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Chapter 1: New Old Friends

Continues from the end of "The Sacrifice"

Nathalia POV (New character I made up)

"Why hello," I greeted, followed by a glare that brings the phrase "If looks could kill to mind".

Katerina turned around, her eyes widened, "Who are you?" I could smell her fear.

"Oh dear Katerina, how could you have forgotten me already? I mean, it's been five hundred years but is vampires have great memories," I smile as she swallows.

"I'm not Katherine," she replies. I'm sure it was suppose to come out strong but it was barely a whisper.

"Oh? Well we should get to know each other," I said sweetly. This time as I smiled, I let my fangs out. I was about to pounce when a voice stopped me.

"Nathalia!" a voice screamed. I looked up to see my twin sister Lunamaria. "Now is that Katerina? Yes? Good. I was getting thirsty."

Once again as we were about to pounce, I stopped. I think I heard foot steps coming our way. Apparently Luna did too. we both sighed in frustration. Seriously, what the hell? What's with all these interruptions? I swear someone's trying to make me really irritated. Irritating, just like Damon. My Damon. Or at least he was until that bitch Katerina took up every fucking minuet of his life. I still can't believe my best friend (well one of them at least) fell for her innocent act. And now he's cursed to live by the moon, shrink away from the sun. Though I don't think he minds that much. But Stefan does. Stefan. Sweet innocent Stefan. She really was the biggest bitch of them all.

I was deep in thought when a voice broke in . " Nat? Luna? Is that you?" I recognized that voice anywhere.

"Damon!" all three of us squeaked. Well, Lunamaria's and mine of excitement , Katerina's of relief.

"Damon! How nice of you to join us! We were just about to have a midnight snack," I said as I smiled sweetly, exposing my fangs. Lunamaria copied my movement.

"WHAT?" he all but screamed. I was genuinely shocked, Damon was never like this. He kept ranting on, "You do not ever drink from Elena. Got that?"

"Elena? This isn't Katerina?" I was confused as Damon is horny.

"My name is Elena Gilbert. I'm a Petrova doppelganger," Elena? (still confused) said.

"So you're not Katerina?" I asked just to confirm. She just nodded. Huh. You learn something new each day.

"Good. I'm sure Nathalia was about ready to murder Damon and Stefan for asking us to come here," Lunamaria finally spoke up.

The girl, Elena still looked frightened. I was about to tell her I was no threat when another voice interrupted. (Seriously, again? I need a drink. Don't care if it's blood or alcohol but I need a drink.) "Nat, Luna! You're here!" I turned around to see extremely happy Stefan. Like if Lunamaria and I just made his fucking year. He looked at Elena's face and his smile was replaced with a frown. We stood there is awkward 2 minuets before Lunamaria broke it saying, "I think we'd better sit down and explain."

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