chapter 1: Prelude and the dead

Fair Tail Home Base-location:unknown

Gyokuro Shuzen the executive head of the anti-human organization group only known as Fairy Tail looked in disgust at the main screen of her monitor of current world events. Wars raging in the Middle East. Famines decimating Africa. Destroying acres upon acres of rain forests in South America. And for what so that these vermin could farm the land, greedy corporations reap profit and line their pockets that they manage to steal from the company itself? How utterly disgusting! Human beings are the disease that she will more than glad to eradicate so that monsters will inherit the Earth! Certainly Lord Alucard was in the right when he first decided to lose himself to his Shinso powers and went on a rampage of death and destruction so long ago...

Gyokuro took out strings of her fine silver hair out of her eyes and took a drink from her glass. She was wearing a rather skimpy black dress that went half way up her toned dark thighs and hugged every curve of her body. Yes, she had a means of resurrecting Alucard-sama from his dormant state but why waste the effort of kidnapping her foster daughter Moka and reviving him through her when she can do something more insidious! The door behind her opened and a man garbed in black entered...

"You wished to see me Gyokuro-san?" the man asked.

"Are the preparations complete Miyabi?" she replied.

"Yes, the planes that will take the virus and spread its cargo to every city in the world are good to go."

"Excellent, we are on schedule then..."

"Gyokuro-san are you certain of this?" Miyabi asked. "It might be hard to eradicate them once the virus spreads..."

"Do you think I will spread this disease without calculating the risks?" Gyokuro asked him. "If it fails, which I know will not, we will go ahead to implement the original plan..."

"I see..."

"Why the long face Miyabi?" Gyokuro said amused. "We didn't work this long together for you to doubt me now are you?"

"No there are way too many unknown risks that you may not have thought about..."

"True, plans do tend to not go as planned but I think I have accounted for that..."

"Let me ask you again, are you sure about this?"

"And I will answer again, yes I am!"

"Then what are your orders then?" Miyabi asked anyway even though he already knew the answer.

"Do it..."

"As you wish my lady..."

Gyokuro didn't bother looking back as Miyabi left the door and attended to his orders. The head of Fairy Tail smiled maliciously and couldn't wait for the news of Hell she was about to unleash on the Earth...

Somewhere in Tokyo

Tsukune Aono was on break from Yokai Academy because of the substantial damage that it had sustained in the fight against Anti-Thesis and its leader Hakuto Kaneshiro. Instead of holing up at home and waiting for the break to come to an end, the brown haired boy decided he wanted to visit some sights in Tokyo to alleviate the boredom. That and so he could keep his mind occupied from thoughts of Moka. He missed the pink haired Vampire terribly and he wanted to see he he knew that she was at home, no doubt visiting family. No matter, the break only lasts a week so if he keep himself entertained, he's sure he would be able to see her and the girls again. All he had to do was be patient...However, Tsukune had no idea how certain events will change his world forever...

Wandering aimlessly and deep in thought, Tsukune comically dodged and avoided the clutches of some very weird looking individuals. These people looked normal enough but the brown haired boy didn't see the pale gray skin, the glassy blank eyes, and the blood that clung to their clothes that promoted their disheveled appearance. In fact, Tsukune didn't seem to realize the chaos that started to get a hold of the city and he just kept on walking through the din without the care in the world. He was so out of it that by the time he did came back from La-la land, he found himself in front of Fujimi High School.

"Oh ya, that's right Takashi goes to this school doesn't he?" he asked himself.

Tsukune and Takashi Komuro used to be friends in grade school. Together with Rei Miyamoto and Saya Takanagi, the four friends used to get in trouble like all little kids do at that age. Even Tsukune had a little crush on Rei-chan but he knew Takashi had a thing for her so he left it alone. His hopes were certainly dashed when she made a pinky promise to him that she was going to marry him when they grew up. So the young heart broken Tsukune vowed he will never love again...well at least until he met Moka that is. However, his relationship with Saya was another thing entirely. Takashi and Rei tried to hook them up once but that plot actually crashed and burned the moment those two were trapped in a room. The normally pacifist Tsukune turned into some kind of beast whenever he's around the pink haired genius as they traded insults and screamed at each other till they were blue in the face. They were fine when they were all together, alone however...not so much.

They were the closest of friends as friends could be close but that all changed when Tsukune's parents moved to Utsunomiya up North at the beginning of 6th grade. His father found a better paying job up there and it was obvious that they would have to move thus uprooting Tsukune from friends and the things that he knew. Needless to say the last day they were together was fun and bitter sweet at the same time. The promise to visit and write each other faded as the years have gone by and they have lost touch until now. The only reason that Tsukune knew that Takashi was going to Fujimi Academy was from an email that he got a few months ago before he went to Yokai Academy...

"If I stayed in Tokyo would I have gone to this school with them I wonder?" Tsukune said to no one in particular.

True he wondered what would have it been like if he was with them and that he was going to this same school like they did. But as much as he wanted to rekindle those fond memories of long ago; Tsukune knew he was not the same person anymore. The brown haired boy need only to look at his right hand where the Holy Lock was attached as proof. He's sure that they have changed as well hopefully for the better. Still his time at Yokai Academy has opened some horizons for him and was able to make friends again and that's something he wouldn't trade for the anything in this world.

"Hmm I wonder if I could give them a visit?" he thought.

Then he noticed strange looking guy hanging outside the gate. His eyes widened and then narrowed simultaneously as he saw the gaping hole on his at the left side of his back. Blood was copiously flowing out of that wound and yet this guy has the strength to stand up and insisted that he wanted to get inside the school for some reason. He certainly didn't looked a little grey around the gills and with the sluggish way he moved, the toneless moans that came out of his mouth, and the mindless way he tried to force himself to open the gate as soon as he saw people definitely disturbed him to the core. Something is definitely strange here but Tsukune is a student of Yokai Academy, a school full of monsters. Tsukune is sure that there is nothing so weird or event so strange that will ever surprise him again anymore...

His eyes widened even further when one of the teachers tried to be a hero and rough housed the stranger a little but. However, the peculiar man grabbed his hand and bit his arm viciously like someone biting an apple or ripping into one's steak. Blood sprayed everywhere and it didn't look like the strange man was bothered by the thick blood that showered on him. The others tried to help but the afflicted man instantly died from bleeding. Then seconds later the supposedly dead guy came back to life, sat up and then bit into the teacher's exposed neck! Tsukune's blood ran cold as her life's blood sprayed all over the ground and like a waking nightmare, she too came back to "life" and started attacking anybody in sight.

"This can't be happening!" Tsukune thought frantically. "There's no such things as zombies!"

Of course half a semester ago, he thought the same thing about witches, ogres, succubi, werewolves, and vampires as well and see where that got him. So why would zombies not exist if the aforementioned monsters from myth and legend were roaming around freely in a school especially made for them? Then he finally understood and became aware of his surroundings and noticed the chaos that is plaguing the city. If all those zombie movies he had ever watched in his lifetime were true, then they were all royally screwed!

"Dammit, what the hell is going on here?" Tsukune said aloud.

The noise attracted the strange fellow from the gates, turned around and walked towards him in a strange shuffling gate. Now Tsukune could see his face and narrowed his eyes. The man had no life in his eyes and yet he moved with great haste trying to get bite out of him no doubt. Hopefully those aforementioned zombie movies were right about the undead's vulnerability on the head. Well time enough to test the theory later when he gets Takashi and the others the hell out of this place. He closed his eyes for a moment, not caring that the zombie was getting dangerously close and when he was about to get bitten, it found itself flying as it was hit by a bone crunching blow that sent it flying towards the wall 15 feet away and crashing on the wall, making a crater and "killing" it as it's head exploded in a shower of blood, flesh, and bone. The body sickeningly took it's time falling to the ground as it streaked blood on the wall's surface. Tsukune meanwhile, calmly opened his crimson slitted eyes and without out word nor warning, ran towards the gate, cleared the 7 foot wall with more room to spare, landed on the ground and ran as soon as he felt cement. He has to find his friends after all...

To be continued...

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