A short time ago, in a country, very, very, close…

Chapter 1

Banyan Foxtail

Driving through Alaska with your apprentice is very interesting.

This apprentice is Banyan Foxtail. Being an apprentice to Tamarack Subalpine for about 18 years has led to many adventures. They are best friends and like brothers.

Banyan is a fox with a very interesting background.

Born a servant in Arizona and found by Master Douglas Sawara to become a Gorilla at age 9. Leaving his Mother was hard for him, but he managed. He was to become the Expected Creature. The Council rejected him, but Master Douglas knew there was good in him. He became Tamarack Subalpine's apprentice. But there was a reason he was rejected…

He was rejected because he had fear and later developed anger.

(Fear: the way to the Weasel side) He had fear of losing his mother. He loved him dearly. He also has fear because he is the secret mate of Sequoia, of her dying.

(Anger: Anger-Aggression-Hate-Suffering) He has anger because he knows that Tamarack Subalpine did not want to be his Master. Instead, it was the dying wish of his Master, Master Douglas Sawara. Banyan doesn't know if he trusts him.

In Arizona, the kits and puppies believed there were dragons that lived in the suns and the hearts of the poor. That was Banyan. He has a dragon in his heart. It died, but not too well. It's still there. On an exercise not long after he became Tamarack Subalpine's apprentice, he saw a tree dying. "Trees caaaan dieeee?"

"It is the way of the Fork. Life is temporary. That is why the Gorillas don't form attachments. Eventually, even trees die."

Now the dragon always whispers all things die…He can't hear it on a mission, an exercise, a report, or during a practice. He hears it only at night. All things die…

The reason why they are in Alaska is because President Ponderosa came for some mysterious reason, and his car broke down. Now he is with a bunch of larches with emergency food dropped from a helicopter, but a lot of it froze. So now they are playing bingo, on an iceberg, for food.

"Master, do you see them?" asked Banyan.

" I think so. Is that them? What are they doing?"

" Where? Where? Oh, I see. They are… wait. They're playing bingo."

" Now you see why I hate politics. They play bingo.

" Um… Master? What's that?"

" My young apprentice, that is a snowstorm. GET DOWN!"