A/N: sorry! I'm soy for not updating! I have had a lot of homework and I was reading the Son of Neptune, and it was awesome! I wont spoil it. I have had a writers block on this story. So I have a vote, for a new story, I cant decide between them, so vote by reviewing.

Story 1)Harry Potter crossover, Percy and Annabeth are married gods and go to Hogwarts to protect it during 5th year and maybe 6th and 7th. Percy ( god of tides and bravery), Annabeth ( goddess of architecture).

Story 2) Percy son of Poseidon an Artemis( evil, on titans side wants revenge on his parents for "Dumping" him). Different son of Poseidon is the CHB hero. I will start it at TTC.

So vote, I will count up all the reviews on October 16th at 9pm, U.S.A. West coast time( Three hours behind East coast).

And I am still so very sorry that this is a AN. I will return to this story as soon as possible.

- Randomness1996-