Muggles vs. Wizards

Summary: Ron stays with Hermione in the Muggle World for the summer. During his stay, they meet up with Olivia, Hermione's old friend. They also happen to run into Wen. What will happen with this? RonxHermione. WenxOlivia. Multi-chapter

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Lemonade Mouth. I don't own the characters either. Only own the storyline! YAY!

"Hello Hermione!" Mr. Weasley shouted into the telephone.

"Hi, Mr. Weasley; I can you hear you fine. No need to shout," Hermione said.

"Sorry Hermione, I can't seem to hear you."

"Mr…Mr…Weasley," Hermione tried to interrupt.

But, Mr. Weasley kept shouting over Hermione, "I can't seem to get the hang of these Muggle contraptions. Of course, I have a ton of them in the shed…"

Hermione sighed and shook her head. She took in a deep breath, "Mr. Weasley!" Hermione shouted.

"I can hear you now!" Mr. Weasley chuckled.

"That's great! May I please speak to Ron?"

"Of course!"

Ron came on the line, "I could tell my dad was on the phone by all the shouting. I assumed it was you. He didn't blast your eardrums off or anything did he?"

"No," Hermione answered, "Are you ready for your trip tomorrow? My mum and I will meet you at King's Cross Station at 2:00."

"Er, yeah," Ron replied, "I'm all packed. Wish Harry could come, though."

"Yeah, but, you know that he's with the Dursleys."

"Poor bloke," Ron fell silent for a moment, "But, I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?"

"Yeah, see you, Ron!"

The line clicked off. Hermione was excited. Ron was spending the whole summer with her family before their fourth year at Hogwarts. She wished Harry could come, too. But, she knew the Dursleys probably wouldn't allow it. Besides, she was a tad afraid of them and didn't want to ask.

Hermione called from the stairwell, "Mum, I just called Ron to double-check with him about tomorrow."

"All right, sweetheart," her mum called back, "Your tea's almost ready, too."

"Okay, thanks!" Hermione padded downstairs to meet her mother.

~The Next Day~

"Mum, I think I see him!" Hermione pointed to a fairly tall, lanky, redheaded boy a few feet away.

"Ron!" she called, running up to him.

"Hey, Hermione!"

She gave him a quick hug and they both flushed pink.

"So, how was the trip?" Hermione asked, trying to draw attention away from their flaming red cheeks.

"Pretty good, yeah," Ron answered, "Missed the chocolate frogs, though."

"Yeah," Hermione laughed.

Ron, Hermione, and Mrs. Granger headed to the car.

They all slid in and they rode home talking about Hogwarts and plans for the summer holiday.

When they reached the house, Hermione led Ron up the steps.

"Woah," Ron breathed, "Dad would be in heaven here."

"Mmhmm," Hermione agreed. She pushed open a door, a couple feet down from her own, "This is the guest room. It'll be your room during your stay."

"Okay," Ron dropped his belongings in the room.

"So," Hermione said, sitting down in the desk chair, "I can go show you around my native London when you're all freshened up."

"Sounds good," Ron said.

After he finished showering and changing, Ron followed Hermione out the door.

They headed outside to Hermione's front yard.

Ron and Hermione were wandering around, looking at the shops when they heard a girl calling Hermione in a prominent American accent.

Hermione turned around to face the direction of the voice, and her face lit up, "Olivia!"

The girl, who was blonde and looked to be about their age, ran up to Hermione and gave her a hug.

"Olivia, I haven't seen you in ages!"

"I know," Olivia answered, "but, I persuaded my Grandma to let us come here so I could visit you."

"That's great," the two girls leant in for another hug.

"Who's this?" Olivia asked, noticing Ron.

"Oh, this is Ron Weasley. From…boarding…school? Um, he's staying with me for summer term."

Olivia lifted her eyebrow at this flustered response, but let it go.

"It's nice to meet you, Ron. I'm Olivia," she shook his hand.

They all began walking again, back towards Hermione's house. They all saw a moving truck in Hermione's neighbor's house, "Huh, I didn't know that the Smiths moved," Hermione stated, folding her arms, peering over the fence at her neighbor's yard.

Olivia and Ron stood behind her.

Suddenly, a redheaded boy, whose hair was slightly lighter than Ron's, ambled out of the truck.

"Wen?" Olivia questioned out loud quietly.

Hermione turned around to face her, "Do you know him?"

"Yeah, I've gone to school with him for forever. He was in our 5th grade class, remember?"

Hermione tried to jog her memory, "Oh yeah. Isn't he the guy you…"

Olivia quickly shushed her. Hermione lowered her voice, "…the guy you liked?"

Olivia flushed, "Yeah."

Hermione made a small, mischievous smile.

"Wen!" Hermione called out before Olivia could stop her. Wen looked over the box he was carrying and saw Hermione and Ron. Olivia was standing behind them, trying to conceal herself.

"Hello?" he asked with an American accent, "do I know you?"

"Hermione," Hermione shot out her hand.

Wen put the box he was carrying on the ground beside him and shook her hand.

"I was in your class in 5th year?" Hermione prodded.

"Oh yeah," Wen said, "I remember you now. You and one other girl were inseparable that year."

"Mmhmm," Hermione answered, casting a swift glance behind her at Olivia.

Wen didn't notice Hermione's look and turned to Ron, "I don't know you, though. Do I?"

"Uh, no," Ron replied, 'I'm friends with Hermione from her new school."

"Oh, cool."

Olivia mustered up her courage and stepped forward. When she got up to him and could actually see his face clearly, her confidence shot down. She tried to cower back behind Hermione again, but Hermione pushed her forward. Olivia sighed and then stuttered softly, "H-hey Wen."

Wen looked at her for a second, "Olivia?"

"Yeah, the one I was inseparable with when we were in 5th grade," Hermione interjected.

"Oh yeah, I'm sorry. I should have remembered that," Wen smiled sheepishly and apologized.

"It's fine," Olivia answered.

There was a lapse in conversation.

"Wen," Hermione interrupted the silence with rambling questions, "Are you moving here to London? Where did the Smiths go?"

"Oh no, we are not living here. The Smiths went out of the country for the summer. So, we rented out their house. My dad has a business project here or something…so yeah," Wen explained.

"So, is it just you and your dad?" Olivia asked.

"No, it's me, my dad, Georgie, and…" Wen made a face, "Sydney."

"Who's that?" Olivia questioned, "It's okay if you don't want to tell me."

"It's fine. It's my dad's new girlfriend."

"Oh," Olivia said quietly.

"So, uh," Wen began, "Are you moving here?"

Olivia laughed nervously, "No. My grandmother and I just came down to visit Hermione."

"Cool. So are you going to Mesa next year?"

"Yeah, you?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah," Wen replied.

Suddenly, a man's voice rang throughout the yard, "Wen! A little help, please!"

"Oh, that's my dad. I got to go now," Wen hoisted the cardboard box back into his arms, "Maybe we can all hang out this summer."

"Sure," Hermione answered.

"I'd like that?" Olivia agreed, her statement coming off more like a question, still in shock with the fact that she was having an actual conversation with Wendell Gifford.

"Yeah," Ron agreed, as well.

Wen left them and went into the house.

Hermione gave Olivia a look, "You still fancy him, don't you?"

"No!" Olivia flushed beet red, "I don't. Besides, he has a girlfriend."

"Really?" Hermione's face fell, "You two look so nice together, though. Who's he going with?"
"Azra, Azra Quimby. At least, that's what I've heard."

"Azra…" Hermione thought aloud, "Oh! I remember her. Isn't that one of his best friends?"

"Yeah, and Floey Parker, too. But, apparently there were some feelings hidden under the surface.

"Oh," Hermione said.

Ron stood their awkwardly during their conversation, not quite sure what to do. It wasn't really his business or in his forte.

The three of them walked to Hermione's house.

Yay! The first chapter of Muggles vs. Wizards! I'm not sure why I call it that considering there's no real competition in the story…oh well, we'll deal with it. I'm not sure if Hermione really lives in London, but she does in this story. This is before their freshman year at Mesa, so it's the summer before they form the band. This is right after the Prisoner of Azkaban for Hermione and Ron. Um, there's no magic in this because of the rule that they are not supposed to perform magic outside of school. Sorry if it's like too fake British; I'm trying my best! …I feel like Harry Potter is not really my forte. And, yeah…I'm not sure what else I have left to say…I hope you enjoyed it! Please read and review!