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T - Talk of sex, but no sex scenes per se.

Part 1: ~ Courtroom troubles ~


Miles' voice was ragged, rough, and on edge as Phoenix aggressively chomped on Miles' naked sweating neck. His tongue caressed the spot he was chewing in soft strokes.


Miles fidgeted in response.

"You smell so good.." Phoenix murmured, after releasing his hold. "Are you ready?"

Phoenix gazed at him deeply. Both lawyers were lying half naked on Miles' bed, Miles at the bottom, Phoenix on the top. The defence lawyer slowly pressed himself against the other man and kissed him softly. Sparks flew as he prised Miles' lips open with his own to massage the prosecutor's tongue, passionately. Upon making contact with the his tongue, Phoenix felt a squirm of pleasure in his stomach.

"Finally. You're letting me in, Miles," Phoenix breathed, after he drew away. He wiped his mouth with his thumb and smirked at the blushing man beneath him.

In more ways than one, I could say.

"How could I not let you in?" Miles murmured back. "You've already taken over me completely-"

"But that's not good enough for me, Miles," Phoenix interjected, eyes burning, hungry. "I want every single part of you.."

To Phoenix's surprise, Miles sighed. He slipped out of Phoenix's embrace, to Phoenix's bitter disappointment.


"Phoenix, you know I'm not ready for this.. thing you're talking about," Miles murmured, exasperated. He positioned himself in a sitting position and leant on his fluffy pillows casually. Phoenix straightened himself up, with a sheepish grin on his face.

"Um… I guess. But I thought… since you've taken to calling me my first name and everything.."

Miles rolled his eyes and smirked, shaking his head at Phoenix's failed logic. "Honestly? I still call you Mr Wright in court, though."

"I'll see if I can embarrass you by calling you Miles-baby next time in court, then," said Phoenix, light heartedly.

"…You will do no such thing!" Miles swatted the air, flustered, sporting a bright red face.

"It's so easy to get you flustered," Phoenix sighed, playfully flicking Miles' ear, causing him to twitch uncomfortably. His voice was flavoured with adoration - he loved how easily he could wind up the stuck-up prosecutor.

And I'm the only one on the planet who can have this profound effect on him. That makes me feel so damn good.

Miles looked away, flustered. Sighing again, he got slipped off the bed, leaving Phoenix stone-cold.

"W-wait Miles!" moaned Phoenix. "We're not done yet-"

"Yes we are - Wright," Miles answered, pleasantly. "And when we're not performing racy bedroom antics I'd appreciate it if you addressed me formally.."

..Total killjoy!

"Alright - Edgeworth," Phoenix said through gritted teeth. "I promise I won't do anything rash, come back, pretty please?"

Miles ignored him and continued to look for his shirt on his carpeted bedroom floor. Phoenix clicked his tongue in irritation, though a smile formed on his lips as he thought of a wicked idea.

"Hey Edgey, I found your shirt!"

Phoenix casually threw his own white shirt he had left on the edge of the bed towards Miles, who caught it swiftly, murmuring a quick thanks. Phoenix suppressed an excited giggle and looked away, scarlet, as Miles slipped it on. Sighing again, Miles glanced to the clock.

"I'd better be getting to the Prosecutor's Office. I've got a court case today and paperwork," Miles said, thoughtfully. "Wright, do you plan on going to work today?" He eyed the defence attorney who was lazing about on Miles' bed - like he owned the place. Phoenix merely flashed an innocent smile back.

"I'll head down to the office in my own time Edgey," Phoenix answered, lightly. His smile quickly turned into a scowl. "I'm still recovering from the shock of being rejected in bed." He stuck his tongue out at the exasperated Miles.

He's not getting away with this - he'll totally pay later!


"Yes honey?"

"Don't call me Edgey!" he fumed, clenching his fists. Phoenix chuckled.

He's so damn adorable! Unbelievably adorable.

"Bye-bye sweetheart."

Miles glared helplessly at Phoenix, opening and closing his mouth like a fish, before giving up and heading towards the door to the living room. Phoenix had one last thing to say though..

"By the way Miles," Phoenix's voice was low and husky, as he addressed the prosecutor, who'd stopped in his tracks. He hadn't turned round yet though. "You look damn sexy in my shirt…"

Miles finally spun round to give Phoenix a look of surprise. Slowly, he glanced down at the shirt he was wearing in shock. He blushed furiously.


"I'll help take it off if you come over here.." suggested Phoenix, giggling. "You might need some help.."

Even more flustered, Miles slammed his palm on the bedroom wall in a hot fury. Phoenix flinched, smiling weakly.

"Refrain from giving me the wrong shirts in the future - Phoenix Wright..!"

..Full name? I guess he couldn't decide whether we were still in the "bedroom" or not!

"…But I mean what I say when I say.. You look sexy in it," Phoenix prowled, smirking. "I'll make sure to mix up our shirts more in future.. In fact-"

The heavy slam of the bedroom door silenced the defence attorney's "compliments". He broke into a cold sweat.

..Such an overreaction! Well whatever, he'll have to forgive me later..

Smiling fondly, Phoenix slipped off Miles' bed to look for Miles' shirt.

..I have no choice really, I did hand him my own shirt! And I'm not the pervert, because he kept my shirt on, after all..

Phoenix and Miles had officially been in their relationship for a month now. It had been awkward at first, with their positions in court and Miles' social awkwardness - but they'd finally reached some sort of comfort phase. Sort of.

Edgeworth is still edgey about some things - especially the idea of sex.

Phoenix wasn't a sex-driven human being, but he had to admit he was curious about it. He promised himself he wouldn't force Miles to do anything he didn't want to, though, he was still impatient and frustrated at the same time.

I guess I should be happy about what we already have.. We have a lot compared to what we had.. last month.

Phoenix picked up his stray pink tie and Miles' shirt, eying the designer label.

"A cheap tie plus a designer shirt.. In normal circumstances it would be downright silly," murmured Phoenix, to himself.

At least the shirt he was wearing isn't pink and frilly. And at least it doesn't have a cravat attached to it.

Chuckling to himself, the defence attorney got dressed and exited the apartment to head down to his own office of Wright & Co.


I'm in Phoenix's shirt.

Phoenix's shirt.

Phoenix Wright's SHIRT!

"S-sir? Are you paying attention?" A low dubious voice snapped Miles out of his thoughts. Miles flinched and straightened himself up.

"Sorry, Detective. I was miles away," Miles said quickly, waving his hand in dismissal.

"R-right," Detective Gumshoe peered incredulously at him.

Yes Detective, even I, "The Perfect Prosecutor" drift off occasionally.

"As I was saying, we've gathered a lot of evidence against the defendant - sir," Gumshoe continued, scratching his head. "Here's the paperwork on the case.." The Detective handed a pack of paperwork to Miles. "By the way sir. I was wondering, why is your shirt so-" Gumshoe gulped and turned away, hurriedly. "N-never mind sir." Gumshoe had stopped in his tracks when he saw Miles begin to glare balls of fire his way.

"Yes, Detective?" Miles' voice was low and dangerous. "Is there something.. wrong with my attire today?"

Miles was wearing Phoenix's shirt underneath his usual magenta blazer and cravat. He had no clue how the Detective had even noticed that there was anything different about what he was wearing today.

"Er. No sir. You look dashing today if I do say so myself," Gumshoe quickly said, eyes darting right and left. "Uh.." He gulped upon seeing Miles' deadliest glare and started to cower. "W-well! Sir! You're not wearing your usual black tailcoat today! And your shirt is slightly crumpled.."

Miles went bright red, then glanced down at himself incredulously. He groaned inwardly.

..The Detective is right.

"AND Detective? Am I not allowed to dress differently on the odd day, with a crumpled shirt?" Miles shot back, furiously trying to cover his embarrassment up. He stood up. "You clearly don't value your payche-"

"I'm sorry sir!" Gumshoe bolted out of the room before Miles could finish the sentence that would obliterate his already scarce income into smithereens.

Sighing, the weary prosecutor slumped back on his office chair, welding a pen to storm through his paperwork with efficiency.

It doesn't help that Phoenix's shirt smells a lot like Phoenix, though that's only to be expected really.

Heart aching, the prosecutor smiled wistfully to himself as he sniffed the collar of the creased shirt.

I suppose this will get me through my day just fine.

He finally turned his attention back to his paperwork, only to stop writing when he noticed a familiar name, a name of a person he had dreaded facing in court since last month. Phoenix Wright. He was officially the defence attorney for the case, much to Miles' utter dismay.

"How lovely," Miles muttered, flushing. "Time to finally face my lover in the courtroom..."

Miles had been dreading a confrontation in the courts with the defence attorney for several reasons. He had always been beaten by the blue-clad lawyer, and it didn't help that now he was weak in the knees when ether he thought of the man. He was worried his personal life would affect his performance in court and cause unhealthy rumours. He'd had enough of the pressure of rumours in the past, he didn't need even more on his shoulders. Only their closest and most trusted friends knew about their relationship, and that was something Miles intended to maintain.

I'll have to do my best, despite it all - I can't afford to let my personal life affect my performance.

Running a hand over his silvery hair, the prosecutor proceeded to mark and fill in the necessary paperwork for the case.


"Nick! Hurry down to the Detention Centre, I got a new case for you!"

Phoenix spat out the coffee he had been drinking - it splattered all over his desk and down the front of his shirt. Phoenix groaned, spluttering.

Miles is going to kill me for ruining his shirt..

"Hello? Nick?"

"Yeah Maya.." Phoenix rolled his eyes and continued to talk to the spirit medium on his mobile, idly clicking a pen with his free hand.

Phoenix was sat on his office chair, talking on the phone to an upbeat Maya. Apparently she had grabbed a new client down at the Detention Centre..

So much for my free day..?

"Right Maya - I'll be down there soon," Phoenix sighed, chuckling a bit. "When's the court case, do you have any idea?"

Hopefully it'll be in a couple of days time - I do need to prepare once in a while, after all!

"…Um actually Nick. It's today."


Ten minutes later, Phoenix had burst into the Detention Centre, breathless, sweating bullets, and exceedingly irritated. He earned both curious and suspicious looks from police officers walking in and out of the building.

"I wish you'd give me a bit more warning for once, Maya!" Phoenix gasped, as he limped towards the spirit medium wearing purple robes standing in the waiting room, who was grinning ear-to-ear.

"Well… you need to get back into work! You haven't dealt with a client since you started dating Edgeworth-"

Phoenix swiftly covered Maya's mouth with his palm, wincing. He glanced around the room surreptitiously. "Careful Maya, you know how Miles hates the rumours.."

Maya slapped Phoenix's hand away, and gave him an apologetic look. "Ah! Yeah, totally forgot, sorry."

Exhaling roughly, Phoenix stepped back to look around properly, almost as if he was expecting his client to jump up and say hi.

"So where is he? Or she?"

"This way Nick! It's a she," Maya said, grinning enthusiastically. "Come on!"

She tugged Phoenix's sleeve to drag him towards a bullet-proof glass window at the far end of the room. Phoenix slid onto his allocated stool, leaving Maya standing at the side. A girl with cropped blond hair and big heavy black glasses that took up half her face regarded him in curiosity. Her bottom lip trembled.


"Hi, I'm your defence lawyer, Phoenix Wright," Phoenix began, rubbing his neck anxiously. "May I have your name?"

"F-f-f-air," she murmured.


"F-f-flair. Flowerdew," she said in a slightly louder voice. She pushed her glasses further up the bridge of her nose in a nervous gesture. "I.. didn't do it." She started to tremble even more.

Poor thing.

"Miss Flowerdew, I'll do everything within my power to get you a complete acquittal," Phoenix promised, resting his palms on the table in front of him. "But first, I need to know what exactly happened, and why you were charged. I need as many details as possible before I can step in that courtroom and defend you to the best of my ability."

There's really not enough time. As per usual!

"Uh.. My teacher. Mrs Maria Trench. Was murdered," she murmured. "I didn't do it."

"I believe you, Miss Flowerdew, please tell me more about the circumstances," Phoenix pressed, gritting his teeth.

"They believe she was killed with my bicycle lead. Strangulation."

"I see," Phoenix said, thoughtfully. "Where was the bicycle lead found?"

"It was found.. wrapped around her neck." she muttered. She murmured something incomprehensible afterwards, quickly. Phoenix raised his eyebrows.

"Alright jig's up, I need to bring her in for questioning now," barked a police officer on duty.

"You're kidding me!"

"I most certainly am not. This girl needs further questioning, orders by the lead prosecutor of the case!"

Bitchy prosecutors!

"Alright Miss Flowerdew, I'll be seeing you in a couple of hours time," said Phoenix, quickly. "Please, please don't say anything out of line."

The last line wasn't necessary, but the last thing I want is even more disadvantages on my side..

Smiling at her weakly, despite not receiving a single curve of the mouth back, Phoenix left his seat and proceeded to walk to the main waiting area, contemplating his complete and utter bad luck.

"Maya.. you've got me into the shit for real this time."

Maya laughed weakly. "Ah-ha. Well put Nick, I completely agree with you. I wonder who the prosecutor for this case is?" Maya hummed to herself in thought. "Maybe that Payne guy, or Mr Edgeworth?" She grinned at the thought of the latter facing Phoenix in court. "Wouldn't it be great if it was Mr Edgeworth?"

I don't remember anything about a "Payne guy" but if it's Mr Edgeworth..

"Nah Maya. That would really suck - for Edgeworth, anyway," replied Phoenix, smirking. "After all, if he beat me, he'd have to pay later.."

"I dread to think how, Nick," Maya giggled, blushing slightly. "Is it what I think?"

"Yes, it's exactly what you think!" Phoenix smirked even more. "I'll kidnap and hide his precious Steel Samurai model!"

Maya gave a fake gasp. "You actually said it! Totally unfair Nick, and you know that!"

"Being so close to him means I can totally make use of his weaknesses. I can't help it - it's too tempting."

"Evil Nick, pure evil," Maya rolled her eyes and laughed. "Honestly!"

"Anyway Maya, about the case itself, fancy a trip down to the scene of the crime?"

"Sure Nick, if I remember correctly, it was Gradehill High School. I'll see if I can get directions - I guess we'll be taking the bus."

A high school of all places, what's Los Angeles coming to?


"From what I understand… we're doomed," Phoenix said, pleasantly. "I'm not prepared for this case at all."

Maya gave him a wry smile. "Optimism is your best friend Nick! Especially for you."

Rolling his eyes, Phoenix took a seat on a free bench. They were outside the courtroom, in the Defendant Lobby, waiting for the courtroom doors to open and lead Phoenix to his complete demise.

Gosh. A visit to the high school was a complete and utter waste of time. At least I managed to grab the official crime scene photo from Gumshoe, though.

Phoenix idly withdrew the photo from his blazer pocket and held it up to the light, tilting it to catch as much light as possible.

"Just shows the setting after the body was taken away, though. Just an empty school courtyard really.." Phoenix rolled his eyes at his awful luck. "Maya, you're going to have to treat me to something after this case. Honestly."

Maya chuckled. "We could both go for a burger - yes!"

I see she hasn't offered to pay for me, though. Some treat I'm getting.


The sound of a familiar voice made Phoenix's heart jump in pleasure. He looked around quickly, trying to locate the source. He spotted the man of his dreams standing quite a way away, giving him a stern look. In one hand was a cup of coffee, and the other a pack of paperwork.

"Um, hi Mil-Edgeworth," Phoenix said, airly.

Lemme guess. He's the prosecutor for the case - isn't he?

Miles raised another eyebrow. "Wright, you shouldn't be lazing about when you have a defendant to defend."

I knew it.

"Prosecutor for the case are we Edgeworth?" Phoenix asked, lightly, heart-beating fast. He stood up quickly to prove he wasn't just lazing about, though.

I wonder if he'll go easy on me because we're loverrrrrs.

"I am, Wright. I hope personal feelings won't get in the way of your performance today," the prosecutor flashed Phoenix his prize-winning smirk, and shook his head in a mocking gesture. Phoenix's skin crawled in irritation.

"Same on this side, Edgeworth."

Hey Edgeworth, how does it feel to be facing me in court? The very man who was on top of you, devouring your neck, badgering you for a quick sex session, this morning?

Phoenix knew better than to say this out loud, though. He was terrified of the consequences. Miles grimaced when he eyed Phoenix's shirt - the coffee stain - and this went unmissed by the defence attorney. Phoenix smirked.

"Anything wrong, Edgeworth? I spilt coffee on my shirt this morning-" Miles twitched at this, and scowled, before Phoenix continued - "Kinda unfortunate. I really liked this shirt too!"

Miles exhaled deeply, before responding with a frown. "Clean up your act Wright. And your - shirt." He twitched again, then swiftly strolled past the defence attorney.

"- Take better care of my shirt next time.. -"

These words were heard by Phoenix only, who gave a curt nod back, and an eye roll. Maya gave Phoenix a look full of questions.

"Hey. Did I miss some hidden meaning in your conversation just now?" Maya asked, slightly annoyed.

..You have no idea.

Maya rolled her eyes, then shifted uncomfortably. "I actually have some business to take care of now, so I can't join you in there." She slapped a hand on Phoenix's back in encouragement. "You'll do fine, though Nick!" She shot a grin at him, before heading off.

"Y-yeah. Good luck with whatever you need to do!" he called back, slightly dejected.

There goes my Mia trump card.


"Court is now in session for the trial of Ms Flair Flowerdew."

"The prosecution is ready, Your Honor."

Miles didn't even glance Phoenix's way.

"The defence is ready, Your Honor."

Phoenix made sure to glare at Miles.

The judge nodded in response, "Your opening statement please, Mr Edgeworth."

"Thank you, Your Honor." Miles replied, taking a small bow.

"The defendant, Ms Flowerdew, was at the scene of the murder. There is strong evidence to suggest that she did indeed commit this despicable crime. The prosecution sees no reason to doubt the facts at this point. I will present evidence to prove this point."

"Very well, the prosecution may call its first witness."

A gangly man with bad acne and big black hair with white streaks came up to the witness stand. He had an abnormally large nose and big green eyes. Phoenix thought he resembled a badger in some respects.

They get weirder and weirder these witnesses, don't they?

"Witness, state your name and profession." Miles was curt and direct, as per usual. His arms were crossed, finger tapping his left arm.

"Marsh Trench, husband of dead wife, Maria Trench," Marsh trembled and burst into tears as he uttered this. Phoenix started to sweat bullets.

The sympathy card won't work in this courtroom.

"Oh dear! You poor young man!" The Judge cried, wiping a tear from his own eye. "Why, you're still young, I'm sure there's someone else out there for you, Mr Trench!" His eyes were wide, in an expression of shock.

I should've known the Judge would fall for it, though!

"Well yes Your Honor, it is very unfortunate indeed, but I'd like to proceed with his testimony, if you will," Miles pressed, through gritted teeth. He placed his hand on his desk, ready to slam it if need be. His eyes were now locked onto Phoenix.

"O-of course Mr Edgeworth!" The Judge said, hurriedly. "Please proceed, Mr Trench!"

I can already tell this is going to be a long, long day…

"That day, I was waiting for my sweetie in my red Mercedes, outside the school gates."

"It was a clear day, or late afternoon rather."

"Then I saw her!"

"The defendant! She was strangling my wife with her own bicycle rope!"

That is so vague. Very vague. Thanks for making my life easier, witness. Not.

Phoenix sighed, straightening up and began to take apart the testimony. "To begin with, why on earth didn't you try to save your wife? You make it sound like you were just.. watching her be strangled-"

"OBJECTION. Mr Wright, it is irrelevant whether or not he stood by and watched the victim's strangulation, the point is he saw her do it," Miles interjected, through gritted teeth. Phoenix shot him an irritated look.

I don't buy it though.

"Y-yeah." The witness fidgeted in discomfort.

..Right. Not even a blip of an explanation from him, huh?

"Hmmm.." Phoenix rubbed his chin in thought. He started to sweat bullets upon realising something. "I actually haven't received the murder weapon details yet."

Miles smirked, and shook his head in dismay.

Yeah baby, your boyfriend is an incompetent jerk.

"Here, I have the murder weapon, Ms Flowerdew's bicycle lead. I'd like to submit this into evidence, if you please, Your Honor.."

"Very well. This court accepts this into evidence," answered the Judge, nodding. "Oh! This is a curious contraption - OUCH!"

The Judge had cut his finger with the sharp end of the bicycle lead. A dismayed silence had encapsulated the courtroom.

"Your Honor.. Please take care not to mishandle things you don't understand," Miles said finally, trying to be as light as possible.

"Y-yes, you're right, Mr Edgeworth."

Rolling his eyes, Phoenix turned back to focus on the fidgeting witness on the stand.

There's something about this guy that just isn't right!

Phoenix slammed his hands on his desk, causing the Judge to jump in alarm.

"Yes Mr Wright?"

Phoenix pointed at the witness in a fury. "You called the bicycle lead a bicycle wire!"

"OBJECTION! Mr Wright, there is zero difference between the two objects apart from the given names.."

"How can you be sure Edgeworth? For all we know, the murder weapon could be something completely different!"

Miles drew an exasperated breath. "Your Honor, I do believe Mr Wright is grasping at straws here.."

"Objection sustained. Mr Wright, please don't make baseless claims. You clearly have no evidence to back up that theory."

..Well how else have I gotten complete acquittals up till now!

Phoenix sighed, and straightened up - again, and began to assess the case in greater detail.

What I need the most now, is details. More details. I should get him to testify more about this red car's location.

Phoenix's thoughts drifted to the single piece of evidence he managed to collect today.

There wasn't a sign of a car there at all, it probably isn't much to go by, but it's a starting point.

"I'd like the witness to testify about the location of his red car, in greater detail!" Phoenix declared, pointing at the witness.

"Grasping Wright.."

"Alright, I'll testify," the witness said, with a wry smile. "Honestly, I can't believe you're making me remember this horrible, heinous act of murder on my beloved-"

"Right! We, err, get the picture! Please continue!" Phoenix pressed, slamming his desk, growing impatient.

"Hold yer horses! Geez. Well, I was parked in front of the school gates. Y'know. The front gates of the school. Outside the main entrance. You know what a front entrance is, don't you Spike?"

"S-spike?" Phoenix looked incredulously at Marsh.

Seriously, that nickname takes the cake. Even Trite had more class than that, I'm not a fricken dog!

"Yes, I'm talking to you," Marsh was now examining his fingernails, casually.

"W-well," Phoenix was knocked off balance. "I was thinking.." he gulped.

I know I'm grasping, but who cares!

Phoenix presented the CCTV picture of the crime scene, directly after the crime. It was black and white, and an outline of the victims body was clearly in plain sight. However, the heavy school gates were shut, and there was no sign of a car on the pavement in front of the entrance.

"I can't see any car in this photo of the crime scene, Mr Trench.. If you did indeed park a car outside the school entrance, that car should have been in this photo! …Right?" Phoenix trailed off at the end, as he realised all eyes trained on him were sceptical.

"Objection. Mr Wright, I'm sure the witness merely decided to move his car in anticipation of this very crime photo.." Miles countered, exasperated.

..I'm not really rising up to his expectations of a proper challenge, am I?

"Well… honestly.. he should have left his car there! It was part of the crime scene after all! Tampering with the crime scene is illegal!" Phoenix slammed his hands on his desk. "I honestly think the defendant didn't park there at all!"

"Really, Mr Wright? Then how did he witness the crime?"


I don't think he witnessed the crime at all. But I need evidence, before I run with that idea..

"You obviously don't have evidence for whatever you plan to claim next, Mr Wright," Miles sighed, rolling his eyes. "Better luck next time."


Phoenix groaned inwardly, then took another look at his evidence. The bicycle lead, the newest addition, was something he hadn't inspected with great depth - yet. It was covered with Flair's fingerprints, typical, as it was her bicycle lead. Furthermore, it had traces of the blood of the victim.

Decisive evidence eh? It's rather fishy to me. Too convenient. Too awfully convenient..

"Mr Trench. Care to explain how you knew the bicycle lead belonged to the defendant?" Phoenix pressed, lightly.

Marsh flinched. "Well er. I know her. Is that a crime-"

"The question wasn't about whether or not you know the young lady, it was about how you know this bicycle lead belonged to her," Phoenix interrupted, harshly. "Since you knew this was indeed the defendant's bicycle lead, it's likely you knew that her fingerprints would be all over it - if you catch my drift."

Marsh began to sweat and look flustered. "I-I.. that is of no concern to you."

Really now?

"Wright, I think I'm starting to understand your line of thinking," Miles said, thoughtfully. "Although as usual, you have no evidence for this, so this is merely another one of your baseless claims to get under my witness' skin - correct?"

Very correct, Miles.

"Well.. In that case, let's think of it this way. We can't rule Marsh out as a suspect! Your Honor, I request more time to investigate the crime scene in greater detail!" Phoenix slammed his desk. "

..Please your Honor, for the sake of my sanity.

"Very well. I request both the defence and prosecution investigate the crime scene in greater detail. Court is adjourned!"

The Judge slammed his gavel.

Thank you Your Honor! I really needed that..

Phoenix managed to catch a look of fury Miles sent his way. Surreptitiously, the defence attorney stuck his tongue out.

He'll never get on top of me, ever.