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Elena's POV

I was walking to the kitchen when a voice stopped me, "Why hello there," the voice said sweetly.

I turned around. My eyes widened as I stared into a pair of icy blue eyes. She was angelic. Really there were no other words to describe her. Her big, bright eyes were the prettiest shade of blue, with flecks of violet I've ever seen. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows were dark, like her hair. Her nose was petite but noticeable and her rosy high cheek bones were perfectly sculpted. Her hair was a dark chocolate brown with hot pink streaks. She wore it down so you could easily see her shiny bouncy curls. They kind of reminded me of Katherine's but these were bigger. She also had side bangs that covered the top of her left eye. She had nice curves (AN: I didn't really know how to write "Big ass boobs" in Elena so I just went with that xD) and was wearing a black lacey tube top that showed them off perfectly. Over the corset she was wearing a white studded leather jacket (she's practically a female Damon) with a zipper that goes down diagonally. Her white short shorts matched her jacket she managed not to show much of her legs because of her boots. They were thigh high black Stilettos with 4 and a half inch heels. And to top it all off, there was a buckle over the ankle. (AN: I'll put the outfits on my profile if I can find them. I just kinda came up with the clothes)

Snapping out of my trance I came back to reality. She looks all sugar and cupcakes on the outside but there was a 100% chance she was deadly. Fear washed over me like a giant wave. "Who are you?

"Dear Katerina, how could you have forgotten me already? I mean, yes it's been 5 hundred years but us vampires have great memories. She smiles sweetly but it just scares me even more. Then it hits me, she thinks I'm Katherine and something tells me Katherine's not a bestie.

I swallow and try to reply, "I'm not Katherine." It was supposed to come out strong but it was really a whisper.

"Oh well then we should get to know each other," she said sweetly while sprouting her fangs.

All I could think was "I'm dead. She's gonna kill me." Until a voice identical her hers came in.

"NATHALIA!" the voice screamed.

I turned to see a girl, she looked just like the first one, Nathalia but her clothes were inverted. Black jacket and shorts and a white corset with white boots. Her hair was the same too, except her streaks were bright sky blue. She spoke again, "Now is that Katerina? Yes? Good. I was getting thirsty."

I was sure I really was dead this time until Damon interrupted us. I was so grateful I think I may have kissed Damon if he hadn't started talking. "Nat? Rose?"

"Damon!" we all squeaked. Of course mine was of relief. Theirs was of...excitement?

I was almost calm when the first girl, Nathalia spoke again, "Damon how nice of you to join us! We were just about to have a midnight snack." They smiled exposing their fangs.

The second they do Damon went berserk. "WHAT?" he practically screamed. I was shocked and by the look on their faces so were the two girls. Damon the one who's always calm. Damon who's always has a plan for anything. Damon who didn't freak when Klaus started attacking is freaking now. Oh god. The world is ending. Again. Damon's rant went on and on. I had zoned out so I only heard the last few sentences, "Childish, stuck up, brats. Remind me why we called you here? You know what don't answer that. Just don't drink from Elena. Got that? I don't give a damn about anyone else but her."

Wait, hold on. Damon called them here? I didn't understand. Damon would only call someone for help if he was desperate. And I'm the only one in trouble right now. Nathalia looked confused, her twin mirrored her face, Damon looked pissed and I just couldn't wrap my head around what was happening.

Nathalia's voice interrupted my inner rant," Elena? This isn't Katerina?" She said the last part herself but it seemed like she was saying it to herself, trying to understand.

I cleared my throat and managed to get out a somewhat normal," I'm not Katherine. I'm Elena, a Petrova doppelganger."

"So you're not Katerina?" Nathalia's twin replied. "Good. I'm sure Nat here was just about to murder Stefan and Damon for asking us to come here." Hearing the confident in her voice when she said murder made me even more scared.

She looked like she was about to say something else when Stefan's voice came in and interrupted us," Nat! Luna! You're here!" Stefan smiled his 10 000 kilowatt (AN: is that even a word? ) smile but it turned into a frown when he saw the looks on our faces. We stood in uncomfortable silence for what seemed like forever until the 2nd girl, Luna spoke," I think we'd better sit down and explain."


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