I stood on the edge of the pier staring out at the ocean waiting for my life to come to a close one way or the other wishing that it wasn't like this and that me and Paul could grow old together happy and without any threats to out well being.

"Very good Darling you showed up without the dogs I knew somewhere inside you there was some obedience, Phil wasn't happy when you ran off but he promised us that if we found you then we could have you as our…Pet of sorts"

I span around at the voice, I can't believe he would stoop so low as to send them to come and get apparently the shock showed on my face and they all chuckled at my reaction, I schooled myself before getting in a position that I could either Fight or Flight in.

"Oh how cute she think she can fight us" The leader mocked before they spread out around me blocking my exit and leaving me with only one option. I lowered my head giving the impression that I was going to give up and stepped forward towards the leader almost as if I was accepting this as my fate.

At the lest second I set my hand alight and scorched his face on the left side before kneeing him in the balls, even for vampires that's a weak spot. I turned and through fire balls at each of them before ducking under the punches through from the blond female, I scorched her silky blond hair off causing her to let out an inhumane scream into the night sky. I swung my foot under her feet causing her to fall into the water below and temporarily taking her out the equation and her mate who went straight to her rescue.

I turned around, they were closer than I thought and I knew that I wouldn't make it out of this without becoming a pet or being killed, as he went to strike, a giant silver wolf jumped out of no where and took his head off landing right in front of me. Looking into the eyes of the wolf I knew this was Paul, I hugged his neck kissing the top of his head before launching off his back at the leader and ripping his head off with a strike of fire and burned it on the spot the rest of his body toppled over lifeless and decomposed before out eyes leaving nothing but a skelington which I set alight turning to ash which was blown into the waters.

The others quickly ran off but I knew they'd be back, they always did come back for me, I ran back to Paul a dived on top of him apologising over and over before he placed a paw over my mouth with a wolfy smirk.

When they'd changed back and clothed themselves I was brought into a giant group hug with all of them… including Jared?

"Your alright I suppose" was the only explanation I got before my lungs were burning for air since they didn't know their on strength. When they finally let me go Paul refused to put me down and carried me all the way back to Billy's much to everybody elses amusemant.

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