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" M-Mother?...F-Father?...K-Kiya?..." Amy stuttered.

"Amy I'm so proud of you. You have grown to be such a beautiful young woman.." her mother gently. The three of them looked transparent, just like Zelzainia, but there was a comforting light that that surround them, not a cold mist.

" Mother what am I to do? Everything I ever knew about my life... it's a lie.." she whimpered to herself quietly.

" Don't worry my darling, everything will turn out for the better in the end." Alice smiled, resting a light hand on Amy's shoulder.

" Sis you need to say ' evice ' not 'Felizio '. That will brake the barrier and cancel the spell. And do you remember the spell book that prince Tails gave you? Well you need to remember the first spell in that book and recite it A.S.A.P! ' Hecate ' may have the final item of darkness, but this spell will destroy all the items, putting them all to rest for good." Kiya exclaimed.

Amy tried to run up and hug her sister, but just ran right through her transparent body, hugging only the air. " Kiya I miss you so much!"

" I miss you too Amy! Now go and the world! Tell Shadow that I will always love him... and tell Blitz to stop hitting on a dead girls man. It's just lazy." Kiya laughed happily. Amy's' father lifted his hand and patted her head smiling in pride.

"May your life be filled with joy sweetheart." he smiled.

The three souls disappeared, and the comforting white space around her began to bleed away into the image of the items floating around her. She looked out through her crystal barrier, and saw the five soldiers on the floor, groaning in pain. Amy looked forward and saw a large cloud of dust floating in the open air.

When the cloud of dust began to settle, she saw Sonic holding a long a long,shinny blade that pierced the ground, narrowly missing Hecates' neck. Sonic was breathing hard, and his eyes glowed with deep anger.

Amy gasped, " Evice! "

The crystal shattered, leaving the shard to dissolve into thousands of glittering pixels that gently fell to the floor, along with Amy.

" You're pretty fast warrior," Hecate chuckled and summoned a large, ebony sword from the Shadows," But I'm faster!" Sonic quickly pulled his sword out of the ground and dodged Hecate's blade's attack. The crimson hedgehog brought his sword back to his side, and came in with an overhead attack. Sonic acted fast and lifted his sword up as well, blocking the evading attack, but Hecate found an opening and pulled the sword back to plung his blade into Sonic's right shoulder. He cringed at the pain, but the sound of Hecate's laughter drowned out the sound of his yelps. Hecate pinned Sonic's wounded body to the floor, pushing the blade in deeper.

" SSOONNNICC!" Amy shrieked.

Hecate pulled the blade from Sonic's injured body and laughed in success, licking the blood of the blade like a maniac. Amy quickly put her palms together and yelled,

" Healen! " The blood that oozed out of Sonic's body was quickly sucked back inside, along with the wound itself, not even leaving a mark.

" Heh, heh, so you learned to use magic while you were away? Impressive," he looked down at Sonic's recovering body, " You have yourself a strong woman. To bad she won't live long enough for you to hold her again!" Hecate threw his blade straight towards her chest.

Sonic took his blade and swiftly cut Hecate's leg. He growled, " Bastard!" and held his bleeding leg.

Amy quickly shut her eyes and awaited to feel the pain of the blade piercing her body, and see her family in the afterlife once more, but all she felt was a breeze, and heard the sound of clanking metal, along with Hecate's growl of pain. She quickly opened her eyes and saw four transparent figures standing before her, each one had their hands in front of them, creating a clear barrier. It was her mother,father, Kiya, and Siegfried.

" Amy..You need to do the spell!" Shouted Kiya. Amy jumped and saw that they looked more transparent then before, and noticed that the items stll danced around her frail body, but were bouncing up and down, seeming more eager then usual.

" K-Kiya I don't remember it!" Amy cried.

" Don't worry sis... you'll remember...OK on the count of three... we'll distract Hecate so you can recite the spell OK!," Kiya winked, " Three!" The four spirits pounced towards Hecate, pinning him to the wall with all their might. Amy acted fast and thought hard about what the spell was.

" Hecate you were my friend! We were known as the twins and you betrayed me! You killed my mother and father and caused my little sister's death and murdered me!" yelled Siegfried's soul.

" The felony that you have committed proves how badly you do not deserve power or happiness!" growled Kiya.

Amy took deep breath's at an attempt of relaxing her mind, and began to piece back the words.

" Nil gottana zhier de mar, tsuse to de ji can la..." The items stopped the dance, and a glowing purple escaped Hecate's cloak, and joined the alinement. It was the crystal of darkness.

" No!" growled Hecate. The souls disappeared into the light, letting Sonic take their place by fitting his blade right by Hecate's neck. " Remember hedgehog, history repeats itself and there is nothing you can do about it!" Hecate gasped as a large amount of crimson blood left his body.

Sonic leaned in and laughed, " Even if history does repeat itself, good will always triumph over evil. And as long as I'm with her... then I will never stop fighting for what's right."

" Dame de ute limeas... Light and Love!" yelled Amy. The items glowed brightly and quickly circled Amy, until she let her hand out. With the simple motion each item shattered into to dust and followed the light. Amy couldn't see what happened since her eyes were closed, but she could hear the silent sound of splattering liquid, and when she her jade eyes, Sonic was covered in blood, and Hecate was laying, lifeless on the floor.

"...Sonniku..." was all Amy could manage to whisper before she fell back, but Sonic swooped down, and gently set her down in his lap.

" It's over Ames." he laughed.

" Thank goodness.." she sighed, " Can we get married yet?"

" Ha Ha, we need to fix your kingdom first, then we'll get married OK!" Sonic smiled.

" Finally..," Amy grinned, " We should have a victory kiss." she blushed.

Sonic laughed. Amy caressed his face and put her arms around the back of his neck and pulled him into a loving kiss.

The moment was interrupted though, when Blitz, Shadow, and Zelzainia came running into the room.

" Stop chasing me!" growled Shadow.

" Wait! I just want to drown you in hugs!" yelled Blitz, who still chased him around the room until she tripped on her face.

" Stay away from my man!" yelled Zelzainia as she floated into the room.

" Amy when we get married, make sure our children don't get influenced by these three." Laughed Sonic.

...One month later...

Church ( Amy's POV):

The sun shone so brightly ever since that battle, and since Alfieri has been restored to it's original state, everyone's spirits have risen too. I stood in front of mirror and sighed in relief.

" Ms. Amy you look so beautiful! Or should I say Mrs. Amy!" Cream giggled. She wore a long red dress with orange lacing all around the edge, and had blue ribbons that wrapped around her ears. A perfect outfit for a bridesmaid.

" Thank you Cream! And you look like a beautiful bridesmaid!" I grinned, but Cream's smile disappeared. " What's wrong Cream?"

" I just...I always pictured that would be your bridesmaid... not me.."

" But Cream, Kiya would have wanted you to be my bridesmaid." I said. Cream smiled and hugged me tightly and left. I looked into the mirror and acknowledged the beautiful dress. It was long and strapless, with a pat down the middle filled with red roses. The top and bottom of the dress had a golden lace that glittered in the sun light. The bouquet I had was filled with multicolored roses, and blue a blue ribbon. On my hands I wore gold bands that Blitz made me, and a golden chain necklace, also thanks to Blitz. My veil was connected to my golden, three circle crown, and had roses on it as well. It was actually my mother's dress, and Kiya always dreamed of wearing it on her wedding day. With this dress on I felt so close to Kiya and my mother, as if they were watching me right now.

" Well hello my soon-to-be wife!" Sonic greeted me with a half smile and a wink. I jumped back and hid behind the mirror.

" Sonniku! You know it's bad luck to see the bride in her dress before you get married!" I laughed. He ran over to the mirror and tried to get a peak, but I was to fast for him, even though he's one of the fastest things I've seen.

" Ahhh so what! We're getting married in a few minutes anyways!" Sonic grinned.

He walked over to the red satin curtains and a peeked through to the audience that were attending the wedding. " Well looky here! Looks like my little brothers got himself a new girlfriend." Sonic motioned me forward. I placed my eye near the crevice between the two curtains.

Tails was standing next to the alter, waiting for Sonic, and Cream was standing next to him, waiting for me. Cream kept looking back at Tails, blushing with each glance. Tails was doing the same, but was actually trying to start a conversation by introducing himself.

" H-Hi my name is Tails!" he smiled, lifting his hand out, awaiting a polite handshake.

" My name is Cream..." she blushed, taking his hand and letting go, looking as red as a tomato. She bit her lip and Tails tapped his foot vigorously.

" How cute!" I squealed.

" Looks like we've found the new king of Vizendi!" Sonic smiled.

" Oh, Sonniku I was meaning to talk to you about that. If you and I are going to rule Ferias, and Blitz is ruling Nightfall, and Tails will most likely be ruling Zivendi with Cream, then who will rule Alfieri?" it was the biggest question that had been on my mind for weeks, and there was no possible solution yet.

"...Well I'm not so sure, but we'll talk about it later! Today is a day for celebrating, not working!"

I shrugged and looked back through the curtains. I saw Blitz sitting in the front row,wearing a white gown, and holding on to her boyfriend's arm. His name was Devon, and he was an Alfieri soldier that she fought against during the great battle. She said that when she met him, she kicked his ass, but he was so impressed by her swordsmanship and her blacksmith skills, that he wanted to learn from her. She agreed once she saw his handsome face. He was a black hedgehog, kinda like Shadow,( which is probably why she likes him so much) and his father fought with along side her's. He's a pretty nice guy, and Blitz really took a liking to him so he was most likely the future king of Nightfall.

Next to Blitz was Knuckles, Rouge and their newborn baby girl, Sophia. I never knew that bat's were only pregnant for a few weeks. (N/A: True fact )

Sophia was bat, just like her mother, but was as red as knuckles and had his vivid voilet eyes but still had Rouge's seductive look to them. She was sleeping in Rouge's arms, tossing and turning every once in a while, and Rouge looked tired, but happy.

Shadow was standing in the very back of the church with Zelzainia, being the loaner that his is, but Zelzainia's company seemed to make him happy. I guess he still loves my sister and she is the last thing close to her. The sound of the church bell dinging in the tower surprised me a little, and the butterflies in my stomach began to swarm. The wedding was about to begin.

Heaven ( Kiya's POV ):

(N/A: If u dont believe in heaven then I'm srry )

I laid on my stomach and looked down on the living though a stone well. It was known as the well of ages, and allowed the dead to watch over our loved ones, so I watched as my little sister was getting married I'm so proud of my little sister. Her and Sonic have saved the world from darkness, were best friends, and fulfilled the prophecy, and now they're getting married. I always thought that I would be the first one to get married, but things happen, and being dead isn't half bad.

" Hello!" greeted a friendly voice. I turned on my side and saw a Peach-Orange echidna with cobalt eyes and a tribal dress with a gold headband along her forehead.

" Um hello? Who are you?" I asked timidly.

" Oh, my name is Tikal!" she smiled.

" Oh! Hi I'm Kiya...So how did you die?"

" Oh I'm not dead. I haven't been born yet, but I will be in a couple of hundred years." I tilted my head in confusion. " It's hard to explain. Look, you gave your life to your sister, that is the greatest deed of love, but it was not your time to die."

" What are you saying?"

" I'm saying that you can return to the world of the living! Good for you!" Tikal grinned and took my arm, pulling me up. " This won't hurt a bit!"

" Wait why would it-" She pushed me into the well, leaving me to fall into nothingness.

Church- Vows:

" OK Sonic, you go first." insisted the Minister.

"I,Sonic The Hedgehog, take you Amy Rose, to be my lawfully wedded wife , to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part"He grabbed Amy hand and gently placed the golden band onto her ring finger,"With this ring I thee wed, and I pledge thee my fidelity."

"I,Amy Rose, take you Sonic The Hedgehog , to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part" Amy did the same, "With this ring I thee wed, and I pledge thee my fidelity."

The minister shut his book and lifted his arms high. " And with the power invested in me, I pronounce thee man and wife! You may kiss the bride." Amy wrapped her arms around him, kissing him with passion, but the sound of Zelzainia's yelp made heads turn.

" What's wrong!" yelled Amy. She ran towards Zelzainia, who was curled up in a ball on the floor. Everyone else circled around her, trying to help their hurting friend. The mist around her began to fade away, and her long white quills began to gain blue pigment. Her gold eyes became dark and ruby like, and her body was now solid, and glowed a bright light that soon dimmed down.

"...Ouch...W-What happened?" she mumbled. Amy and Blitz pinned her to the floor shouting, " Kiya!" Tears welded up in the girls eyes, and the boys stayed silent.

" Kiya! I missed you so much!" Amy screamed, hugging her sister to death.

" Amy, Amy, calm down! Don't forget that her man needs to see her!" laughed Blitz, who wiped the tears off her face.

" Good to see you again Blitzy." grinned Kiya. She looked over to Shadow, who refused to look at her, but still walked over to him and poked his shoulder.

" You're just a figment of my imagination." he whispered in denial.

" Oh yeah? If I wasn't real then could I do this?" She pulled him to a deep kiss, surprising him at first, making him trip over something and fall behind a pew.

" Ok you two get up!" laughed Blitz. " Guys?" she waited some more until she heard moaning, " Oh my god, what the hell what are they doing?" her eyes widened until Kiya popped out from behind the pew, along with Shadow who had kiss marks all over his face.

" Sonniku this is perfect! Tails and Cream will most likely rule Vizendi, Blitz and Devon will rule Nightfall, Kiya and Shadow will rule Alfieri, and you and I can rule Ferias!" Amy spun around in joy.

" Why don't we all just join or kingdom's together and make one land." suggested Tails.

" Yeah and I know what we can call it." grinned Sonic.

"What?" everyone asked in unison.

" Mobius."

" Yeah that's a good name for it!" agreed Tails.

" Then it's settled. The new land will be known as Mobius and all who live here will have a prosperous life!" exclaimed Cream enthusiastically.

'So this is it? We're all happy together and nothing can separate us... I guess good things happen to those who believe in Light...and Love..' thought Amy as she made a group hug.

...100 years later...

Tails Workshop:

" And that is how Mobuis was founded! Isn't it so interesting that your ancestor had the same name and looks like you, and save the world!It's even cooler that she married a man named Sonic!" exclaimed Cream, who was holding a large history book that told of ancient legends.

" Yeah, and when Hecate said ' History Repeats itself ' makes me soo happy!"

Cream blinked in confusion, " But , I think he was saying that he would return and bring havoc to the world!"

" Yeah, but me and Sonic will save the world! If my ancestor can get her Sonic to love her, then I can get mine!" Amy winked.

" Oh Amy, you never change.." Cream sighed, smiling at her friend. The door to Tails workshop opened, revealing Amy's cobalt hero.

" Sonic!" exclaimed Amy, who stood up ran towards like she always did.

" Amy!" he shouted, running outside, but going slow enough for her to at least be near him. ' As long as you still chase me Ames, then I know I can still fight for good..' Sonic thought as the two ran into the sunset.

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