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-Suspect POV-

There he is. Poor, unsuspecting little brat. He thinks he can get away with putting my little sister behind bars. No one will believe that this childish punk has been the brains behind Sleeping Kogoro, but I know. I saw his head poking out from behind that idiot. He will pay for breaking apart my little family. All I had left. She was all I had left. And he took her away. She made a simple mistake of letting her flash of rage take over, and he put her away behind bars. Murderer or not, she is my sister, my baby sister. He will pay.

He's coming closer. His friends had just left for a different street. Perfect, there will be no witnesses. Just ten feet. Seven feet. I prepare myself…four feet…and reach…one foot…out for his small frame. Covering his mouth with a doused napkin, I pull him into the alley until his body goes still. Even the best of detectives will fall under the effects of chloroform. I put him on my back and walk nonchalantly to my car, his soft breathing rustling in my ear. His vulnerability almost made me feel guilty…almost. Pushing away my thoughts, I pulled him off of my back and shoved him into the backseat, not bothering to buckle him in. I couldn't let my emotions affect my plan. I hardly remembered wrenching the door open and climbing into the seat. Hardly remember putting the shift into drive and pulling away from the curb.

-Ran's POV-

There's Conan! He was feeling a little sick today, it's no surprise he was coming straight home after school. His friends didn't even attack him with sympathy like they would usually. They could tell he wasn't feeling very well at all. He was breathing heavy and sweating bullets, but he insisted on going to school. The other kids came to meet him before school, and Ai gave him a sympathetic, knowing smile. I wonder what was going on. He was only down the street, but I felt a…sense. I felt…danger. Conan was nearing an alley opening when I caught a glimpse of someone in the alley. I froze…I…I couldn't move. The person reached out and grabs Conan. At first, Conan kicks weakly-his illness making it difficult for him to fight back-then the assailant puts a napkin over Conan's mouth. Conan's kicks grow more labored and weak before finally going still. I can't see him anymore. I can't get to him! The traffic is going by too fast! The person walks out of the alley with Conan on his back. Anyone passing in cars or on the sidewalk would assume that a parent were carrying their sleeping son to their car, but I knew better. I knew that this was no loving gesture. I had to get to him! First Shinichi runs off and I don't see him for months at a time, I can't lose Conan too! A lull in traffic! I race across to the other side, just as the car pulls away, just as I lose who I feel to be my little brother. It's going fast…too fast for me to run after. I sink to my hands and knees. I messed up. I froze, and Conan got kidnapped. I knew he was sick, but I didn't meet him at school to walk him home. I saw him coming, but I didn't call out to him. I knew what was coming, but I couldn't war him. I knew there was danger, but I couldn't prevent it, couldn't stop it.

Between mental beatings, I vaguely felt my hand brush against something hard. Blinking away tears, I glanced down. Conan's cell phone! It must have slipped out of his pocket! I opened it, hoping to be able to contact someone. Oops. I clicked the menu, not the contact list. Hm…tracker? I clicked the option. Reading down the next menu I saw "Button," "Badge Ayumi," "Badge Ai," "Badge Mitsuhiko," "Badge Genta," "Badge Conan," and "Glasses Conan." This was perfect! I could find Conan! He was wearing his glasses when he got kidnapped. I just hope this works. I selected his glasses and a faint beeping noise came from the phone. A grid showed up with a red blinking dot moving away from a blue dot. Well, this must be another Agasa invention. I stood up and took a deep breath before running after the car. Please, Conan. Please just stay safe until I get to you.