.

Fourteen, short, small build, clumsy, messy brunet hair, a loner and gay.

He was leisurely walking home from a boring day of school (being bullied by student and teacher) and let a soft long sigh escape from his chapped lips. And his eyes wondered over to the blond haired teen (two years older than himself) walking 3 meters a head of him chatting to his friends with a cute grin. But the smile that had appeared on Tsuna's face was quickly wiped off. The lean muscles in said blond was indicating he was going to look back and Tsuna dashed silently into a nearby dark alley way, which was on his left. Tsuna walked briskly and paused when he stepped on a hard trinket. It was shiny so Tsuna picked it up, putted it in his pants pocket and headed straight home.

Perched on top of the high building that overlooked Tsuna fleeing, was a tall man. He wore a white hoodie that covered his hair and dark sunglasses. Strings of sharp angry curses were muffled by the white fabric mask that hid the identify of the vexed male. Several others clad in dull colours in a similar fashion stood behind the still cursing man; their face too, hidden by emotionless masks; there were less black masks than white.

Sawada Tsunayoushi arrived home to be greeted by his mother, she frowned at the small cuts on Tsuna's hand and cheek but knew lingering would cause her son to be... unnerved. So, instead she told him to freshen up and when he was done, there would be dinner on the table; nice, hot and warm. Tsuna did as he was told like an obedient little puppy.

He entered the family bathroom and settled about taking his clothes off. The bathroom was a fairly reasonable size; it could fit three adults with extra space. Tsuna untied his blue tie, pulled his shirts over his head one by one and pulled his black trousers down and they all went into the bamboo weaved washing basket. A faint clang dropped to the wooden floor and caught Tsuna's attention. He picked up the dirty silver gem ring and sighed. Tsuna brought the filthy old thing to the sink, he turned the hot tap on and rubbed off the dirt with a sponge and soap. After he was done, he put bleach in a small disposable container and let the ring lie in the cleaning liquid. He washed his hands and took a steamy shower.

Another sigh passed his chapped lips as he thought about the only shampoo that was left. His usual shampoo had been used up a day ago and he had forgotten to buy some more. Tsuna didn't have to wonder very hard to know why he had forgotten something so simple.

The fault- it was the Italian blond haired bi-polar boy's fault!

Frustrated about his emotions, Tsuna dried himself off and dragged on a fresh white boxer pants (the red number twenty-seven insignia tucked away in the bottom left corner of his boxers) and popped his head though a white top and tugged on his black trousers. Suddenly he remembered about his scratches and the ring he picked up and rushed to rinse it with water.

After Tsuna poured away the cleaning liquid, chucked away the container into the bin and admired the now clean, dry and glossy silver ring - he slipped his finger though the hole. It was cool to touch but oddly warm on his right ring finger. His left hand index finger trailed the detailed silver design.

Plasters were his next thoughts and he stuck them on his wounds. Tsuna rushed down the staircase and into the kitchen where his plate of food and mother was waiting patiently. Her eyes lit as he sat down and smiled warmly. They said their thanks and began eating. His mother's smile was quickly wiped off her face and her eyes narrowed directly onto the beautifully crafted masterpiece.

"Tsu-kun, where did you get that ring?"

Tsuna stopped eating and looked at his mother in surprise at her demanding tone.

"Erm, I found it in an alley way. I thought it would pretty if it was cleaned."

It wasn't a complete lie. He wasn't even sure why he was not telling his mother the entire truth, maybe it was her tone... A small frown was on her face which switched to a thinking look. She was thinking about something he could not understand and thinking hard.

"Mum?" He asked confused.

"Hmm? What is it Tsu-kun?" She replied slowly beginning to eat again.

"It's... Never mind. Nothing Mum."

The conversation left the meal awkward for a moment until Tsuna's mum asked another question but in a more friendly tone.

"Tsuna, do you know what that ring is?" She paused for a breath.

"Wha-" She sharply cut Tsuna off before he could properly reply.

"Do you know that only the rich have a ring like that?" The look of shock was Tsuna's reaction, "Do you know that ring is dangerous?" another reaction; baffled. Why would anyone consider a ring dangerous?

"Tsunayoushi-kun!~ Do you know that you are in danger?" Who was that? That wasn't the voice of anyone he knew...

As if in cue the front door broke open.

The voice left this thought. Tsuna let out a frighten scream and his mother slowly stood up with a blank look. The house busters appeared at the door way and raised their black guns at the mother and son.

They all gasped in shock. Their weapons where tucked and hidden away and began apologising on their hands and knees. "Nana-dono!" They cried shaking with fear. "We-we are extremely sorry about your door Nana-dono! We got the stolen ring signal here and-"

Tsuna's mother was named Nana. She walked over to her god smacked son and hugged him and shielded his eyes away; she was warm. But in an icy tone like no other, "You know where it is now. Get out of my house and sight before..." Nana smiled too sweetly. "... you'll meet my chain friend-" they all ran away, their tails between their legs before they- before she decided to change her mind and disposed of them.


"Hmm? What is it Tsu-kun?"

"What was that about?"

"Oh nothing much to worry about Tsu-kun. They're just scared because I'm the daughter of the boss of their mafia mob."

"Eh?" Tsuna tried to process the new information flowing though his mind. He had no doubt that his mum was telling the truth and yet a lie at the same time. He did the only thing he could and that was, "HIEEE!" Scream.

A few moments later, the door was repaired by some men working in the nearby construction industry. Nana chatted to them happily about how the door had broken when a bike ran into it. They finished fixing the door and Tsuna and Nana sat down at the dinner table. Their food had already been consumed and the plates were washed and staked up nicely on the shelf. Tsuna gave a hard thinking look and questioned his mum.

"Mum, what is this ring?"

"I thought you would never ask Tsu-kun~" Nana smiled and clasped her hands together excited. "At first I thought it was a really dangerous ring but now I see it's just a hidden project that the Vongola was experimenting on."

"What do you mean by Vongola and experiment?" Tsuna was becoming more and more confused just as more and more questions stated to appear.

"Tsu-kun, what I mean is that the mafia mob Vongola was making a ring that has special properties and powers."

Our cute lil Uke's curious nature was cut short when his Mummeh said that a tutor would explain better than her, but she did mention that he was one candidate heir to the mafia familia mob (in which he let out a shocked HIEEE!) and Tsuna walked to bed thinking about who on earth his tutor would be.

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