Summary: When Hatter follows Alice through the looking glass, he swears never to go back. But when Alice gets herself into more trouble, he learns that he'll have to follow her back.

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Here We Go Again

Hatter's P.O.V

Hatter drummed his fingers anxiously on the dining room table in his and Alice's shared apartment.

He checked his watch again and had noticed that she was half an hour late for their date. They had most definitely missed their reservations. He sighed and stood to call Alice again.

The phone rang abruptly, causing Hatter to jump. He quickly checked the caller I.D and smiled with relief when he saw Alice's name.

"Hey, love. Where are you? You're a little late," he inquired when he answered the phone, slightly irritated.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" a masculine voice scoffed on the other line.

Hatter tensed immediately and inquired, "Who are you and where's Alice?"

"Someone who can hurt her and once I hang up, Wonderland, pretty boy," the voice replied.

Hatter silently cursed and grabbed his car keys, before storming out.

"Let me speak to her," he demanded.

The voice chuckled and replied, "You're in no position to be making demands, little man."

"Well then, I'm not going to Wonderland. I'm assuming that's the reason this is happening. You want me over there," Hatter fibbed.

"You're smart. How long did it take you to figure that out?" he teased.

"I just need to know that she's okay," he added, ignoring the pounding of his heart as he hopped into his car and sped to the mirror.

"She's fine for now. I'm heading over and be there or she dies. I'll leave the looking glass open," he added, "Oh and if by some miracle you both live, make sure you're girl knows the difference between a citizen in need and an ambush," before hanging up.

"Bloody hell Alice," he cursed under his breath, tossing the phone in the backseat.

He turned into the parking lot and jolted out of the car, sprinting to the looking glass.

He saw it propped up against a wall and hesitated before he leapt in.

Did he really want to be back in the world he had originally fought so hard to get out of?

His answer came instantly when he noticed a small pool of blood next to him.

It must've been Alice's.

Without a second thought, he leapt through the looking glass and made his descent into Wonderland.

I'm coming Alice, he thought to himself.

After recovering from the initial dizziness and nausea, Hatter stumbled through the road, vaguely searching the area for traces of black hair.

"Damn it Alice!" Hatter yelled, hoping for any sign that she could hear.

Hatter adjusted his hat before… wait.

Hatter placed a hand on his hat and looked down at his outfit.

He was wearing the same clothes he had left Wonderland in.

He knocked on his stomach and smiled when he felt his bulletproof vest.

Sighing once more, he tentatively began walking along the path.

He looked around for any significant differences in his once home and noticed flyers plastered along the walls.

He gingerly pried one off and instantly noticed his and Alice's faces in the middle of it.

"Bloody hell," he cursed for the second time.

He read:

Dear Loyal Citizen(s),

Ruler March has decreed that all citizens are to report any sightings of either individuals.

His eyebrows shot up at the words 'Ruler March'.

"So Jackie's lost power, eh? That didn't take long," he murmured to himself.

He wasn't shocked that someone had revived Mad March after his… ehem… incident with Hatter's fist. It's been done before and it would be done again.

He also wasn't shocked that he'd taken over after Jack's apparent fall from power. He was a well-known and feared assassin.

He wasn't shocked that he was most wanted, along with Alice. Mad March and Hatter had had a growing rivalry since their falling out when they were mere children. Mad March had died approximately 12 times and 10 were at the hands, more appropriately right hook, of Hatter. The other two had been accidents or natural causes.

Hatter cracked his knuckles and smiled grimly.

On the upside, Hatter could deal with Mad March. He'd done several times in the past. And he knew Mad March. He could figure out where he was and what he was going to do with Alice.

And that posed the problem.

Hatter knew Mad March.

He was sadistic and he'd do as much harm to Alice as he could before Hatter did anything. He also held a grudge. And he knew Hatter.

He was smart and each time Hatter faced him, he was stronger than the last.

Hatter scowled and made his way to the one place March knew would be the most painful for Hatter and the one place he knew that March would be.

He was heading home.

A/N: I know that it's kinda short, but I wanted to end it like that. They never really let us know about Hatter's life before Alice came into the picture. They made it seem like Hatter and Mad March knew each other. I also thought that something traumatic must've happened to him. Alice's P.O.V is coming up next. Please review if this is even remotely good because if it sucks I'll drop it. If I have reviews, I get excited to update and I do it frequently. *hint, hint*