Sonic's Ultimate Adventure

Chapter 1: The reunion

(Everybody is at Sonic's house)

Sonic: Im telling you my story book adventures where awesome

Shadow:Id like to meet my counterpart, Sir Lancelot

Sonic: Let me get the books

Amy: Yeah you blew off our dates for these"adventures"

(All of a sudden a light came out of the books and Lancelot Percival Gaiwan Merlina Silvers Jets and Shanon the genie with caliburn come out)

All: Hello sonic

Sonic: Guys!

Shadow and Lancelot: What the hell

Silver and Silver2: Cool!

Percival: Heres a scabard for caliburn


Caliburn and Shanon: Sonic two hedgehogs named Sekladoom and Nazo have attacked our worlds

Everyone: Them again !

Sonic and Shadow:We must have blasted them to different demensions

Caliburn: and their coming here

Sonic: Looks like we have to gather everything, Blaze go get the sol emeralds and the jeweled scepter, Knux go get the time stones,Knights of the Round Table go get the chaos rings and the world rings

Babylon Rouges get the cosmic stones and the chaos cube,Shade get the dark chaos emeralds,Tails and Cream go get the wisps, Me, Shadow,Silver will get the chaos emeralds, link rings and the master emerald

(Later everyone gathered at Angel Island with the objects)

Bar Fight!