Changing is believing

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Sonic: I like it minis that the part when Rosy died and it was like so sad.

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Shadow: "rolls eyes at sonic" Wow…

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I then started walking. My red sneakers squeaking on the ground. The sun burning my eyes. I was walking beside my friendly rival Shadow. Shadow's red eyes were red, red as blood. He was very determined in saving the world. On what happened to his dear friend Maria who died 50 years ago on the ark.

Then Shadow looked at me, he had lot's of depression in his eyes.

"Sonic we got to do this…." Shadow said looking back up at the darkness monster.

I nodded my head and brushed my blue quills back.

I'm Sonic and I know that everyone counts on me.

I jumped far from that spot and landed on my feet.

I then jumped for the darkness monster at the same time as Shadow.

When we got into the monster we saw the ghost of Rosy talking to Amy. Saying things like "Amy get up" and "Everyone's counting on you Amy." It was pretty sad.

Then Shadow glanced at me.

"Sonic, let's do this!" Shadow said slamming the darkness monster with his fists as most of the city was in the darkness. Lot's of people were getting sucked into the stomach of the creature. Kelly, the lesbian and only girl at the all boys school, stood right beside me wearing a Tricia Azzopardi shirt.

Then she smiled "hey". She mouthed as we all slammed the monster. Then almost everyone was slamming the monster minis Emily who was now the only one getting sucked. Then Kelly grabbed Emily and yelled "We need you Emily please don't be an stubborn dumb ball!"

Emily thought for a moment or two then let out a grin. "Ok I'll do it…. For the town….. And Rosy…." She answered snickering on Rosy.

Then everyone slammed the monster at the same time very hard and it disappeared. And the unconcious Amy fell to the ground.

Amy's P.O.V

I woke up and saw everyone cheering. The sun was back.

I then looked up and saw Rosy smiling down at me. She gave me a thumbs up and a wink then disappeared.

I teared up and looked at my friends. They smiled at me. Even Shadow was smiling.

Shadow then looked at me. "What about Maria?" He asked me and my eyes went wide. Shit.

I then saw a short, blonde haired human girl walk toward Shadow with a smile. His eyes looked like they were in his own world. "Maria, Maria- Yes I'm Maria!" Maria said smiling at Shadow.

I smiled at Shadow and he rolled his eyes. I laughed to.

Then Tails ran to me and kissed my cheek. I blushed and kissed him back.

Me: Well you can see that everything worked out great. Even if Rosy's dead.

Remember that Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Cream, Tails and others are by Sega.

Fiona, Sally, and Scourge are from Archie.

And Tricia, Kelly, Angie, Devila, Devil, the moms, the darkness creature, Damien and Emily are from me. And a few others. Hope you enjoyed it. Review. The stories done though. But I might include what Amy does in the future for a review chapter. J.