A few weeks later

I had fully recovered from my mad trip through a black hole and was back on my feet carrying on my life where we left off before the adventure through time and space to rescue mum and dad and ultimately the universe. Wally and I had been training with Dad in his North Pole fortress to use our powers and had both been growing stronger day by day. Dad had already taken us both out on some missions and our superhero names were already making headlines around the world, not all of them being very nice towards dad. Many criticised him for having children help him out. We are not children, we are teenagers, young adults.

We hadn't seen the Doctor since the day I had reappeared, but we all sort of felt it in our bones, that one day we might see him again.

Wally and I sat in the canteen at school eating our lunch and catching up with our friends. Many of them had wondered where I had been for the two months and why it had been reported that I was dead. Dad had come up with an idea about me being lost whilst walking and that I had hit my head and got amnesia for two months. There were some people who were suspicious, but most people accepted it, and soon completely forgot the events as they worried about their own lives.

We finished up our lunch and were heading to class when we got stopped by the head teacher in the corridor.

"Jason, Wally I would like to ask you a favour please?" She asked.

"Of course Mrs Richards, anything you want," I replied.

"Excellent. I have a young man here in your year group who has just moved to the school and today is his first day. He is a little late as you can see by the time, but I was wondering if you could help show him around this week and look after him."

"We would be happy to help," Wally replied.

"Fantastic, if you could come to my office, he is waiting for us there."

We followed Mrs Richards to her office and to our next mission. At least for this one we weren't wearing tights and trying to dodge bullets.


And that is it. Thank you very much for reading this story, it has been a long time in the writing, but I am really happy with where it has ended. if you liked it, please review.