I remember that I was insane and mean and no one likes me….. But not anymore. Everyone now is scared of me even if I'm not insane anymore and mean I am nice and polite and normal. My family is even a little bit scared and shocked of my self. Because my sister Amy is scared of me and my other family members avoid and stare at me 24/7 unless they want me to smash something or they need me to do something for them.

Well, who I am is Rosy Tally Rose I am 14 and My fur/quills are pink. I have emerald green eyes and I am 2,11. My favourite colour is green even though my dress is like Amy's ( but it's lime green.)

My green hair band makes me have 3 bangs and make my hair look the same height as Amy's even though it is about 3 inches longer. I like someone named Scrouge.

My best friend is a girl named Devila she is 5. My other best friend is a purple cat named Angie. My weapon is a green and yellow mallet with spikes at the end. It's made of steel. I am the youngest in my family even though me and Amy are technically the same age. But she is 6 minutes older. Me and Amy are great sisters. My other sister is very mean.

Me and Amy are both really flexible and we are both very obsessive (but I am shy and not that obsessive). My favourite game is checkers. I am very scary when I get insane. Yes I still am but I take medicine that makes me not insane it only holds for half an hour so I have to take it or I will go coco.

I was out shopping with my mom at aero postal. We needed to find a sweater for my cousin Rosetta. It was her 5th birthday. She is a 1,2 ,cute, Well mannered, yellow hedgehog with anxious purple eyes. She is the only one in our family with purple eyes. Everyone else has either blue or green or Blue/green. Everyone in our family are blue, yellow, gold or pink.

She is very shy and nice she wouldn't hit a fly. She loves kindergarten and she is very smart she already knows her 8 times tables. She can read books like Twighlight and understand everything in it. She loves to play soccer and tennis she already knows how to dance and play a guitar. She loves the colours purple, blue and orange. She is very fast.

She loves Justin Beiber. She hates to get in trouble. She hates pain and she loves to play board games. She loves hugs and she is very pretty her eyes in the winter do sometimes turn dark blue but they are usually light purple. She loves to jump and shop at the same time. But right now she is very sick and everyone is very worried about her.

My mom, Amelia then grabbed this pretty dark purple sweat shirt that had white printing on it. I even loved it. "Good eyes mom!" I said smiling. She grinned and said "good daydreaming". I blushed and rolled my eyes remembering that I love to daydream. "Moms…" I mumbled to myself making my mom cross her arms. "What did you say?" "Nothing…" I lied biting my lip she rolled her eyes and dragged my to the car.

When we got home I grabbed the bags out of the trunk and set them onto the front door causing my mom the growl and bring them inside. I then ran into my room tripping over a Wii remote. "What the heck!" I shouted turning to the object that I tripped over. "Stupid freaking Remote!" I shouted throwing it. I sighed as I saw I was getting cranky.

I then took my medicine and then looked up seeing my big sister Emily at the door. "Whats up jerk?" I gave her a death glare then sighed. "None of your business!" I shouted loudly. She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Your boyfriend called."

I then remembered him with his handsome blue eyes and his green quills that made me faint. His calm and cute voice. His hot jacket. And just him that made me smile everyday. I then shouted "When!" "When you were having quality time with mom." I rolled my eyes and she smirked. "Whatever just give me the phone!"


"The phone!" I said in a demanding tone. "No, Never!" She shouted as I jumped at her she moved as I did so. "Give it!" She then mumbled something and walked out of the room making me growl. I then walked to my bed and jumped onto it. My life sucks as you can see. I actually hate my parents both of them! They are morons just like my sister Emily. Amy is the best sister. I actually am starting to think, that this mother, in this house is not my mother, and that she is my aunt or something. Why do I even have a family like this? I thought it was the Rose family not the hell family I wish this was better then it is.

Scourge is an idoit and everyone should know that. Me and Scourge are just friends and everyone thinks we should date. Please! Why would we date? He is an annoying retard that has no life who does You-Know-What with random girls at school I might feel something about him but not love all of that is a lie ok! Well, it's my bed time good night! I so wish my life could get better then this.

Wait I'm going to the library first. I snoke outside of my house towards the town. The town is very crowded and noisy. When I went into the library the lady asked me for my idea card. What the hell? It's none of her buisness. Or is it? "Perfect!" I said going to the section with my favourite book " Eclipse" I never got to read that book but it's my favourite cause the movie is epic. I love movies. Oh my god! It's Sky! Scourge's mom! "Well, hello Rosy dear you look very grown up now!" What the hell seriously. One thing to say I got to stop saying what the hell I think thats my favourite saying ^.^. "Thanks... I guess..." I mumbled looking down at my new black high tops. Scourge then stared at me with his toxic blue eyes. I'm wearing blue jeans,a black tee shirt, black high tops and have my quills in a bun. What's wrong with that? "Hey babey!" He said wrapping his arm's around my waist. "Let go hedgehog!" I said smacking his hand away. "Wow what's up with you?" He asked smiling widely his creepy and strange smile. What the hell? Why does he give me that smile? I got to stop thinking to my self.

"You are!" I yelled punching him. "Shhhhh!" The librarian shouted. "No pucnhing and yelling in the library!" The librarian said looking back down at her book. What the hell? Seriously? "Well, you have no curves yet." Hey! I do just not alot I just started having puberty my "twin" sister Amy began hers two years ago. "I do just not alot!" I said glaring at me. God he's so annoying. "I see that and you... actually with... long hair... are sexy ;)" He said smirking. "Grr..." I mumbled crossing my arms. "How old are you now Rosy?" He asked smiling. "14 why?" "I'm 17 and everyone supprisingly that are my age are failing grade 11 and 12." I laughed at him. He then pushed me causing me to fall on my back. "Owie!" I shouted smacking him hard on the check. "Ouch what the hell was that for..." He mumbled. "It was for you being a jerk..." I mumbled angrily. He smiled his ugly smile. Grr I hate that smile and that usaully means trouble for me. "Your so sexy!" He said picking me up and spinning me. "Put-Me-down!" I said throwing my arms in random directions every time I paused to talk.

"Not yet you got thirty seconds." "Your a idoit Scourge!" I yelled kicking his leg. "Thanks so are you." He said smiling. "Dummie!" I yelled smacking him again. Scourge is so retarted. "Don't do this to me Rose." I hate when he calls me that. "Call me Rosy not Rose..." "You look like one and your last names Rose. Right?" He said smiling. I seriously hate Scourge! "Well, I got to go bye!" I said going to the check out. "Are you two a couple?" The librarian asked staring at me. "Hell no!" Rude language but still... "Well... you guys look like a good couple in my opioin..." The librarian mumbled checked my book on the machine. "Thanks... I guess..." I said shocked. One thing me and Scourge will never, ever be boyfriend and girlfriend just friends. I then grabbed the book and ran back home.

I closed the door silently and sneaked up to my room. I tried not to wake up my mother who is always sleeping in the living room. My sisters were fast asleep so I don't have to worry about them. I then went into my bedroom and closed me door. I then jumped onto my bed. 'I am sooooo team Jacob!' I thought to myself as I read my book for hours. When I tried to sleep for the first time a spider landing on my shoulder (which was really big), the second time there was a creepy noise, third my door opened it's self and last it's fucking cold. I'm so getting more blankets. I then grabbed one of my mother's blankets from a closet and put it over my light green blanket. I then hoped into bed and sunk in it. I'm so not excited for tommorow mourning. Shit! My mom will be so fucking mad at me, I'm such a b*tch. Then I fell asleep as the moon fell on me.

Me: This was a story from how Rosy changed and she is starting off moody well wait till' the next Chapter comes out.

Sorry it was short I made it even better!