We climbed higher into the mountains. The ground had began to be covered by snow several miles back, and now everything was covered in the white stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but not this much. Strangely enough I barely felt anything at all. I still felt slightly warm.

Martin and Jauffre were shivering on the backs of their horses. Anděl though seemed slightly more affected. His teeth chattered loudly and his entire body was rigid. He held the reigns awkwardly, thus confusing the horse half the time, as he brought his arms close around me. His nose buried into my hair, making me squirm around. "What are you doing!?" I gasp out.

He shivers trying to get closer to me. "I'm cold blooded, what do you think!" I guess that makes sense, but still this is weird!

"We need to stop in Bruma. He won't make it at this rate." Martin suggested grabbing onto the reins from Anděl's hands.

I try to look over at Martin from under Anděl's chin. "I don't think he want's people seeing him though."

The man in question mumbles out a reply of, "What in Oblivion gave you that idea!" He stutters over his words. His arms tighten around me pushing my chest up, okay to far now. I couldn't be that warm that he wants to try and fuse into my back. His entire body gave another shutter, and I can feel the bare skin on his hands and exposed arms. He was freezing. If my jacket were big enough I would give it to him, but it wouldn't help much, if any.

It took a lot of coaxing for him to release his hold on me long enough so I could remove my jacket. As soon as it was off, his arms went under mine and held on for dear life. I cover up his arms as much as I can to at least help somewhat.

"We can't waste any time." Jauffre spoke sounding irritated, his teeth to chattering together from the cold.

"But we need to get something so he doesn't freeze to death out here!" I almost dropped my jacket, but I grabbed it putting it back where it was. Jauffre gave a sound of uncertain agreement.

"Look Bruma is just over that hill. We should let the horses rest anyway." Martin nodded his head at the stone walls that were just coming over the landscape. They stood out against the white blanket that covered the mountain.

"Never mind me, keep going!" Anděl tried to bark out the order, but only ended up in a sneezing fit.

Now Jauffre was the one to point out the stables just outside the gates. Once we made it there we all dismounted, but Anděl didn't dismount so much as he slid and fell to the ground. He still clung to my jacket, putting it over his head. It only made him seem even more suspicious. If he wasn't already in so much agony I would be laughing at how ridiculous he looks.

I kept quiet though as Jauffre went inside the stables to make sure we could leave our horses here. He came back out a few minutes later carrying a gigantic blanket in his arms.

"Here, I told her we had an Argonian in our company. She understood." Anděl all but shoved my jacket back at me in favor of the thick blanket. I wasn't going to complain though I was starting to get a little cold anyway. At least his horns hadn't ripped any holes either.

"Selene could you and Anděl go to an inn. I will go find an enchantment that will help our friend with this issue." From under the blanket Anděl gave Martin a 'bite me' look. Jauffre was quick to follow after Martin, saying how he wasn't going to just let him leave his site.

"Come on tough guy." I tug on Anděl's elbow pulling him the rest of the way into the city. I stop quickly though realizing I have no idea where I'm supposed to go. "Umm... this way." I began walking again in a random direction. Anděl began mumbling beside me growing more impatient by the minute.

We must have passed the same building five times before I finally asked a guard where the inn was. Turns out it was right behind us... Go figure huh...

Once inside Anděl was quick to break away from me and go straight to the fireplace. I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if he jumped in just to get warm. "You okay?" I asked as I squatted down next to him. He just sat there hunched over. I could see his pointed teeth clacking together in his closed mouth.

"Of all the dumb-ass things I've done... Why did I come up here..." He pulls the blanket closer to himself trying to scoot closer to the fire. I could almost picture ice sickles melting from the end of his nose, I had to repress the urge to snicker.

"Can I get you two something?" I look up to see another extremely tall man. Other than being as tall as Anděl, he didn't look any different from a normal person. I look over at Anděl again, but he's just sitting there doing nothing. Well, nothing other than shivering, chattering and mumbling incoherently to himself. He wasn't going to budge from his warm haven anytime soon.

"Well I think we're supposed to be staying the night." I stand up shuffling around on my feet.

"Just the two of you?"

"No there's four of us." He nodded his head and began to rub his chin.

"If you're going to need two rooms, it'll be fifty Septims, four for one-hundred." Behind me Anděl gave a snort.

With a loud sniff our attention was drawn down to Anděl. "Are you trying to rob us blind?!" He turned his head slightly to be able to see the man. Anděl stood up quickly behind me. There was no doubt in my mind that he was ready to pick a fight. I put myself in a dangerous place between the two trying to keep him from doing something stupid.

"Just pay the man alright!"

"I can't afford that!" He leans down a little. "We need food as well, and supplies to make it up the mountain!" He continued to banter on. "The stable isn't free either, the horses need to be feed as well. What are you thinking!?" I tried to shrink back, Anděl is extremely scary when he's mad. Just knowing that a slightly demonic set of horns, fangs and red eyes lay hidden under the thick tattered blanket.

"I'm trying here okay!" I recompose myself standing up to him.

A long finger appears out from under the blanket to point at me. "How much do you have then? Nothing, why doesn't that surprise me?" He snorts once more giving a slight shiver and drew his hand back into the warmth of the wool.

I cross my arms and then threw them back out in a huff. "Well what do you want me to do then!? At least I'm trying to do something, not just shivering in a corner!" I point my own accusing finger at him as his lip curls up as he begins to growl. Oh shit, just keep pushing his buttons see how long before he decides to rip my head off. "Besides you were the one that was clinging to me all the way up here!"

"Yes and you have been a thorn in my side since I picked you up!" He shouts and the inn keeper had long since left us to have our little argument. The other people in the inn had finally began to have their conversations totally ignoring us acting like complete idiots.

It... stung. Like a slap to the face. I could feel my jaw tightening, and my vision narrowed as I attempted to glare.

"If I'm such a problem why am I still here!?" As much as I thought it would, my voice didn't crack. I couldn't feel hurt, I couldn't there had to be something else I could feel.

"I take it back then!"

I rolled my eyes at him and crossed my arms. "Take what back?"

And that feeling, was anger.

"You can find your way home on your own. I'm finished." With that he plopped back down at the fire and ignored my presence completely. I'm so furious at the moment that I don't realize that I could be left completely on my own now. I stomp away seeing Martin talking to the inn keeper now.

"I thought I heard you two in here. I've gotten our rooms situa-" I grabbed the key from his hand and took my tantrum upstairs. I try several doors before finding one that finally opened. I stomp inside slamming the door behind me. I sit at the head of the bed crossing my legs and arms huffing loudly. All I want to do is scream and flail about throwing the worlds biggest temper-tantrum anyone's ever seen or heard.

My nails dug deep into my scalp as I rest my forehead on my knees. I began to take deep shallow breaths attempting to loosen my jaw.

It finally began to sink in once I was alone and able to think clearly without any sound.

Oh god I'm alone now. But Martin wouldn't just let him ditch me from the group through right? Even so, Martin wouldn't be able to help me find a way home. So far as I know he can't do that. I bring my knees up close to my chest and covered my mouth with one hand while the other couldn't figure out what to do while my eyes stare mutely at the blanket under me.

If Anděl didn't help me. I would be stuck here, and I just possibly ruined my one chance at getting home again. Why did I have to be such an arrogant teenager? I began biting down on my lip trying to figure out a way to sweet talk my way into getting Anděl to help me again. After an hour I still couldn't come up with anything at all. All of my conversations in my head still end up with the two of us arguing and me back at square one. Even the Anděl in my head could be an arrogant bastard.

"I apologize." I scream and almost fell off the edge of the bed. Anděl pulled me back onto the bed as I gasp for air. I clutched at my heart trying to get it to return to a steady, healthy rhythm. "If you still would like me to. I'll help you get home."

Wow, that was easier than I had thought. He just sat there waiting for me to answer him. I finally managed to nod quickly. Please please please help me out here! It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, even if it was only there for a little while it was a wonderful feeling.

"It couldn't be far. Where do we start?"

I open my mouth closing it quickly and opening it again. How was I supposed to explain this. He had already asked me once, and I couldn't say then. He's going to think I'm insane. Hell I think even I'm insane. I sigh and hug my knees resting my chin on them once more. "Honestly... I don't know how I'm going to get back..." The momentary relief I had was gone once more.

"I don't understand?"

How was I supposed to explain to him I'm from another planet? That none of this is anything I have any idea about. I don't know how to send myself to another planet, well theoretically yeah I do, but not like this. Not out of thin air. "Anděl, is it possible to bring someone from another world here? Or vice-versa?" He was so quiet at first I didn't think he heard me, or that I even asked the question in the first place.

This whole ordeal is going to drive me up the wall!

"Maybe another dimension, but I don't think another... what are you trying to say Selene?" I hide my face against my legs trying to curl away from the world as I fell over bumping into Anděl. He began laughing, but it slowed down after I began sobbing. "You're serious?"

My shoulders shake and I begin to feel weak. Anděl pulled me out from my little ball, dragging me into his lap. "I'm never going to see my family again..." As much as my sister and I fought I still loved her, she was my sister. And mommy and daddy, even if I acted like they embarrassed me to no end they were still my one and only parents. No one could ever replace them. I didn't care about my friends as much as I did my family. I would miss them too of course, but it wasn't the same.

"I'll figure something out." Anděl said as his fingers ran through my hair. His words weren't comforting enough, I would need some kind of proof that I wasn't stuck here. I turn and hid my face in the tough leather and steel armor on Anděl's chest. My fingers dug into the belt at his hip and metal on his armor.

Anděl began humming an unfamiliar tune, it was so soft and sweet. There were no words to the song, at least as far as I'm aware.

I hadn't realized that I had fallen asleep until Anděl was shaking me awake the next morning. I look at the blanket over me realizing that he must have tucked me in after he had realized I had fallen asleep. He could be nice when he wanted too apparently.

Martin and Jauffre were already awake, eating at a table downstairs. They had two more plates of food set up for Anděl and myself. At least the food here looks recognizable, and not something totally weird. I think I have ham and potatoes, and some kind of gloppy looking thing. For the most part I guess it was recognizable... I poke at the gelatinous blob with my fork giving it a weird look. It jiggled when it was touched, kind of like jello. If jello were lumpy and had random looking black spots in it. Everyone was eating it though, and not making strange faces as they did.

I just have to suck it up and pick off a little. My hand shook as I bring it up to my mouth, almost falling into my lap. The closer it got I could tell it had a nasty odor. Or it could be me, I haven't bathed in nearly four days! I sit the fork back down and grabbed onto my jacket and gave a whiff. I nearly gag as I plug my nose up. I don't even want to see what I look like. I'm sure my hair is matted to my head now, and covered in dirt from sleeping outside.

"Um, guys... is there anywhere I can take a bath here?"

"We don't have time. Eat your breakfast Selene." Jauffre finished his own food and sat waiting for everyone to do the same. I tried to retort against him but he said that I could take one when we got to Cloud Ruler Temple...

I tried to eat my ham and potatoes quickly so that they wouldn't drag me off without having eaten. No sooner did I finish they all got up and were heading out the door. "But don't we need to get things?"

"We got them while you slept." Martin said sounding apologetic. Great just greatttt...