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The Dream

A pink hedgehog, only five years of age, walks the streets of her kingdom.

She's lost, but can still hear the guards yelling, "Princess Amy!"

Even though she was lost, she didn't want to be found. And then she saw him.

A Blue hedgehog that was at least her age (N/A I don't know their age difference so sorry)

He was standing on a box near a food stand, staring at her.

Timidly she asked, "Who are you?" He stayed quiet and smiled a cocky smile.

He replied," The real question here is what your name is?"...

8:00 A.M in the Rose Palace-

"Princess Amy I'm sorry to wake you, but your brother is asking for an audience with you and your sister." The maid timidly whispered into Amy's tender ear. She rolled around in her warm blankets and moaned sleepily, "5 more minutes…"

"Milady your brother wants to see you immediately!" The maid began to softly shake her awake until she gave a sleepy yawn.

Amy rubbed her shimmering jade eyes. "…Brother wants to have an audience with me," She asked, confusedly. Ever since her parent's death, her brother Siegfried rarely had any time to see her, let alone talk with her. This was such a happy surprise, yet it still felt strange deep down inside Amy's gut.' Brother never had time for me and now he needs to talk to me so urgently? Something's up. 'Thought Amy.

"Milady, I advise that you hurrying and get dressed. I saw your sister on her way up here and she didn't look to happy."

"OK I'll get dressed soon." She removed the blankets from her body and watched as the maid left the room and closed the cedar door behind her. 'After I catch a little bit more Z's...' she whispered, pulling the covers back over her head as she tried to drift back into that strange dream.

Her attempt failed though, once the sound of someone bashing open her bedroom door made her heart pound. Opening one eye, she saw huge cracks that the door made on the white wall. Whoever opened her door was extremely strong, or extremely mad. "Amy!" Growled a voice. It took her only a few seconds to realize who the voice belonged to.

Her older sister Kiya was an Azure blue hedgehog with long Blue quills that trained down her back like a waterfall. Her kind ruby red eyes glistened with crimson fury as she stood in the doorway. She was four years older than Amy, and had a beautiful figure that made men in town go insane. She always wore a long white loin cloth that trained down her body. Her short blue tube top that revealed revealed her hourglass body. One her feet there were blue sandals that wrapped up her leg like vines on a tree. The part that brought her look together was a circlet with three round golden medallions that tangled of the top of her head. Amy was actually a little jealous by her sister's looks and the attention that boys gave her, but then again, she was older.

Kiya walked over to the silk blinds and opened them, letting the blinding light into Amy's dark room.

"Ah! The light, it burns!"Hissed Amy. Her sister looked at Amy with her revealed fangs.

"A stuck up slanderous womanizer? You insulted another suitor yet again! Alfieri was so close to gaining the land of Nightfall's trust and you went ahead and called their prince a stuck up slanderous womanizer?" Kiya growled at her. Amy turned her head away in shame. Kiya's angry face turned into a compassionate frown as she walked over and sat by her bed side." Amy if you don't choose a husband soon, then brother will choose for you, and we both know that brother will do anything to get Nightfall's trust!" Kiya sounded slightly angry, but was only looking out for her little sister, and Amy knew that, "Now get your lazy butt up. Brother is already waiting."

'Oh Kiya, it's not that I don't want to marry someone. It's just that I want to choose who it is! I want to go out and explore the world with man that I love, not stay in a castle and be taught how to act when another royal family arrive', Amy thought to herself. Kiya wasn't only her sister, but one of her best friends even though she couldn't tell her how she really felt about arranged marriages... she just wouldn't understand.

"Be down in the throne room in ten minutes are else!" commanded Kiya as she looked over her shoulder while she left the room, raising her pale right hand. The golden bracelets jangled down her arm as a ball creamy light engulfed her hand as she walked outside the door. The white cedar entry had a creamy light as well when it shut by itself.

Amys' sister Kiya was not only a beautiful, intelligent, respectable woman, but a master at magic; just like their older brother Siegfried. The Alfieri royal family had been known for their skillful talents in the art of magic; since Alfieri is the city of magic.

Amy slowly got out of bed and walked to her white vanity, looking deep at her reflection. All she saw was a pink hedgehog, with short sakura colored hair and jade green eyes, not the princess that everyone expected her to be. She picked up a crimson brush and brushed her silky quills and changed from her nightgown into long white dress with a black laced bottom and zoomed out to the throne room.

In the throne room:

"Brother I'm here, sorry that I'm late." Huffed Amy, as she stood next to Kiya who awaited for sister on the crimson rug in front of the main thrown.

Kiya glared at Amy as if she had embarrassed her in some way.

'Man Kiya it's just our brother, no reason to get all mad just because I'm a little late!' Amy rolled her eyes. "Well good morning Amy, happy you could join us. I called you both here today because I wanted to tell you both something important. As we all know, Today is Amy's fifteenth birthday!" Siegfried clapped his hands together as he smiled at his two sisters. His crimson red quills swayed with each clap.

Kiya's eye's glared at him with anger, "That's all you wanted to say? You wanted to wish her a happy birthday?" Kiya was standing jaw open, making Amy giggle.

"Now Kiya don't get your panties in a bunch! I missed all of her other birthday's so this one will be special. Amy...I am allowing you to choose two things to do for your birthday.

A) Go around the kingdom


B) Go to one of the neighboring kingdoms

The choice is yours"

Amy didn't need to think about that, for she had always wanted to travel past Alfieri territories and explore this round sphere we called the world." B!" she yelled

"OK which kingdom then?"

Amy thought about it and the only Kingdom she hasn't been before was the land of Ferias. It was a large kingdom only west of Alfieri that she had longed to go to ever since she was a child.

"I would like to go to Ferias!"

Kiya and brother both gasped. There was then utter silence that was broken with Siegfried rising from the throne he was sitting in. "No…" he said.

"But brother you said any-"Amy was interrupted by his yell. "Amy that kingdoms king is the one that murdered our parents! I am not going to risk that happening to you!"

She left the room in tears immediately. Never did Amy believe that they killed her parents. Ferias and Alfieri were never at war with each other, so what would they gain by killing the king and queen? She ran down to the garden so she could think of how I could get out of the hell hole she called home without her brother knowing. But her thoughts were interrupted when Kiya yelled," Amy wait!"

"What do you want?" Amy growled, not even looking at her sister in the eyes.

"You did not just growl at me?" Kiya put her hands on her hips with an annoyed posture. Amy slightly giggled when Kiya pretended to be angry. She sat by her near the tulip patch.

"So what if I did?" Amy wiped away her tears.

Well then I wouldn't tell you my awesome plan."Kiya smirked. Amys' pink ears pointed skyward at the sound of her sister's reassuring voice.

"What plan?" Amy was interested in any plan Kiya made, only because it involved sneaking out, but only three plans out of ten really worked when they were kids.

"Ok well….I don't think Ferias had anything to do with mother and father's death as much as you do so I devised a plan to get you out of here and into Ferias."

She couldn't help but hug her sister."Kiya you're the best!"

"Yeah I know, now hush! I don't want brother to hear us. You have to go at night when he's busy in the library. Oh and you need a cloak so you can blend in with the night life here."

Amy nodded her head in agreement and went inside the palace to go get a cloak, but she could tell that Kiya felt uneasy about leaving her younger sister alone in Ferias. It might not be enemy territory but they still had differences with Alfieri. Amy didn't blame Kiya for worrying about her. She'd be worried too if her only little sister was going to go to a far off city alone.

Ferias Castle:

Sonic walked over to the balcony and looked over at the vast lands of Ferias. There were forests and rivers and large valleys, but over the horizon there were only shadows.' I wonder what's over there. Maybe there's just more forest... No but it looks like there's a castle in the distance...could there be a city hidden in the shadows?' His deep thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps.

Turning around he saw a yellow-orange kitsune with two tails walk through the door.

"Oh hey bro, do you know what that place over there is called?"Asked Sonic, pointing at the distant shadows.

"I heard that's the city of wisdom, Alfieri."The kitsune replied.

"City of Wisdom? What do you mean by that tails?" He looked back at tails, who was shaking his head in disappointment. "Sonic didn't you ever pay attention in school?" There was silence.

"Maybe…No…" he looked at his best friend and adopted brother Tails. It wasn't his fault that school was so boring that he didn't pay any attention to it.

"Alfieri is the city of wisdom because they specialize in studying magic. Kind of like how Ferias is the land of power because of our immense army." Tails was about to leave the room, when their supervisor came in asking," My lord Tails and Sonic, the king and queen have asked what do you have planned for today?"

"I'm going to Alfieri tonight!" Sonic said, as he looked at tails, who had his mouth open in shock.

"But Sonic what about your meeting with that Princess today?" asked Tails.

"I'll see her some other day, but today I'm going to –"He was interrupted by a vision that appeared to him suddenly. A large multi colored crystal and a pink rose.

He stood there in silence. Rubing his head, Sonic zoomed out of his room and out to the courtyard, on his way to Alfieri. Something was telling him that the vision he had was connected to Alfieri in some way.

Rose Palace (midnight):

"Ok Amy you have three days to get to Ferias and come back. I can stall brother for only that long OK! Follow the street lights to the outer wall gate. Once you get there follow the river to get to Ferias' lake harbor. Try to avoid the alleyways and don't tell anyone of your royalty ok!" Kiya looked at Amy with a dead serious expression as if she was going to kill her personally if she didn't follow her instruction completely.

Amy nodded and walked out of the castle gates pulling her hood over her head. "No wait!" Kiya yelled. She ran up to Amy and handed her a crystal necklace," Amy if you're ever in danger I need you to break this crystal. Once you do, 'I'll be there to bring you home right away OK!" Kiya took Amy's crown and gave her the necklace. Once she put the blue crystal necklace on her neck she took one more step, stopped, and ran back to hug her sister. Ever since her mother died she had been the one to take care of me. Deep down, Amy's had a feeling that her mom's soul was in Kiya.

She heard her whisper,"Be safe." Kissing Amy's forehead. She heard brother call Kiya's name as she shooed her off.

Amy looked back for a while and saw Kiya run back to the castle.' Don't worry Kiya; I'll be back safe and sound…Thank you.'

Alfieri village:

Amy walked through the empty streets of the village. It looked sad and wasn't bustling with happy people like it did during the day. The streets only had some people that were walking around but they looked very angry and didn't seem to like to see Amy walk around.

Slowly she walked the dimly lit streets and could have sworn that someone was following her, but each time she turned no one was there. In fear, her walk then turned into a jog as it got closer, making her jog become a full on run. She wasn't looking at where she was going, tripped and fell, face first, into the dirt road like the klutz she knew she was. She tried to stand up but was immediately pinned down. Turning her face to the side, she tried to see who had just attacked her, but it was so dimly lit that she couldn't see anything very well.

"Hello beautiful." Said the man. He sounded drunk and the scent of alcohol made her hold her breath.

She squirmed and squirmed, trying to get out of his grasp, but her attempts failed. She just wasn't strong enough. 'All those years that I could've taken magic class could've paid off if I just said yes! I never thought that I would have to call Kiya so early. She thought to herself as she tried to reach for the crystal with her free hand. When she got a hold of it the man grabbed her hand, causing her to lose her grip on it.

'NO!' She screamed in her head. Amy could feel his body crushing me, but then, the body that was once pinning her down was gone. She slowly turned and saw a blue blur pin the man to wall. She then had a vision.

"My name is Princess Amy Rose."

She could hear the guards coming closer to where she was. The blue hedge ginned, but all she could see was his mouth not his face.

"So you're the one that they're after? Come on!" He motioned me inside of the box he was standing on.

It ended. "Those weren't dreams; they were memories and I was the little girl…but then who was that little boy?" She whispered to herself. Amy was brought back to earth when she saw a hand in front of her and a voice asking, "Are you OK miss?"

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