That's it, I'm so sick of her always telling me what to do as if I'm a kid, I'm 19 for Christ sake. My mother has forbade me from going out at all now simply because I was like 5 minutes late of my curfew, what a bitch. I am so done with her and her prat of a boyfriend let's just see how well they do without me because Renee never touches the bills and I'm pretty sure Phil doesn't even know what they are because he's that stupid.

Where should I go? My dad died a couple of years back and as my guardian my mother forbade me from going to the funeral; my own father's funeral and she wouldn't let me go how unfair. I can't go to my Aunt Jackie with her being in rehab and everything, I can't go to uncle Steve because he's just as messed up as Aunt Jackie and Renee combined so who else is left… Uncle Billy, My dad's brother.

I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have a problem taking me in I mean we've kept in touch and everything he'd be cool with it I'm sure, I better phone him and check though.

"Hello?" A gruff voice answered from the other end and it was then that I remembered the time difference between LaPush and Phoenix.

"Sorry for calling so early in the morning Uncle Billy but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me coming to live with you?" I asked very politely and in my little girl's voice that he couldn't resist.

"Something happened with your mother SweetPea?" He asked already knowing the answer, we had a strong bond even though we had barely seen each other since my mother took me away.

"yeah, I'm tired of her I'm getting on the next plane out of here do you think you can pick me up fro the airport I the morning?" I asked knowing that with him I couldn't just assume.

"I can't but I'm sure Jacob can, he's been dying top see you again along with Seth and Quil" He told me and the memories of when I used to play with them came flooding back.

Jacob, Quil and Seth are only a year younger than me and we're like family to each other even though I'm not fully Quileute. We would climb anything we could get our hands on and pretend we were the protectors of the village and normally almost cause Billy to have a heart attack by jumping out on him.

"The flight lands at 1 so that should give him plenty of time to get there, thanks so much Uncle Billy" I said as a goodbye and once he had said goodbye I hung up and packed my bags keeping quiet because I didn't want the terrible twosome to find out until it was to late for them to change anything.

When I was finally sitting on the plane I thought of how much the boys had probably changed, they might have more friends now, they might not even like each other or even me but then again they are big softies and would never do anything to purposely hurt my feelings. We began the decent and I felt a rush of happiness at finally being home. Dad would be proud, I managed to make a sensible decision on my own and that was all he's ever hoped to teach me. He was my best friend but he knew and he made sure that I knew that his job and the chief was dangerous and sometimes people got hurt at the time I didn't think it would ever be him, my daddy was the best and nothing could stop him, apparently a couple of bullets to the brain could.

I remember when the first time I fell out of a tree, my dad came rushing over like the forest was on fire and kept asking me whether I was alright, dizzy, feeling sick etc… I just stood up smiled with both my front teeth missing and said "let's do that again!" making him smile so proudly, it was one of the best moments of my life and Renee, Phil and the person who shot him took them away from me.

I pulled my tatty denim bag over my shoulder and stuffed my hands in my pockets before making my way through customs an then collecting my luggage which takes the mick since your suitcase goes round 3 times before you actually notice it and then it goes around once more because someone has just barged you out the way to get theirs.

I waited outside the airport for Jake wondering what he'd think of me now. Would he love the tattoos and piercing or would he be disgusted that his sweet Isabella had changed into something not so innocent anymore? Maybe he wouldn't even want to look at me and drive off without a second look or maybe…

I was cut off from my inner monologue because the air had been forced out my lungs and my feet had left the floor. I felt he slightly familiar feel of arms wrapped around my waist and the feeling of being spun around. When my feet returned to the floor I got a good luck at the weirdo. He had milk chocolaty skin and deep dark chocolate eyes and to top it off a set of chiselled abs that any man would die for. There was a strange sparkle in his eyes and I realise who it was.

"JAKE" I screamed and threw my arms around him squeezing him as hard as possible. I can't believe how much he's changed what happened to the weedy kid I could tackle and was a few inches smaller than me.

"Come on Bells, it's time to go home" He said and held his hand our for me which grasped and he led me along to his truck that he made himself from scratch the last though through my head before I got n the truck was;

'Daddy keep me safe, keep Renee and Phil off my trail please'