So I was hoping that a new fanfic would be alive and well and several chapters in, but that's not the case. I've been dealing with personal issues and haven't had much time to write. Here's the first chapter of my new Finchel fanfic. Hope you enjoy. I know it's not my best but like I said I've had stuff going on. Comment if I should continue. Also working on another story about Finchel and their kids. Will be up soon.

Chapter 1: Beaches and Stars

"Get up, Rachel!"

Rachel opened her eyes to see her two-year-old sister Beth hitting her with a pillow.

"Beth, I had a late night last night, can I get some sleep?"


"Oh, fine." Rachel forced herself out of bed and downstairs. She was now a high school graduate and had a future ahead of her. Graduation had been last night and it was absolutely amazing, but it was a bit sad too. The seniors of New Directions had sang together for the last time at the beginning of the ceremony, marking a huge last. The ceremony had been beautiful but it was very emotional. After the ceremony, Rachel and Finn had gone out to dinner with their families and exchanged graduation gifts. When she'd asked him if he thought this was the end, he told her he thought it was only "the end of the beginning." She was concerned. She'd be at Princeton and he'd be at Ohio State.

"How's the high school graduate?" Rachel's mom Shelby asked as Rachel went downstairs for breakfast.

Rachel laughed. "I'm doing fine Mom. A bit tired. Last night was busy."

Shelby kissed Rachel. "We're really proud of you."

Rachel smiled. "Thanks Mom."

"How am I going to say goodbye to you when you go off to college in three months?" Shelby asked.

"Don't even think about it, Mom," Rachel said. "I'm dreading leaving you and my dads and Beth and my friends and Finn... especially Finn."

"Seriously, Rachel, I can't believe my little girl's already going off to college," Shelby said. "It all happened so fast. Especially since you were already so grown-up when I first found you. I'm so glad I found you though."
Rachel smiled. "I'm glad I found you too, Mom."

"Any plans for the first day of your post high school life?" Shelby asked.

Rachel's phone went off with the text message alert. "Well, maybe there are plans now!" She looked at the screen and smiled, seeing it was Finn. She opened the text: Want to go to up to Lake Erie today?

Rachel smiled quickly and texted back: I'd love to. She then turned to her mom. "I'm going to Lake Erie with Finn today."

"Oooooo, Finn," Beth said.

"Yeah, he's my boyfriend," Rachel said.

"Are you guys getting married?" Beth asked.

"BETH!" Shelby gasped.

"I hope one day we can get married," Rachel sighed. It was her dream that one day she and Finn would get married, but they had to finish college first.

About an hour later, Finn showed up in his car to pick up Rachel and make the two hour drive to Sandusky to Lake Erie.

"Did you enjoy last night?" Rachel asked Finn about 90 minutes into the ride. They'd sat quietly for most of the drive. One of the things Rachel loved about Finn was they could sit together quietly and it never felt awkward. For all they cared, they could just lie on the beach all day today and not say anything. It was part of being Finchel.

"It was a great night," Finn replied. "I loved your present. I couldn't have asked for a better one."

Rachel smiled. "Thanks." She had worked long hours to buy Finn's graduation present - custom drumsticks with gold stars (her signature thing) on them, and "I'm forever yours, faithfully" engraved in them. He had really loved them. She touched the necklace he'd given her, which was 14-karat gold, with a gold star charm and a gold "Finchel" charm. "I love the gift you got me, too."

Finn touched Rachel's necklace and smiled. "Did you get any other good gifts?"

Rachel smiled. "Yeah, I got WMHS 2012 earrings from my dads and a charm bracelet from my mom and Beth with graduation charms. What about you?"

"My parents got me a care bag with stuff for my room at college," Finn said. "Kurt wants to wait until our party to give me his gift."

"Yeah, I'm waiting until parties to give everyone else their gifts," Rachel said. She sighed. "Your room at college. I don't want us to be separated..."

Finn put his hand on Rachel's leg. "Let's not think about that today."

Rachel looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

"What?" Finn asked. "You're staring at me like you've never seen me before."

Rachel smiled. "I love your eyes. They're just - so gorgeous."

Finn blushed. "I love your eyes, too."

The car pulled into the parking lot at the Sandusky beach where they'd be spending the day. "Well, here we are," Finn said. He pulled off his shirt, revealing he already had his swim trunks on. Rachel laughed. Finn could be such a boy at times. She pulled off her dress, revealing her new navy bikini with the gold stars. "I like your body," Finn said.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Let's go to the beach." She grabbed Finn's hand and began running toward the beach.

"It's really nice today," Rachel said, dipping her toes into the nice warm sand and looking at the waves in the water.

Finn nodded. "Want me to get you something from the snack bar before we hit the water?"

"I'll have a chocolate milkshake, please," Rachel said.

"You got that, babe," Finn said. He headed to the snack bar and came back with two chocolate milkshakes - one for Rachel and one for himself. He handed Rachel hers. "Cheers."

"To us," Rachel said. "That we may survive the long-distance relationship."

Finn smiled. "To us." They clinked their glasses together and took a sip at the same time.

"These are good," Rachel said. "I can't believe I used to be a vegan."

"It wasn't until prom when you finally came to your senses because you saw how much we loved the meat," Finn laughed.

"Well, I can tell you I'm never switching back," Rachel said.

After they finished their milkshakes, Finn and Rachel ran into the water, hand in hand. Rachel screamed as Finn picked her up and threw her into the water.

"Finn Christopher Hudson! You just had to do that, didn't you?" Rachel shouted.

Finn smirked and nodded.

"Oh yeah?" Rachel smiled. "Well, I just have to do this." She pushed Finn over, letting him fall into the water.

"Wow, Rachel." Finn stood up. "I didn't know you were that strong. I probably weigh twice as much as you."

Rachel started squeezing the water out of her ponytail. "Small but powerful."
"I'll say," Finn said. A wave came towards them and they jumped over it.

"I love you," Rachel said.

"I love you, too," Finn said.

"You want to know something?" Rachel said. "Sometimes I fantasize about you and me in ten years, and what our kids might be like..." She let her thoughts pour out. What was she thinking? What if Finn thought she was crazy?

"Seriously?" Finn asked. "I think the same way. I do know one thing - our kids are going to be a normal height."

Rachel laughed. "Yes they will. They'll probably be taller than me by the time they go to high school, but I doubt they'll hit six feet."

"I love how we think so alike," Finn said. "I love that we know what the other one's thinking and that we know each other so well. You know me better than anyone."

"I can say the same thing about you, Finny," Rachel said.

Finn smiled at Rachel. They hung out in the water some more before going to lie down in the sand, side by side, Rachel leaning her head on Finn's arm. After about fifteen minutes of lying, she moaned quietly.

"What is it?" Finn asked.

"I just love you, a lot," Rachel said. She smiled and began running her hands through Finn's hair, noticing there was lots of sand in it. "I love your hair," she said with a smirk.

"You do, do you?" Finn asked.

"I do," Rachel said. "But you've got LOTS of sand in it, Finn Hudson."

"I can't help that I'm too tall for your towel, but I have an idea of how I can get rid of it," Finn said back as he shook his head to get the sand out of his hair, aiming it at Rachel's lap.

Rachel giggled as the sand fell on her.

Finn smiled. "You never fail to make me happy."

They enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the beach before heading home.


As they drove back from the beach, Finn looked and saw Rachel had fallen asleep in the passenger's seat. He smiled at the sight of her. They'd enjoyed such a nice day together. It killed him to think that in the fall they'd be off at colleges in different states in a matter of weeks. Last night had been late, so he wasn't surprised she was sleeping.

Finn's cell phone went off. It was his mother, asking if she'd like Rachel to stay for dinner. Finn shook Rachel awake. "Rachel?"

"Hey Finn," Rachel mumbled.

"Want to have dinner with my family tonight?" Finn asked.

Rachel smiled. "I'd love that." They pulled into the Hudson-Hummel driveway and went inside. Finn felt good that his whole family loved Rachel so much. They'd never really liked Quinn while he was dating her. His mom, Carole, was cooking dinner while his stepdad Burt was setting the table. Kurt was playing in the living room with their baby sister, Ally.

"It's my sister!" Kurt cried, running up to Rachel.

"We aren't married, Kurt," Rachel laughed.

Finn smiled dreamily. He knew one day he wanted to marry Rachel. He was just afraid to ask her.

"It's only a matter of time," Carole said.

"Thanks, Mom," Finn muttered. What if Rachel didn't want to get married.

"Seriously Finn, I agree," Rachel said. "I can't see myself spending my life with anyone but you."

"You feel that way?" Finn asked.

"I do," Rachel said. "This was such a big year for us. I mean, we won Sectionals, Regionals AND Nationals. We got into colleges and got scholarships. We won Prom King and Queen. We trained the new captains to keep New Directions growing strong."

"I'll miss EVERYONE," Finn said. "We'll have to go back for all their competitions."

"Oh, and Rachel, before you go to college, you and I are going shopping," Kurt said. "Although your wardrobe has drastically improved, we need to make you full out hot."

"I don't want Rachel looking like a sad clown hooker," Finn said. Really, he wanted Rachel to look the way she normally did. He didn't want the boys at Princeton to be attracted to her.

"No matter how I look, you'll always be the only guy for me, Finn," Rachel said, kissing Finn.

Finn smiled as Rachel sat down with his family to dinner. She fit in perfectly here. His parents and siblings loved her. Even Ally had clearly already accepted Rachel as part of the family. She smiled at Rachel as they ate dinner.

Dinner was finished and Finn picked Rachel up in his arms, ready to take her home.

"Finn, what are you doing?" Rachel asked.

"Carrying you."


"Because I love you! Let's walk home."


Finn put Rachel down as they began walking to her house, hand in hand. Rachel paused a few houses before hers.

"Look at those stars. They're shining bright for us. It's our night," Rachel said. "I love you, Finn. And we'll have a great future together."

Finn smiled. "Good night, Rach."

Rachel stood on her tiptoes and kissed Finn. "Good night, Finny."

He watched as she went up the sidewalk and driveway into her house. This was just the beginning of their lives together.