It Will Be Okay

Chapter Five

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Tony Point Of view

I could tell my body was twisting around from my dream because I could hear Rudolph trying to get me to wake up from my nightmare.

''tony! You have to wake up, it's just a dream! It happened already! Please wake up!'' Rudolph pleaded; I could feel his soft hands on my shoulders shaking me, but to no luck.

I was stuck in here, in my own personal hell.

''all you are an ungrateful boy! We should have never had you! You were only a mistake!''

How could possibly forget that?

My parents didn't want me! They just had been a drunken one night stand and then nine months later, boom! I came along.

''you should have never been born! Then I wouldn't have had to marry your mother!''

Yeah, did I tell you my dad was forced to marry my moth- Dottie?

Yup, she threatened to call the police that he had raped her that night, and tooken advantage of her.

''you ungrateful brat! Get over here!''

Why can't I wake up? I'm fully aware of what's going on.

So why am I not waking up?

''please tony, you mean too much to me! Please wake up!'' my love, Rudolph is pleading again I can hear it.

I force myself to shift, and get half my body up, before falling down.

It felt like I was being weighed down by something heavy, I could move my eyes around but not open them.

''oh, sorry tony'' I felt ruddy get up, was he the one that I felt that I couldn't get up?

I tried again, with a look of concentration, (I'm pretty sure of It.) and tried to lift with no such luck.

''tony, Can you hear me?'' Rudolph asked, hopefully.

Of course I can, I love hearing your voice it's so beautiful to my ears.

I felt like I couldn't breathe, I saw my 'parents' standing before me smiling evilly at me.

''we are going to have so much fun tony, darling'' Dottie said, coming closer.

''yes, but in order to do so, you need to shut your mouth!'' Bob said harshly, before hitting me in the ribs.

I gasped at the pain, clutching my side as my breathing came in ragged gasps now and then.

''tony! What's wrong? What is going on mom?'' I could hear the desperation in his voice.

I tried to wake up, but I couldn't no matter how hard.

''Reyna what is happening to tony?'' Rudolph asked, sniffing even though he can't cry.

''I-I can't answer that, I don't know'' I heard her say, I heard shuffling and then the squeak of the chair.

''oh, tony don't you understand by now that we will always get what we want?'' Dottie said, taking my face in her hand, and dug her nails into my cheek.

I moaned in pain, and tried to rip her hand off, but it's like she had a death grip.

I managed to pull it off, with the remaining of my strength.

With one last thought of maybe trying to get my eyes open, the most amazing thing happened.

I opened my eyes.

I took a deep breath for a couple of minutes, before sitting up.

''Tony! You're okay!'' Rudolph said, hugging me to death.

''can't…breathe'' I gasped out, I just gotten my breathing controlled and then he comes over and hugs me like this?

Not that I didn't like it of course.

''oh, sorry tony'' he let go, almost immediately; I missed his cold presence already.

''how do you feel, tony? '' I heard Rudolph moms say.

''I feel fine, well rested I guess you could say'' I joked, smiling, but it disappeared when I saw their faces.

''what? What happened?'' I asked, fearing the answer.

''tony, it was like you were in a coma, you wouldn't wake up, and we didn't know if you could hear us or not, it was horrible'' My ruddy said, looking at me.

''what, how is this possible?'' I asked, looking at each and one of them.

''It's called, Sleep Paralysis, it happens when, you don't get the proper sleep, or you feel the sense of an evil presence, or you think someone is trying to harm you, even though there not there at all.''

''the symptoms are: difficulty breathing, and hallucinating experience any them?'' Reyna said, looking at me.

I nodded, glad to have an answer.

She went on, ''how to stop them is, avoid an irregular sleeping pattern,'' I blushed at that since I do have that, but hey It's not my fault! ''don't sleep on your back, they said that most likely where it comes from, and someone else touching you or talking to you might rouse you out of it'' she said, getting off the computer chair and sitting down on the side of the bed.

I said, '' what time is it?'' I do not like to wake up in the afternoon.

Reyna looked at me with an, ''what the fuck'' look.

''what? You know how I hate to sleep till noon!'' I said looking at her.

''yeah, I know that! But I just told you that you went into a Sleep Paralysis and you just say, 'what time is it?''' she said, watching me.

Yeah, that did sound dumb now.

''okay, now it sounds dumb, but I'm pretty sure I experienced this sometime when I was younger, but I can't remember, so I'm not worried,'' I stopped and taking an breather, ''so, what time is it?''

''It's,'' she looked down at her phone, ''1:28 p.m.'' she said, watching my reaction.

''oh,'' I said, quite angrily that I slept this long.

I moved to the side of the bed, and stood up.

They watched me as I went to the door, and opened it.

I paused, their staring getting to much.

''what, are you staring at?'' I said, crossing my arms across my chest, staring at them to see how they like it.

''nothing, it's just that well, we weren't expecting you to get up so soon.'' Anna said, looking around awkwardly.

''oh, well I was going downstairs to get something to eat, since I'm hungry'' I said, shrugging my shoulders and walked down the hall.

I heard them all, getting out of the room, and follow me.

''you know, you don't all have to watch me as if I'm going to fall at any moment'' I said, once I get down the stairs and jump on a couch.

''we weren't human'' I heard Gregory snarl.

''okay, but I'm just letting you know that you don't have to keep watch.'' I said looking at Reyna.

''why are you looking at me? I don't like stay up in your room worrying my guts out'' she said, Laughing nervously.

''right'' I said, drawing the 'right' out.

''so what was in the nightmare, tony? It had to be something bad'' Rudolph said, looking concerned like the cute boyfriend he is.

''it was about, it was like fragments of sayings from Dottie and bob'' I said, picking at a thread on my shirt.

''what did they say?'' I heard Rudolph mom ask curious.

I looked at her, and then looked away; I don't think I could say it while looking at her.

''Dottie said, 'all you are an ungrateful boy! We should have never had you! You were only a mistake!' and, bob said, 'you should have never been born! Then I wouldn't have had to marry your mother!' and then one of them said, 'you ungrateful brat! Get over here!''' i said, get to choke up on my emotions.

I don't think I could go on; it's too painful to say.

''is that it sweetie?'' Rudolph mom asked, nicely.

I shook my head and tried to continue, ''then, they were saying, 'we are going to have so much fun tony, darling'' Dottie said, coming closer. 'Yes, but in order to do so, you need to shut your mouth!'' Bob said harshly, before hitting me in the ribs.'' I said, closing my eyes and rested them against my clenched hands, trying to not let the tears flow in front of all of them.

I heard her gasp, ''that's terrible! Were you alright dear?'' she said, moving to see the damage when there is nothing to be seen.

''yes, Rudolph mom'' I said, smiling for her concerned.

''oh, dear call me Freda! It makes me sound old'' she said, smiling at me with her fangs poking out.

''okay'' I stood up and walked to the kitchen, enough talking I'm hungry!

I went to the counter and picked up an apple, and took a bite out of it.

'' how are feeling tony?'' I heard ruddy say, coming up from behind me and kissing my neck.

I almost dropped my apple.

I tried to smother my gasp, but I don't think I covered it well enough.

I felt him smile against me, with his fangs so close to my neck.

I unconsciously leaned up to touch them against my neck.

I felt him freeze, and pull back.

''tony'' he said, warningly looking down at me.

''I know, what you're going to say, can you imagine with me at least?'' I said, giving him my bestest puppy dog eyes.

He groaned under his breath and said, '' I will for you, but the answer is still no'' he said, playing with my hair.

I sighed in defeat, he won this time but I'm still going to push him.

I want to be like him, so he doesn't have to worry about me being hurt all the time.

I stood on my tippy toes and kissed him on the mouth.

He slowly pushed me against the wall, and slid his hands under my shirt.

I wriggle from being ticklish, he seems to know that and goes up even farther and rest his hands there for a minute before tickling me.

''ha ha ha! Stop it ruddy! That tickles!'' I said, while giggling.

''and that's exactly what I'm doing that for!'' he said, smiling at me with his fangs glinting in the light.

''please! I can't breathe!'' I said, laughing trying to pull his hands from tickling me.

''alright, I will stop, but only because you asked so nicely'' he said pecking me on the lips.

I gripped my sides, and slowly slid down the wall trying to get some air into my lungs.

''you okay? I didn't hurt you did i?'' he said, concerned for me.

''yeah,'' I wheezed out, ''it's just sharp pains, because I'm not breathing in enough'' I said, breathing getting controlled by now.

I lift my hand off of my ribs, and stand up.

''see? Perfectly fine'' I say, with a smile.

''okay, is you say so'' he said, grinning before closing the gap between us.

It didn't last that long.

''is everything decent in here? I heard moaning and then some giggling?'' I heard Reyna say.

I turned around and see her hands over both eyes, but kept peeking out of them.

''Reyna! We weren't doing that!'' I said, walking over to her and pulling her hands from her eyes to show her that we were not doing 'it'.

''oh, thank goodness! If you were I thought I would have to bleach my eyes!'' she said, in mock horror.

I laughed out loud, at the image of that.

''so what are Rudolph's parent and Gregory doing out there?'' I said, picking up the long forgotten apple on the table and taking a bite out of it.

''oh, well nothing much'' she said, before sitting down at the chair next to me on my left.

I took a bite out of my apple, and turned it around and then munching on the other side.

''hello, mortals, hello brother'' Gregory said, standing by the doorway.

''what did I say about being called a mortal?'' Reyna said, about to stand up, but I quickly got up and pushed her back down into her chair.

''Reyna control your temper!'' I said, and sat down in my chair again finishing my apple.

''yeah, Reyna control your temper'' Gregory said mockingly.

''Gregory knock it off!'' Rudolph shouted at him, clearly getting pissed off at Gregory.

''why? Am I upsetting the poor human?'' he said, taunting her.

''that's it! I had it; I'm not some stupid human or mortal! I am more than that!'' and before I could stop her, she swung back and punched him in the face.

''ouch'' he said, grinning at her.

I looked at her, and saw that her hand was swelling, and she had tears in her eyes.

''Reyna are alright?'' I asked her carefully, knowing she did not like it when she showed pain.

''yes'' she choked out, before running out of the room, and up the stairs.

''I will go check on her'' I said, about to walk towards the door, but Rudolph grabbed my hand and looked at me.

''I will go check on her, besides I need to get to know her more'' he said, smiling and then he ran up the stairs to check on her.

I sat on my chair, completely bored.

''can we talk?'' Gregory said, looking at me with his blood red eyes.

''what do you want to talk about?'' I said, looking up to him, curiously.

''can we go somewhere more private?'' he said, watching my every move.

''fine, let's go'' I said, sighing.

I didn't really want to go, but I was curious to what he had to talk to me about.

We went up the stairs, and went to one of the guest bedrooms.

He opened the door, and sat down on a chair next to the bed.

''are you going to sit down or not?'' as he saw me just sitting there in the doorway.

I walked over to the bed, and sat down on it.

Silence filled the air, and it was awkward.

''so'' I say, lying back against the bed.

''what did you want to talk to me about?'' I said, hoping this to be over and done with soon.

''how long have you known Reyna? And when did you become friends?'' I heard him speak, softly.

I lied there shocked, had Gregory actually spoken nice to me? And asked about Reyna?

''umm, well to start it off, I have known Reyna for about,'' I think about it, I became friends with her after a couple months after they left so, about six years?

''six years I think, I mean she and I became friends about a couple of months after you guys left'' I said, smiling when I thought back to that memory.

''and when did you become friends with her?'' he said, getting interested.

''well, it went back to a few months when you left…'' I said, telling him how we met.

(Flashback to when tony first met Reyna) beware there may be comments from the both of them.

I had just come from school, when I saw a girl that looked a year older than me getting picked on.

She was on the concrete floor covering her face from her tears. ''I will murder them'' ''Gregory Reyna already gotten her revenge on them'' ''I don't care, I want to murder them!''

I walk over there and said, ''hey! Stop picking on her! What did she ever do to you?'' I said angry that they would do such a thing to her.

The girl they were picking on looked up at me curiously.

I looked down at her, and offered her my hand.

She looked at it and grabbed it to pull herself up.

'' thank you…?'' she trailed off, not knowing my name. ''wow, you save her and you didn't even tell her your name'' '' I was a little busy''

''tony, tony Thompson'' I said, smiling.

''hey are you dweebs done chit-chatting now so we can continue with what we were doing?'' one of the bullies said, getting ready to kick. *growls* ''that asshole''

In a quick motion, I Reyna grabbed his ankle and twisted, forcing him to fall.

I heard the 'CRACK' in his foot as he was forced on the ground and on top of it.

''let's go!'' I heard them all scream, I grinned even more if that was possible.

I looked at Reyna, and she looked back at me.

''that was awesome! Did you see their faces?'' I said, excitedly.

''yeah! They were like, 'holy crap!''' she said, mimicking the bestest face she could of their reactions.

I laughed, her expression was so funny! Once I calmed down, she looked at me.

''hey do you want to come to my house and play Barbie's?'' she said, looking excited. ''um what are Barbie's?'' ''you seriously don't want to know''

''sure, why not, it sounds like fun!'' I said, she then picked up her backpack and we walked to her house.

(End of flashback)

''I can't believe she was being bullied…'' he said, trailing off.

''I know, that's why she hates it when people call her names, especially when you call her 'mortal' or ' human' it really gets on her nerves'' I said, explaining.

'' I didn't know that'' he said, looking away.

''well, now you know'' I said, watching him.

''Gregory is the reason you asked me to come in here, because you like her?'' I said, i really hope that was case, because then we would only have Reyna.

''what? No'' he said, shocked that I would say such a thing.

''come on Gregory, I'm won't tell anyone'' I teased, except maybe Rudolph, but don't tell him that.

''fine I like her, she fascinates me'' he said, crossing his arms across his chest like a child that didn't get his own way.

''okay, is there anything else that you want to ask me?'' I said, watching him curiously it was great talking to Gregory, it made him more human.

''yes, there is'' he said, hesitantly.

''well, then go on, ask away! You guys are like my family, and Reyna is like the sister I will never have'' I confessed, watching him as he mulled things over.

''Why did your father, '' I flinched, '' sorry, bob stay with Dottie even after you were born?'' he asked, curious as to why he would do that.

''I honestly do not know the answer to that'' I said, honestly and I didn't they never spoken to each other unless they were out in public or fighting.

''okay then, how come people didn't notice anything different going on?'' he said, his eyebrows pushing down.

''well, I have heard bob and Dottie talking that they couldn't keep doing it every day, that had to do it every now and then, since they heard one person whispering to someone while looking over at me'' I said, not knowing that I was pressing on one of my old scars.

''what did they do to you?'' he said, watching as my fingers brushed ragged scar on my elbow.

''well, I guess bob said something that pissed off Dottie and she took a knife and she just carelessly drew into my elbow'' I said, tracing it all the way down to my forearm.

He got up and sat down next to me.

''anything else you would like to know?'' I said, looking over at him.

''not right now, I can't think of anything else'' he said, before taking my arm and stretching it up into the air, to see the full length of it.

It was at least 3 inches long, and went down like a zigzag.

''alright, but just so you know,'' I started, making sure he was paying attention.

He looked up from my arm, but was still turning it in his hands.

''Reyna is the closest thing I have, and you guys are my family, and if I lose her it will be as if I'm losing apart of myself'' I confessed, watching his reaction.

He took a deep breath, and let go of my arm and said, ''I would never hurt her intentionally or on purpose, I guess you could say I'm picking on her is because I was trying to get her attention'' he said, looking down.

He suddenly got up and looked down at me.

''and my family, won't let anything happen to you, mother already thinks of you as her son'' he said, and left the room.

I sat there for a few minutes and then left the room to go to me and Rudolph's room to see how they were making out.

I opened the door, and walked in and saw them talking, and saw Reyna hand all wrapped up.

''so what you guys talking about, that has you so intrigued into not hearing me come in? Nothing bad I hope?'' I said teasingly at them.

They jumped into the air, and turned and looked at me.

''tony I had no idea you were even there!'' Reyna exclaimed, surprised.

''tony, come join us please'' Rudolph said, patting the seat beside him.

I walked the rest of the way, and sat down.

Apparently that wasn't enough for ruddy, since he pulled me across his lap.

''so what were you guys seriously talking about?'' I said, nuzzling my nose into the side of Rudolph's neck.

''nothing, much just that Reyna has a total crush on Gregory!'' Rudolph shouting some of the words since Reyna was crawling and jumping to get Rudolph to shut up about it.

''Rudolph shut up! That is not true!'' Reyna said, trying to get at him.

He jumped up, with me wrapped around his waist, as he ran around the room trying to get away from her clutches.

Rudolph's laughed and managed to open the door with one hand, while the other holds me up.

He ran, down the hall to the edge of the stairs.

I let go of him, and planted my feet on the ground, and leaned up and kissed him on the lips before I turned to the stairs and then back to him.

''are you ready?'' I said, bouncing on the balls of my feet, excited.

''yeah, are you?'' he said, his eyes boring into my soul.

I was about to answer, but then we heard a shout from Reyna that meant that she was not that far behind.

''let's go before she catches us!'' I said, hurrying down the stairs.

''that's fine with me!'' he said, taking two at a time.

''you two will pay for this!'' I heard her shout, threateningly.

I laughed, took off for the living room, with Rudolph behind me.

I slipped over my foot and crashed into the couch that had Gregory on it, who looked amused.

''so what is Reyna mad about this time? It obviously has something to do with you two'' he said, looking at us.

I quickly got up, grabbed my arm, i landed on my wrist, and it hurt.

I sat on the couch and held it to my chest.

''tony are you okay? What happened to your arm?'' Rudolph said, coming over and picking it up tenderly and stroking the little swelling that was appearing.

''ow'' I said, trying to move it as slow as possible.

''tony! This is not over!'' Reyna said, as she came into the room.

Everyone looked at her and she looked at us.

She then noticed my wrist in Rudolph's hands.

''tony are you okay? What happened?'' she rushed over to where I was sitting and barely brushed her fingers across the now notice bump.

I hissed out in pain, and tried to take back arm.

'' I guess I didn't look where I was going, and ran right into the couch'' I said, standing to some ice packs.

''I pretty sure It's sprained'' I said, carefully examining it.

''I think so too'' Reyna said, looking at it.

''I will get some ice for it'' Rudolph said, standing up and going into the kitchen.

I sat back down, and lied back.

''how is your hand?'' I heard Gregory ask Reyna.

''its fine I guess, sore and pretty sure broken, and don't just think that I'm talking to you doesn't mean, your off the hook'' she said, looking right at him.

''oh I know, I was just asking, since it was your idea to punch me'' he said, a smirk coming on to his face.

''ugh! If it wasn't for my arm, I would so rip that smirk off your face!'' she said, eye brightened and her cheeks all red.

She was blushing.

Aw, Reyna is blushing at Gregory isn't that so cute?

''sure you would'' he said, just watching her.

''so what was all the running and screaming for dear?'' Freda said, looking over at us.

''oh, it was because me and Rudolph found out a secret about her ad she thought we were going to tell someone and chased us down the whole house'' I said, honestly.

''here you go tony'' Rudolph said, handing me the ice pack.

''thank you, ruddy'' I said, smiling up at him, and putting it on my wrist.

''well, what was the secret about?'' Gregory asked, interested.

''Gregory! That is very rude to ask!'' Rudolph mom said, with disapproval in her eyes.

He looked at me, waiting for me like I would tell him.

''sorry, no can do dude, she would hurt me if I do'' I said, sneaking a glance at Reyna, and saw that she was watching Gregory.

This was going to be great.

I yawned, and stood up, and looked at the clock.

Eight forty-five at night.

''I'm going to bed, night everybody'' I said, climbing the stairs, and headed to mine and ruddy room.

I felt someone pick me up bridal style and carry me the rest of the way.

He opened the door and placed me on my bed, and took off my clothes and replaced them with bed attire.

He chose a loose fitting grey shirt that went down to my thighs, and black boxers.

Perfect, just the way I go to bed.

After he puts on his pajamas he climbs in with me and wraps an arm around me.

I snuggle against him, and fall asleep.

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