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The following morning the Shangri-La survivors set out on foot with Abby and Owen tucked away safely in the big truck toolbox as Bob had suggested. The able bodied men of the group took turns carrying it in groups of two as they made their away along stopping to rest occasionally. Once again they owed Abby and Owen a debt for disposing of the local cannibals the night before that might have otherwise proved dangerous. Thanks to that it was an uneventful trek. They reached the outskirts of New Haven by around noon.

"Okay, for now I need the rest of you to stay here while I plead my case inside, I'll send for you when I am finished." Bob said as he headed towards the main gate, which looked like something out of the movie King Kong.

New Haven was surrounded by an immense wall that encircled the entire city. Perched atop the wall pointing outward were tanning bed lamps similar to the ones that Eric had installed on top of the bus. At the main gate was essentially a small army, it made the security methods that they used in Shangri-la seem rather poultry in comparison. It truly was a fortress against the vampires.

"Who are you?" One of the guards asked.

"My name is Bob Williams, I'm the former Sheriff of the community of Shangri-la."

"What business brings you to New Haven Sheriff?"

"Survivors seeking refuge for one. Our colony was destroyed by an invasion of vampires." Bob said as the guards started exchanging worried glances at each other, "What? What's wrong?"

"About a week ago three people from a settlement about five hundred miles north arrived here telling us the same thing."

"Three people? Five hundred miles? How did they survive that long with just three of them?"

"When they first started there were thirty of them."

"I see." Bob said hanging his head, realizing just how fortunate their group had been after all.

"What else brings you here?"

"I need to meet with your town's leaders and speak to a Doctor Versarious."

"Doctor Versarious? Anton Versarious? You know him?"

"No. But our town doctor was a former student of his, a Doctor Luke Harris. He has given us important research that may lead to a real cure for the vampire disease."

"Cure? But there is no cure."

"That's what we used to think."

"Why is the rest of your party staying back there?"

"We have a responsibility to safe guard the work of Doctor Harris. I must speak with your officials to guarantee that the utmost care be taken with handling what we have brought with us, it was…the doctor's dying wish."


In no time Bob was cleared for entry and conversing with the town leaders. After pleading his case, approval was given and a meeting was arranged with Doctor Versarious. Once inside his office he was greeted by a man in a long white lab coat with frazzled gray hair.

"Doctor Versarious I presume?" Bob asked.

"Well, I ain't Doctor Livingston that's for sure." The aged medical practitioner glibed with a slight grin. "I've been told you have something important to give me, please, make yourself more comfortable." The doctor said gesturing Bob towards a chair in the corner of the room, he took notice of Bob's obvious anxiety and exhaustion, "Would you like some gin? It's my only weakness."


"Gin my good man, and I ain't talking cards mind you."

Bob smiled at the good doctor's favorable bedside manner and graciously accepted as the scientist got out a bottle that he kept hidden in his desk and poured a couple of glasses. Once that was done Bob proceeded to regale him with everything that had transpired up until that point. He was understandably skeptical.

"Well, Mr. Williams, it's an amazing story, that much I can say. But you don't seriously expect me to believe it do you?"

"If you can't believe me," He started to say as he reached into his pocket, "Then believe this." he said handing over what Luke had given to them.

The doctor than slowly walked up and took the vial from his hand.

"Is this the proposed miracle cure that you spoke of?"

"Not yet, but according to your former student, it will be once you get done with it."

Doctor Versarious walked over to his microscope and dabbled but a fraction of it onto a slide. After a few seconds Bob noticed his expression beginning to change from curiosity, to shock, to extreme awe.

"Oh…my…God." He muttered.


Immediately Doctor Versarious found himself standing outside of what at one time had been Birmingham's city hall. It was where New Haven's council generally convened. Before going in he made a desperate attempt to fuss with his wild and uncooperative hair, that looked as if he had walked up and shoved a fork in a light socket.

"For some reason they don't pay any attention to me when it's like this." He grumbled to himself.

In short order he went inside and revealed his findings to New Haven's council.

"You want us to allow these two abnormal vampires entry into the city?" The head chairman spoke.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have had vampires brought within the confines of the city for experimentation in the past."

"This time it's different. These vampires sound potentially more dangerous than anything that we have ever seen before."

"They came of their own free will. They were not forced or coerced. They want this plague to end as much as we do."

"Why do they need to be allowed access? You have what you need already don't you?"

"I may need fresh DNA to work with as I process what is needed. Just as my former colleague did."

"I'm afraid that we can't condone this Doctor, it's too risky.

"The risk is necessary. Esteemed members of the council, I have known some of you since before the world ended, when have I ever steered you wrong? You know me to be neither rash or impulsive. We have a chance to end this menace once and for all. Shall we take it? Or shall we just keep hiding behind our wall? And if my former student's research is correct, then there may come a night when our wall no longer protects us." Versarious declared as the council members displayed concerned looks, "So ladies and gentlemen…what shall it be?"

Trusting Versarious' judgment the council finally arranged for the Shangri-la survivors to be brought in along with their precious cargo.

Once nightfall came Abby and Owen were standing in the doctor's office as he ogled them like a happy child on Christmas morning.

"Unbelievable! I never would've believed that vampires like this even existed. I have a million questions! And a billion tests that I want to run!"

In due course everything from strength, to reflexes, to cognitive and olfactory exams were run on the two vampires. It was discovered that Abby had eyesight comparable to an eagle, hearing that equaled an owl's, speed and reflexes that mirrored a striking cobra, a sense of smell that surpassed even bears and sharks and a strength limit of around ten tons. Owen of course being the same kind of vampire had all of the same abilities but because he was technically a newborn vampire in a sense, those abilities were far less than the much older Abby. And along the way he discovered something else rather interesting.

"Goodness gracious your sex hormone levels are ridiculously high!" The Doc exclaimed, are you two...?" He started to ask rather delicately.

"Um...yea." Abby answered rather sheepishly.


"I'm guessing that's not normal?" Owen chimed in.

"Not for the ages that you both 'appear' to be. Granted children can start going through puberty as early as eight or ten years old but that still doesn't explain your testosterone and estrogen levels. Abby, if you don't mind me asking, when did you two..."

"A few weeks ago."

"And how long have the two of you been together?"

"We were together for several months before we were separated by the feral outbreak years ago."

"And nothing like this happened then?"


"Can you recall anything specific that happened around the time you became sexually active that would have caused that to change?"

Abby stopped to think for a moment.

"Yes, it was after I made Owen a vampire like me." She realized.

"I see."

"Do you think that has something to do with it?" Abby asked.

"Well, it's just a theory, but I think it might. My guess is that you weren't attracted to Owen in that way while he was still human because he wasn't the same species as you."

"What?" Owen said in a somewhat confused fashion.

"Well, think about it. You both appear human, but the biological differences between you and humans are astounding, these tests we've been running prove that. You may as well be completely different animals for all intents and purposes. And like animals in the wild, certain biological signals are sent off that attract potential mates. In all truth humans used to be the same way, but we cover and mask these natural scents with ridiculous amounts of perfume and cologne to the point that our own natural musks have been all but nullified."

"So you think that's it?" Abby asked.

"It very well could be, your hormone levels are at least double that of an adult human. I've never been one for reading vampire folklore, but I do recall some stories dealing with a fair amount of eroticism. I always assumed it was merely creative license since I never found such things in the usual vampires I've studied, but there appears to be real scientific evidence to support it now in your breed.

"I see." Abby said as she pondered what Versarious had just explained.

"It's mind boggling." He commented.

"Doctor, we appreciate all the answers you're giving us, but what about the vampire cure?" Abby interjected.

"Yes, well…there's a slight catch with that I'm afraid."

"What catch?" Abby asked.

"Well, I don't have what is needed."

"What?" Owen spoke.

"Luke said you would have it." Abby said.

"I did, in my old lab in Franklin Tennessee. About a hundred and seventy-six miles north from here."

"So why not go get it?" Owen asked.

"It's radiation area, a fallout zone from the nuke that took out Nashville back when all the major cities across the country were bombed. Even with a biosuit, the contamination there is too intense for anything human to survive."

"Then we shall get it." Abby told him.

"What?" Versarious remarked with obvious surprise.

"Radiation doesn't affect our kind." Abby explained.

"Yes, I seem to recall now that there were reports of movement still in some the cities after the bombs dropped." The doctor recollected.

Just tell us what we are looking for and where to find it." Abby stated.

"What we need is called Tinidazole. It is an anti-parasitic drug used against protozoan infections. It is widely known as a treatment for a variety of amoebic and parasitic infections. It was tried initially against the vampire contagion, but wasn't strong enough to overcome it on its own. But, combined with what Doctor Harris created, it WILL stem the tide of this virus. The address of my lab there is 1132 Oak boulevard."

"Will it still be usable, after being exposed to the radiation?" Owen asked.

"Yes, the deep freeze unit I placed my samples in is lead lined. And the residual radiation should have decreased enough by now to make it safe to remove if you do so quickly."

"Very well, but it will take time, traveling that distance and having to stop for slumber during the day." Abby pointed out.

"Well, would it make you feel any better if I told you there was a way for you to make the trip there and back in one night?" The doctor expounded as Abby and Owen both cocked an eye brow.

Soon after they found themselves on board a twin engine Cessna bound for Franklin. The plan was to land outside the radiation zone and drop them off, then wait for their return. As they flew along Owen couldn't help but notice that Abby looked uneasy.

"Abby? Are you okay?"

"No, not really." She said nervously.

The pilot looked over his shoulder and asked if she was afraid of flying, to which she responded, 'only in an airplane'.

A short time later.

As they made their way through the city, there were the obvious signs of chaos that resulted from what had been a rushed and panicked evacuation as people who had lived there tried to flee from the ferals and the coming nuclear bombardment. As for the ferals themselves, Abby and Owen encountered a few, but nothing that they couldn't handle. The creatures it seemed had at least grown intelligent enough to know that nothing human lived in the big cities anymore and made their way into the wilderness seeking prey there.

Finally they found the lab in question, a branch of Corning Clinical Laboratories, which had been established in 1982. The lab was surprisingly still locked, but breaking in was an easy matter for two vampires with enhanced strength as they ripped the door from its hinges. Abby then pulled out a map that detailed the compound that had been given to her by Doctor Versarious. Once inside they headed to the room in question as they walked up to and opened the freezer containing the compound they sought. After a few minutes of sorting they found the one they were looking for. They turned to leave when…

"Leaving so soon?" Black Hat said to them with a smile.

"Holy crap it's him!" Owen blurted out as Abby slowly placed the vial back on the counter behind her.

"I am displeased with you little one, as would be our queen." Black Hat said as he began to casually stroll around the room fumbling and toying with various things as he spoke.

"Queen?" Abby questioned.

"The progenitor of our race, the creator of every kind of vampire that has ever existed on this planet. The Empusae, the Lamia, the Asanbosam, the Bhuta, the Langsuir, the Jiang Shi, Nosferatu, and even our breed, the sanguijuela. Of course there were also the ones who came before."

"Before?" Owen stepped in.

"Yes. The pure bloods. Our prehistoric ancestors. I tell you, you don't know what power is until you've seen a dozen of them bring down a t-rex."

"But how could you know that if you were not created yet?" Abby asked.

"Because when the queen created me, gave me her blood. Her thoughts, her memories became my own. She has existed since the dawn of time. But then that pesky meteor came along about 65 million years ago wiping out both the dinosaurs and our brethren. Our queen survived, but barely, forced into a state of deep hibernation. When she would finally awaken millions of years later, she would find that the world had changed. Continents parted. New oceans and mountains born while others vanished. Strange new creatures she had never seen before and then of course there were…the humans. Vile hairless primates who infested the Earth like a plague of insects.

She attempted to start anew, to repopulate, but the wretched homo-sapiens flourished in too great a number and nearly hunted them into extinction. She realized that our race's best chance for survival was anonymity. So she created the first hybrid, the first human vampire…me. I was but a humble farmer in what was once Mesoamerica over six thousand years ago when she came calling one fateful night. That night I was changed forever. It was meant to be a new beginning for our kind, and it was of sorts. But after countless centuries our race faces extinction once again, being wiped out by the same talking monkeys that are slowly destroying the very planet we live on. A planet that was ours long before it was theirs. So she created, the ferals as you call them. To wipe out the human filth."

"So the ferals are her new breed?" Owen asked.

"Don't be silly, they're just the cleanup crew. They are simply paving the way for the next generation. The ferals are cannon fodder, meant to weaken the enemy before we move in for the kill. There shall be a newer, better, stronger breed, based on my bloodline. The kid gloves are off. It's us or them and this world shall be ours once again. Of course, none of this can happen if your pesky little cure gets in the way of things."

"How did you even know?" Abby inquired.

"Oh please, I knew what was going on from the moment that you bit your little boy toy. It was akin to a ripple effect from a drop of water, one that I felt from clear across the country. No vampire has ever done what you have. I decided to investigate, the rest that I needed to know I learned in Shangri-la. You had a pretty good lead on me until your little bus broke down, that allowed me to catch up. I then drifted down into New Haven unseen. There are advantages to being an old school vampire that can pass itself off as human. After that I learned of your little plan I followed you here."

"Where is this…queen?" Abby asked.

Black Hat hesitated before answering, as he seemed to be overcome by obvious emotion.

"She is no longer among us. She did not survive the nuclear fire bombings. She knew that nuclear strikes were inevitable, that's why when on the move she always steered clear of the major cities. But a stray nuke caught her off guard in mid transit. She was in the town of Chillicothe, Ohio when they started to drop. All that remains of the town now is a smoking crater. But her strength, her senses and her memories live on in me. I shall finish what she has started.

And may I add that you sicken me. You are an apex predator, granted wondrous abilities and immortality by our queen and you dare to align yourself with the human vermin? But then again, you've been trying to deny your true nature ever since the day that you were turned. But fear not, I will end your existence for you so that you need not let it trouble you any further. One who so wantonly rejects the queen's gifts is undeserving of them. " He finished with a snarl as he raced forward.

Before Abby or Owen could even flinch, Black Hat had a death grip on both of them as he proceeded to crush their throats.

"Let's play pop the weasel!" He jested as his hold tightened.

But what Black Hat didn't know, was that during the course of his self righteous monologue Abby had slowly reached behind her and slipped her right hand around a container containing a viscous liquid. Abby knew jack about chemistry, but she did know what the word acid meant. It was then that she shattered the container against Black Hat's face.

He released them as he staggered back screaming. The acid turned out to be hydrochloric and highly corrosive as it practically melted the eyes out of sockets and destroyed his sense of smell. Abby lunged forward slapping her hands together on the sides of his head effectively rupturing his ear drums. Robbed of all his senses at least for a few moments Abby pounced upon him as she sank her teeth deep into his neck, Owen quickly followed suit. But eventually Black Hat was able to throw them off sending them crashing to opposites side of the room as Abby smashed into a shelving unit full of glass beakers while Owen slid across a table demolishing everything that was on it before smacking into a wall.

But Abby's plan had worked.

Ever since Owen had first suggested that Black Hat may not be dead, she had been considering what to do should they encounter him again. For Abby the answer was eventually as brilliant as it was simple.


For vampires of any and every kind, blood wasn't just life, it was power. Now they had his.

The two smaller vampires charged forward attacking simultaneously while Black Hat was still in the process of regenerating. They laid into him with a series of strikes as Owen targeted his abdomen while Abby aimed for his head and upper torso with the assistance of her flying ability. The combined assault continued to push him back until they connected with a dual punch that sent him smashing through the wall of the lab and clear outside.

As he got back up to his feet staggering Owen put a stiff kick into his right kneecap dropping him to one knee right before Abby bolted in with an elbow to the chin. They both leaped on top of him pummeling away mercilessly until Owen managed to slide down behind him wrapping his arms around his waist. He then threw him backwards into a reverse German suplex, revealing that he had clearly watched entirely too much pro wrestling in his youth back in Los Alamos. Abby and Owen advanced again only to have both of their swings caught by Black Hat as he slowly lifted his head…he had finally regenerated.

"My turn." He said right before he yanked then apart and then slammed them back together putting them in a daze.

Black Hat then backhanded Owen aside sending him crashing through the front living room window of a house as he spun back around trying to connect with a downward swinging punch on Abby. But she leaped over it flying over his back. As she flew over him she simultaneously wrapped her arms around his waist using her inertia and momentum to flip him over backwards spiking his head violently into the pavement.

She followed this up with several roundhouse lefts and rights until he ducked one of the swings and gave her an uppercut that sent her flying upwards crashing through an electrical pole. Her body smashed through it cleaving it in two before coming back down. He was about to move in on her when Owen came charging back in. But Black hat was ready as he whipped around giving him a sickening clothesline that flipped him head over heels and careening into the side of a car. Black Hat turned his attention to Owen walking toward him only to have Owen rip lose the driver's side door of the car he had slammed into and smack it across Black hat's face.

He wailed on him with it again and again until the much older vampire caught it and gave Owen a stiff strait punch that sent him flying back hard into another structure across the street. But at that moment the electrical pole that Abby had smashed through suddenly shattered across his back into splinters as the live wires wrapped around him sending massive amounts of voltage surging through him as he struggled to get free. He eventually did, but not quickly enough to dodge another attack. Abby and Owen both had cars in their hands and swung them together on Black Hat at the same time sandwiching him in between them with an incredible crashing sound.

Disoriented by the assault he was momentarily vulnerable as Abby wrapped her arms around him in a crushing bear hug while Owen got a firm grip on his head.

"Pull Owen! Rip his head off!" She shouted to him, but just then the unthinkable happened.

"Abby, something's wrong! I feel myself getting weaker!"

"Oh no, the temporary strength boost from Black Hat's blood is wearing off!" Abby realized.

"Looks like you're out of time." Black Hat said as he broke free of Abby's grasp.

He then reached up grabbing Owen and drilled him down on top of Abby with brutal force. Before they could fully recover Black Hat flung a three hundred pound manhole cover at them that mowed them both down sending them colliding into and destroying a fire hydrant as water jetted up into the sky. Nearby the live wires from the downed electrical pole sparked gasoline leaking from one of the cars that Black Hat was hit with as it exploded behind him. Abby looked up to see Black Hat picking up the flaming car and throwing it at them.

"Down Owen!" Abby yelled tackling him out of harm's way as the car flew by them and into a gas station resulting in an incredible explosion with a fireball that plumed skyward.

The shockwave of the blast knocked them both silly as they hurtled through the air and came down hard. Black Hat then walked up to them as he reached down and picked up Owen. With little effort he broke his left elbow joint causing Owen to cry out in misery. He then connected with a debilitating right hook to Owen's sternum. The young vampire could feel his ribs crack on impact as the punch sent him flying off somewhere in the distance.

"And then there was one." Black Hat said as he reached down and wrenched Abby up by her wrists, "Let's make a wish." He said as he started to pull on her arms.

But Abby thrust both of her feet up into Black hat's chin stunning him just enough to cause him to release her. She then ducked through his legs and hopped onto his back wrapping her right arm around his neck in a chokehold. He could've easily overpowered her of course, but honestly he felt like having a little fun as he took off into the sky with Abby in tow. He then sped towards an office building.

"Oh crap!" Abby thought right before they smashed through the wall of the structure.

They demolished their way through several cubicles and another wall before bursting out through a window on the other side. As they exited Abby was barely hanging on Black Hat veered back around and then shoved Abby's face into the side of the structure digging a furrow through it before releasing her. She plummeted down cracking the concrete when she hit and tumbling some distance before she finally stopped.

Black Hat then casually flew down after her and sauntered over to where her battered body was.

He then grabbed Abby and heaved her up over his head before bringing her back down breaking her back over his right knee. She screamed in agony as he brought her down, he then tossed her away from him like so much garbage. He slowly strode forward as she tried to lift off the ground with her flight only to be kicked in the head and sent flying back into the lab that they had first started fighting in. Abby suddenly realized that she couldn't feel her legs as she started to pull herself across the floor.

"So this is how it ends for the so called savior of humanity. As you die, so shall their last hope die. For I am the queen's right hand. Her wrath given flesh. And you shall pay for your betrayal with your life." He threatened as he followed her in.

Once inside he looked over at the counter where Abby had laid the drug they had came for.

"Ah yes, the lynchpin to your precious cure." Black Hat said as he strolled over to it and snatched it up in his right hand…after which he crushed it as he let the contents of the vial drip and drain through his fingers, "Well, so much for that."

"Do you think I'd be dumb enough to leave it out for you? I swapped it when you weren't looking." Abby revealed as Black Hat shot her an annoyed look that quickly changed to amusement.

"Fine then, I'll just destroy the entire thing." He said as he jaunted towards the freezer.

But just then a car came crashing through the sidewall of the lab with Owen behind the wheel. The town of Franklin just happened to be right outside the EMP zone of the nuclear blast that had contaminated it, otherwise the car never would've started in the first place. Owen didn't know how to drive, but luckily for him, the car was an automatic. It slammed into Black Hat as they went demolishing their way through a wall into an adjacent room. But Black Hat abruptly planted his feet and smashed his fists down into the hood. It ended up mimicking the effect of the car colliding head on with a tree as Owen ejected through the windshield…but that was in fact his plan all along. In Owen's right hand was a chainsaw running at high speed. When Black Hat had booted him across town earlier he had ended up landing in a hardware store full of tools. He had then broke into a car that still had the keys left in the ignition.

As Owen soared towards Black Hat the ancient bloodsucker threw his arms up in an instinctive self defensive gesture. The saw than sliced his right forearm clean off just barely missing his head by centimeters as Black Hat deflected him. Owen ended up crashing headfirst into a large tank in the corner of the room. He put a massive dent in it leaving him in a stupor as Owen bounced off of it and fell to the floor. The adult vampire looked down in disbelief at his severed limb as he began cursing in a fury. The dented tank behind him then cracked as a brief spurt of what it contained splashed out across Black Hat's other arm. He looked down in shock as he watched the appendage partially freeze from its contact with the strange chemical. Abby meanwhile, though still partially paralyzed had managed to levitate off the floor and shoot strait at Black Hat. She had seen what came out of the tank, and even though she wasn't sure what is was, it seemed far from healthy to vampires. He looked from his distraction only to be speared head on as Abby knocked him back into the tank. This time the tank was ruptured as the strange liquid began to pour out of it washing all over him.

After Abby collided with him she fell backwards from the impact and rolled across the floor. In the meantime a strange mist seemed to roll off of the fluid as it drenched Black Hat's body. The vapor obscured him from sight for a few moments but he eventually walked out of it…or more to the point…he tried to. As he stepped forward he suddenly felt his limbs begin to stiffen and freeze. He could feel his body rapidly dropping in temperature as his mind boggled at what was befalling him.

What Black Hat didn't realize was that he had just been saturated in liquid nitrogen as his physical form began to glaciate where he stood.

As he struggled to take another step, his right foot froze to the floor and broke away from his leg as he fell forward to his knees.

"What's happening? No!" He spat as he looked up to see Abby hovering right in front of him right before he froze completely.

With a look of disgust, Abby heaved back and thrust her right fist clean through Black Hat's skull. The resulting blow reverberated throughout his entire body as he shattered into a million petrified pieces.

After that Abby allowed herself to drop back to the floor with a thud. She was grievously injured and exhausted. Owen then limped over to where she lie, every move taking painstaking effort as he felt his broken ribs shifting this way and that. He then leaned down next to her, his left arm still dangling uselessly at his side. He reached down placing his right hand upon Abby's cheek as she smiled up at him despite the pain she was in.

"We…w-we did it Owen…we…beat him." She muttered.

"I…I didn't think we would, I thought we were…dead meat." He said with a wince.

"We nearly were."

"The…the drug?"

"Back in the freezer in the other room."

Owen then languidly forced himself back up as he doddered into the next room and took the vial back out. He then picked it up and shuffled back to where Abby was.

"Yay…we won. Can we go home now?" Owen asked.

"Best idea I've heard all night." She grinned back.


Bob was the first to greet them when the plane got back to the hangar back at New Haven, but he was not ready for what he saw as Owen slid out of the plane's door with Abby in his arms.

"Jesus Christ, what happened?"

"Black Hat happened." Owen groaned.

"What? Where is he?"

"Dead." Abby said.

"You killed him? Amazing!"

"Well, it wasn't easy." Owen grunted.

"Did you get the drug?" Bob asked as Owen pulled it out of his pants pocket.

"Then it was worth it."


Back at Dr. Versarious' lab Abby and Owen were fed liberal amounts of blood to help speed their regeneration. Bob however found it difficult to be in the same room with them in their current condition. Sure he knew what they really were. He knew that they were vampires, that they were immortal, that weren't even technically human…but that wasn't what they looked like at this moment. The blood, the bruises, the broken bones. At this moment, they looked like poor innocent children…who had been put through sheer Hell.

But Abby and Owen didn't care in the least. They reached out from their adjacent infirmary beds and held hands smiling at each other. In the end they had succeeded, and that was what mattered.


After a few nights of rest Abby and Owen were as good as new and decided to go out into New Haven one night to see the sights. They had decided not to reveal themselves to the public for fear of how some would react. Though the residents of New Haven knew that they lived among them, only Dr. Versarious, their friends from Shangri-la and the New Haven council actually knew what they looked like. In time Abby and Owen would become urban legends of sorts. The townsfolk discussing and telling stories of their trials and tribulations. The most humorous of all were the children of the city, debating about their powers and play pretending. At New Haven's Memorial Park, where children often gathered and played, Abby and Owen watched and listened from a distance with amusement as they spoke.

"I heard she lifted a schoolbus over her head, with one arm!"

"Bull, who told you that?"

"One of the kids who seen her do it that used to live in Shangri-La!"

"You're full of it, she ain't that strong."

"Her and Owen together could lift it I bet! We're talking atleast Spiderman strength!"

"No way, she'd have to atleast weigh three-hundred pounds to pull that off!"

Meanwhile Abby took exception to the suggestion of her possible weight.

"What did he just say?" She grumbled as Owen had to hold her back.

"She wouldn't need to lift it," A third child interrupted, "She'd just use her yellow eye beams to blow it up."

"Eye beams? You're nuts, she isn't Superman!"

"Close enough, she can fly you know!"

"Hey were's Jimmy, he was supposed to meet us here to play."

"There he is." Another child spoke up as little Jimmy rushed up with a small black hat in his hands.

"Sorry guys, had to remember to grab this."

"Where'd you get that?"

"I borrowed it from my dad, cool huh? And you know what this means, I get to be the evil train vampire guy this time!"

"Fine," A young girl spoke up, "That means that I get to kick your butt!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah!" The girl challenged as all of the children took off running.

Meanwhile Abby and Owen couldn't contain themselves any longer as they burst out laughing. Later they returned home as they got into the shower together. Abby wasted no time in touching Owen in a variety of suggestive ways.

"Naughty girl." He giggled as her hands brushed over very sensitive areas.

"Naughtier boy." She shot back as they leaned in and started kissing each other, the warm spray of the water from the shower washing over their bodies as they did so.

Owen took notice of Abby pausing for a brief moment as she held the soap in her hands.

"Abby, is something wrong?"

"Oh, it's nothing, it's just that I never realized how much I loved and appreciated having soap until I went some five years without it." She admitted as they both started to giggle.

Afterward Owen carried Abby out of the shower in his arms as they walked towards their bed. The home that they had taken up residence in had a built in bomb shelter with no windows, thick concrete walls and a shower. They had decided to make it their bedroom. As he laid her down upon the bed they began to slowly and gently kiss and caress each other in the fashion that they normally would leading up to their sexual escapades.

"Did you want to do what we did the last time...where we were upside down on each other?" Owen asked almost sheepishly. Though Owen had managed to get past his inhibitions in regards to being intimate with Abby, talking about some of the things that they did still made him feel awkward at times.

"I was thinking that we could try something else." She said as she wrapped her legs around him and started pulling him up against her as he came dangerously close to entering her as Owen's eyes practically bulged out of their sockets in surprise.

"Are you sure? I mean, I don't want to push you if you're not ready."

"Yes. Owen I've been wanting to this with you since that first night that I touched you." She said as she reached up and kissed him.

"I remember from my school health class that sometimes it hurts when girls do it the first time."

"I guess we'll just have to see."

"I just wanted to be sure, I mean we don't have to if you-" Owen started to say before Abby cut him off with a kiss as she pulled him down on top of her.

Owen positioned himself over top of her as she slipped her arms around him, but then he did something that she didn't expect as he rolled with her placing her on top of him.

"What are you doing?"

"If we do it this way you'll be in control. You'll know what feels good and what won't. That, and I don't want to hurt you."

"Owen, you've seen me shot, stabbed, set on fire, pummeled and smashed through walls. And you're worried about hurting me?" She giggled.

"Yeah, I know how silly it sounds, but it just feels…right." He admitted with a blush.

Abby couldn't help but smile at her lover's courtesy, a true gentleman indeed.

Abby then slowly shifted her body until she was in the right position for him to enter her. She suddenly realized just how nervous she was. But then again she was technically still a virgin after all, as was Owen from a pure intercourse standpoint.

"Are you ready Owen?" She said breathlessly.

"Uh huh." he replied just as anxiously.

Finally…she slid down on him. There was a moment of discomfort, but it passed quickly. Considering the kind of pain that she had endured in the past from so many things, it was inconsequential.

They both let out a simultaneous gasp of pleasure. For several moments neither of them moved. They simply basked in the amazing new sensations that they were both feeling for the first time.

Then…Abby began to rock.

It was slow at first. Abby used tentative and timid motions as they both for lack of a better term got a feel for how this went. But soon enough she started moving faster. She didn't fully understand what she was feeling, but she knew enough to know that it felt wonderful. What she did not know was that each time she bore down upon Owen he was inadvertently stimulating her G-spot as she continued pushing herself towards a steadily building rapture that she couldn't wait to surrender to. Owen sat up wrapping his arms around her as she continued moving, eventually but she then pushed him back down on his back as she started to quicken her pace.

Meanwhile Owen was just as awash in his own sexual euphoria. Though Abby's mouth and hands had given him what he thought was indescribable pleasure in the past, what he was feeling now was on an entirely new level as he squirmed beneath her. He suddenly became aware of his own quickly building release.

"No! Not yet! I can't, I can't finish before she has! Owen you dummy, gotta think about something else gotta, gotta…crap I can't think! Ohhhhhh God this feels sooooo good!"

"Abby! Abby I can't hang on! If you don't stop I'm gonna-"

"Let it go! I want you to!" She moaned as she increased in speed, her pelvis grinding on Owen faster than any normal human female could ever hope to move. She wanted her release, she needed it, she needed it NOW!"

Likewise poor Owen couldn't hold out any longer.

"Abbyyyyyyyyy!" He screamed.

"Oweeeeeeeeen!" She cried out as they both released in unison.

Their coinciding orgasm was as destructive as it was gratifying. In the throes of her superhuman ecstasy Abby had managed to break the bed as the legs snapped beneath them causing the mattresses to hit the floor. Like wise Owen, who had reached back and was gripping part of the headboard as he attempted to endure Abby's passion, had ripped one of the bed posts loose during his frenzied climax. He sat up abruptly throwing his arms around Abby. They both squealed and cried as they gave themselves over to the absolute delight of their combined ravishment, gripping each other tightly as they buried their faces in each other's necks. In the aftermath neither of them moved, aside from mutual pelvic contractions that signaled the last twinges of their shared lust driven spasms.

After that they both laid back down on the bed with Abby on top of Owen.

"Tha-that…was…was…ohhhhhh." Abby whimpered still trying to recover from what she had just experienced.

Owen in the meantime wouldn't have been able to string a coherent sentence together if he tried. If he had it would've been either gibberish or him in caveman speak going, 'feel good, me likey!'

Abby and Owen gently kissed one another, hopelessly caught up in one another's blissful afterglow. As they stared longingly into each's other's eyes they wanted to speak, but words could not do justice to what they had just shared. Never had either of them felt anything so wonderful and it was made all the more perfect that they had experienced it together. Finally however she broke the silence.

"I think I could get used to doing this in a bed, and sleeping in one, rather than a closet." She grinned.

"It's also much easier to snuggle in...and far easier to read a book may I add." Owen joked as they both giggled.

But as they both slowly regained their composure they reflected on their lives together and everything that had led them to this moment. They thought back to how different they both were once and how they had both changed in so many ways. True there had been allot of pain and hardship, but in the end it was worth it.

But just then Abby got her second wind.

"Wanna try it on the ceiling next?" She suddenly said with a dirty leer as Owen's eyes got as big as saucers.


With the drug that Abby and Owen had retrieved from Franklin, Dr. Versarious was finally able to finish what his former colleague had started. There was at last a cure for the feral disease. Humans that had been turned could be made human again. There was also an inoculant made that prevented the feral infection from turning people once they were bitten providing them with immunity. Dr. Harris, had not died in vain. In no time both were mass produced. Word spread fast to those areas where conventional forms of communication still functioned, while the cure was delivered cross country to locales where such conveniences no longer existed. Soon the scales would tip back in the favor of humanity as they slowly began to repopulate and expand once more.

Meanwhile Abby and Owen's need for blood was dealt with by blood drives arranged by Doctor Versarious. New Haven had a population of around fifty thousand, which made it easy to get the blood needed and fresh as well. As long as Abby and Owen lived in New Haven, they would never need to hurt or kill another living human again. But even though Abby and Owen were regarded as heroes by most for what they had done, there were still those who despised them simply for being what they were. But by and by, the good far outweighed the bad.

As strange as it sounded, in some ways the world was improved by this near apocalypse that humanity had barely survived. The drastic cut to the world's population and cessation of so much industry would prove be a boon to the planetary environment and allow environmental damage to repair itself. One night as Abby and Owen sat atop the roof of their home gazing up at the stars she felt the need to comment on it.

"I can feel it." Abby suddenly said.

"Feel what?" Owen asked.

"How much cleaner everything is. It's like things once were, back when I was first turned, back before trains and cars and technology and all the other stuff that caused pollution. It isn't just the human race that's been given a second chance, but the planet too."

For the first time in an untold age, Abby felt really good about everything. She had Owen back and she had been able to help save the human race which, in her eyes she hoped, balanced out what she had done in the past to survive. To somehow atone for the blood that stained her hands.

"I can't believe we made it, there were times when I thought we wouldn't." Owen admitted.

"I was never worried." Abby told him.

"Really? How come?"

"Because I was there for you and you were there for me. As long we have each other…there's nothing that we can not do."

Owen couldn't help but blush, being the big softie that he was. She then leaned in and kissed him. Afterward they snuggled up closer to one another putting their arms across each other's shoulders. They then leaned in sideways on each other, their heads tilting until they met, at that moment Abby thought of poem she once read long ago.

I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart,

I am never without it, anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling.

I fear no fate, for you are my fate, my sweet I want no world, for beautiful you are my world, my true, and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you.

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows, here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hideand this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart.

I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.



Both Dr. Versarious and the late Dr. Harris were awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine for their combined accomplishments in creating the cure for the feral virus.

Bob Williams was given the job of chief of security for New Haven and eventually remarried. He, his new wife and son are currently living happily in New Haven and are expecting a child.

Corey is still the coolest kid in any town that he's in. He regales the other children with stories of his adventures in Shangri-la and their journey to New Haven…he still thinks Abby has a cute butt.

Eric became a radio DJ in New Haven, bringing his unique brand of insanity to countless listeners each and every morning. His favorite tagline is, "The apocalypse didn't make me crazy, it just gave me an excuse!"

Abby and Owen still live happily in secret among the people of New Haven. Abby eventually wrote a book about their adventures that was eventually turned into a stage play. Owen says the book was better. They still can't have sex without breaking the bed.

Eventually a monument was erected in the center of downtown New Haven dedicated to all those who had a part in finding a way to stop the vampire virus and begin the process of returning the world to normal. On it the following was engraved...

"To the brave souls that helped save our world both human and inhuman. A debt that can never be repaid. We salute you."



Well everyone that's it. Just want to say thanks to everyone who read and stuck by this tale and inspired me to keep going when I had only planned a oneshot. And thanks also to everyone who gave tips and hints to help make the story better than it otherwise would have been. If you haven't already please feel free to check out 'Not Forgotten', 'Child Of Fate' in the crossover section and 'United We Stand' in my profile, though it is a mega huge crazy multi film and show crossover, Abby and Owen are important characters in that one, just be sure to read the author's note at the start of it though.

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