It Will Be Okay

Chapter four

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Rudolph's Point of View

As I got up to go open the door, I zipped up my jeans (and erection long gone.) and opened to see my parents and siblings.

What were they doing here?

I stared at them, before deciding to speak.

"Hello, mother, father, and siblings, what are you doing here?" I said not to be rude, but curious.

''hello, Rudolph and to answer your question we are visiting'' mother said, oh shit I completely forgot about them visiting. (Even though, they visit at the most randomness times.)

''right, come in'' I said, half cheerful, and half scared, what would father say if he saw Reyna and tony?

I led them in to the living room, which was surprisingly empty.

''i will be right back, I have to check on something'' I said, to them and went into the kitchen.

Huh, Nothing.

I sneakily Slipped up the stairs, (not aware that someone was following Me.) and opened me and tony room.

Ah ha, I found them.

''what are you guys, doing up here? Weren't you down in the living room?'' I asked, sitting on the bed with them.

''well, yeah but when I heard your parents were here, I suggested to go up here until you called us to come down there, or something'' tony answered, did they think my family would eat them?

''why? It's not like they're going to eat you'' except maybe Gregory…

''I know that, but I didn't know if we were to stay down there or not'' tony answered, looking into my eyes as he spoke.

''oh, okay'' I said, getting up but not before adding,

''you can come down if you want, I mean you are staying here'' I said, looking at both of them.

''okay, will be down in a minute'' tony said, I nodded and went into the hall.

I was just ten steps away from the door, when a voice stopped me.

''there's mortals here?'' Gregory said venom in his words.

I turned, around so I could face him, ''yes, tony and his friend Reyna'' I said, before turning around again and going into the living room.

''what took so long, Rudolph?" Anna said, looking at me curiously, I'm surprised they don't smell them.

''I was looking for tony'' I replied, honestly; looking at them with my red eyes, watching their reaction.

''tony is here?'' Anna replied.

''is he coming down soon?'' mother said, I looked at her then at father looking at him.

''yes, he and his friend Reyna is coming down soon'' I answered, looking away from father, and looked at the stairs, waiting for my love tony to come down.

''you have mortals sleeping over?'' father said, getting up and looming over me.

Before I could say something, I heard Reyna say, '' first off, I know tony doesn't have a problem being called a mortal, but I do. Second could you maybe I don't know step back from Rudolph, I'm sure he isn't comfortable, and third yes I am sleeping over, got a problem with it?'' she finished, crossing her arms and raising her eyebrow at him, like daring him to loom over her too.

I looked at her in shock, how the fuck can she say that to him and not be afraid?

And where is tony?

''Reyna, I don't think that would be wise, to say that to Rudolph's father'' came Tony's reply.

That answers my question.

''you should, listen to tony, Reyna'' I said, looking at the top of the stairs, where my love is, walking down the steps.

''why? Just because he's your dad, doesn't mean you should bow down to every command.'' She said, arms still crossed, and sat in front of me.

Tony walked to my side, and stood beside me.

''I get what you're saying Reyna, I do but you can't just say that to Rudolph's dad'' tony said, he will probably get it through her head, that father could do anything, and not regret it.

''how can you say that, when he and his son practically loathe you, I mean they wanted to kill you not even eight years ago!'' she whispered, frantically so fast, we barely heard her, even if we are vampires.

''and probably Still do!'' she added, after a minute.

''maybe you have forgotten, but I have learned to deal with it!'' tony hissed out.

'' what are you implying tony?'' Reyna said cocking her eyebrows up at him.

He looked at us before, ''you know my parents they loathe me as much as they do, why should I let them get me down? Rudolph's parents don't bother me, no matter how much Mr., Sackville-bagg loathes me'' he hissed, at her before flopping on the couch, covering his face with his hands.

''can someone explain the situation to us, so we know what's going on'' my mother, said, confused.

I looked at tony, ''tony, may I tell them?'' I asked, since he's still covering his face with his hands.

His idea of a response back was, ''go head, I don't care anymore'' I sighed, frustrated.

''tony, could you maybe mean it, I mean for god sakes, he's your boyfriend!'' Reyna, said to tony.

Me? I stood in shock, of what just happened.

''Rudolph, what is she talking about?'' Father said, looking at me with those cold blood red eyes.

I looked down and answered awkwardly, ''Reyna is correct about me…and…tony'' I looked at tony, letting the faintest of a smile slide across my face.

Mother and Anna of course saw this and gushed, how in love I was.

''anyway, mother about the situation, since tony won't give me an answer,'' I said, looking at tony, before finishing my sentence, ''tony home life has not been good, for a couple of years now,'' I was cut off by Reyna.

(1) '' what he means is, tony has been getting abused, for the past seven or eight years, by his parents,'' Reyna looked at tony to me, ''umm, I don't know what happened, of how you found him, which I have not thanked you for'' Reyna said,

I was about to answer, when tony said, something for the first time.

''I was in the graveyard, where Rudolph and I played at, I had just ran away from the hell-ish house I lived at, sorry Mrs. Sackville-bagg for my language, when I heard Rudolph, I wasn't expecting him to be there, cause he's been gone for long time, but then we back to his house, and that's it'' tony finished, he sniffled.

''I will be right back, I need to go find a tissue'' tony said, before he ran into the kitchen.

''umm, I better go help him, he really is upset he doesn't like hearing it or having people know, it makes him feel useless and weak.'' Reyna said, to all of us before going to find tony.

It was quiet for a while before anyone spoke.

''the poor dear, what he went through I can't imagine'' mother said, looking quite sadden at what has happens these past years.

''I can'' I muttered, thinking of this morning.

''what was that Rudolph?'' mother said, looking over at me.

''I said I can, tony told one of memories of them beating him for the first time, this morning'' I answered, looking at my family.

''poor, tony…'' Anna said, looking down at the ground sadly.

''come on are we really going to pity a mortal? How do we even know he's telling the truth?'' Gregory says, getting up from the couch.

''Gregory!'' mother said, astounded.

I stood up, the only thing that was in my mind was anger, ''he happens to be my boyfriend, Gregory! How dare you accuse he's lying'' I growled, my eyesight going redder than the color of my eyes.

''Rudolph calm down, and tell us, what he told you this morning'' mother said, in her gentle, but firm voice that said do what your told.

(2)I looked at them, and told them, what he told me this morning, when I was done Reyna came in with tony.

''so, you explained it, then?'' tony asked, sniffling a little.

I nodded, and went over to him.

''are you okay?'' I whispered, to him in concern.

''yeah, just a little breakdown but I'm fine now'' he looked up at me, hesitated for a minute, before reaching up and kissing my lips.

Mother and Anna gushed in the background, but I was focused on tony lips.

Just when it started, it ended just as quick.

He laughed, and that pouted look on my face.

''ahem, not to be rude,'' I scoffed, ''but, me and father, have some questions'' Gregory said, hmm… he's being civil, maybe he's starting to believe us?

''oh, no It's no problem ask me anything'' tony said, clearly embarrassed by causing our little scene, and sitting down on one of the couches, I sat down next to him, and wrapped my arm around him, looking cautious at father and Gregory.

''first off, why would your parents hit you?'' Gregory shot out, way to be blunt there huh, brother?

'' well, it first started as their marriage problems, then it moved to whatever irked them, and then it moved to me when I turned fifteen years old, that's when it got worse'' tony said, looking down at the ground at the end of his sentence.

''what happened, when you turned fifteen, How did it get worse?'' father asked, keeping his face serious the whole time, making it hard to read.

''when I was fifteen, I started to get feeling for boys, of course Reyna knows how,'' he shot a smirk, at her, causing her to blush a violent red.

''she will get to that, when I'm done,'' he said, to them before they could speak.

''um, I have a question?'' Anna spoke up.

''yes Anna? What is your question?'' Tony said, looking at her.

''well, this is totally not related, but Reyna said you were being abused for seven years? Wouldn't that make you ten?'' Anna said I looked at him, a couple months after we left.

''yes, that is correct, why?'' tony said, scrunching his eyebrows together, watching her.

''well, that is a couple of months after we left, did they do anything to you?'' Anna asked.

''like abuse? No all they did then, was yell and throw things at the wall or whatever'' tony answered, casually.

''oh, okay'' Anna said, and started to twirl her hair around.

''does anyone have any more questions?'' tony asked, looking around at us.

''no, I don't think there's any more tony, thank you for answering our questions'' mom said, smiling at him.

''It's no problem, it helps to talk about it sometimes'' tony said, smiling up at me before looking at Reyna.

''now Reyna I believe It's your turn, to tell the tale of what happen at our sleepovers'' tony said, blushing a little from what I believe is the story that is to be told.

''okay, here it is this is my point of view of what happened'' Reyna said, while beginning to tell her story.

I think this is going to be amusing…

(Flashback to Reyna and tony sleepovers) there will be interruptions of comments

So, me and tony were just finished watching, ''harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban'' and were soon going to bed, since we were tired, and had to get up in the morning. ''what's harry potter?'' ''it a book series, and got turned into a movie series, which reminds me we need to catch up tony, since we haven't seen a couple of the new ones''

I had gone to bed hours ago, around midnight when I was woken up, again around three in the morning.

I heard moans and shuffling, and bits of talking, ''can I just slip out of here until your done speaking?'' '' no, tony'' ''groans''

I looked over where tony was and saw he was the source of the noise.

I got up and turned my nightlight on, and walked over towards him.

''tony, wake up'' I shook him, waiting for him to show any signs of waking up. ''you should know Reyna, that waking someone up is not the right thing to do if there sleep talking'' ''shut up, tony I know that now''

He moaned and turned over, so he was facing me.

Then I saw what he must be dreaming about, he had a hard-on. ''blushes, Reyna! Did you have to say it like that?'' ''well, would you rather have me say boner?'' ''…continue'' ''I thought so''

''oh,'' I whispered, to no one, and walked to my sleeping bag, ''I'm just going to sleep on the couch'' I said, to no one again, why am I talking to myself! ''did you really just ask yourself that'' ''...shut up, Gregory''

I picked up my sleeping bag and headed to my couch, at the far end of my room. ''I was wondering why you were on the couch'' ''well, now you know''

I cast one last look at tony, before I went to sleep, but i heard tony say something, before I fell asleep.

''Rudolph'' tony whispered, before staying still, and falling asleep. ''but isn't he already asleep?'' ''didn't I tell you to shut up?'' ''I'm aloud to comment'' ''Reyna stop, and continue''

(Flashback over, present time)

''that's it, was else is there to say?'' Reyna said, looking at tony with a confused face.

''oh, well when you ended it like that, I thought there was more to it'' tony said, a very faint blush appearing on his cheeks.

''well, then I think we should call it a night, you two need to get to sleep, we have kept you up far enough'' mother said, getting up.

''oh, it's no problem Mrs. Sackville-bagg I've stayed up all night before a lot of times'' Reyna said, getting up also.

''please, dear call me Freda, and you must sleep, so I bid you a goodnight'' mother said, before going upstairs with father following her.

''so,'' Reyna said, breaking the silence.

''okay, then what are we supposed to do? I'm like wide awake now'' tony said, looking at all of us.

''I know, me too'' Reyna said, flopping back down on the couch swinging her legs back and forth.

'' you know Gregory, Reyna likes bad boys'' tony said, to Gregory I about choked on air, even though I didn't need to breathe.

''tony! What are you doing?" Reyna said, choking a little, blushing as red as a tomato.

I saw Gregory smirk from the corner of my eyes.

'' really, I wouldn't have guessed'' Gregory said, smiling a bit.

Wait, Gregory smiling?

Maybe, we can get Reyna and Gregory together.

I got up, ''would you like, anything from the kitchen Reyna?'' I said, walking to the kitchen slowly waiting for her answer.

''oh, no thank you'' I walked, into the kitchen, and went for drawers looking for a piece of paper to pass to tony.

''what are you looking for?'' tony voice rang out; behind me I jumped and turned around facing him.

'' I was looking for a piece of paper, but since you're here I don't need it anymore'' I said, closing the drawer I had opened.

''well, I'm guessing you wanted to ask me something?'' tony said, coming and standing beside me.

''yes, the first one Reyna and Gregory can't know,'' I dropped, my voice low and whispered it into tony ear.

Tony shivered, and nodded, looking up at me to continue.

(3) ''the other one is, would you like to go on a date with me this Friday?'' I said, looking him in the eyes.

''well, considering It's my birthday in next week, sure!'' tony said, excitedly.

Wait next week is his birthday? Why didn't he tell me?

''It's your birthday, next week? Why didn't you tell me? I would've done something special with everyone'' I said, to him curiously.

''well, Reyna knows and I was just going to stay home, and do nothing I mean my 'parents' don't do anything, they just beat me harder'' he said, shrugging his shoulders and looking at the ground like it was no big deal.

''anyway, what can't Reyna and Gregory know?'' tony said, changing the subject and lowering his voice.

''well, obviously Reyna and Gregory like each other, why don't we get them together?'' I said, looking at tony waiting for him to say something.

Tony smiled, ''that's what's I was thinking! Now we can team up and get them together!'' tony gushed, excitedly I couldn't help, but chuckle at his excitement.

''okay, we need to have official operation name'' tony said, staring at the ceiling thinking.

'' what is an operation name?'' I asked, curiously.

Seriously what is it?

''oh, It's what you call the operation were coming up now,'' tony answered, pacing while thinking again.

Oh, okay.

''I got it! What about, operation-get-Reyna-together-with-Gregory?'' tony said, looking up at me.

''isn't that obvious, of what we're doing?'' I said, looking down at him quirking my eyebrow at him.

''well, yes but I couldn't come up with a different name'' he said, defending himself.

I kissed his lips, and pulled away smiling at him.

''now we better get back before they suspect something'' I said to tony, before heading out the door.

He stood there for a minute smiling and touching his lips, before following me out the door.

''what took you two so long? Not doing anything naughty are you?'' Gregory said, looking at us accusingly, I saw Reyna silently laughing.

''no, we were having a discussion, which is none of your business Reyna so I'm not telling'' tony added, when he saw Reyna about to speak.

''damn'' I heard Reyna curse softly.

(4) ''umm, I got to use the loo'' Reyna said, before getting up and, walking rather fast to the loo.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, before Reyna came back.

''umm, tony can I speak to you? Like alone?'' she asked, him blushing madly.

''Reyna I think I know what you want to talk to tony about'' Anna said, looking at her.

''you do? Thank god I thought, I would have to talk to tony'' Reyna said, looking relieved.

''It's alright, do you mind if I go with you?'' Anna said, getting up and stood there waiting for her answer.

''I don't mind, but you can handle it right?'' Reyna asked, looking a little worried.

''oh, yeah I can handle it'' Anna said, before walking her to the door.

''umm, not to be rude Reyna, but what the hell are you talking about?'' tony said, with that cute adorable confused look on his face.

''oh, umm, you see I have to go home because I have my, umm my time of the month'' Reyna said, of really embarrassed.

''oh, well do you want me to come with you? And are you coming back?'' tony said, getting ready to stand.

''no, tony stay here and hang with the boys, it will be good for you.'' Reyna said, opening the door before peeking her in to say one last thing.

''oh, and I might come back, it depends'' then she was gone.

We looked at each other, looking for something to do.

''what does she think boys do to hang out? We're not normal'' tony said, getting up and looking for something to probably do.

''ah ha'' tony muttered, looking at the source, of what he was looking for, which from what I could see is a piece of paper, and a pencil.

''you're going to draw?'' Gregory said, arms crossed, looking at tony, with his eyebrow up.

''yup, I pretty good if I say so myself'' tony plopped on the floor, and started to draw.

''well, I'll be going now'' Gregory said, getting up from his spot, and headed for the stairs.

''wait Gregory,'' tony called, looking from the picture he was drawing.

''what do you want, mortal?'' Gregory said, looking tony, clearly uninterested.

''before you go, I wanted to ask you some questions'' tony said, while drawing his picture.

''fine, ask'' Gregory said, uninterested, but a little interested into what tony wants to ask.

''okay, first is: do you like Reyna? And don't say, no I don't she is a stupid mortal'' tony asked, looking straight into my brothers cold eyes.

''fine, she is interesting, but that's all I'm going to say'' he said, looking annoyed, at having to answer a stupid question.

''okay, fine next one is, do you really believe me when I say I am being abused?'' tony said, looking away.

''…I don't believe it a hundred percent, but I do believe it, just not that much'' Gregory answered, looking at tony.

''okay'' tony said, he started on another piece of paper.

''what are you drawing?'' Gregory asked, I looked at what tony was drawing at first.

It was a graveyard, it looked like the one me and tony met, from a few years ago. It had the trees, in the back, and the graveyards were, all looking like, well gravestones. The grass looked dead, and it clashed against the tombstones, like the wind was blowing that day. There were people in it; there were two little boys, a little girl, a teenage boy, and what it looked like the parents.

''is that, when we met seven or eight years ago?'' I asked, looking at the beautiful work that tony drawn.

''yup, if I had my colored pencils from my room, I would be able to color it in, but this would have to do'' tony said, before getting up and putting down the now done picture he was drawing before.

''what's the one, you just got done?'' Gregory said, peering over his shoulder.

''oh, It's almost the same one, but it different because that is when Rudolph and I met again'' tony said, putting it on the table so we could see it better.

It was the same backgrounds, but it only had two boys this time and was bigger; the ground looked like it was covered in snow, and gravestones were covered in ice and flurries of snow.

''this is amazing, I didn't know you could draw so well'' I said, to him, he blushed and looked away.

''me too'' Gregory murmured, and sat down again.

''well, I started to draw a lot when I was sent to my room, after my beatings, the more I draw the more…emotionally they became'' tony answered.

''cool'' came from Gregory.

''well, I'm going to up to my bedroom'' Gregory said, and went up.

''goodnight Gregory'' tony called up, and went and turned to me.

''these, really are amazing, you know'' I said, to tony while looking at the one he made so far again.

''thanks'' tony said, a little embarrassed.

''so, what do you want to do now?'' I asked, trying to stop the silence even though it's like leaning towards, two a.m. in the morning.

''well, I was going to stay up for Reyna, but I know she has Anna'' tony said, getting up and stretching.

And some of his skin was exposed.

I like it.

''well, you might as well get some sleep it would do you no good of being tired tomorrow'' I said, rubbing my hand in his shirt, and rubbing his skin.

I heard his inhale of his breath, ''your right, I should get to sleep but one of the other reason is that I don't want any more flashbacks, I hate them'' tony said, roughly rubbing his eyes from the tears threaten to spill out.

''damn it I'm always a fucking cry baby!'' he cried out, throwing himself on my lap.

''it doesn't make you a cry baby tony, it just means your human'' I said, rubbing his back up and down, calming him.

''I know, but it hurts seeing it again, again, and again every night'' tony whimpered, sniffling wrapping his arms around my neck.

''I know, but think of it this way, it will get better soon'' I said, consoling him.

''well, I wish it would come faster, It's taking a fucking long time'' tony said, in my neck.

I chuckled, ''me to tony, me too'' I whispered, I felt him slowly starting to go limp, so I carried him bridle style into our bedroom, and tucked him under the covers.

I was just about to go write a note for Reyna, when tony latched on to my arm.

''don't go, please'' tony said, looking up at me with those bloodshot eyes, and the amazing blue eyes I have ever seen.

''I'm just writing a not for Reyna, I'll be up in couple minutes'' I said, he let go of me and snuggled in the covers.

''fine, but you better'' he mumbled, I snickered as quietly as I could, as I went down the stairs.

I went into the kitchen, and pulled a piece of paper, than went into the living room for the pencil tony had used.

I sat it on the table and wrote:

Dear Anna and Reyna,

If you are reading this it means, you have come home somewhere in the night. Tony wanted to wait up for you, but couldn't because,sleep came over him, I went up with him, but not before I wrote this to you, so we are all up stairs.



I stuck it, on the table I had wrote on and went up the stairs, to join my love.

I opened the door, to our room and kicked off my shoes and snuggled under the covers with him.

He snuggled into me, I wrapped my arms around him, and whispered ''I love you tony''

''I love you too, ruddy'' he murmured, before he drifted fully into his sleep.

I fell asleep, with him in my arms, feeling the happiest i ever been.

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