Chapter 6: Democracy of the Dead

Fujimi Academy-Tsukune 5 min ago

Saizo's imposing form transformed into a grotesque mass of bone and muscle before Tsukune's rather disbelieving eyes. Cables of flesh transmogrify and pulsate with a life of it's own as it restructures itself into something unlike the brown haired boy has seen before in his short stint at the Academy. In school he has encountered all manners of bizarre monsters and legendary creatures that he foolishly thought were just pure fantasy about half a year ago. Now he knows better and he reckons that there's probably nothing that will surprise the brown haired boy anymore. Hell, he's friends with a two witches, a succubus, a snow woman and has a "not-so-secret" crush on a certain pink haired Vampire for Kami's sake! He thought he has seen it all but to witness an undead enemy transform into a massive mountain of repulsive and quivering dead meat was just down right disgusting! By the end of his former classmate's metamorphosis, the result was effectively intimidating and frightening to say the least.

Saizo definitely looked several feet taller than he was when the delinquent was still among the living so long ago. With an estimated height of 12 feet tall and weighing in at about a ton and a half, the newly transformed super zombie unsheathed 3 five foot razor sharp claws from what appeared to be a huge lump of flesh that his left hand turned into and bellowed an inhuman roar of what sounded like agony. The tortured wail chilled him to the bone and after what seemed eternity, the undead abruptly stopped and lugged forward...towards the bus!

The brown haired boy was already moving as the lumbering behemoth lurched slowly and then picked up a little speed as he tried to ram the vehicle off its path. It's claws barely scraped the grill in front before Tsukune lowered his shoulder and tackled the monster and sent it flying and smashing into a building. Not surprised that it got up and lunged at the vehicle where his childhood friends and survivors of what used to be Fujimi Academy, Tsukune was determined to get them out of there, even if it cost him his life! He met the huge behemoth with a sickening thud and pushed the beast away from the bus. He then risked looking at Shizuka-sensei and shouted at her...

"What are you waiting for? Tsukune said gritting his teeth. "GO. NOW!"

With incredible strength, Tsukune pushed the undead creature even harder but Saizo tried to resist and stood his ground. The cement underneath them buckled and finally splintering into chunks of rock as the brown haired boy exerted more power and finally moved the zombie away. That's when Shizuka gunned the gas pedal, running over several of "them" along the way, and crashing into and busting through the gate. Then with an amazing feat for a bus no less, the former school nurse with some fancy driving and some very skillful use of the emergency break actually made the big vehicle drift without falling over and cleanly made the turn without crashing into something...well if one counts annihilating a trashcan which rammed into a shambling zombie which then turned into a blood red mess on the far wall anything. Now that he saw vehicle got away, Tsukune didn't need to hold back any longer and he viciously kicked the monstrous zombie in the gut which sent the creature skidding on the ground and then crashing through the far wall. Tons of debris fell on top of Saizo and pinning him to the ground. However, displaying some brute strength of his own, he slowly got up, lifted the large part of the wall over his head and hurled the multi ton part of the wall at the brown haired boy.

Caught by surprise since Tsukune tried to follow up his seeming advantage, the teenage jumped up, ran along the length of the torn concrete and then jumped and hit the super zombie from a 30 foot drop and crashed feet first into the monster and sending it hurtling through the hallway, bowling over into some of "them" turning the zombies into bloody smear on the wall. Saizo's momentum sent him busting through several doors and then finally crashing and going through a wall and then making a Saizo sized crater burying him deep into another section of the school demolishing it completely. Amazingly enough, the behemoth slowly extricated himself from the wall and started walking towards the running Tsukune.

"TSU KU NE!" Saizo roared.

Saizo let a bestial roar, lifting his massive arms up in the air and then he crashed both his fists into the ground which buckled from the hit and causing an enormously concussive shockwave hurling towards the channel he went through, demolishing that wing of the building with the enormous hit. It then continued to carve a swath of destruction; destroying the second floor and taking it down completely while every glass window exploded and rained shards of death that killed several of "them" as it tore through the shambling dead like missiles. Tsukune who was running through the "tunnel" saw the shockwave coming...

"Aww hell..." Tsukune said half lidded.

Since it would take too much time to stop, turn back, and then run on the opposite direction, he just made an adjustment and angled towards the windows and jumped. Tsukune landed, rolled on the ground several times, and then stood up just in time for him lash a crushing punch to one of "them" who lunged at him as soon as it heard a noise. In fact, he made short work of of three of them before turning - as he heard a rumbling in the distance - and found himself blanketed in darkness. Saizo grabbed the hapless boy in his massive hands and slammed him into the ground, making a crater. Tsukune fought through the pain and instinctively rolled over to his right as the monster's enormous foot crashed where he used to be, making an even bigger crater than the first. The monster then tried to stomp at him several times before Tsukune got up, caught it's foot burying him several inches into the concrete and counter attacked with vicious hit to the gut that caused a localized shockwave that destroyed the ground beneath them.

The powerful strike sent it skidding backwards and then stopped on its tracks. Tsukune then with a burst of speed, appeared behind it and pummeled the creature with everything he's got. Each crushing blow caused the very ground to shake and turning the cement to rubble. Then with a final flurry, the brown haired boy hit the thing with the hardest haymaker he got that sent the monster flying on the opposite side, crashing through rooms and then finally demolishing the main entrance of the the Academy. Then Vampire instinct told him to lash out and sure enough, one of "them" managed to sneak behind him before his foot made it's head explode in blood and gore. In fact, all the noise that his fight with Saizo has attracted a sizable crowd of "them" and they all came in force and was coming towards him. If he gets surrounded by an army of undead, even he wouldn't be able to fight through all those zombies even with his enormous Vampire strength. Besides, he has expended half his energy trying to fight the zombified Saizo. He's going to need what's left to find Rei-chan and the others and if need be, protect them. Tsukune decided to risk making a short cut inside the school towards the other side and then finding his way out. Hopefully the hallways won't be as crowded as it was turning out here.

"I'm going to have to risk it..."

Tsukune ran towards the demolished building and crashed into the weakened wall. He crushed any of "them that got in the way. He prudently avoided crowded hallways and made shortcuts through the wall if need be to avoid unneeded confrontations. The brown haired boy opened a door running when sudden Saizo burst out from his right and caught him as he was about to jump through the window. The creature ran breaking through several doorways before Tsukune grabbed Saizo's wrist with a crushing grip punched through his elbow breaking it and spraying fountains of blood. Having distracted it long enough to make it pause and lose it's grip on his face, Tsukune then forcefully braked making him skid several more yards before stopping and broke the rest of the arm free. Tsukune then grabbed it's left arm and swung him several times over his head until he let the creature go and it crashed into the far wall and punching through several classrooms. The brown haired boy then continued to run the hallway, skidded comically to a stop as there was a crowd of zombies there and went the opposite way but then he went back turned left screaming and cursing how the world was unfair as that side too was full of "them." He then decided it would be better to just go outside and circle back towards the entrance or he could jump the fence. Tsukune decided the later was more feasible since it would be the fastest way to get out. Having decided on his plan, he made a run for it. When he was in the clear, his eyes widened as Saizo was running towards him. His maimed arm seemed to have regenerated into a 3 pronged claw.

"Are you shitting me!" Tsukune cursed. "Now he can regenerate limbs too...fricking wonderful!"

Still Tsukune ran and subsequently ducked the massive arm trying to cleave him to pieces. He slid low, it's right arm narrowly missing his nose and grabbed a leg as he came by and tripped the creature up making it fall on its face. It got up quickly for something so enormous and began to shred the concrete as it tried to cut him to ribbons. However, it's claws managed to go deep enough to rupture a gas main underground and Tsukune began to smell gas and his eyes widened for even he won't be able to withstand that kind of explosion if it erupts. He made a run for it with Saizo right behind him. However, the creatures claws ripped through the cement trying to turn around and accidentally caused a spark. Needless to say the massive explosion swallowed the monster whole and ripped through what was left of Fujimi Academy, turning it into a hellish smoldering inferno. Tsukune was already jumping up towards the fence before he got caught in the shockwave and he ended up crashing into several houses before getting buried in debris in the fifth one. The last thing that was on his mind before unconsciousness claimed him was how his childhood friends were faring and the thoughts of...


Then Tsukune knew no more...

Shuzen Family Estate - the next day.

Omote woke up yawning and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She stretched for a few minutes and sleepily went to her bathroom and took a shower. After a few minutes soaking her aching muscles in the warm water, she quickly got out, dried herself, brushed her teeth, and dressed. She actually refused to wear Kurumu-chan's outfit as it gave her a wedgie and was too tight in places. It's embarrassing enough to wear the Academy uniforms's skimpy skirt but ever since Tsukune-kun came into the picture she doesn't seem to mind showing a lot of leg lately. Besides she feels she could move better even in the school's uniform and she thinks that Ura-chan prefers it that way. Still her father insisted that she wore tactical gear that consisted of metal toed boots, gloves, shin, elbow, and knee guards, a vest with some essentials, and a harness that carried her mother's sword on her back. She put Belmont in a special container so she could access the whip if she needs it. Kami knows they'll probably need Urachan's powers when they finally embark in the human world to get Tsukune back. The pink haired girl decided on some hot pants and a black wife beater for her little ensemble. Moka knew that she needed to be able to move quickly and in the end she knew that Ura-chan will probably do the brunt of the fighting. She might as well make it easier on her other half. The Vampire put on some tight highs which she then put on the shin and knee guards. For her arms, she wore sleeves that went up to her went halfway to her biceps and then wore the elbow guards, the bracelets and gloves. Donning a sports bra and the wife beater, Moka put the tactical vest and the harness over it. Moka sighed and checked herself over to make sure that everything was strapped to her securely and she didn't left anything behind. She then grabbed her back pack and made for the door...

When Moka then emerged from her room and was surprised that her companions were already there waiting for her. Kurumu and Mizore were wearing a new tight fitting outfits that they wore yesterday. Mizore who was sucking on her lollipop nodded to her as she was ready to go. Kurumu however, raised her eyebrow and was about to say something but Moka beat her to it...

"I know what you're going to say Kurumu-chan and I will not be wearing your outfit. Quite frankly it gives me a wedgie and I think that it's irritating for me to dislodge it when we're in a fight so I'm not gonna wear it so that's that!"

"Aww, you're such a party pooper Moka-chan!" Kurumu said pouting. "Were suppose to match so we've give Tsukune-kun a surprise when we finally see him you know!"

"Well, I'll surprise him enough with this embarrassing get up I'm wearing anyway! So if we have everything let's go!"

"Still have an extra one for you just in case though!"


The three Yokai girls were walking silently in the hallways for awhile before they emerged to the main entrance when they were taken aback by the farewell Lord Issa has for them. Virtually all the castle staff were there to wish them good luck. Standing by the doorway was her father his usual brooding appearance. Moka gave him a hug and her two companions were emotional enough to shed a tear or two for their friend. It is not guaranteed that they will not make it through unscathed or alive for that matter.

"I'm going now Chichiue..."

"If that is your wish then so be it." Issa told her. "Go into battle and emerge victorious. Make the Vampire race proud today!"

"Yes sire, I will do my best to make you proud!"

"And as for you two, take care of her and each other, understand?"

"Yes sir we will...we won't let anything happen our friend, right Mizore-chan?" Kurumu asked.


"Good now go..."

Moka embraced her father one last time and went out the door...

"Is it okay to let Moka-chan go like that Chichiue?" Kahlua asked emerging from the shadows.

"She has quite grown up has she not?" Issa said to no one in particular. "But to answer your question daughter, yes."

"I see..."

"I have another mission for you..."

Kahlua sighed. Who is she suppose to kill this time?

"It's not an assassination if that's what your thinking..." Issa said.

The silver haired girl looked at her father in astonishment. His statement peaked her interest and she let him continue...

"I want you to shadow their little group and to protect your sister above all. You are authorized to do whatever means necessary to fulfill your mission, meaning you have a license to kill whoever or whatever it is that threatens their lives. Your gear is already in your room so go and prepare yourself and catch up to them as quickly as possible."

"Understood Chichiue..."

"And I'll apologize to you now but you will not be wearing your usual ensemble on this mission. I want you to be able to use your skills and to move in maximum efficiency. I want you to come back to me alive too after all..."

Kahlua was touched with what her father said and a single tear went down her flushed cheeks...

"I'll make it up to you when you and your sister comes back to me safe and sound and I'll buy you all the dresses you want okay?"

The older girl's countenance changed and was looking all starry eyed at the outfits she can put together when she went on her future missions. It was exciting and dressing up stylishly has always been in her blood since she was a little girl. Let it not be said that when she's out to kill someone that they died at the hands of an angel...

"You got yourself a deal father!"

"Good girl, now go get ready so you can catch up to them..."

Kahlua hugged her father and vanished no doubt to her room to change and start her mission. It was indeed troubling times if the Vampire Lord had send one of his daughters to babysit her sister. Still it would greatly ease his mind knowing the Shuzen family's number 1 assassin was protecting Moka. He wouldn't know what to say to Akasha's "grave" if he let their little girl come to harm. He sighed, he must be getting old...

Somewhere in Tokyo...

Yukari certainly made good use of M1014 shotgun that "gun otaku" Ruby has given her. After testing it the first time at the Academy and made her fly comically shrieking all the while and making a crater on the far side wall while sliding down slowly like molasses; the little witch figured that she needed to use her magic to reinforce her body to withstand the recoil the gun generated. She is after all 11 and under normal circumstances, a girl like her wouldn't even be remotely interested in guns and such things in the first place! However, the dire situation made the need to use it necessary even if was rather disgusting to say the least. The little witch pumped her shotgun again and fired blowing several heads in gory bloody chunks as her magically reinforced body barely felt the massive recoil. She tagged the dead bodies with a seal and they disappeared, emerging in their lab in Academy. It was decided that the two witches needed enough material to deconstruct the disease, isolate it, and finally find a cure.

Yukari took a quick glance at her fellow witch and sweat dropped as the black haired girl was grinning like she was having fun. Indeed Ruby was having the time of her life. Finally she could make use of the skills she has been hiding from the others. She figured her friends would have looked at her differently had the older witch revealed her little "dirty" secret from them. Well, since Z-day happened though, it didn't really matter whether she became a gun otaku or not. Ruby was surrounded by several zombies and her younger colleague immediately went to the older witch's aid. However, Yukari looked in astonishment as she slowly almost sensually reached out for her pistols and like a ballerina from the 9 hells, Ruby disposed of "them" with extreme violence and efficiency. The black haired girl looked like she was conducting an intricate dance as she spun around firing with accuracy like a mad whirlwind of death as blood and gore splattered on the walls in the alleyway the two of them chose to get some more specimens for their research.

By the time the younger girl arrived, Ruby has already disposed the last of "them" as one of her tentacles snapped with blinding speed and bisecting the zombie from head to crotch as it fell and made a sickening thud on the cement. The older witch basked in the glorious bloody barbarism she had no choice but to do. Unfortunately, it was kill or be killed. There was no logic to it nor there was time for a crisis of conscience or philosophical debate. In the human world, there was a quote that stuck with Ruby ever since she was a little girl: He/she who hesitates is lost. If she becomes shy now then humanity and therefore by extension, the future of her race is finished. If she doesn't do anything when she had the power to do so then the life of the person she cared about will get snuffed like a candle in the wind. Ruby was determined to see Tsukune again alive and safe back at the Academy. So if she had to sacrifice her moral compass to save him and the humans then so be it. At the end of her little ballet of death, the black haired witch found herself disturbingly exhilarated...

"You're way having too much fun with this aren't you!" Yukari said with an accusing finger.

"Yukari-chan, that felt so amazing. My blood pounding in my chest, the adrenalin pumping through my veins. It felt so exciting knowing the danger that at any moment I might get overwhelmed and get eaten alive. It was almost like...making love!" Ruby said comically hugging her Sig P-226 to her face.

"Ruby-chan you are such a fricking masochist!" the young girl declared. "Let's get out of here before we get into more trouble! AND STOP HUGGING YOUR GUNS LIKE THAT! It's like disgusting!"

"You're such a party crasher Yukari-chan!" Ruby said pouting putting her guns in their respective holsters on her hips.

"Well somebody has to keep the level head when someone I don't want to mention any names or anything, geeks out on her firearms!" she said sarcastically.

Ruby laughed half heartedly and hit herself on side of the head while she stuck her tongue out...

"So how do you like your shotgun?" Ruby asked her eagerly.

"It's ok now that I'm reinforcing my body with magic which is rather exhausting I might add." Yukari said darkly. Then she glared at black haired girl. "Although someone should have warned me that it would kick like a mule when I fired it!"

"Sorry, I was so excited showing my M1014 shotgun to you that I forgot! Tee hee!" Ruby told her sheepishly. "I'll give you something with less recoil if you want?"

Seriously, how many guns did this girl managed to hide in the Academy without a soul or the Chairman knowing...

"Uh, I'll stick with the poison you gave me thank you very much!"

"Are you sure, I can go get it for you right now since I have it with me..." Ruby replied.

"No I kinda doubt it..."

"Suit yourself..." the black haired girl said. "The offer still stands if you wanna switch or keep both. It's up to you..."

"Uh yeah, no thanks..." Yukari said. "Come on, we need to collect more specimens so we can continue our research. And TRY not to mutilate them too much, please!"

"Yeah so says the girl with the shotgun..."

"You were the one who gave this to me remember?" the little girl said growling.

"Oh yeah I forgot...tee hee!"

Yukari tried her best not slap her forehead but the urge to do so was getting stronger by the minute. After awhile she sighed and encouraged her gun toting maniac of a friend not to dawdle too much since they had work to do. The little girl estimates that they needed a couple more specimens to continue their research uninterrupted. But that would mean they need more bodies, which translates to "killing" more of the fricking zombies, and more chances for Ruby-chan to geek out and go on a bloody rampage with her "babies!" Uh yeah, this will definitely going to be a LONG day! The little witch slung her shotgun to her back and pushed Ruby out of the alley and into the open. Yukari was sure they were bound to find more of "them" shuffling around mindlessly which makes things easier...

The Bus...

To say that Miyamoto Rei is furious was a complete understatement. Today has been a very, VERY, shitty day. The world has gone to hell where dead people come back to life were hunting and eating the living. Her ex-boyfriend Hisashi became a victim of this tragedy and was was bitten which gave Takashi no choice but to put him out of his misery before he turned on her and make her one of "them." Tsu-kun - her dearest childhood friend - has seemingly sacrificed his life back at what was left of the ashes of Fujimi Academy in order for their bus to get away from that humongous giant super zombie. She was worried that he was all alone with that disgusting freak but the brown haired beauty knew that he could take care of himself since he has revealed that he wasn't quite...human anymore.

Now that Rei thought about it, she didn't really care if Tsukune become Santa Claus just as long as he was safe. His inhuman status didn't bother her at all considering that Tsu-kun had taken the brunt of the punishment and fearlessly fought in the front lines in order for their little group to survive. Monster or not, Tsukune was still the kind, considerate, goofy childhood friend that she remember albeit a little less of a crybaby and more of a bad ass which is a good thing. She blinked, has the world become so upside down and so fucked up that she readily accepted her best friend's admission that he went to a school full of monsters and that he became one himself? Then Rei scowled thinking about how he has been so reckless and when she sees him again -and the brown haired girl knew she will - the beautiful teenager swore that she's going to straighten him out and give him a piece of her mind for worrying her so much!

Nonetheless, to add more insult to injury; Takashi has saved that bastard of a teacher Shido and he and his disgusting cronies are in the bus with her party now. The scumbag was one of the reasons why her relationship with Takashi has gone sour during the year. Frustration with the black haired boy's reluctance to confess his feelings to her and the subsequent fallout from her supposed "failure" that got her held back a grade and Takashi's misunderstanding of the situation that surrounded the circumstances combined that made Rei inadvertently hate his guts. She readily admits that she was too prideful to tell him the truth and was hoping that he would understand and leave it alone. But the black haired boy cared about her too much to let it go so easily. Rei supposed that she should be glad that he was there for her when she needed someone the most but since the world she knew has ended, perhaps it was an opportunity for her to mend fences. The brown haired girl might not want to admit it but she did miss Takashi terribly during their little "cold war" and now that she has let him come back into her life again maybe it was time for some healing so that they can become best friends again.

Rei's thoughts then strayed towards her deceased ex and she did everything she could not to cry in front of everyone and give Shido the satisfaction of seeing her suffering. Good thing Tsu-kun wasn't here although she knew that he had observed and noted how upset she was when the bastard showed up. Knowing him, he would see her crying as an affront to humanity and he will rectify it with extreme prejudice. She remembers an 8 year old Tsukune trying to protect her from bullies and got himself beaten badly for being a hero. Not wanting to see him get hurt again and for that reason alone was why she took up martial arts. And knowing the fact that he could now level entire walls and turn zombies to a messy bloody paste she definitely didn't want him to know how the bastard screw her over! Rei didn't want his hands sullied over what she thinks is a trifling matter and now that the world has ended...

Rei was moving before it could register in her head what was happening. She saw Takashi gawking at her while Saya and Kota wince in pain and Saeko nodded at her with approval. The brown haired beauty has plunged her makeshift spear into that annoying raving lunatic who was having a nervous breakdown. The boy spat out some saliva as he clutched his stomach protectively with his arms and fell down coughing. She heard a clapping from the bastard and started raving about how such poor behavior and fighting would lead to...unpleasant things. Shido proposed that he be elected leader and put the matter to a vote. Not surprisingly his mindless cronies clapped their confidence that he will lead them to their salvation. After hearing all this shit, Rei couldn't stand it any longer and asked Shizuka-sensei to stop the bus...

"B-but w-why?"

Seeing the the former nurse would not comply with her simple request, she looked at the passenger seat door and jumped out of the bus and started to walk away...

"Rei where the hell are you going?" Takashi asked.

The brown haired beauty whirled around and snippily replied...

"I told you you'd regret it but you didn't listen me!"

"Rei look just put up with the guy until we get to the next town alright?" Takashi pleaded. "What is up with that bus?"

Then he noticed a bus driving erratically. Unfortunately for those people inside, they were trapped inside the moving vehicle with a bunch of "them." Needless to say it was a complete slaughter house, until one of them got to the bus driver. The doomed errant bus hit car in the road and launched itself on its side and slid several feet before it exploded. Takashi was already moving Rei on the far wall and protected her when the bus turned into a burning inferno. A wall of flame blocked their way back from the school bus...

"Komuro-kun are you okay?" Seiko asked as she got out of the bus.

By instinct alone she ducked and simultaneously attacked and felled one of "them" who were still walking despite being roasted by the fire. The sickening stench of burning flesh permeated in the air and several more of "them" made their way towards her.

"Let's all meet at the Eastern Police Station!" Takashi shouted. "By the time we get there, Tsukune will be waiting for us!"

"What time?"

"If not today, then tomorrow at five!"

Saeko didn't waste time and closed the door. The zombies who were still walking towards them finally fell over, succumbing to the flames. The purple haired senior saved that little detail in the back of her mind and wondered how Tsukune was faring. Still time and time again, the brown haired boy has risked his life so that they could get to safety but he always came back to them. She must have fate in him to pull through and survive on his own until they can meet up again! There was no doubt that she was going to see him but the thing that she saw him fighting made her worry. That person used to be his classmate? Who or what could have done that to him? It was even more distressing when he transformed into that big disgusting dead monster which reminded her of that game Biohazard where mutating zombies turn into even more grotesque abominations while wielding rocket launchers. Saeko blinked...she felt so silly about the whole thing. This was reality now and she best focus so that they can survive...

"Morikawa-sensei, we can't go this way anymore!"

"R-right, I'm going to go back and try a different route!"

While the bus turned the other way leaving Rei and Takashi to their own devices, Saya and Kota saw one of "them" on top of concrete fence. By the time they opened up the window to warn them, the bus was already a block away.

"Don't worry Takagi-san they'll be alright..." Kota said soothingly.

Saya looked at him frowning. She appreciate his efforts to allay her worries but she was going to do it nonetheless. Now three of her childhood friends were missing and it did not sit well with her. She felt so helpless and she was suppose to be a genius dammit! Saya knew that with Rei and Takashi working together then she's sure that they'll be alright. The one that she was more concerned about was Tsukune. Out of all of them he was equipped to survive. His powers gives him too many advantages that their grouped severely lacked and by only working together to alleviate those shortcomings could they hope to survive...without him. Her mind went back to the last moments in Fujimi High when she last saw him. The pink haired genius - at the time - still had a little skepticism in her and when she saw that thing transformed into some disgusting thing and that her best friend stayed to stall it so that they could get away - she finally believed... For who among their little rag tag group could hope to go against that monstrosity that Tsukune has volunteered to take on? She highly doubt that they would last seconds as they get crushed underneath the ugly ass lumbering giant zombie! The pink haired girl shook her head and hoped that they will be fine...


Takashi despite himself dragged Rei by the arm to get away from the fire before it attracts any more unwanted attention. Thankfully she knew that their situation was desperate so she didn't protest too much. The black haired boy who was too busy looking at her and running towards the chain link fence above the barrier that he didn't notice one of "them" on top and before he knew it the zombie was already on top of him. It grabbed Takashi's shirt and forced him on the ground. It tried to bite him but the helmet prevented it from biting flesh and he got head butted instead. He desperately held the things head away from him and struggled as it tried to lunge at him again. However, Takashi was astonished as he heard a sickening crunch and looked surprised as the zombie slumped to the side. He heard a dull clacking and noticed a bloody slab of concrete to side and Rei giving her hand to pull him up which he gladly takes...

"So were walking to town?" Rei asked.

"It can't be helped and there's seems no other way..." Takashi replied. "But that guy had a helmet on so..."

And lo and behold not to far away from him was the zombie's motorcycle. Rei helped Takashi with the bike and despite a few scrapes here and there, it wasn't damaged too badly. The black haired boy then went on and kickstarted the motorcycle...

"Since when did you have a license?"

"Are you kidding, driving without a license is a high school student's special right!"

Despite herself, Rei smiled at him and got in the back seat and held to him tightly as they go towards town...

Fairy Tale headquarters - location unknown

Gyokuro was pleased with the outstanding lethality and chaos that her little virus has wrought throughout the world. From Beijing, Tokyo, London, Paris, Washington D.C. and throughout the world destruction reigned supreme and she was loving every minute of it! By the rate that her zombies are killing the humans, her little plague would be able to wipe out humanity by the end of the year. It was so exciting that the Yokai will be able to walk freely in the world again just as soon as she exterminate all the undead once they have done their job. The plan was running smoothly as she anticipated - too perfectly in fact. She wondered though when some random factor will derail her plans. She heard a beeping sound in one of her monitors and pushed the button and Miyabi's face appeared on screen...

"How goes things Miyabi?" Gyokuro said smiling. "Did Saizo-kun do his job and eliminated Aono Tsukune?"

"Look for yourself..."

Miyabi knew that Gyokuro-san will not like it but what happens on the field wasn't his doing so it could not be helped. He showed the footage of Saizo's clash with the Tsukune kid and he was rather impressed with how he was able to handle himself. The fight was quick, brutal, and culminated in a massive explosion that turned the school into a hellish fiery inferno. On the other side of the line, he saw her good cheer evaporate as she gawked at the screen in disbelief. Then as the video skipped an hour later, the camera focused on a demolished home and Tsukune emerged from tons of debris that were on top of him. He disappeared for a time in house and then emerged cleaned and newly clothed and then vanished. That's when his boss shrieked with displeasure as she crushed the teacup in her hand to dust, not caring about spilling her tea on her pristine floor. When she finally calmed down and got a hold of herself, she sternly looked at her right hand man and commented...

"I see the brat is making use of the Shinzo blood that he was injected with..."

Not trusting this unusual calm in her, Miyabi threaded carefully...

"All is not lost Gyokuro-san, despite Saizo being swallowed by that explosion, he's still "alive" and operational."

Indeed, in a separate feed, Saizo emerged from the inferno, regenerating albeit slowly as he lumbered away from the school...

"But he didn't get the job done..." Gyokuro growled.

"What did you expect, he is a prototype of sorts you know. We're still trying to get the kinks out of his programming so you're going to have to be patient Gyokuro-san. But if one thing we can salvage out of this is that the project was a great success if that's any consolation to you."

"But I wanted Saizo-kun to squish him already!" Gyokuro said whining and puffing her cheeks.

Miyabi sweat dropped. Apparently his boss was in one of her "moods" again. Whether it was that time of the month or something else, he really didn't want to know. But when she was being stubborn and demanding like she is now, it was best to exercise understanding and a ton of patience.

"Don't worry, we'll get Tsukune eventually but as I said, you're going to have to be patient."

"You promise?"

"Yes Gyokuro-san I promise..."

"Okay...yay!" she said clapping giddily.

The black haired man tried not to roll his eyes at his boss' childish behavior. She and Kahlua-chan were alike in the same way but the elder Shuzen was far more cunning and vicious. Not to say that the daughter was the same way but compared to the woman in front of him, Kahlua was far more "innocent" as it were. Still Miyabi served Gyokuro nonetheless despite her rather unusual bouts of childish behavior.

"I'll keep you posted, Miyabi out!"

to be continued...

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