It Will Be Okay

Chapter One

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Tony's Point Of View

I ran all the way to the cemetery, where Rudolph and I used to play at, but I doubt he still lives there.

I sat down at one of the tombstones, not caring which.

''why, did they do this to me?'' I asked myself, this question; almost every day.

I let out a shaky breath, and stood up.

I heard someone clear their throat, I froze up, they weren't here were they?

''what are you doing here?'' I sighed, in relief and snapped my head up, I knew that voice anywhere!

I smiled at him, and walked towards him and hugged him, and pulled away I grinned,

''I never thought I see you again'' I said to him, he gave me a 'are you kidding me' look.

''okay, maybe I did hope of seeing you again, but who wouldn't, I haven't seen you in so long!'' I hugged him again, after a few moments we pulled apart;

I didn't realize how close we were until I started to lean in.

We were just a centimeter apart, before he closed the gap between us, I opened my mouth a bit.

He put his hands on my hips, and I wrapped my arms around him.

I flicked my tongue across his lip, asking for permission.

He gladly accepted; I bit his lip, not hard enough to make a deep cut, but hard enough to draw blood.

He nibbled on my lip, making me moan, we pulled away for air, (mostly me) and smiled and blushed at each other.

He liked me, like the way I do.

I felt a vibration in my pocket, it was my phone.

''can you hold on for one second, Rudolph?'' I asked.

''yeah, sure'' he replied, making shooing noises and gestures, with his hands.

I got it right before it stopped, ''hello?'' I said, nervously.

''Tony, where are you?'' my so called mother, basically screamed at me.

I tried not to flinch while Rudolph was here, but it was hard not to,

Her voice sounded like she wanted to strangle me, I wasn't used to it yet, and I don't think I'll ever be.

Unfortunately, Rudolph noticed this, and his mouth was opening up to speak,

But quickly closed it, when I shot him a look that clearly said, 'now is not the time to speak'.

''are you going to answer me, Anthony!'' Dottie shouted,

(I call her Dottie, for now on, because she never acted like a mother to me, if she ever been one.)

''no! I mean yes! I just thought I heard a noise over by the bushes,'' I looked at Rudolph; he seemed to get the message as he walked over to the bushes and shook them.

''well, when you get home, we are going to have a serious talk'' She hung up, before I could even respond.

I have to get away, this is getting out of control, I snapped my phone shut, and threw it across the graveyard.

I rubbed my temples with my hands, ''I can't do this anymore'' I whispered out, I don't care if Rudolph heard or not, because that's how I feel anymore,

I mean, I'm seventeen and this has been going since what? Seven? Eight?

I don't care anymore, I'm done, I don't care if I get beaten the shit out of me, as long as I know Rudolph cares about me.

''tony, what's going on? Why is your mother being like this?'' for a second I forgot he was standing there.

I turned to him, '' you can keep a secret right?'' I asked him,

He gave me a confused look, '' of course I can tony, that's what friends-or whatever situation were in,'' he chuckled at that ''but, yes tony I can keep a secret, now what's going on?'' he asked me, I took a deep breath.

'' you, can't tell your family okay? It will only make things worse, and if you really have to them, it's fine with me.'' I said,

He seemed confused mostly, but I also see love in his eyes.

Time to tell him, my nightmare-ish life. I looked at him, and into his eyes, and started.

''when I was ten or twelve, they started beating me because of their problems in their marriages or anything that came their way'' I looked down, trying to ignore his intense staring.

''this has been going on in the same routine for the next seven or five years and I'm still getting beaten, and I can't live with it anymore,

I wanna go out and not worry about going home and facing one of them, because they think that I told somebody,

Or some fight broke out between them. I wanna have my own life,'' I whispered, out the last words as I fell to my knees.

I felt his arms wrap around me, I looked over at him, ''don't I deserve that?'' I whispered brokenly.

He wiped his thumbs underneath my eyes, catching the tears that slipped down my cheek,

I grabbed his cheeks in my hands and pulled him towards me.

He looked at my lips than back at me; I pressed my lips to his, and pulled away.

'' come on'' he pulled me up and flew us into the sky. ''where are we going?'' I had to shout into the winds. ''my place'' was all he simply said.

We landed ten minutes later, in-front of a gorgeous house.

I looked up at Rudolph face, and wished I hadn't, he looked murderous, I placed a hand on his cheek making him look at me,

His faces soften at my touch, but still had that look in his eyes.

'' are you okay?'' I asked softly, he took a breath, and answered, '' no, tony I'm honestly not, but'' he interjected, just as I was about to interrupt.

''I just, can't believe that they would do that to you!'' I jumped at his outburst, his face soften more at me,'' sorry'' he said quietly, and looked away,

''come on, why don't we go in the house? We'll talk about this later, okay?'' I asked softly.

He grabbed my hand and led me inside; he guided me towards the couch.

We sat down, facing each other, '' I have a very important question for you, well actually two'' he looked at me;

I smiled at him encouragingly at him.

''will you be my boyfriend?'' he looked at me; I grinned at him, from ear to ear.

''of course, Rudolph! Now what is that other question?'' I asked him, purring the word as I looked into his eyes.

I crawled into his lap, watching as his eyes slowly widen and watched as his breath hitch,

As I slowly moved my knee over his jeans, I sat on him regularly and smiled, ''so, question?'' I blinked innocently at him.

He growled and replied, ''would you like to move in with me?'' I smiled even more, ''yes! Thank you Rudolph!'' I hugged, I heard chuckling against me, and I pulled away,

I looked up at him, he was smiling, ''what are you thanking me about? All I asked was to move in with me-'' I cut him off with my lips,

I wrapped my arms around him, and sucked on his lip, he pulled me tighter towards him wrapping his arms round my waist.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved my lips towards his neck, he took a deep breath and moved to move me away gently, '' it's going too far'' he stated, I nodded understanding.

I looked around the room, and the house, '' this is beautiful'' I looked at him for his opinion,'' it is, isn't it?'' he looked at me, and leaned forward toward my ear,

''but not as beautiful as you'' I smiled, at him as he pulled away, to watch me blush.

He grinned, moving his nose down to rest on my neck; he breathed in, (what I'm pretty sure was my blood.) I shivered, in that good feeling kinda way.

I looked at him as he trailed his nose back up my neck, resting at my lips; I felt his eyelash's tickling my cheek.

I brought my hands up to his face, and pulled him to me, I moved my lips with his, in an intense kiss, and he trailed his lips over my collarbone.

I gasped, as he sucked, that little piece that was exposed.

''Rudolph'' I whimpered, he pulled back smirking he leaned in, towards my ear.

''payback a bitch, isn't it?'' he whispered pulling back, chuckling at my face.

I groaned in frustration.

He stopped chuckling, and had his ''thinking face'' on, ''what?'' I said sitting up a little.

He looked hesitantly at me, '' please tell me,'' I whispered, '' you, can ask me anything, even if it's about my parent's'' I added.

He looked in my eyes, for what I think is honesty, ''he looked down sighing, ''I know, but this question…I don't know,'' he sighed, '' I don't know, how you'll react'' he said, biting his lips.

''ask me'' I said, crossing my arms.

''I have a feeling you left some things out of you story, and I was wondering…did they have anything against you?'' he asked,

I nodded, ''yeah, they did,'' I trailed my finger across his cheek, while explaining.

''when I was fifteen, it got worse, because I came out to them, you know about being me gay. I was kinda expecting the beating to get worse, because I've read about people coming out to them. And how they accept them, but not all them do.''

I continued on so I wouldn't have to keep telling this.

''That's when the death threats started, and the 'I wish you was never born' comments came in, anyway that went on for the next two years of my life, and that phone call, you probably already know who it was and what it was about'' I chuckled, darkly.

He put a finger under my chin, ''well, you don't have to worry about that anymore''

I gave him a smile, before clearing my throat for few times, clearing the thickness in my throat.

''anyway, were not here for depression stories, were here because we've finally been reunited.'' I said, moving so I was lying next to him, I wrapped my arms and legs around him clinging,

I took a deep breath of his scent, it smelled like moss, water, dirt, (basically the under cave he used to live in.)

My eyelids started to droop, but I didn't want to sleep, not yet.

''go to sleep tony, if you're tired.'' I opened my eyes, just barely open.

''no, I have to ask, and tell you something'' I said, opening my eyes wider, he chuckled for a moment, '' then ask me, and tell me.'' He looked at me with such a loving gaze.

''will you be here when I wake up? And where will you sleep? If so, wont the sun get to you?-'' I started rambling on, when Rudolph put his finger on my lips shushing me.

My eyes widen, looking at his finger, then to eyes,

''first off, yes I will be here when you wake up, why wouldn't I? Secondly I will be sleeping wherever you are, and third, no the sun won't get to me, because I have the blinds down and the curtains drawn just in case,

So we can do whatever we want during the day.'' He explained,

I glanced at the window and sure enough there were curtains, I blushed, embarrassed that I didn't see them.

''now I'm pretty sure you wanted to tell me something?'' he looked at me curiously.

''oh, right'' I clinged closer to him, '' when I sleep, I been told that I do stuff, like, talk in my sleep or move, whatever I'm doing in my dream or nightmare'' I looked at him for his answer.

He thought about it, ''like what?'' he asked curiously.

''what for talking or moving?'' I asked a little confused,

''both'' he simply said.

''umm…well some say I moan in my sleep, and for moving? Umm…'' I blushed bright red from what I'm about to say.

''I um…touch my uh… down there or rock against something'' my head dropped onto his shoulder embarrassed, bright red, I felt him brush his finger across my hair,

''go to bed tony, I doubt it'll happen tonight'' he tried reassure me, but it won't calm me.

''but it will! It happens every night, I know because,'' my voice dropped down to a whisper, ''every morning I feel that wet spot in my boxer, from the release I have while I'm asleep''

I said, dropping my head again into his chest. He breathed deeply; he picked my head up, and looked me in the eyes,

''then I'll restrain, whatever I have to do, but get this through your head,'' he kissed me on the lips quick,

''I'll never leave you, because of what you say or what you do in your sleep, or when you're not asleep, because I…I love you, tony'' he confessed, he'll probably be as red as me if he were human,

But I don't care, right now because he just confessed that he loved me.

Which he's probably waiting for a reply right now.

''I love you too Rudolph, since we were kids, I just didn't recognize it back then''. I tightened my arms around his neck, making my face come closer to his; I looked at his lips, then to his eyes.

''go to sleep tony, I promise nothing will happen'' he urged,

''fine, fine I will, love you'' I drawled out, sinking deeper into the darkness.

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