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Wake Up and Dance with Me

Chapter 3, Part 2: Just Breathe

"Are you sure you don't need any help, Molly?" Tonks asked. She was sitting at the long table of Grimmauld Place's kitchen, a mug of tea in front of her, watching Molly cook. The red-hair witch turned slightly and gave Tonks a warm smile over her shoulder. "Not at all, dearest. You just rest" She pointed her wand at Tonks with mock sternness "I'm not happy with how pale you still are" Tonks laughed ruefully, sticking an arm out and frowning at her near-colorless skin "I haven't seen the sunlight in over a week, of course I'm still pale!" Molly clucked sympathetically while turning her attention back to the pots and pans on the stove. Tonks took a long sip of her tea, looking around; she thought it seemed awfully quiet for late morning.. "Where are the kids, Molly?" she asked suddenly "Oh, I sent them off to The Burrow with Arthur and Remus. I thought you could probably do with a little peace and quiet" Tonks shook her head; either Remus and Molly were secretly skilledLegilimens or she was becoming far too easy to read..

Suddenly Molly waved her wand, ceasing all the stirring and simmering, and turned to Tonks with a bright smile. "Get up!" she cried "Get dressed!" Baffled, Tonks set down her mug and gaped at the older woman. "Wha..Why?" She jumped back as Molly gestured towards her with her wand "We're going to take a little walk, just you and I. You're right, you do need some sun and fresh air, and it's a lovely day!" "But Molly, there's no one else..We can't leave while.." she sputtered "Don't you worry about that" Molly tugged her out of the chair and gave her a light shove towards the door "You run up and get dressed, I'll have Alastor here in no time. Go on, run along" Too confused to do anything else but obey, she scurried out of the kitchen and up to her and Remus' room. Already hearing Mad-Eye's rumble downstairs, she grabbed the first clothes her fingers hit: a pair of leggings, one of Remus' button-downs and her Auror boots, then threw them on and hurried back downstairs. "Wotcher Mad-Eye" She tossed her arms around him for a quick hug before he could grumble and shake her off. "Molly's kidnapping me" "Right, good. Well, you do deserve it, I suppose" He cast an amused glance at her thrown-together ensemble, then pointed a stern finger at her "Not for too long, though, you hear? And don't go far" "Yes sir" She giggled, then followed Molly out the front door.

Molly was absolutely right, Tonks thought later as the two of them sat under a leafy tree in the back garden, sharing a picnic of sandwiches and pumpkin juice. The early summer sun felt so wonderful; Tonks rolled up the oversized sleeves of her shirt, hoping to catch a little color. "You look better already" Molly smiled, as Tonks Summoned a barrette from her room and pulled her hair back. "Thanks so much, Molly. For everything, really. You've been so amazing, there's no way I could possibly thank you.." Molly cut her off, squeezing her hand "No thanks necessary, Tonks. I've come to think of you as one of my own" Tonks threw down her sandwich and grabbed Molly into a tight hug, nearly upsetting the jug of pumpkin juice "Thank you" she whispered again, as both women laughed and wiped their eyes. They ate in comfortable silence for a bit longer. Stuffed, Tonks pushed her plate aside and leaned back on her elbows, tipping her face up to the sun, and thinking about last night and what was still to come. It was going to take a great deal of strength to get through tonight, but she knew she could with Remus at her side. Feeling suddenly drowsy, she gave herself a shake and sat up, helping Molly pack up the basket. Molly glanced at her out of the corner of her light brown eyes. "Tonks" she said haltingly "If you don't mind my intrusion, and please tell me if you do, how are things with you and Remus?" Tonks bit her lip, trying to hide what she was sure was a silly grin "Perfect" she murmured, blushing and meeting Molly's stare. A look of understanding passed between the two, and they sat back and giggled like a couple of schoolgirls until their stomachs hurt. She hugged Molly again, then couldn't suppress a large yawn. Molly smiled at her fondly "Why do you go and have a little lie-down? I'll get the lot back here and they can help me finish setting up" "Are you sure?" "Of course, love. Go on now!" Impulsively she dropped a kiss on Molly cheek and trudged inside, waving at Mad-Eye as she passed. Once in her room, she slipped off her boots and leggings, falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

"Is this alright, Molly?" Remus asked, as he arranged a few candles between the stacks of plates and linens. "That's perfect, dear" she patted his shoulder as she rushed past "Ginny, move those flowers to the other table, love. They'll be in the way of drink pitchers right there. Well, I think we're as good as done, Remus. How does it all look?" Remus looked around the second floor drawing room: gone were the bright streamers and balloons from Dora's party the other night. In their place were plenty of lace tablecloths, crystal and silver candleholders, and the best of the Black linen, china, and silverware that they could dig up and clean off. That paired with bouquets of deep-red and white roses gave the room an elegant but comfortable air. "It all looks beautiful, really Molly. Dora will love it" He put his arm around Molly's round shoulders and gave her a squeeze. "Oh, I do hope so Remus. And I'm glad you like it too. This is just as much for you, and Harry, as it is for Tonks" Molly jumped as the antique clock on the mantle loudly announced the time. "Oh dear me! Look at the time! Hurry on, you lot! Get dressed! Remus, be a dear and wake up Tonks please, I must get ready myself.. Where did the time go?" Remus laughed as Molly hustled everyone out of the room, then headed up to get Dora.

Opening the door quietly, Remus smiled at the sight that greeted him: Dora looked simply adorable, lying amongst the pale pink sheets in one of his shirts, her rich brown hair fanned out behind her in a windblown tangle. What had she been doing today? With his Dora, there was no telling. But he knew one thing for sure: he would never get tired of watching her sleep. Unable to resist a quick cuddle, he took off his shoes and slipped into bed next to her, wrapping one arm around her stomach and gently trying to untangle her hair. "What are you doing?" she muttered sleepily, after a few minutes "Trying to make sense of this bird's nest you've got going on back here. What in the name of Merlin did you do today, Dora?" He chuckled as she swatted his hands away to feel her hair for herself "Molly and I just had a little walk and a picnic in the garden.. Oh hell.." she cursed as she found the culprit "Damn, I fell asleep with my barrette still in!" Remus threw back his head and laughed, then took the offensive barrette and Dora's hand and pulled them both to the antique vanity table "Sit" he commanded, tossing the barrette onto the vanity's marble top and lightly pushing Dora on to the chair. Pointing his wand at her hair, he mumbled a few words and the tangles disappeared. "I could have done that myself if I could only morph.." she grumbled "I know, darling" he whispered, kissing the top of her head "But then I wouldn't need to do this" He grabbed the silver-backed hairbrush and started running it gently through her hair with one hand, smoothing the curls with the other "Hmm, yes, that would be a loss for us both, wouldn't it?" She closed her eyes, loving his touch more than any other feeling in the world. After a little while, he put the brush down and dropped to his knees in front of her, moving aside her newly-smooth hair to trail kisses along her neck; his efforts were rewarded by the feeling of her silky hair brushing against his cheek, and her slender arms coming around his neck. "I love you" he breathed against her skin; she smelt like fresh air and summer sun, and he figured it was probably a good idea that someone choose just this moment to knock on the door. Dora, it seemed, disagreed "Who is it?" she grumbled "It..it's Ginny" a hesitant voice answered "I wanted to see you for a minute, Tonks, but I can come back if this is a bad time" Remus reluctantly rose to his feet and headed to the bureau, taking out a fresh jumper and a pair of trousers as Tonks, giggling, tugged his shirt down and opened the door.

Ginny stood on the other side, lovely in a simple midnight blue sheath. She had a large silver-wrapped parcel under her arm, and looked shyly between Remus and Tonks "I really didn't mean to interrupt.." "Nonsense, come on in" Tonks took the girl's free hand and tugged her inside "I'll give you ladies some privacy" Remus dropped a lingering kiss on Tonks' cheek and gave Ginny a friendly wink, then closed the door lightly behind him. "Here, sit" Tonks gestured to the bed, quickly straitening the sheets and blankets "You look beautiful Ginny. You'll have to excuse my lack of proper attire; I still can't seem to get through the day without a nap!" Ginny sat cross-legged on the bed, adjusting her dress "Thanks. How have you been feeling?" "Oh, alright" Tonks answered, as she tugged her leggings back on and plopped down on the other end of the bed "Just still tire out pretty easily, but it's getting better. So what's up, what have you got there?" She gestured to the parcel that now lay on Ginny's lap "Well, this is for you, actually" she said, holding it out to Tonks "Oh.. Ginny, that's so sweet, but you didn't have to get me anything!" "Just open it" Ginny said softly, with a slightly nervous smile. Dead curious now, Tonks carefully tore off the shimmery silver paper. She gasped as it fell away: nestled in an ornate pewter frame was a stunning charcoal drawing of Sirius. Tonks simply stared at it for a moment; she'd never seen such anything so beautiful. Running a finger carefully over the glass that protected it, her eyes filled with tears as she looked down at the twinkling grey eyes and impish smile, the two features that they had shared. "Ginny.." she finally whispered "Where did you.." "I drew it, last night. And Mum found the frame here, when we were looking for things for tonight. See, here's the Black family crest. It was in perfect condition, like it was waiting for us.." Tonks laid the drawing down carefully next to her then embraced Ginny tightly, tears coursing down her face. "Thank you" she sobbed "Thank you so much. It's beautiful" "You're welcome" Ginny whispered, patting her back soothingly, so much like her mother did. Tonks clung to her for a few more moments, then pulled back, wiping her eyes on her shirt sleeve. "I'm glad you like it" Ginny said gently, as Tonks picked up the portrait once again "I just felt so terrible, watching you and Remus and Harry going through so much pain. I wanted to do something.." "This is perfect, Ginny, really. I can't believe you drew this! I know the boys will love it too" Just then Molly voice was heard passing down the hall. "Ginerva Weasley, where are you?" "Ooh, that would be my cue to leave!" Ginny said lightly, jumping off the bed "See you downstairs"

Tonks sat starring down at the picture on her lap, knowing she needed to get up and get dressed, but unable to move just yet. An insistent tap at her window forced her up, albeit reluctantly. She moved aside the curtains and found herself face to face with a large, majestic-looking black owl. "Hullo there" she greeted it, opening the window. Giving her an imperious look, it stuck out its leg, watching her with its large amber eyes. She quickly relieved it of its load, apologizing for her lack of owl treats. "You'd have better luck downstairs" She reached out and attempted to give it a pat, but withdrew her hand just before it made a treat out of her fingers. "Not the touchy-feely type, I get it. Well, thanks anyway" Without another sound, the owl spread its wings and flew off into the night. "Snooty little bugger" she muttered, throwing herself back across the bed to read her note:


I am sorry that I cannot be there in person tonight. But, considering my past relationship with the..recently departed..as well as with Lupin, I felt that my presence would cause more harm than anything else. And I did not wish to add to your pain. So please accept my deepest condolences for your loss.


Severus Snape

"Blimey.." she breathed, reading the note several times to make sure she had it right. Of all the odd.. "Dora?" Remus' voice sounded outside the door "Are you almost ready? Nearly everyone's here.." "Damn" she whispered, vaulting off the bed and shoving the note into a drawer of the vanity, then throwing open the door "Sorry" she stretched up and gave him a quick kiss, then pulled him inside "I lost track of the time. Come and see what Ginny gave me" She gestured toward the bed, then opened the bureau and considered her options, few that they were. Ripped jeans and bright t-shirts wouldn't do tonight, and she didn't even own a dress.. She finally settled on a thin black jumper and a pair of slim trousers in a Blackwatch plaid. She watched Remus study the portrait as she changed. "Isn't it beautiful? She drew it herself" He looked up in surprise "Did she really? It's spectacular.." "I know" she agreed, stuffing her feet into a pair of grey ballet flats "I thought maybe we could move that old clock in the sitting room, and put this there instead" "I think that would be lovely" He put the picture down and walked over, taking her in his arms. She sighed, laying her head on his chest, not even realizing she was crying again until he started 'shh-ing' her. "Sorry" she whispered, pulling back a little and dragging her hand impatiently under her eyes. "It's ok, sweetheart" He gently brushed away the rest of her tears "You know, we didn't have to do this if you weren't ready. We still don't have to" "No, its ok" she murmured, her voice muffled as she buried her face in his chest again "It's not gonna get any easier if we keep putting if off" Remus nodded against her hair. "I suppose that is true" He lifted her chin and kissed her slowly. She clung to him, breathing in as much of his strength as she could. "Ready?" he whispered against her forehead as they parted. "No" she gave him a watery smile "Let's go" He gave her one more kiss, grabbed the frame, and they left, his arm strong and sure around her waist.

Tonks wound her way through the crowd, mindful of the glass of wine in her hand, while listening to the subdued conversations around her. Remus was engaged in some sort of debate with Kingsley and Mad-Eye, so she took the opportunity to mingle. She seemed to gravitate naturally toward 'the kids'. Ron and Hermione shared a loveseat by the fireplace, while Ginny perched on the arm of Harry's near-by chair, her arm lightly around his shoulders. Tonks was so glad that Harry had Ginny, as well as so many others, to help him through this. "Hi guys" she said quietly as she approached "Mind if I join you?" "Of course not!" they all chorused. She smiled and sat her wineglass on the mantle, glancing for the millionth time at Sirius' portrait, then settled on the arm of the loveseat, next to Hermione. "Isn't Ginny's drawing beautiful?" the brown-haired girl said, following her gaze. Tonks smiled softly at Ginny "Yes, it really it. Remus loved it, thank you so much, again" "You're welcome. I'm glad Remus liked it, Harry did too" She smiled as he took her hand and kissed it. The time passed quickly in pleasant conversation, as she regaled them with stories of her days at Hogwarts and they shared which classes they hoped to be taking this coming term. The next thing she knew, Remus was making eyes at her over Ginny's head, and she guiltily realized she'd been neglecting the other guests. Smiling, she stood up, explaining the she needed to mingle, patting Harry's arm as she passed. Smoothing her jumper, she headed over to Hestia Jones and Emmeline Vance, grabbing a sandwich and a fresh glass of wine on the way.

Before long, Tonks had made her way around the room and now headed back to where she needed to be: at Remus' side. Luckily, he was just standing in quiet conversation with Molly and Arthur now. "Wotcher" she whispered, slipping into his much-needed embrace. "Hello Darling" He hugged her tightly to his side, brushing a soft kiss to her forehead. "How are you holding up, Tonks?" Arthur asked gently "I'm ok" she smiled "Just getting tired" "Well, that's no wonder" Remus checked his pocket watch "It's after midnight" Just then Harry walked up, his arm around a sleepy looking Ginny "I think I'm going to head up to bed, Mum" she managed around a huge yawn. "Oh, do you think you could wait just a moment? Harry, did you or Tonks or Remus want to, well, say anything? You don't have to, of course, but I just thought..maybe.." Her voice trailed off as Remus 'hmm-ed' thoughtfully and she and Harry stared at each other, wide-eyed. Finally Remus spoke up "I think that's a lovely idea Molly, thank you. If Harry and Dora don't mind, I'd like to do it" "No, not at all Sweetheart" "Go right ahead, Remus!"

Chuckling softly, Remus cleared his throat to get everyone's attention, then wrapped one arm around Tonks' waist, the other across Harry's shoulders. "Evening everyone.. Well, first of all, Harry, Tonks and I would like to thank all of you for coming tonight. And thank you again to Molly for feeding us" Everyone laughed and applauded, while Molly waved her hands at them and turned bright red. Remus tightened his arm around Tonks' waist and continued "We're all here tonight to honor and remember the life of a very special man, Sirius Orion Black. I've known Sirius since I was eleven years old, more than half my life. And his passing, so soon after finding his freedom, will always leave a hole in my life. Sirius taught me what it meant to be a true friend.. He and your father, Harry, were the best friends a man could ask for, selfless and forever loyal. And now they're both gone.." Swallowing hard, he buried his face in Tonks' sweet-smelling hair for a moment. But there were no stopping the tears, and he was not ashamed of them "But Sirius..Sirius died as he lived, fighting and with a smile on his face, forever brave and loyal to those he loved. And that's how I will always remember him" As Remus fell silent, Tonks hugged him tightly with one arm, reaching the other behind his back to twine her fingers with Harry's. As the room was quiet but for the sounds of soft sniffling and tears, the three of them stood strong as a unit; a unit of grief and love, and determination that the deaths of those they loved would not be in vain.

"Are you two about finished in here?" Remus leaned against the door of the sitting room, having just come up from helping Molly and Arthur in the kitchen "Yes, just about" Tonks looked up with a soft smile. She was sitting at Mad-Eye's feet, carefully wrapping the candleholders for him to put up. "These are the last few" Mad-Eye carefully set them in the antique steamer trunk, then laid his hand briefly on Tonks' head and stood, his legs creaking. "Well, if everyone's set, I'll be heading home. Lupin.." Balancing on his cane, he extended his free hand to Remus, shaking it warmly then clapping him on the shoulder. "Tonks, you alright lass?" He eyed her shrewdly "I'm fine" she assured him, leaning back against Remus "Just tired" "Hmmf.. Well, good-night then" He turned and started to leave, then suddenly turned around, dropped a rough kiss on the top of Tonks' head, and clumped out of the room before she could react. Stunned, she tilted her head back to look up at Remus. He met her confused gaze with one of his own, and they both shrugged. Remus tightened his arms around her from behind, but even as he kissed a light line from her temple to her shoulder, all she could see was Ginny's portrait of Sirius. "Are you ready to get to bed?" Remus whispered softly "Actually, I just need to be alone for a bit. Would you mind?" She twisted around slightly to look in his eyes; they were full of love and concern, as well as his own sorrow. He turned her around fully to face him, dropping a soft kiss on her lips. "Of course not, Angel" he murmured against her cheek "Take all the time you need. I'll be in our room" "I love you" she whispered, giving him a kiss of thanks. "I love you too" he murmured against her lips, then walked out, closing the door behind him to ensure her privacy.

Sighing, she wrapped her arms around herself and just paced the length of the room, finally coming to rest next to the wing chair in front of the fireplace. She dropped into it, staring up at Sirius' portrait and feeling a distinct sense of déjà' vu. She missed him so much it hurt.. "Oh Sirius.." she whispered, letting the tears flow once again "I wish you could have heard what everyone had to say about you tonight, especially Remus. Did you ever know how much he loved you, how much he appreciated you and what you did for him? And Harry! You were so afraid of being a terrible godfather, but that boy idolized you; he's just lost without you, Sirius, and we don't know how to help him.." Tonks continued to talk, just about how she was feeling and everything that had been going on. Slowly she noticed that her tears had stopped and that she was starting to feel the same comfort she felt during her and Sirius' late-night talks. And then she realized that she was talking to a portrait, and should most likely be fearing for her sanity.. But she didn't care; if this was the only way she could feel close to him again, then why was it so crazy? Smiling her first genuine smile of the night, she lifted her chin from her drawn knees and talked on.. "I'm getting tired" she whispered after a while "And Remus is probably getting worried. That's right, we're together now and we're in love and I've never been happier, and I wish so hard that you were here.. I love you Sirius" She pressed her fingers to her lips and touched them lightly to his portrait, then headed upstairs.

Tonks noticed the faint light coming from under their bedroom door, and wasn't surprised that Remus was waiting up for her. She opened the door and smiled at the sight of him, propped up against the headboard, reading. "Hi Darling" he put his book on the nightstand as she climbed up on the bed and wrapped herself around him "Are you ok?" he murmured against her hair "Yeah, actually I am" she smiled and tilted her head up for a kiss "You're still so tense" he observed, rubbing her shoulders "You know what you need?" "I can think of a few things" she grinned up at him flirtatiously. He grinned back, running his hands up and down her back, then cupping her face and kissing her again "Well, how about you tell me all about that over a bubble bath and some wine?" "Sounds perfect" she nuzzled his nose playfully "Great, you get the bath started, and I'll get the wine"

Soon enough, Remus found himself submerged in lavender-scented bubbles, two glasses of wine on the floor next to the claw-footed tub, and Dora in his arms. Her head fit perfectly under his chin as he massaged her neck and shoulders, feeling the tension leaving both their bodies. He noticed that she seemed much calmer, as was curious as to why. "Dora?" he started, moving his hands up to massage behind her ears "Hmm?" she answered lazily, tilting her head back but not opening her eyes "You really do seem much better.. Mind if I ask what you were doing downstairs?" She dropped her head and he could see the tips of her ears turn pink with her blush "Promise you won't think I'm crazy?" her voice was muffled as she pressed her hands to her face. Chuckling, he peeled those lovely hands away and turned her to face him "Now why would I think something like that?" He put on his best innocent smile, reaching over to grab a sip from his wineglass. She laughed and reached over to do the same, then smoothed back her hair "Well, if you really want to know, I was talking to Sirius. I just sat down in front of his portrait and..started talking. I felt like a nutter at first, of course, but after a while I started feeling better. It was almost like when we used to talk in the middle of the night, all those times. Do you think I'm crazy?" She looked up at him shyly with those big grey eyes. He ran his hands up and down her arms, coming to rest on either side of her face "Of course I don't think you're crazy, Dora. Everyone has their own individual why of dealing with grief, and healing. There is not a single thing wrong, or crazy, about what you did, especially if it made you start to heal" She smiled at him gratefully, shifting closer and burring her face in his neck. They sat like that for a while, until the water grew cold around them. But he knew his shivers were caused more by the feel of Dora's lips moving lightly up his neck than any chilled bathwater. Moaning softly, he ran his hands slowly up her back and neck, bringing her mouth to his. Losing himself in her kiss, he forgot all about the cold until he felt Dora's arms erupt in goosebumps. "Mmm, maybe we should move this to the bed" he murmured, reluctantly breaking off the kiss.

As Dora nodded her assent, he climbed carefully out of the tub, then leaned over and took her in his arms, lifting her out. He wrapped a thick towel around her, making sure she was completely dry before quickly running it over himself. Suddenly impatient, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard, his tongue exploring every bit of her delicious mouth. She gasped lightly in surprise, then melted into him, kissing him back just as passionately. His hands roamed every inch of her soft skin, before coming to rest on her bottom and pulling her flush against him. He started wondering if they were even going to make it to the bed.. Then she gently nibbled his bottom lip and managed to snake a hand between them, brushing lightly between his legs. His control snapped, and he swung her around, pinning her against the wall as she gripped his shoulders tightly and gasped his name..

Tonks woke up what seemed like minutes later, her body still humming from Remus' touch. She rolled over and reached for him, only to find his side of the bed empty. A quick glance found him standing at the window, his posture stiff and tense. "Remus?" she called out softly. When he didn't answer, she checked the clock: it was four in the morning. Sliding out of bed, she pulled on her robe and padded over to him. He was so intent on whatever he was thinking that he jumped when she slipped her arms around him from behind "Baby?" she whispered against his shoulder blades "What's wrong?" "Things have been so busy the last few days, I didn't even notice" he murmured, laying his hands over hers "Notice what?" She lifted her head and tried to turn him around. "The moon" he nodded toward the window, then turned and cradled her tightly to his chest. Following his gaze, she looked at the moon; to her untrained eye, it looked completely full. Suddenly the puzzle pieces started falling into place: his possessive behavior toward her with Severus at her party, the raw, almost primal way he'd made love to her tonight.. She swallowed hard and tried to keep the panic out of her voice "How soon?" "Tonight" he voice was barely above a whisper. She stiffened, realizing that for the last two years, Sirius had been here to help him though the full moons. Her arms tightened around him as her mind reeled; what was she going to do?