Candle on the Water

Alice Kingsleigh, the Queens Champion of Underland, was traveling back from China on the trade ship 'Wonder'. The ship was rounding the southern tip of Africa when a storm caught them. During her time away from England Alice had learned all she could about sailing and now helped to secure the ship for the rapidly developing storm. Alice was secured to the mast by a long tether tied around her waist as she helped to secure some rigging.

Alice and two other crewmen were trying to secure some rigging when a wave washed over the deck and slammed them into the starboard railing. Determined not to be beaten by a mere storm she got up, helped her mates up and together they secured the rigging. She was just about to go to the port side of the ship when an even larger wave crashed onto the deck and swept Alice and the two deckhands overboard.

The first mate saw the trio fall and called for help, cursing the storm, to pull them up. He was horrified to realize that all three tethers had snapped. James McDougal, Duncan Smith, and Alice Kingsleigh were now lost at sea.

The White Queen Miranda of Marmoreal awoke from a horrible dream. The link she shared with her champion, friend, and lover Alice Kingsleigh was humming as if Alice were in danger. Shivering from the cold night air Mirana wrapped herself in a robe and went out onto her balcony. There was a full moon outside, a night for magic and for lovers. The balcony overlooked extensive gardens around the castle as well as a large pond which reflected the moon light. The sight of the reflecting light stirred something within her; a sort of warm glow in the string that connected Alice to her.

I'll be your candle on the water

My love for you will always burn

I know you're lost and drifting

But the clouds are lifting

Don't give up you have somewhere to turn

Alice fought to keep her head above water as the sea tore at her clothes and the salt stung her eyes. It seemed as if the storm which had come on so suddenly was also leaving. She had no clue where she was or where James and Duncan were. Surely they were within shouting distance, but she didn't dare try. It was hard enough to keep afloat in the rough choppy water, and to keep from swallowing sea-water. As she struggled thoughts of Underland came to her. Mirana, the White Queen stood out in her minds-eye as brightly as a candle in a dark room.

I'll be your candle on the water

Till every wave is warm and bright

My soul is there beside you

Let this candle guide you

Soon you'll see a golden stream of light

A cold and friendless tide has found you

Don't let the stormy darkness pull you down

I'll paint a ray of hope around you

Circling in the air

Lighted by a prayer

The water was cold and it pounded Alice from every direction. Her clothes weighed her down, everything about the situation was rough and Alice wanted to give up once or twice. Every time she had those thoughts however Mirana would come to mind and Alice would fight harder. She had hope, that somehow this storm would lead her to Underland and the White Queen.

Was it her Imagination or was the water glowing? The water did indeed seem to be glowing and Alice felt strength return to her. She felt strong enough to start looking for James and Duncan. The glow then faded as she searched. She then found them, trying to stay together as the Choppy water tried to pull them in separate directions. Alice held out her hands to both sailors who each took one when the golden light around Alice returned.

I'll be your candle on the water

This flame inside of me will grow

Keep holding on you'll make it

Here's my hands so take it

Look for me reaching out to show

As sure as rivers flow

I'll never let you go

I'll never let you go

I'll never let you go

The light intensified around the three causing them to grip each other even more tightly than they had before. Suddenly they were falling as if… as if they were tumbling down a rabbit hole. Alice's eyes popped open and saw one of the most terrifyingly welcome sights. A Piano was falling towards her with such speed one might think it would slam into her. James and Duncan were screaming but Alice had started laughing.

They were saved. What had looked to be a very long and drawn out death had turned into an opportunity for life of the most rewarding kind. The connection Alice had to her Queen, which had been silent and cold until now, was humming and warming up and it was glowing with the same light that had surrounded the trio before they started to fall.

The three landed in an easier manner than Alice had on her last trip down the rabbit hole. They landed on the floor instead of the ceiling. It was as if Underland knew that they had already been through an ordeal. "Where are we?" James asked as he looked around the room of doors.

"Tis a strange place this," Duncan added turning to Alice. "Are ye alright lass?"

"I'm alright Duncan; nothing is so much as sprained." Alice replied. "The only thing that hurts are my bruises and aching muscles from the ship."

"Tis the same for me, what about you Jimmy?" Duncan called as James, or Jim to those who knew him well, tried several of the doors, which refused to open.

"How do we get out of here?" James mumbled before answering Duncan in the negative. All were bruised, sore, and wet but otherwise just fine.

Alice stood to join James at the door he had failed to open. Her connection to Miranda grew hot as she put her hand on the knob and twisted. The door opened for the Queens champion, to reveal a large meadow filled with white chess pieces, horses, humans, and to Alice's wonder, Mirana the White Queen herself."

Mirana had stayed up all night; her link to Alice had started to vibrate more intensely as night turned to morning. At the first sign of dawn, Mirana called for a company of chess pieces to mount up and be ready to ride to the glade outside a doorway from the room of doors. Something was telling her to go there all the while she could feel herself giving magic to Alice. How or why Mirana didn't know, nor did she care at that moment. She only knew she must get to that door.

The journey from Marmoreal to the door at the glade took two hours when all was said and done. Everything was still and silent as if Underland itself was waiting for something. The cracks around the door then started to glow and Mirana felt a pulse go up the tie she shared with Alice. The surrounding chess pieces and humans gasped as they saw the light. That light meant that the Queens Soul mate had come to Underland. Many had no clue that it was Alice who held their Queens heart and commanded her affection.

When the door opened, Alice stood in the void, glowing with a soft steady light. She was soaked to the bone and smelled strongly of salt water and brine. Two men stood behind her, one younger, the other older with a salt and pepper beard and a kind eye.

The men looked in awe when they noticed that Alice was glowing. Alice noticed nothing she only had eyes for Mirana. When the two locked eyes Alice walked forward to stand before Mirana and knelt before the Queen of Underland. "My Queen, I Alice Kingsleigh have returned to Underland. I pledge myself and my sword to you for all of my days."

"Rise Alice Kingsleigh, I Queen Mirana of Marmoreal accept your pledge and welcome you home to Underland. You are the Slayer of the Jabberwocky, tamer of the Bandersnatch, wielder of the Vorpal sword, and the Queens Champion." Mirana said in reply. Alice rose and without ceremony or care Mirana hugged her tightly. "Welcome home, Alice."

Authors Note: I do not own Alice in Wonderland nor do I own the song Candle on the Water from the movie Pete's Dragon and sung by Helen Reddy. I have been searching for a way to re-unite Alice with her beloved Queen but haven't been able to find a way that suited me or that did them justice. With the news that Disney is indeed making a sequel to this and after listening to Disney music on Pandora, I got to thinking about Goodbye. When Candle on the Water started to play I could see Alice struggle in the water and could imagine that such a dangerous situation might affect Mirana. I now have my sequel and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. There will probably be a second chapter or possible a sequel story but I'm not going to guarantee that especially as I took so long in making a second chapter.

PS: I really, really need a Beta. If anyone is interested please contact me.