Blood Lust

Tsuna found himself in the darkness once more. He had been there before, but with no understandability of why the hell he was where he was. But strangely enough Tsuna found himself calm, less surprised and annoyed. Maybe his mother's darker side was rubbing off on him. He let a long sigh out and went to lay down but his back hit something solid.

It was there again, that sweet smell.

Before anyone knew it, Sawada Tsunayoshi was plunged into darkness again. Sitting on the branch of the tree Tsuna fell unconscious against was a figure. The figure summoned- or more accurately- demanded chains from the cherry blossom tree. The pink flowers faded into a blazing orange, the weak wind blow against the tree and some of the petals was pulled off. They fluttered away as if they were on fire.

The figure smiled as he concentrated without much trouble, he used the tree's power to make a chain burst from the free falling petals and flowers still attached to the branches. The chains reached out and warped themselves around something from the darkness, a black blob from the distant shadows; from the discovery of the hidden monster, the figure was annoyed and very pissed off.

They dare harm my Master? No one would hurt my Master; not when the awesomely attractive and hot Natsu-sama is around...

The blazing orange chains quickly turned into a crystal blue. Just as quickly as the chains changed, the special properties of the chain changed and the shadow creatures became encased in ice- the intruder froze.


Nana's aura changed from dark to Antarctic-ice cold. Reborn felt the dark aura and rage rise inside of Nana, Reborn now considered Nana an opponent who could land quite a few heavy hits on him; the intruder that held Tsuna on the other hand, he was a dead man. There was one reason really and that reason was because Nana was no longer herself.

The monster inside of Nana took control, "I am the one they call Crimson Phoenix, Holy is my name." Holy demanded while looking at the floor, making Nana's fringe obscured any emotion visible though Nana's eyes. "You have 3 seconds to give back the boy."

"Hmph, I can't even feel your aura. You must be that weak that even I can not sense it." The leader of the group scoffed, " and if I-"

Nana's tone of voice once angry was more emotionless than a rock. "One," indistinctly the leader stepped back confused.

"I'm a Soldier, not some petty Civil on the streets of the Abyss." The leader laughed trying to ease his fear and mustered up some courage, "you can't kill me!"


Nana's already dark tone was mixed with a few other voices; the voice was inhuman, the leader had never head such balance between the Master and its Chain. Maybe she's that strong that I can't feel any of her power... He began to feel the fear of death.

"E-even if you kill me, there will be others much stronger than me after you! They will avenge me, for I am the great Skull-sama!- AH!"

Holy twitched. "Farewell, Skull..."

Reborn saw a muscle twitch on Tsuna. "Wait Crimenix," and then he saw an eye twitch on Nana.

"Don't call me by that ridiculous nickname." An amused light lit in Reborn's pitch black eyes dangerously; Holy raised an eye at his behavior. "Whatever..." All she wanted was to get the boy back so that she could finish her... project.

"Ugh..." Tsuna groaned. The leader flinched with surprise and cursed. Tsuna lazily opened his eyes- a disinterested look on his face as little pieces of information processed in his mind. To spoke clearly and loudly. "What's going on? I know my ass is a fine piece of art, but you don't have to steal me to touch it."

Silence enveloped the room for a good 2 seconds before Tsuna grabbed the guy behind him and threw him on the floor in front of him. Holy whom still had the wok in her hand brought it down at a terrifying speed, an inch away from the leader's head. The leader promptly fainted.

"This has been a waste of my time." Holy's aura evaporated and Nana was in power of her body again.

"Ah! Tsu-kun!" Nana rushed over to Tsuna and hugged him. Reborn just stared a little exasperated at Nana, after all she was standing on the leader with no indication she was going to let him off easy as Holy. Reborn mused to himself. He wasn't going to let Skull off easy either, at this rate Skull was not going to come off his list of Lackeys. He chuckled darkly. Failed assassination attempts count by Skull on Reborn, 478.


"Erm..." Tsuna was sat at the dinning table opposite Nana and Reborn on his right; they had resumed eating. "I'm not your Tsuna... My Master is sleeping at the moment."

Nana giggled at her son's Chain and cooed at Holy about how cute he was reacting. "You can call me Mama, what's your name? If you don't mind, your rank and flame attribute."

"Bloody Rabbit, Natsu." He paused as if in deep thought. "The high end of Soldier and orange attribute."

"Ah, I see. My Chain is the Crimson Phoenix, Holy- she's a yellow attribute."

Natsu suddenly turned pale, both Nana and Reborn spotted this but left no comment. "What's her Rank Mama?"

"Ohh, that's a secrete."

"Why not Mama?"

"It's like asking for a Lady's age."

Natsu dropped the subject and turned his attention to Reborn. "What about you?"

"What about me?" Reborn picked at his slightly cold plate of food.

A glint in Natsu's blazing orange eyes burned with determination. "It's polite to introduce yourself to another Chain."

"Hm~" Reborn hummed. "Are you sure you want to know?" His Chain flooded the area with her power. Natsu, already atisapated the challenge by asking for Reborn's Chain braced bravely against the waves. Nana was as cheerful as normal despite how strange the living room and dining room looked with a random guy tied to a chair and a bunch of bodies dumped on the floor which were taken from the yard.

"I'm pretty sure everyone knows the name Death Sentence, Leon, yellow attribute." Humor was laced in his voice as he continued. "That useless lump tied to the chair is my lanky. Skull is his name. He's famous for being able to survive any attack- death hates him."

Natsu gave him a confused look. "You hate him?"

"No, not me." He laughed. "He hates me. Death hates him. I deliver him punishment, it's fun since he can't die."

What a sadistic guy. Natsu sweat-dropped.

The evening continued almost uneventfully. Morning came and finally, Skull and his assassinates were conscious.

Author's Notes

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Katekyo Hitman Reborn or Pandora Hearts.

I know I said this would be a GX27 with 7272 on sided but now I'm just curious if there should be any other parings and which one they should be.